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Sportful WS Reflex 2 Bootie overshoes review

Sportful WS Reflex 2 Bootie overshoes provide ample protection for wet and cold conditions with an easy and secure fit

Sportful WS Reflex 2 Bootie overshoes
(Image: © David Arthurs)

Our Verdict

A simple but well-designed overshoe that provides more than adequate wind, rain and cold protection for your feet


  • Very easy to fit
  • Reflective details
  • Different colours available
  • Good durability
  • Reinforced neoprene areas


  • Not the warmest in very low temperatures
  • Not waterproof in torrential rain

The Sportful WS Reflex 2 Bootie Overshoes have been in Sportful’s range for a long time. They were recently updated with a refined design and now utilise the latest Gore-Tex Infinium fabric for its weather-proofing properties. 

They are a mid-weight overshoe with low bulk and are windproof, water-resistant and breathable, making them ideal for a wide range of cycling conditions. We've been putting them to the test in the midst of British winter to see how they fare against the best cycling overshoes from the competition. 

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Sportful WS Reflex 2 Bootie overshoes

A single rear zipper makes them easy to get on and off (Image credit: David Arthurs)
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Sportful WS Reflex 2 Bootie overshoes

Beneath, rugged material is used at the toe and heel to increase durability (Image credit: David Arthurs)
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Sportful WS Reflex 2 Bootie overshoes

Of the four available colours, we opted for the stealthy black, but all get reflective detailing (Image credit: David Arthurs)
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Sportful WS Reflex 2 Bootie overshoes

Neoprene material is used around the edges, the toe, and the ankle opening for a secure fit and to prevent water ingress (Image credit: David Arthurs)

Design and aesthetics

Simplicity is the key to the Sportful WS Reflex 2 Bootie's design. A simple single zipper at the rear and a small loop at the heel makes pulling them over your cycling shoes much easier than many other overshoes we've tried, yet they stay firmly in place with no slipping. 

The bulk of the overshoe is made from Gore-Tex’s latest Infinium four-way-stretch windproof and water-resistant material. Neoprene trim around the entire sole and rear section provides a more secure fit, with more neoprene at the ankle opening to prevent water ingress. Rugged material at the toe and heel box completes the construction, offering increased durability.

Aesthetically, you can have them in four colours - black, red, orange and yellow - to match a variety of team kits, and there’s a generous dash of reflective trim across the front and rear, as well as the big Sportful ‘S’ logo on the side.


Sportful WS Reflex 2 Bootie overshoes employ Gore-Tex's Infinium Four-Way Warm fabric, this being the latest name for Gore’s collection of Windstopper fabrics. It’s designed to be windproof, water-resistant, highly breathable and treated with a DWR (durable water repellant) treatment for added rain protection. 

They are claimed to be good for temperatures down to -5C/23F, with the breathability giving a high max-temperature limit. Neoprene is used around the ankle and heel to improve fit as well as around the ankle to keep water out.  


The original Sportful WS Reflex 2 Bootie overshoes have been a staple of my cycling wardrobe for many years, and the latest version is a nice improvement offering excellent performance in a wide range of typical cycling conditions. The Gore-Tex Infinium fabric strikes the right balance for all but the very wettest weather, providing enough warmth down to zero but not, in my experience with poor circulation, when the mercury goes sub-zero. 

The medium-weight material ensures they are breathable should you encounter warmer weather as well, which helps to give them a very broad operating window, extending well into Spring. While not 100 per cent waterproof the overshoes do a commanding job of keeping your feet dry against a barrage of road spray and deep puddle splashes, and only extended torrential rain on long rides finds them lacking against more waterproof overshoes. 

They’re a doddle to fit with a single Velcro closure which is easy to use both before and after a ride, and when in use, they stay in place at all times thanks to the neoprene around the sole and rear section.


The Sportful WS Reflex 2 Bootie overshoes are a good choice for the widest range of typical weather conditions and while not as warm or outright waterproof as other overshoes, they do perform well in the broadest range of conditions you’re likely to face. 

I like that they’re a breeze to put on and take off, with the neoprene providing a nice snug fit and toughened material where it's needed most. You might need to size up though, my size 45 shoes required an XL for a comfortable fit. The durability is sufficient for regular use and commuting, and the addition of several colour choices is a nice touch with adequate reflective piping. 

They are a little on the expensive side, but the performance and durability are strong with these overshoes and in many ways, they're easy to recommend if you want an overshoe that works well in most conditions. 

Tech spec: Sportful WS Reflex 2 Bootie overshoes

  • Price: £55.00 / $60.00 / AU$96.99
  • Colours: Black, black/yellow, black/red and black/orange 
  • Material: Gore-Tex Infinium 4 Way Warm Fabric