UCI puts kibosh on Team Sky motorhome ahead of Tour de France

Governing body clarifies riders must stay in race hotels

The UCi Management Committee today announced it will effectively prohibit the use of motorhomes for star riders, as pioneered by Team Sky at the Giro d'Italia.

The committee voted to amend article 2.2.010 of the UCI Regulations on housing to ready, “In all road stage races on the international calendar, the organisers must cover the subsistence expenses of the teams from the night before the start to the final day; riders must stay in the hotels provided by the organiser throughout the entire duration of the race”.

In a press release, the UCI stated that the decision, "was made in order to reaffirm absolute fairness between all riders", and was made effective immediately.

Team Sky provided a motorhome for Giro leader Richie Porte during the Giro d'Italia in order to prevent his sleep from being disrupted by potentially noisy hotels, and to save energy packing and unpacking his belongings. The move was apparently inspired by Formula 1 drivers who each have their own private sanctuary.

The team intended to use the same approach for Chris Froome at the Tour de France. Froome sarcastically responded on Twitter, recalling the time he slept on the floor at a French hotel during the Tour.

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