3 Molinos Resort for July and August

By Antonio J. Salmerón According to El Faro de Murcia , the 3 Molinos Resort team says it will...

By Antonio J. Salmerón

According to El Faro de Murcia, the 3 Molinos Resort team says it will continue its sponsorship until the end of the season - just as Kaiku will do - despite rumours to the contrary. The team has announced its line ups for the races in July and August, with Santos González and Mikel Artetxe leading Molinos Resort in Villafranca de Ordizia, on July 25. They will accompanied by the youngest 3 Molinos Resort rider, Jose Antonio Baños, in addition to Isidro Cerrato, Domínguez, Rafael Casero, Jesus Buendía and Pedro Castillo. The Otxoa Memorial will be the next appointment for 3 Molinos Resort, on July 30.

3 Molinos Resort will take part in the Tour of Portuguese in August, between the 5th and the 15th. From the 6th to the 10th, the squad will participate in the Vuelta a Burgos and in the Spanish classic Subida a Urkiola, on August 13. The Tour of Britain is also on the program, and that race takes place between August 29 and September 3.

"Our presence in all these races has as its main objective to continue to add triumphs in this year in which we debut in the professional continental category," the team stated.

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