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Topeak Taillux 100 rear light review

There is a vast range of rear LED lights to choose from so why should you choose the Topeak Taillux 100? We’ve been spending the last couple of months finding out.

Topeak Tail Lux 100
(Image: © Guy Kesteven)

Our Verdict

A compact yet super powerful rear LED with neat seat tube profiling and excellent reliability


  • Brutally bright
  • Super reliable
  • Tough
  • Long battery life
  • Useful modes
  • Seat post profiling
  • Well priced
  • Compact
  • USB C connection


  • Dimmer from the sides

There are three models in the new Topeak Taillux range and the 100 is the most powerful. It’s still surprisingly compact too, with a neat fitting system for all seat posts and perhaps most importantly we’ve not had a single issue with a Topeak light in years.

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Topeak Tail Lux 100

The Taillux 100 features six LED bulbs around the outside, with three more up the middle (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)
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Topeak Tail Lux 100

Hooked tabs interact securely with the rubber figure-of-eight strap (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)
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Topeak Tail Lux 100

Rear inserts can be interchanged depending on your seatpost shape (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)

The oval lens has six powerful LEDs around the outside and then three really powerful emitters up the centre. The rubber button on the top is small but has a positive click you can feel through fat gloves. It toggles through four different modes sequencing the two sets of LEDs in different arrays. The 100-Lumen max is certainly massively powerful, with Topeak claiming visibility from over 3.2km and we wouldn’t argue with that. While it’s not curved, the outer ring of LEDs can be seen from the side, though at a much lower brightness than from more directly behind.

Mounting uses a silicon figure of eight strap with two sizes to fit different seatpost diameters. You can change the rubber shoe that slides into the back of the light to suit rounded, flat-back or aero seat posts too so you’re guaranteed a stable fit. 

The light is IXP6 waterproof rated and the charging port is well plugged with a USB-C connection underneath for easy connection. There’s a charging indicator light to let you know when you’re good to go and with a minimum of three hours burn time and a maximum of 30, run times are impressive. Weight and price are good given the light's power too.

Topeak Tailux 100: Verdict

A top-quality, high powered light that excels in every regard. The only small downside is the dimmed side-angle visibility, but its brightness, secure mounting, tactile button and Topeak's legendary infallibility all combine to make this one of the best bike lights we've tested. 

Topeak Tailux 100: Tech specs

  • Price: £36.99
  • Power: 100 Lumen max
  • Weight: 38g
  • Modes: Constant high, constant/flash, constant/flash sequence and flash
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