Post-race comments

Andreas Klier (T-Mobile, 2nd) "It was a very difficult finale. No-one was still fresh. Actually I...

Andreas Klier (T-Mobile, 2nd)

"It was a very difficult finale. No-one was still fresh. Actually I was the worst of the three. On the Bosberg I was nearly gone. When Tom went, no-one had an answer. Actually I'm happy that I could still finish second.

Klier was asked whether his team tactics were strange. "No, not really. We rode for each other. I would have done the work for Zabel and then when Erik started to feel bad, I had to go for my own chance. But against Boonen today it was not possible. He was really the best."

Peter van Petegem (Davitamon-Lotto, 3rd)

"Without a doubt, the strongest rider won today," said Van Petegem after the finish. "Andreas Klier probably went a bit too early on the Bosberg and at the top he slowed. Then Tom reacted and I could hold on. When Tom went again, I couldn't anticipate it well and immediately the bird had flown. Still, I didn't exactly do nothing. On the Muur I went full-out once, and I wanted to reduce our group, but that didn't work because at the top we slowed down. And I was in the pincers, also because of the team tactics of T-Mobile. But if you win like Boonen here today, then you don't have to plan it. That was excellent."

Erik Zabel (T-Mobile, 4th)

"I've been riding the Tour of Flanders for the twelfth time now. I've learned that I run into trouble every time I get to the Muur van Geraardsbergen together with the best. So today, I wanted to get there before them.

Zabel was dropped a few times in the finale, but managed to claw his way back to the front. "I've been riding at the front for such a long time today to make sure I'll be on telly a lot. That's my way of saying 'thanks' to my dad, who has been watching the race on television for many years," said the 34-year-old.

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