Pereiro furious over Contador's CAS ban

Spaniard hits out at UCI and CAS

Tour de France winner Oscar Pereiro lashed out at the decision to suspend Alberto Contador for two years, blaming both the Court of Arbitration for Sport and the UCI. Ironically, Pereiro took the 2006 Tour de France title only after the disqualification of Floyd Landis on doping charges.

"Two years of sanctions to Alberto Contador and the judgement says that the doping is not proven," he tweeted. "Then? Sons of a ...."

In another tweet, he referred to Alejandro Valverde, who just came off a two-year ban. "We have two Spaniards sanctioned, without the UCI or CAS proving it. Shame on you (...) Do you know what I think? He is innocent, I know him. Hopefully he will go through with this to the end and then we will see who we pay for and who does their job like shit."

Pereiro, who started playing soccer in the Spanish B league after ending his career as a cyclist in 2010, did not hold back.

"If I didn't like it so much and didn't work in it, I would stop watching cycling. I have always said and I hoped that one day they'll treat us fairly. And clearly, too. What really is rotten in cycling are the leaders who become millionaires with our sweat and effort. And they wait two years for this and don't have the balls to say anything at the time? You will see the dust of Mr. McQuaid and company."

Pereiro was awarded the 2006 Tour victory in September 2007, after Landis was found to have doped during the Tour. He now works for Spanish media during the Tour de France and also races car Rallye.

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