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Louis Garneau Vorttice aero helmet

Stylish time trial lid

Louis Garneau Vorttice helmet

Louis Garneau Vorttice helmet (Image credit: Dave Caudery)

The popularity of aero helmets has exploded in the past couple of years, and manufacturers like Louis Garneau have started adding all manner of innovations to stay ahead of the competition. With the Vorttice they’ve used dimples at the front so that on-rushing air sticks closely to the helmet.

There are also raised lines on the top (called the Vortex Generator) which are designed to accelerate air over the back, plus an Evacuation Channel to send air through the helmet and out the back to keep you cool.

It sounds good – but does it work? It’s light, breathable and easy to adjust, although it’s one of the most bulbous aero helmets we’ve seen. And it comes with a visor, which also saves watts. Until we take it to a wind tunnel, we’ll reserve judgment on the aerodynamics.