Eurobike 2012 tech: Sidi unveils new high-end road shoes

Plus a new Draco MTB flagship, too

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Some of you may have noticed Peter Sagan (Liquigas-Cannondale) wearing some mysterious new Sidis at this year's Tour de France. Sidi is now ready to spill the beans on the new Wire range of road shoes and they look mighty tasty.

Sidi's top-end road shoes have long been characterized by their simultaneous use of three different closure systems: a ratcheting main strap, a hook-and-loop forefoot strap, and a ratcheting cable in the middle. For 2013, the new Wire collection will use Sidi's own Tecno 3 ratcheting cable system exclusively for a more even fit around the entire foot and a sleeker, more uniform aesthetic.

In addition to a full-release switch so riders can quickly toss the shoes off at the end of the day, each of the shoe's two buckles also feature a step-by-step release function for easy adjustment on-the-fly and as before, the densely padded main strap is adjustable for length and pad position.

Topping the range is Sagan's Wire SP Carbon model, which features the company's Speedplay-only SP Carbon sole that Sidi says shaves 62g and adds 6mm of rearward cleat adjustment as compared to using a standard curved sole and cleat adapters. The heel pad is replaceable as in years past but it's now made of a new, lighter weight material. Claimed plate thickness is just 4mm.

Up top, Sidi again retains its clever adjustable heel retention clip for a customizable fit around the back of the ankle while inside, the standard paper-thin insole has been upgraded to a cushier Comfort Fit model built with a layer of memory foam.

Naturally, the Wire SP Carbon will be accompanied by a standard Wire Vent Carbon model for riders using three-bolt pedal systems such as Shimano and Look. This version features the same upper but a vented carbon fiber sole with adjustable ports for tunable airflow. This shoe gets a lighter weight replaceable heel pad, too, but the combination toe vent/pad is replaceable here as well.

Women haven't been overlooked, by the way. Sidi will also launch a specific version of the Wire Vent Carbon – appropriately called the Wire Vent Carbon Women – with a more appropriate last and different colors.

Sidi will offer both men's models in sizes 39-48 (half sizes from 39.5-46.5) while the women's version will come in sizes 38-43 with half sizes available throughout. Retail price for all three models is US$499.99.

Draco for off-road riders

The new Sidi Drako will be offered in several different colours

The new Sidi Drako will be offered in several different colours

Topping last year's Dragon 3 SRS is the new Drako, which shares a nearly identical upper to the road-going Wire models but with additional molded-in reinforcement around the toes to resist wear. In addition to the improved fit, the new upper also supposedly sheds 100g from its predecessor.

The carbon fiber sole is similar to the Dragon 3 in that the tread blocks are still replaceable but Sidi has now gone one step further with a replaceable wear plate under the cleat – meaning that Look, Time, and Crankbrothers pedal users no longer have to install a separate plate if they don't want to.

Sidi will offer the Drako in sizes 39-48 with half sizes from 39.5-46.5. Suggested retail price is US$449.95.

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