Is Ullrich "the third person"?; Pevenage fired

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Germany's Der Spiegel magazine has alleged that the Spanish investigators have uncovered not only a new code name for Jan Ullrich, but also further evidence that he and his mentor Rudy Pevenage were involved with Dr. Eufemiano Fuentes, as well as further implicating former Liberty rider Jörg Jaksche.

In a transcript of a tapped telephone conversation, Pevenage reportedly thanked the Spanish doctor, saying, "The 'third person' won." The conversation took place on May 18, the date on which Ullrich won the time trial in the Giro d'Italia. In another transcript, Pevenage allegedly asked "for more".

Der Spiegel also claimed that the police records show TV coverage of Jaksche visiting Fuentes on May 14, and having blood taken. Jaksche has denied any connection to the doctor.

DPA reported that as a result of these latest allegations, team manager Olaf Ludwig has fired Rudy Pevenage. "He has been given notice," said Ludwig. Pevenage therefore stands to lose almost half of his annual wage of around €300,000. Ullrich's continued status in the team is unclear. He remains suspended until more details of the Spanish case are revealed.

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