Fizik launches Tempo Overcurve R5 shoes

Asymmetrical construction ergonomically conforms to the foot's anatomy

Fizik has launched the first model from its new Tempo road shoe range. The Fizik Tempo Overcurve R5 adopts a single Boa dial with an ergonomic design to offer a comfortable fit and a simple, 'timeless' aesthetic.

Alongside the single Boa dial is a small Velcro strap on the forefoot, for further adjustment and fit refinement at the front of the shoe. Laser-cut perforations for ventilation also improve comfort by allowing an amount of flexibility.

The Tempo road shoe range from Fizik will offer a timeless look, with "form-fitting construction" a focus. The Tempo line-up also looks to sit below the more expensive Fizik R1 Infinito – worn by Movistar – price point, offering a mid-priced range from the Italian brand.

Fizik says the Overcurve design features a staggered collar around the ankle with a "distinctly asymmetric shape, formed to follow the natural misalignment of the two bony protrusions from either side of the ankle".

A carbon, Fizik R5 outsole adds stiffness for greater power transfer while retaining low weight. Fizik claims a weight of 506g for a size 42.

Fizik's brand director, Mathia Bertoncello, said in a press release: "Showcasing the versatile new Tempo shoe construction and R5 outsole provides an ideal platform on which to deliver the all-new Overcurve system.

"A study in ergonomic design, its form follows the natural shape created by the lateral and medial malleoli protrusions on either side of the ankle – the asymmetric shape lends itself to an overlapping curve along and across the rider's foot. It means a technically superior fit option to rival many others available."

The Fizik Tempo Overcurve R5 is available in five colourways and sizes EU 36-48 (37-47 also in half sizes) and is priced at €149 / $149 / £139.99.

See more at Fizik.

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