Leopard SA agrees to pay Fuglsang withheld monies

Over a million Danish kroner due to be paid by Friday

Jakob Fuglsang has ended his financial battle with Leopard SA, the owning company for Team RadioShack-Nissan. The company has agreed to fulfill its contractual obligations and pay him the monies owed.

His lawyer reached a settlement with Flavio Becca, the company's owner, Fuglsang told sporten.dk.

“My attorney and Flavio Becca's attorney have agreed to abide by the contract, so they will pay the money before this Friday. Whether they do it, I have to wait and see,” he said.

Leopard's explanation for withholding the money was that the did not think the private firm to which they should pay was a serious one, but they have now agreed to pay.

According to sporten.dk, it will be more than one million Danish kroner, or 134,390 euro. That sum covers both years of Fuglsang's contract. He, Fabian Cancellara and the Schleck brothers had all filed complaints with the UCI concerning nonpayment.

In addition, accoridng to sporten.dk, this year the team has had problems with monthly payments, ranging from riders to cooks to contracting companies.

Fuglsang has said that he will leave the team after this season and is expected to re-sign with Saxo Bank-Tinkoff Bank.

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