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Cane Creek launches handy new online headset fit database

Confused by the flurry of different headset 'standards' that have recently flooded the market? Integrated, semi-integrated, tapered, zero stack, traditional... it seems that nearly every frame currently available has its own proprietary setup sometimes.

Never fear, though: Cane Creek will soon launch a handy online headset fit database that should take the guesswork out of the decision.

Once it goes live, users will simply enter in the make, model and year of their frameset and the database does the rest.

If you're not sure, you can alternatively go to the step-by-step section of the site and follow the prompts: first determine which style of headset your frame requires (traditional, integrated, zero stack), take a few simple measurements and off you go - simple as pie.

In conjunction with the new online fitment guide, Cane Creek will also offer an inexpensive 'Gary Gauge' tool to help make the measurements.

Cane Creek will also offer a limited run of specially etched stainless steel headsets to help raise money for World Bicycle Relief, an organisation that aims to bring sustainable transportation into the hands of citizens of developing nations.

Only 500 headsets will be produced at a cost of US$200 each and Cane Creek says it will accept pre-orders only.

In non-headset news, Cane Creek has also revamped its Double Barrel rear shock for 2010 with more linear-feeling damping adjusters, smoother Norglide DU bushings for reduced stiction, and an updated bottom-out bumper that allows for an extra 3mm of shock stroke.

Additionally, fans of Cane Creek's Thudbuster suspension seatpost will see new rubber-based elastomers for a more controlled ride plus a new coding system to tell the different durometers apart (they're all black for '10).

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