Arndt to lead German women in Worlds

Rick Zabel on the long list for U23 road race

Judith Arndt will lead the German women in the World Championships next month in Valkenburg, Netherlands. The Bund Deutscher Radfahrer announced its long list of riders for the womens', U-23 and junior races.

The long list for the elite men was announced earlier.

As reigning time trial champion, Arndt will have an automatic starting place in that discipline. Germany may also send two more riders, and will choose amongst 2007 World time trial champion Hanka Kupfernagel, Mieke Kröger, Ina Teutenberg, and Trixi Worrack.

Seven Germanwomen may take to the start of the road race. The candidates are Arndt, Charlotte Becker, Sarah Düster, Claudia Häusler, Sara Lena Hofmann, Romy Kasper, Kupfernagel, Bianca Schnitzmeier, Teutenberg, and Worrack.

The best-known name on the U23 list is Rick Zabel, son of retired sprinter Erik Zabel. The younger Zabel, now with the Rabobank Continental team, finished fifth in the junior's road race in 2011.

U23 men, time trial, two starters: Michel Koch, Jasha Sütterlin, Jakob Steigmiller and Mario Vogt

U23 men, road race, five starters: Niklas Arndt, Emanuel Buchmann, Jan Dieteren, Michel Koch, Matthias Plarre, Theo Reinhardt, Jasha Sütterlin, Rick Zabel, and Ruben Zepunkte

Junior men, time trial, two starters: Jan Brockhoff, Arne Egner, Silvio Herklotz and Maximilian Schachmann

Junior men, road race, six starters: Yannik Acherberg, Jan Brockhoff, Phil Bauhaus, Nico Denz, Arne Egner, Silvio Herklotz, Maximilian Schachmann, and Tristan Wedler

Junior women, time trial, two starters:  Anna Knauer, Corinna Lechner, Madelaine Ortmüller, Ann-Leonie Wiechmann

Junior women, road race, four starters: Anna Knauer, Corinna Lechner, Madelaine Ortmüller, Tanjana Paller, Gudrun Stock, and Ann-Leonie Wiechmann

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