USA Olympic Team kits unveiled

Mountain bikers model outfit released by USA Cycling

USA Cycling unveiled the kits that will be worn by members of the US Cycling Team during the Olympic Games in London this summer. The kits are designed to be performance enhancing, look patriotic and have a stylish throw-back theme.

"I love it," US Mountain Bike Olympic Team member Lea Davison told Cyclingnews after trying her new kit on for the first time at the US National Championships in Sun Valley, Idaho, last weekend. "It's really classic and it looks great. I'm excited."

The road, track, and mountain bike kits were designed by Skins.

Featuring "USA" across the chest, vertical red and white stripes, and columns of stars on a dark blue backdrop, the Skins jersey offers a clean, retro look. As long-time cycling fans might notice, the design is reminiscent of the US kits from the 1984 Olympics.

"The kits look amazing," said 2012 US Mountain Bike Olympic Team member Sam Schultz. "I'm super fired up for them. I like the sort of retro look. It's clean. Hopefully we can ride as well as those kits look."

Designed specifically for the riders, the kits are crafted of fabrics that were selected for a range of weather conditions, as well as aerodynamic and breathability qualities.

Skins said it was proud to partner with USA Cycling for the Olympics and highlighted the kit's technical design, aero fabric and fit.

"We will be screaming at the TV in excitement during the Games," said Skins' General Counsel Benjamin Fitzmaurice.

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