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Riders build homes for the poor with Hope Sports

After Novo Nordisk completed a gruelling US Navy SEALs-style team-building camp in San Diego, California, they travelled south to Rosarito, Mexico, for another team-bonding experience. They were tasked with building homes for two poor families through Hope Sports, a non-profit organization that promotes personal growth and community among athletes through short-term service trips.

Over the course of two days, riders and staff created the homes from the ground up and both families received keys to their finished homes last Friday. “Building a house together has been an amazing team-building experience that will be invaluable to these athletes in their personal lives and on the bike. This has been a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience,” said team owner Phil Southerland.

Team Novo Nordisk Vice President of Athletics Vassili Davidenko added, “We have young riders, but we also have some experienced riders. At this camp, the playing field was leveled and everyone was equal. They all had to work together to achieve the shared goal. There were no superstars and no riders were left behind.

"I really believe we are going to see the results of this camp over next season. This type of camp serves as a great method for a young team like ours. We have a limited pool of riders and want to develop them to the next level, therefore we needed to look at alternate strategies to help push them, and that’s what this camp did.”

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