Interbike 2012: Giordana debuts EXO clothing

High-end collection takes scientific approach to clothing

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Giordana's new EXO System collection takes an ultra-scientific approach to cycling clothing. It's slightly unusual looking for sure but Giordana claims the garments will actually improve your performance on the road.

The common theme with the new EXO System range is its use of strategically located stitching and compressive panels for what Giordana claims is improved muscle support and blood circulation, plus good aerodynamics courtesy of the very trim cuts. Highlighting the idea are the new long sleeve jersey and knickers, which aren't actually intended for use in cool weather. Instead, their main touted benefit is increased support for your calf and forearm muscles. In fact, Giordana claims both items are comfortable up to about 30°C (86°F).

Otherwise, Giordana injects its full suite of apparel know-how into each piece of the EXO System – which include the knickers and long sleeve jersey plus a more conventional short sleeved jersey and bib shorts, gloves, socks, and even shoe covers. Among the key features are carbon-infused wicking fabrics, laser-cut and perforated bib straps, laser-cut arm and leg openings with bonded silicone grippers, and generous applications of open mesh to help keep riders cool in hot weather.

As expected, pricing is decidedly on the premium end of the spectrum with the jerseys costing US$250-260, the shorts costing US$295, and the knickers commanding US$325.

Giordana has also revamped nearly the entirety of its existing collection, including the ultra-trim and race-ready FormaRed-Carbon, the mid-range Laser, and more casual Fusion. Riders seeking a more traditional look will find new styles in the retro-inspired 'Sport' heritage collection, too, and save for the new EXO System line, all of Giordana's men's clothing impressively receives women's-specific analogues to match.

Several retro-flavored items have been added to the Sport heritage line

Several retro-flavored items have been added to the Sport heritage line

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