Matter and Eppen win at WORS #4 the Trek Big Ring Classic

For the second year in a row, Brian Matter (Gear Grinder / Trek) won the Trek Big Ring Classic in a three-up sprint. In a photo finish, Matter edged defending WORS Overall Champion Tristan Schouten (Mafia / Felt) and Mike Phillips (Adventure 212 / Specialized). In the women's race, Kim Eppen (Mercy-Specialized) and defending Overall Champion Abby Strigel (Trek Stores of Madison) put nearly five minutes into the chasing field. In the end, Eppen’s power and climbing legs were unmatched and she took the win by over a minute at 1:27:37.

In the first lap, the men’s lead group included Matter, Schouten, Phillips, Brian Eppen (Mercy- Specialized) and Nathan Guerra (Wheel and Sprocket / Vision). First to exit was Guerra, felled by an early crash in the singletrack. He managed a podium finish in fifth, but was not in contention for the win after his fall. Eppen also crashed at the end of the first lap, then raced to a strong 4th place, though he left a trail of blood behind him. Meanwhile, at the front, Phillips took an early lead through the singletrack. Once Matter and Schouten reeled him in, the group of three leaders was established.

The attacks began. Schouten repeatedly attacked on climbs, trying to make the race as hard as he could, and Matter and Phillips were gapped. But the two chasers, equipped with full-suspension rides, repeatedly caught Schouten on his new hardtail in the rocky singletrack.

"I had the best race of the year today, except for the finish," said Schouten. "I thought I'd won the sprint, but it was a good day. I finally got my mountain bike. Today was my third ride on it, but I felt like I could out-ride anyone on any part of the course except in the singletrack. On a hardtail, I just couldn't pedal in there at all. That brought the race back together every lap."

"This race was awesome - it was just like last year," joked Brian Matter. "The technical singletrack was definitely challenging. I think that was where I was using my advantage to catch Tristan. And on those power climbs, he was just accelerating - attacking. It was fast and tactical, and it came down to a three man sprint. I think I got it with a bike throw. I think I know where to be coming out of that last corner. It's a deceptively long sprint. I kind of sat on Tristan's wheel as he ramped it up and once he plateaued, I tried to go by him. We must have crossed the line very close."

"Brian will tell you, he's been in that position many times before," said Phillips after the sprint finish. Phillips crossed the line 0.4 seconds behind Matter and Schouten, unable to hold either wheel in the final moments. "He [Matter] could barely stand up after we came through. I guess maybe I could have worked a little harder too."

Schouten is no rookie when it comes to the sprint and, in a move reminiscent of George Hincapie at this year’s National Championships, he jagged left as he approached the scaffold, forcing Matter to work around him. Schouten threw his own bike forward perhaps a split-second too soon. As the two passed beneath the finish scaffold, Schouten raised an arm while Matter threw his bike forward. After a review of the photos in those crucial moments, race officials declared Matter the victor at 1:41:03.2.

Both Matter and Schouten hold three WORS Overall Series Championships. The battle between these two racers for the WORS Overall in 2011 could decide who will be the first man to take home a fourth WORS title. Their competition may also be an opportunity for other hopefuls, as the series contest is shaping up to be a close one.

In the women's race, Strigel and Eppen surged from the start, trading the lead along a winding road section before the first singletrack. Eppen reached the singletrack with a gap, but Strigel closed it down through the rocky, technical terrain. Then a wall-like climb separated the two for good as Strigel was unable to hold Eppen's wheel. After the second lap, she could no long see Eppen and finished second in 1:29:08.

Emerging first from the group of four women chasing Strigel was Eppen’s teammate Robin Williams, who would finish third at 1:33:14. Williams went back and forth with Sarah Agena (Adventure 212 / Specialized), and Agena led through most of the third lap, but she was caught in the end to finish fourth at 1:33:29. Lisa Krayer and Michelle Peariso also raced together for much of the contest, and Krayer took the final podium spot at fifth at

The next WORS race, The Subaru Cup, presented by Trek will include the Midwest Regional Championships for amateur racers, and the Subaru Cup US Pro XCT. For more information, check

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Elite Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brian Matter (Gear Grinder /TREK)1:41:03
2Tristan Schouten (Pabst/Felt/Mafia Racing)0:00:00
3Mike Phillips (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:00:00
4Brian Eppen (Mercy-Specialized)0:01:18
5Nathan Guerra (Wheel&Sprocket/Vision)0:03:37
6Ben Koenig (RMC, Red Eye Brewery)0:03:53
7Darrin Braun (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:04:04
8Isaac Neff (Williamson Bicycle Works)0:04:35
9Cam Kirkpatrick (Rasmussen BikeShop)0:04:44
10Trevor Olson (Muddy Cup)0:05:34
11Tyler Gauthier (Culvers Racing)0:05:37
12Ryan Krayer (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:05:40
13Corey Stelljes (chainsmokers)0:05:47
14Ted Hanes (Fond du Lac Cyclery)0:05:48
15Brian Heifner (Magnus)0:06:52
16Bryan Fosler (Trek Stores ofMadison)0:08:14
17Chris Peariso (Adventure 212 / Specialized)0:08:20
18Ray Nelson (Tread Head Cyclery)0:08:24
19Kevin McConnell (Mercy-Specialized)0:08:25
20Jacob Groethe0:08:46
21Devin Curran (Hollywood Cycles T6 Spot)0:08:57
22Seth Lenss (Titletown Flyers)0:09:21
23Trevor Koss (29er Crew)0:09:21
24Jeff Melcher (Team Pedal Moraine)0:09:32
25Dirk Rettig (Trek Gnar Crotch Wiscoland)0:11:33
26Greg Krieger (Eriksen Cycles)0:11:36
27Matt Millin (Mountain Outfitters)0:11:49
28Chad Boyles (BVC-Nomad Cycling)0:11:49
29Joel Hynes (
30John Shull (EXPO Racing)0:12:06
31John Lirette (Hayes Disc Brakes)0:12:06
32Tom Carpenter (Trek 29er Crew)0:12:28
33Dylan Harris (Olympia)0:12:45
34Tim Racette (KS Energy Services/Team WI)0:13:22
35Mike Budd (Wheel & Sprocket)0:13:47
36Nicholas Holzem (City Bike Works)0:13:51
37Bill Nigh (Team Pedal Moraine)0:14:00
38J. W. Miller (Trek Stores ofadison)0:14:02
39Joseph Maloney (KS/ Team Wisconsin)0:14:24
40Luke Batchelor-Clark (Magnus)0:14:44
41Chris Mantel (Velotrocadero)0:15:10
42Michael Wenzel0:15:32
43Jess Kruchoski (Wheel & Sprocket/ Vision)0:15:35
44Patryk Limanowicz (
45Jeffrey Austin-Phillips (Behind-Bars/Little Guy Racing)0:15:48
46Eric Fossell (JVC / MichaelsCycles)0:16:11
47Greg Jones (Hayes Brakes)0:16:19
48Brian Hertzberg (5 Nines Cycling)0:16:34
49Dallas Fowler (Kuhl)0:17:10
50John Gatto (Twin Six)0:17:29
51Luke Holtan (VELO TROCADERO)0:18:05
52Karl Tillman (Bikes Limited/Scenic Concepts)0:18:07
53Jan Rybar (Pedal Moraine)0:18:08
54Scott Vogelmann (Trek Midwest Team)0:18:25
55Matthew Muraski0:19:18
56Ken Statz (Element Mobile)0:19:29
57Ric Damm (FondduLac Cyclery/RiponCollege)0:19:33
58Ronald Knutowski (Fuel Cafe/TwinSix)0:19:41
59Mark Cole (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:19:56
60Tim Jennings (Element Mobile)0:21:29
61Brad Dash (Twin Six/ABD)0:23:49
62Dan Tavela (Treadhead Cycling)0:24:06
63Sanjay Ganju (Alterra Mtb)0:25:43
64Mitch Moen (
65Dan Schaefer (Team Fond du Lac Cyclery)0:27:44
66Jesse Shoemaker (The Bike Hub/Specialized)0:31:05
67Erik Eiseman0:33:07
68Matthew Gutowski (Arts Cyclery)0:34:38
69Barry Winters (Element MobileBring's)0:34:56
70Tim Scanley (Alterra Coffee)0:51:06
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Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kim Eppen (Mercy-Specialized)1:27:37
2Abigail Strigel (Trek Stores ofMadison)0:01:31
3Robin Williams (Mercy-Specialized)0:05:37
4Sarah Agena (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:05:52
5Lisa Krayer (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:07:03
6Michelle Peariso (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:07:24
7Anna Ganju (Polska)0:08:40
8Rachel Horstman0:10:04
9Jennifer Nowlin (Peace Coffee)0:10:48
10Renee Bach (Chain Smokers)0:11:48
11Alyssa Severn (Team Magnus)0:13:02
12Brittany Mcconnell (Iowa City Cycling Club)0:13:03
13Claire Cannon (Trek Store of Madison)0:13:27
14April Dombrowski (Team Pedal Moraine)0:15:21
15Jennifer Danielson (Chainsmokers)0:15:22
16Jennifer Whitedog (BikesLimitedScenicConcepts)0:19:24
17Sophia Marchiando (Hollywood)0:20:21
18Lynn Maki (GearGrinder)0:21:05
19Julie Kirkpatrick (Zoom Performance)0:23:38
20Christine Czarnecki (Alterra CoffeeMTB Team)0:27:11
DNFDenise CoppockRow 20 - Cell 2
DNFBrenda Zimmermann Thorpe (Rib Mnt Cycles/Red Eye Brewery)Row 21 - Cell 2
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Junior elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pete Karinen (Trek 29er Crew)1:23:49
2Myles Beach (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:00:08
3Ben Senkerik (Nova Cycle Sports / ISCorp)0:03:30
4Brett Poulton (EXPO)0:03:59
5Lionel Rocheleau (Gear Grinder)0:04:39
6Cameron Schave (Eriksen Cycles)0:06:21
7Mike Zuiker (Rasta)0:07:12
8Ryan Oconnell (EXPO Racing)0:07:23
9Andrew Senderhauf (Wheel and Sprocket)0:08:09
10Michael Dutczak (South Chicago Wheelman)0:08:46
11Parker McColl (Wheel & Sprocket)0:09:44
12Caleb Lenss (EXPO Racing)0:11:18
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Junior elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nina Karinen (Trek 29er Crew)1:44:13
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Comp Cat 2 Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kevin Roytek (Spring Street Sports)1:25:27
2Michael Spiro0:00:28
3Colby Lash (KMK; Chocolay Ace)0:00:56
4Vince Steger (Eriks Bikes & Boards)0:01:04
5Bryan Frazier (Wildside Velo Club)0:01:23
6Bill Burkholder (Kegels Bikes)0:01:27
7Jim Chapman (OTR)0:01:28
8Shane Veldhuizen (schwag)0:01:29
9Kevin Pomasl (KS Energy Services / Team WI)0:01:33
10Kurt Schwiesow (Tower Clock EyeCenter)0:01:37
11Mark Olski (02 Cycling)0:01:42
12Michael Humpal0:01:51
13Tyson Schwiesow (Tower Clock EyeCenter)0:01:54
14Dave Bender (JVC/Michaels Cycle)0:01:57
15Bill Street (Kuhl Midwest Regional Team)0:02:32
16Aaron Sturgis (Twin Six)0:02:41
17Bob Phelps (Alterra Coffee)0:02:42
18Paul Marietta (KORC)0:02:46
19Ryan Kleimenhagen (Chainsmokers)0:03:06
20Christopher Berge (Magnus)0:03:09
21Nicholas Frye0:03:36
22Dan Wierzba (rib mountain cycles)0:04:00
23Chris Cook (Bikes-N-Boards)0:04:02
24Glen Stroik (Chiropractic Partners)0:04:06
25Matt Kamphuis (Trek Midwest Team)0:04:11
26Eric Stanke (Schwag)0:04:12
27Alex Martin0:04:13
28Jeff Sympson (Big Ring Flyers /Kegels)0:04:22
29Kelson Danielson (Chainsmokers)0:04:23
30Gabriel Ion (Treadhead Cycling)0:04:27
31Patrick Dowd0:04:32
32David Poulton0:04:33
33Ben Marchewka (Team Pedal Moraine)0:04:39
34Thomas Felton (Team Velocause)0:04:42
35Patrick Scheibel0:04:45
36Tony Wagner0:05:10
37Tony Pacini (Mission 1)0:05:23
38Scott Diedrich (Attitude Sports)0:05:28
39Brett May0:05:29
40Nate Jasperson (Performa Cycling)0:05:30
41Dan Szczepanski (BelGioioso/Titletown Flyers)0:05:36
42Jeremy Vogels (Performa Cycling)0:05:49
43Jim Toombs (Eriks Bikes & Boards)0:05:50
44Anthony Ferrara (Twin Six / NewMoon)0:05:50
45Kevin Flanders0:06:12
46Bryan Rhody (Peace Coffee)0:06:13
47Billy Graef (Team Velocause)0:06:39
48Joel Coon (BelGioioso/BKB)0:06:43
49Scott Neperud (Magnus)0:06:44
50Nikolai Skievaski (Team Pegasus)0:06:53
51Jesse Sharp (Tower Clock Eye Center)0:07:04
52Erin Sikora (The Bike Hub/Specialized)0:07:07
53Wade Loberger (Wheel & Sprocket)0:07:09
54Gary Meader0:07:10
55Nathan Langhurst0:07:11
56John Hughes (Team Pedal Moraine)0:07:11
57Christopher Gabrielson (Wildside Velo Club)0:07:13
58Don Slickman0:07:22
59Eric Weidman (Muddy Cup)0:07:26
60Steve Kobs (Team Pedal Moraine)0:07:49
61Scott Mullins (Team Velocause)0:07:51
62Todd Bugnacki (Club Tread)0:07:52
63Tyler Grenzow (Korc)0:07:58
64Neil Statz (Team Overdrive)0:07:59
65Aaron Pidde (Wookie Juice Racing)0:08:00
66Kyle Sarasin0:08:03
67Jarrod Kerkhoff (Michael's Cycles)0:08:05
68Wesley Frame (KORC)0:08:15
69John Brown (Point Pursuit)0:08:15
70Thomas Dvoratchek (Spin Doctor Cycle Works)0:09:04
71Matthew Hippe0:09:06
72Sean Miller (Michael's Cycles)0:09:07
73Michael Verhagen (KS Energy / Team Wisconsin)0:09:11
74Edward Dutczak (South Chicago Wheelman)0:09:15
75Chris Fellows (Trek Store of Madison/WORS)0:09:17
76Troy Schaden (Schwag)0:09:39
77Ken Naef (Titletown Flyers)0:09:41
78Andrew Chaffe0:09:42
79Travis Johnson (Heavy Pedal)0:10:00
80Mike Billmeier0:10:01
81Krystian Pac (Polska - MIODU! - POLISH Mead)0:10:02
82Ross Lemke (Pedal Moraine / Hammer)0:10:15
83Terry Prewitt (Attitude Sports)0:10:22
84Jeff Steckbauer (Rib Mountain Cycles)0:10:24
85Matthew Block (
86Wally Kunstman (Gear Grinder)0:10:39
87Scott Hietpas0:10:48
88Sean Shields (Team Pedal Moraine)0:11:18
89Jon Derksen (Wheel and Sprocket)0:11:25
90Jeff Gantz (Titletown Flyers)0:11:38
91Brian Hess0:11:38
92Ryan Shiroma (BelGioioso/BKB)0:11:40
93Adrian Icenogle (Attitude Sports)0:11:43
94William Bell0:11:51
95Bob Callaway (Bluedog Cycles)0:12:06
96Brent Palmer (Titletown Flyers)0:12:13
97Damian Budzinski0:12:43
98Steve Jeske (Pedal Moraine)0:12:46
99Donald Carr (IS Corp)0:13:36
100Dennis Loy (KMK)0:13:38
101Nathan Tock0:13:47
102Rick Walls (Muddy Cup / Twin Six)0:14:21
103Mike Owens (Alterra)0:14:23
104Steve Pribek0:14:24
105Jeremy Lentz0:14:26
106Jesse Kusserow0:14:51
107Chris Harrison (Eriksen Cycles)0:15:05
108Jake Swenson (UWSP Cycling)0:16:15
109Peter Cherchian (Chain Smokers)0:16:45
110Brad Tennis (Wildside Velo)0:16:49
111Lloyd Cate0:17:04
112John Senkerik (Team Extreme)0:17:52
113Patrick Rasmus (Spring Street Sports)0:17:58
114Todd Derksen0:18:12
115Scott Shapiro (Team Magnus)0:18:21
116Cole Jacobsen (Titletown Flyers)0:19:30
117Joel Ficke (New Auburn Builders)0:20:21
118Brian Benson (Bikes Ltd/Scenic Concepts)0:20:38
119Andrew Wiesner (Titletown Flyers)0:21:43
120Tim Cook (Bikes-N-Boards)0:21:45
121Cory Mortensen0:27:51
122Brad Nyenhuis0:28:56
DNFSteve Schafer ( 122 - Cell 2
DNFSteve HerrigesRow 123 - Cell 2
DNFKeith NikolausRow 124 - Cell 2
DNFSean Bjork (xXx Racing Athletico)Row 125 - Cell 2
DNFMark BalkenendeRow 126 - Cell 2
DNFDakota Dale (Eriksen Cycles)Row 127 - Cell 2
DNFMatt Dale (Eriksen Cycles)Row 128 - Cell 2
DNFRussell Jobs (Haynes Brakes)Row 129 - Cell 2
DNFBob BooneRow 130 - Cell 2
DNFSteve KeenRow 131 - Cell 2
DNFMatthew OMeara (On The Rivet)Row 132 - Cell 2
DNFRick Cleary (KORC)Row 133 - Cell 2
DNFRandy Pallex (Titletown Flyers)Row 134 - Cell 2
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Sport Cat 2 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Maria Statz (Element Mobile)1:16:07
2Ridge Benedum-Pidde (Silver Cycling)0:00:12
3Cyndi Ehrike (Rib Mountain Cycles)0:01:13
4Heather Stelljes0:05:05
5Clare Vlahopoulos (Versa Brakes)0:05:08
6Maria Carlstedt (Team Geargrinder)0:05:08
7Cassey Lynn (UW-Madison)0:05:13
8Ida Herud0:05:19
9Brittany Nigh (Team Pedal Moraine)0:05:56
10Leia Schneeberger (Magnus)0:06:51
11Helmy Tennis (Wildside Velo)0:07:19
12Karlene Olson (Muddy Cup)0:07:56
13Eve-Marie Walter (Muddy Cup)0:08:03
14Lynne Senkerik (Team Extreme)0:08:21
15Pascalle Fischer (Title Town Flyers)0:09:18
16Rachael Jensen (GEARGRINDER)0:09:22
17Ann Holsen (Heavy Pedal Velo Club)0:10:00
18Valerie Foley (Rasta)0:10:21
19Emily Robnett (ICCC)0:10:44
20Moriah Griesbach (Point Pursuit)0:10:51
21Diane Callaway (Bluedog CyclesVernon Trails)0:11:22
22Maja Holcomb (Fattires-n-beer)0:13:12
23Ramona Kuna (Athletes By Design (ABD))0:13:19
24Andrea Lyman (Rib Mountain Cycles)0:13:21
25Caroline Warren (Nord-Lock / Safe Wheels)0:13:30
26Melissa Putzer (Wheel and Sprocket)0:14:13
27Courtney Stefanski0:15:50
28Justina Smet (Titletown Flyers)0:15:59
29Lori Palmer (TitleTown Flyers)0:16:06
30Becky Rands (Team Pedal Moraine)0:16:06
31Bianca Pearson0:16:07
32Victoria Pink (Muddy Cup)0:17:20
33Kelli Piotrowski0:17:45
34Jenni Borell (Attitude Sports)0:18:46
35Janis Heifner0:18:57
36Melinda Roach0:19:01
37Cheryl Post (Point Pursuit)0:20:46
38Samantha Bushendorf (Team Olson)0:22:38
39Marnie Pearsall (Gear Grinder)0:24:57
40Louise Oppliger (Oppligirlz)0:25:01
41Ramona Veil0:38:35
42Sue Borchardt (team extream)0:41:09
43Alissa Braatz0:43:52

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