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No decisions made on Cancellara hour attempt

Cycling News
February 19, 10:37,
February 19, 10:40
First Edition Cycling News, Wednesday, February 19, 2014
Done and dusted: a tired Fabian Cancellara after his Paris-Roubaix win

Done and dusted: a tired Fabian Cancellara after his Paris-Roubaix win

  • Done and dusted: a tired Fabian Cancellara after his Paris-Roubaix win
  • Peter Sagan can only watch as Fabian Cancellara goes clear
  • 2013 Paris-Roubaix winner Fabian Cancellara (RadioShack Leopard)

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Decision likely to happen after the classics

Despite reports to the contrary, Trek Factory Racing say that no decisions have been made on the date and location of Fabian Cancellara's hour record attempt.

Gazzetta dello Sport reported today that the Swiss time triallist would be making his bid on August 3, in Aguascalientes, Mexico. However, Trek say that they are still talking with a number of tracks around the world, of which Aguascalientes is one, including Mallorca and Manchester.

No date has been set either, with the team saying a decision will not happen until after the Classics at the earliest. "We are still going full gas on trying to repeat the success of last year," team spokesman Tim Vanderjeugd told Cyclingnews.

In 2013, Cancellara won both the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix, for the second time in his career. Currently, Cancellara is racing at the Tour of Oman as he builds up towards his classics campaign.

Hour Record

The hour record has stood since 2005, when it was set by little known Acqua e Sapone rider Ondrej Sosenka. His distance of 49.7 kilometres is what Cancellara is aiming to beat.

In the past, the hour record was seen as one of the ultimate achievements, with riders such as Eddy Merckx, Francesco Moser, Jacques Anquetil and Fausto Coppi all laying down records.

These days, riders are not allowed to use time trial helmets, disc or tri-spoke wheels, aerodynamic bars or monocoque frames. Aggressive riding positions, such as Graeme Obree’s superman position, are banned too.

The hour record has suffered it’s fair share of scandal. Moser admitted to using a blood transfusion to assist him in his attempt, although it was not banned at the time. Anquetil’s second record was stripped from the books after he refused to take a post-attempt anti-doping test. The most recent holder was later banned for doping infractions too.

Since Sosenka’s attempt, it has fallen out of favour. However, it was recently revived with Cancellara and Bradley Wiggins both saying that they would try to beat the record at some point in the next 12 months. Current time trial world champion Tony Martin hasn’t totally disregarded a bid for it either.

Cancellara announced his intentions to attempt the hour record last year. Since then rumours have spread as to where and when it would take place. The Aguascalientes velodrome in Mexico has been one of the favourites.

Mexico became popular with riders attempting the hour, due to its altitude. Four of the last six were set on the track Mexico City.

Aguascalientes also has prior when it comes to setting records. Of the 17 available records on the track, not including the hour its self, nine have been set in the Mexican velodrome. However, only one of those is an endurance event; the women’s 4000m pursuit. If Cancellara were to go to the Mexican track, it would be a fine balance between the speed gained by the altitude and the lack of oxygen to fuel his hard-working muscles.




trevorho 5 months ago
May I recommend the new track at St-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France, which currently holds the hour record for Robert Marchand, (the 102 years old French cycling legend...) :-)
Digimon 5 months ago
I think Sir Bradley Wiggins with his track background has a better chance of breaking the record .
blemcooper 5 months ago
It would be great to see that contended on the track. If only we still hand actual gauntlets to throw down! Let's go, Tony, Fabian and Sir Bradley.
Karl Von Drais 5 months ago
Would be cool if wiggo and cancellara both attempted the hour record in a pursuit format on the track together. I got this nugget from my list of "things that will never happen".
tokenron 5 months ago
The problem with the hour record is that while it is a pure test of strength and an exciting prospect that gets people talking, it's boring as bat-dung to watch.
TheBean 5 months ago
Good thing it only lasts an hour, then. Enough time to watch the first five laps or so, then have a sandwich and do a crossword puzzle before watching the last few laps.
lemmingoftheBDA 5 months ago
If TT helmets are not allowed, what is, the new "aero" road helmets? But Merckx and the others didn't use those. Ah well, something is always different.
Marcelo Rivera 4 months ago
the fastest velodrome is in LA PAZ BOLIVIA, has 333 meters, on an altitude of 3417 meters above sea level making it the highest and fastest in the world, in this velodrome already been beaten 18 world records, the last was Sir Chris Hoy in the 500 meters 26.2 seconds, also he was very close during the Kilo attempt, at 5 mils to beat the record 58,880 seconds to 58,875 seconds of Arnoud Tournant.