Matter takes first win of the season as Dendel remains undefeated

In the third event for the 2015 Wisconsin Off Road Series (WORS) presented by Trek, Cooper Dendel (Quick Stop Bike Shop) grabbed her third win of the season while Brian Matter (KS Energy/ MOSH) earned his first WORS victory of the year. Located at Camrock Park in Rockdale WI, the course is a favourite among WORS racers who love punchy climbs and rocky descents. The start is a dash to the top, climbing for a half mile through the vendor area followed by lots of fast fun. Between sections of technical switchbacks, the course offers fast flowing single-track that runs through open fields of prairie grass. Plus, the infamous sprint to the finish which played a huge role for some racers this weekend.

In the BelGioioso Cat 1/Pro Women's event, Cooper Dendel (Quick Stop Bike Shop) proved once again that in 2015 she means business. Grabbing her third win, Dendel is on a hot streak. To her own admission, she loves the technical switchbacks that the Battle of Camrock has to offer. But it was not an easy win either. Dendel was followed closely by Abigail Strigel (Honey Stinger / Bontrager). Strigel made her 2015 WORS debut with a second place overall. Strigel was very excited to return back to WORS and had a goal of trying to stay with Dendel. This didn't quite happen at this race, but Strigel wasn't too far behind. At the start of the race, Lindsay Guerra (Vision Cycling) attacked the first hill and blew a lot of steam. But even after her hard push and her recovery time, she finished with a respectable 3rd place. Behind Guerra, finished Anna Ganju (Colectivo Coffee) in 4th place.

The BelGioioso Men's Cat 1/Pro race showed the reigning WORS overall champion, Brian Matter (KS Energy/ MOSH), climbing to his first victory of the year. The pressure was on the entire 4 laps as different competitors fed off of each other to keep the pace high. After the first lap there was a lead pack of four: Tristan Schouten (Rolf Prima/ Attitude Sports) who led Corey Stelljes (Motorless Motion/ Cannondale), Matter, and Nathan Guerra (Vision Cycling). At the start of the second lap, Guerra took over and put a 25 second gap on the chase group. But with his lead came a price.

The ever changing course did not leave many opportunities for water and he was not able to stay properly hydrated. Due to the lack of fluids and Matter being close behind, the final lap would prove to be his most challenging. Matter was able to close the gap and sit on Guerra's wheel while waiting for the last climb. The two sprinted to the finish which gave spectators the thrill they expect from a WORS event. The wheel to wheel action had fans excited and cheering for their favourite racer to win. Even though Guerra trailed closely behind Matter in the last single track climb, Matter had the edge for the uphill sprint.

As the two competitors battled it out, Guerra wasn't able to get around Matter as he pulled off the sprint by 0.6 seconds. Matter won the Battle of Camrock, but Guerra still leads the overall points competition. Behind Matter and Guerra finished Stelljes with a 3rd place. An honourable mention also goes to Issac Neff (5nines/ Motorless Motion Bicycles) and Tristan Schouten, who grabbed 4th and 5th respectively.

WORS continues on June 14th, 2015 with the Red Eye Rendezvous in Wausau, WI. For more information visit 


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BelGioioso Pro and Elite Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brian Matter (KS / Energy Mosh)1:57:41
2Nathan Guerra (Vision Cycling)0:00:01
3Corey Stelljes (Motorless Motion/Cannondale)0:02:02
4Isaac Neff (5Nines/Motorless Motion Bicycl)0:03:08
5Tristan Schouten (Rolf Prima / Attitude Sports)0:04:58
6Justin Piontek (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:05:58
7Ben Senkerik (Team Extreme)0:06:28
8Darrin Braun (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:06:56
9Michael Naughton (Wheel Werks Bikes)Row 8 - Cell 2
10Casey Griesemer (Brazen Dropouts)0:07:37
11Ray Nelson (Treadhead Cycling)0:08:58
12Fletcher Arlen (Midwest Devo)0:10:15
13Jason Balden (KS Energy Services/MOSH/Team W)0:10:17
14Peter Hurst0:10:40
15Matt Silvia (Carborocket)0:10:56
16Brad Auen (Midwest Mountain Project)0:11:26
17Caleb Swartz (KS Energy Services/Team Wisc./)0:12:14
18Samuel Olson (Lamere Cycles /Galeria)0:12:22
19Cory Samz (Brazen Dropout)0:12:52
20Carlos Haeckel (Colectivo Coffee Team)0:14:19
21Ted Hanes (Fond du Lac Cyclery)0:15:05
22Travis Anderson (Bikeway)Row 21 - Cell 2
23Seth Eckert0:15:22
24Michael Henne (Adventure 212 Specialized)0:15:57
25Ian Haupt (Milwaukee Bicycle Co.)0:16:16
26Matt Kamphuis (Trek Midwest Team)0:16:54
27JW Miller (Eriks Bikes & Boards)0:17:13
28Ryan Rollins (Linear Sport MTB / TREK)0:17:28
29Kyle Russ (Brazen Dropouts)0:19:01
30Scott Cole (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:19:20
31Joshua Meyer (Heavy Pedal Velo Club)0:19:48
32Chad Dean (5Nines Motorless Motion)0:19:59
33Collin Kytta (Quick Stop Bike Shop)0:20:10
34Michael Humpal (RacePace/Vision/Specialized)0:20:43
35John Wypiszinski (Titletown Flyers/Wiara Invest)0:20:57
36Erik Beckman (WiscoShredSquad)0:21:24
37Mike Phillips (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:21:32
38Jarrod Kerkhoff (MSN Pro Coaching)0:21:42
39Dan Schaefer (Fond du Lac Cyclery)0:21:46
40Jonathan Wollner (Team Extreme)0:21:53
41Brett May (All Spoked Up/Vision)0:22:22
42Jose Barraza (Team Barraza)0:22:57
43John Shull (Alberto's)0:23:02
44Mikey Verhagen (Linear Sport MTB / TREK)0:23:05
45Noah Marcus (Twin Six)0:24:08
46Jack Nielsen (BlackJackBikes)0:24:16
47Tim Scanley (Colectivo Coffee)0:24:19
48martin reza (Kegel's Bike Store)0:24:24
49Mike Bishop (Treadhead Cycling)0:24:52
50David Poulton0:25:09
51Bill Street (Kuhl/Organic Valley/Velocity/A)0:25:52
52Ron Knutowski (Milwaukee Bicycle Co)0:26:21
53Jimmy Toombs (Erik's Bike and Boards)0:26:37
54Sanjay Ganju (Trek Midwest Team)0:26:39
55Paul-Brian McInerney (Half Acre Cycling)0:26:46
56Jerrod Collier (Treadhead Cycling)0:26:58
57Ben Schreiber (Linear Sport MTB / TREK)0:28:05
58Christopher Richmond (Heavy Pedal Velo Club)0:29:44
59Tony Wagner (Linear Sport MTB/Trek)0:31:42
60Scott McLaughlin (SRAM Factory)0:31:43
61Karl Tillman (Team 360 p/b Kickapoo)0:33:17
62Chris Fellows (Black Jack Bike)0:35:02
63Andrew Senderhauf0:39:28
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BelGioioso Pro and Elite Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cooper Dendel (Quick Step BikeShop)1:44:59
2Abigail Strigel (Honey StringerBontrager)0:03:19
3Lindsay Guerra (Vision Cycling)0:06:12
4Anna Ganju (Colectivo Coffee)0:08:59
5Jeanne Hornak (Vision Cycling)0:14:47
6Heather Stelljes (Vander Kitten)0:18:30
7Rachael Jensen (Team Wisconsin/ KS Energy / M)0:20:22
8Holly LaVesser (Milwaukee Bicycle / MKE Brewin)0:21:39
9Jessica Whiton (xXx Racing-Athletico)0:34:20
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Belgioioso Cat 1 Junior Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carter Warren (Colectivo)1:48:45
2Chase Osborne (Team Extreme)0:00:46
3Jacob Bons0:00:51
4Justin Wentworth (FCYCT-The Scarlet Knights)0:05:16
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BelGioioso Cat 1 Junior Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1McKenna Dwyer (2 Rivers Bicycle)1:20:44
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Cat 1 and 2 Open men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dan Tavela (Twin Six)1:48:15
2Nathan Schneeberger (Johnny Sprockets)0:04:27
3Jose Rodriguez (Rare Disease Cycling)0:04:48
4Jeff Steckbauer (Rib Mnt Cycles)0:04:52
5Nolan Steig (Janesville Velo Club)0:06:20
6Rob Neff (Element Bike Racing)0:10:55
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Cat 1 and 2 Open women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Wendy Gaddey (Alberto's)1:21:52
2Corrie Osborne (Team Extreme)0:03:00
3Rebecca Mikrut ( 2 - Cell 2
4Nicki Lock (Belgianwerkx)0:03:52
5Laura Andrews (Angry Monkey Racing)0:04:02
6Shannon Mortimer0:12:45
7Lynne Senkerik (Team Extreme)0:13:14
8Danielle Smith (Tenspeed HEro)0:37:56
9Kim Heintz (Epic Cycle andFitness)0:42:36
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Cat 2 Comp men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Payson Partridge1:39:54
2Ben Agnew (Englewood Farm)0:02:36
3Brian Paterson (Vision / Wheel& Sprocket)0:04:05
4Shane Veldhuizen (Pedal & Paddle)0:04:26
5Matthew Paterson (Vision / Wheel& Sprocket)0:04:52
6Martin Tank II (Allk Spoked Up/ Vision)0:05:15
7Ryan Durepo0:05:25
8Caleb Kitzerow (Heavy Pedal Velo Club)Row 7 - Cell 2
9George Kapitz (Broken Spoke Racing)0:05:39
10Kevin Lewis (Winnebago Bicycles)0:05:40
11Scott Veldhuizen (J&B Cycle)0:05:42
12Kenny Peterson (Eriks Bike Shop)0:05:43
13Scott House (Kegels)0:06:07
14William Ringenoldus (Wadez Bike Shop)0:06:24
15Ken Naef (STEELE Sports Nutrition/JB Cyc)0:06:30
16Buckley Birkholz (Colavita Racing)0:07:09
17Rick Walls (Milwaukee BikeCo)0:07:31
18Jeff Sympson (Kegel's)0:07:46
19Brandon Teske (Broken Spoke)0:07:54
20Jim Peterson (Michaels CyclesJVC)0:08:34
21Andrew Jennings (Brings Cyclery)0:08:42
22Steven Schaefer0:09:12
23Anthony Ferrara (Twin Six)0:09:21
24Mason Switzer (Lucky Brake Bike Shop)0:09:27
25Frank Lowry0:09:30
26Derrick Reinke (Janesville VeloClub)0:09:32
27Dan Szczepanski0:10:01
28Jan Van Nuffelen (Spider MOnkey Cycling)0:11:09
29Wally Kunstman (Organic Valleyp/b Ale Asylum)0:11:26
30Mark Melton (Kegels Bicycle)0:12:03
31Jereme Noffke0:12:30
32Thomas Kabacinski (MSN Pro Cycling)0:13:07
33Christopher Osborne (Team Extreme)Row 32 - Cell 2
34Cory Marty (Twin Six)0:13:08
35Chuck Girkins (Wade'z Bike Shop)0:13:14
36Benjamin Neubauer (Winnebago Bicycle)0:13:37
37Jonathan Vota (Team Intent)0:13:50
38Michael Garner (Intent/All Spoked Up)Row 37 - Cell 2
39Dave Wasikowski0:13:51
40Donald Heckel (Rat City Racers)0:13:52
41Clausen Greg (Treadhead)0:15:04
42Chris Harold (RacePace/Vision)0:15:25
43Carl Morse (sixfifty)0:15:33
44John Hughes (Team Pedal Moraine)0:15:37
45Brett Fitz0:15:57
46Jason Mork (Twin Six)0:15:59
47Demetrius Banks (Team 360 / LaxVelo)0:16:30
48Dave Blanke (The Bike Haven)Row 47 - Cell 2
49Paul Warloski (Milwaukee Bicycle Company Raci)0:17:17
50Kelly Skinkis (No Quarter / Twin Six)0:17:59
51Casey Lamers0:18:12
52Mark Harms (5-Nines)0:18:28
53Andrew Wiesner (Titletown Flyers)0:19:15
54Jamie Mannion (EMAG)0:19:58
55Michael Jeschke (Colectivo Coffee)0:20:09
56Landon Garrow0:21:44
57Rainier Galliano (Team F I B)0:22:03
58Peter Tampa (Rat City Racers)0:22:29
59Michael Wingertsahn0:23:34
60Brandon Murphy0:24:33
61Cory Spaetti (Alberto's Sport)0:26:55
62Mauricio Wesson (SGSSR)0:29:55
63Greg Haack (CORP)0:30:28
64Scott Knutsen0:32:14
65Cristian Garcia Herrera0:47:24
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Cat 2 Sport men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mike Purdy0:59:13
2Jarred Cassady0:02:18
3Greg Halverson0:02:21
4John Muraski0:02:45
5Daxton Mock0:02:47
6Nate Knowles0:02:48
7Danny Schierschmidt0:02:57
8Zachariah Radey0:03:07
9Josh Rupnow0:03:18
10Ryan Pokorny0:03:25
11Robert Whittier0:03:30
12Adam Altmann0:03:37
13Jon LesterRow 12 - Cell 2
14Tristan Hauser0:03:55
15Shawn Peters0:04:05
16Jake Peterson0:04:35
17Seth Smekal0:04:37
18Matthew Tucker0:04:40
19Julien Henry0:04:42
20Brad Flament0:04:43
21Wesley Vann0:04:54
22Michael Gregor0:05:03
23Jason Baer0:05:14
24Tim Hacker0:05:26
25Andrew Ohlsson0:05:33
26Jack CurtisRow 25 - Cell 2
27Tim Patterson0:05:47
28Marcus Steele0:05:51
29Mark Schindel0:05:54
30Kyle Kargel0:05:56
31Eric PaulosRow 30 - Cell 2
32Joseph Garber0:06:00
33Matt Rodenkirch0:06:04
34Pete Emme0:06:07
35Neil Jurgella0:06:10
36Kerry Gonzalez0:06:14
37Ethan Halverson0:06:18
38Wade Flisram0:06:24
39Glen Jones0:06:32
40Joseph KingRow 39 - Cell 2
41Jeff SiedschlagRow 40 - Cell 2
42David McCollum0:06:33
43Steve Pribek0:06:36
44Josh McKinney0:06:42
45Cole McDicken0:06:48
46Ethan Ley0:06:53
47Steve Ericksen0:07:02
48Nick Templeton0:07:08
49David Rossow0:07:12
50Josh Heinecke0:07:25
51Michael Owens0:07:29
52Jeffrey Hatton0:07:31
53Bob Benedum0:07:33
54Ben Leach0:07:43
55Tim Gallagher0:07:45
56David Krueger0:07:47
57Sean Miller0:07:53
58Mike Shimon0:07:55
59Andy BestRow 58 - Cell 2
60Tim BarclayRow 59 - Cell 2
61Chris Strahm0:08:09
62Aivis Lindems0:08:15
63Alan Myers0:08:18
64Mark Badger0:08:19
65Curt Emerson0:08:22
66Larry Hipps0:08:26
67Paul Cybulski0:08:28
68Steve Lipski0:08:33
69Roger Bird0:08:37
70Andrew McDicken0:08:42
71Robert Zimmermann0:08:45
72Todd Fletcher0:08:49
73Rick Nelson0:08:51
74Jordan Kremer0:08:52
75Mike Borsche0:08:56
76Greg Spende0:08:57
77Peter Froelich0:08:58
78Joey JeschkeRow 77 - Cell 2
79Bradley Boettcher0:09:03
80Zach Dahlseng0:09:05
81Peter Cherchian0:09:09
82Rich Baumgarten0:09:10
83Ben Weiss0:09:15
84Jacob Ahles0:09:22
85Michael Giesen0:09:23
86Andrew Douglass0:09:27
87John Ryan0:09:36
88Joe Vanderpuy0:09:38
89Mike Nelson0:09:40
90Don Freitag0:09:43
91Brian Louis0:09:46
92Jason Henry0:09:47
93Timothy Poff0:09:55
94Jim Feuerstein0:10:00
95Paul Baltus0:10:04
96Troy Sable0:10:06
97John Orlikowski0:10:08
98Randal Sahs0:10:10
99Kevin Schmitt0:10:11
100Jeff Wren0:10:17
101Edward Piontek0:10:18
102William Benton0:10:26
103Kohl AdamsonRow 102 - Cell 2
104Dan Taitt0:10:32
105Jonathan ReikRow 104 - Cell 2
106Phil GeigerRow 105 - Cell 2
107Tom Wendland0:10:36
108John Granger0:10:38
109Rick Dwyer0:10:39
110Riley Shelton0:10:59
111Colin Erskine0:11:07
112Matthew Kletti0:11:08
113Nate FettererRow 112 - Cell 2
114Jeff Pierce0:11:14
115Justin Beal0:11:27
116Steve Welk0:11:33
117Chip Way0:11:37
118Jason Kloptowsky0:11:42
119Jack DaviesRow 118 - Cell 2
120Jack Jones0:11:46
121Don IwenRow 120 - Cell 2
122Dustin Morfey0:11:56
123Dave Reich0:12:05
124William Rosenthal0:12:24
125Mark Vareschi0:12:30
126Steven Pirelli0:12:38
127Dan Kutz0:12:39
128Kyle SuratteRow 127 - Cell 2
129Jamie Bloomquist0:12:40
130Jesse Steinhoff0:12:42
131Jerry Leair0:12:54
132John Senkerik0:12:57
133Kevin LisoweRow 132 - Cell 2
134Joe Goltz0:12:59
135Kyle Fingerson0:13:04
136Gerald Sorce0:13:13
137Darrin Kolka0:13:19
138Randall Koplin0:13:34
139Steve Davidson0:13:40
140John Bussey0:13:45
141Mike Desrochers0:13:56
142Boyd Williams0:14:05
143Bruce Keyes0:14:11
144Michael McGarry0:14:31
145Jon Holcomb0:14:46
146Samuel Adams0:15:01
147Steven Traeger0:15:05
148Kyle Busse0:15:13
149Joel Sprecher0:15:16
150Mark Cheyne0:15:20
151Brian Brockmann0:15:26
152Brian Brown0:15:32
153Stuart Shelton0:15:35
154Davis Kenyon0:15:38
155Juan Lopez0:15:52
156Dain Trittau0:16:10
157Shannon Chapwesk0:16:17
158Warren Heise0:16:56
159Matthew McKay0:17:04
160Albert Weigel0:17:05
161James Mistark0:17:22
162Mark Nienstaedt0:17:43
163Nathin Davisson0:17:45
164John Grosz0:17:48
165Stephan Bremer0:17:52
166Brandon Hoeft0:18:08
167Riley Kunstman0:18:10
168Brian Trybula0:18:20
169Kenneth Pearson0:18:28
170Brian Benson0:18:34
171Julian Coupland0:18:41
172Eric Walters0:18:52
173Michael Belden0:19:06
174Dennis Malmanger0:19:21
175Chris KembleRow 174 - Cell 2
176Brian Olesen0:19:52
177Peter Schmitz0:20:08
178Rick Biel0:20:29
179John Remi0:20:52
180Alex Derderian0:20:57
181Gavin Lafave0:21:02
182Bruce Hauser0:21:09
183Doug Rodenkirch0:22:12
184Brian Faulkner0:22:43
185Austen Scudder0:23:03
186Lucas Adams0:23:26
187Aaron Frink0:23:39
188Nicholas Armstrong0:23:41
189Scott Barclay0:24:09
190Hayden Poff0:24:23
191Frank Sniadajewski0:24:26
192Frank Lobello0:24:46
193Dan Phillips0:24:51
194Zachary Mess0:24:55
195Mike McCluskey0:25:11
196Kyle Neuser0:25:13
197Dale Juedes0:25:18
198Thomas Vita Jr.0:25:31
199Ray Iesalnieks0:25:46
200Michael Carew0:26:08
201Steve Manthe0:27:47
202Rowan Norman0:29:33
203Andrew Trewyn0:29:35
204Steven Drecoll0:29:53
205James Heinecke0:30:02
206David Jaeckel0:30:33
207Brandon Barrigas0:30:55
208Jason Varilek0:31:13
209Steven Brown0:32:54
210Brett Werner0:33:03
211Jeff Beck0:33:05
212Kurt Sanderson0:33:26
213Paul Traeger0:33:37
214Mike Bons0:33:38
215Gary Smits0:34:10
216Troy Olm0:34:13
217Craig Radmann0:37:05
218William Darling0:45:42
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Cat 2 Sport women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Hanna Mork1:09:48
2Niki Soderberg0:01:09
3Wendy Boehm0:04:24
4Paula Curtis0:04:41
5Nancy Heymann0:06:26
6Emily Danielski0:06:31
7Molly Duhm0:07:11
8Rosette Reynolds0:07:41
9Katrina Hurst0:08:01
10Angela Theriault0:08:02
11Ronit Bezalel0:08:35
12Melissa Musick0:09:10
13Erica Chianese0:10:25
14Ross Rushin0:11:24
15Carmen Rhdemacher0:11:57
16Kylie Mannion0:12:13
17Victoria Pink0:12:24
18Michelle Scanley0:12:48
19Lindsey Fahey0:14:39
20Kelli Piotrowski0:15:26
21Patti Kaufmann0:16:11
22Ellie Thompson0:16:40
23Jessica Helmlinger0:19:54
24Jacqueline Borja0:19:57
25Desiree Schmidt0:19:59
26Brenda Zimmermann Thorpe0:23:13
27Roxanne Rogers0:23:57
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Cat 3 Citizen men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1David Ventre0:46:25
2Jake Angove0:01:37
3Nick Sdrenka0:01:45
4Jackson Jennings0:01:47
5Hunter SchmittRow 4 - Cell 2
6Alex Revelo0:02:08
7Sam Komoroske0:02:28
8Adam Mesman0:03:07
9Lunden Friberg0:03:59
10Regan Boll0:04:08
11Daniel Gretzinger0:04:17
12David Mencel0:04:27
13Zac LucarzRow 12 - Cell 2
14David Hertel0:04:30
15Nick Niemi0:04:39
16Calhan Norman0:04:44
17Reo Owens0:04:46
18Owen Reich0:04:56
19Aidan Lemorande0:04:58
20Jim Pekowsky0:05:10
21Marco Rhein0:05:12
22Ralph Angelo Rufo0:05:13
23Corbin Hodgeman0:05:14
24Nate Reik0:05:28
25Tad Bruckner0:05:45
26Ryan Girouard0:05:49
27Eric Sagen0:06:05
28Zack Kargel0:06:16
29Al Page0:06:30
30Jeff Harvey0:06:35
31Brian Ethridge0:06:42
32James Malo0:06:44
33Wesley Hotchkiss0:06:54
34Austin Haas0:07:03
35Philip Peterson0:07:04
36Bryon Anderson0:07:05
37Jay Gunderson0:07:21
38Paul Steckart0:07:27
39Carson Pethan0:07:28
40Matthew Rieckhoff0:07:30
41Alex EischRow 40 - Cell 2
42Ben Iesalnieks0:07:36
43Christopher Murphy0:07:39
44Dylan Waldner0:07:44
45Skyler SchmittRow 44 - Cell 2
46Chris Osborne0:07:51
47Austin Peterson0:07:52
48Porter Thorpe0:07:57
49Eric Holmstrom0:07:59
50Matt Paradius0:08:06
51George Burns0:08:08
52David Hartwig0:08:13
53Gabriel Anibas0:08:20
54Burt DeHaven0:08:22
55Christian Pieper0:08:33
56Kyle Kuta0:08:37
57Ernesto Isip Jr0:08:38
58Daniel Duhm0:08:52
59Jim Gust0:08:53
60Sam Walters0:08:57
61Dan Allensworth0:08:58
62Travis Dettinger0:09:02
63Walter Sdrenka0:09:10
64Dorian McFarlane0:09:12
65Jeff Pitts0:09:16
66Kyle Lopez0:09:18
67Dean Scharie0:09:40
68Collin Neuser0:09:47
69Will Nelson0:09:50
70Andrew Matthews0:09:51
71Brian Urban0:10:20
72Brandon Falish0:10:32
73Brad Sippel0:10:33
74Brian BubRow 73 - Cell 2
75Kurt Greenslit0:10:56
76Jason Lyons0:10:57
77Brett Stoffregan0:11:04
78Charlie Kendall0:11:08
79Joseph Sutton0:11:15
80Lance Storey0:11:24
81Nick Carson0:11:38
82Ryan Sylla0:11:40
83Jason Lehman0:11:46
84Jack Koprowski0:11:50
85Bill Walker0:12:24
86Reed May0:12:45
87Travis Schirpke0:12:50
88Brandon AndrewsRow 87 - Cell 2
89Andrew Wadle0:12:52
90Nickolas Duhm0:12:55
91Jack Spende0:13:00
92Ricky Almaguer0:13:01
93Robb Brabant0:13:03
94Mark Dundon0:13:13
95Danny Schnura0:13:23
96Jacob Marynik0:13:35
97Jim SwitzerRow 96 - Cell 2
98John Seiler0:13:38
99Bryan Feltz0:13:47
100Joshua Caron0:13:55
101Ryan Seidler0:14:19
102Brody Flament0:14:29
103Alec RiddleRow 102 - Cell 2
104Graham Wilson0:14:33
105Graeme Boland0:14:42
106Nicholas Konetzke0:14:49
107Steve Caron0:14:54
108Hunter Bahl0:14:55
109Kellen Pagel0:14:59
110Michael Seiler0:15:09
111James Price0:15:11
112Carver Hass0:15:24
113Karl Baumeister0:15:31
114Nathan Leinweber0:15:39
115Muse Davis0:15:51
116Luke Holmstrom0:15:54
117Steven Inman0:16:07
118Griffin May0:16:09
119Jeffrey Maxson0:16:13
120Stephen Drew0:16:16
121Michael Szlapka0:16:34
122Don Howell0:16:39
123Doug Emerson0:16:42
124Matt Mueller0:16:50
125Thomas Vomastic0:16:53
126Caleb Dietrich0:17:05
127Ben Kraus0:17:08
128Andrew Statz0:17:13
129John Heyerholm0:17:16
130Erik Hofmeister0:17:35
131Mike Miller0:17:38
132Andrew Hill0:17:45
133Taylor Gering0:17:49
134Michael Emme0:18:04
135Grey Rankin0:18:29
136Steve Forrer0:18:31
137Tate Robinson0:18:34
138Alexander Kujala0:18:36
139Kent Kallsen0:18:37
140Greg Noles0:18:41
141Brad Hodgeman0:18:48
142David Finch0:18:56
143Terry BennettRow 142 - Cell 2
144Greg Niles0:19:02
145Nick Niemann0:19:07
146Bruce Parker0:19:19
147Dennis KlinkertRow 146 - Cell 2
148Jerry Jumonville0:19:21
149Dakota Smith0:19:23
150William Hines0:19:25
151Jonathan Disch0:20:02
152Jeff Klipp0:20:38
153Daniel Brzycki0:21:13
154Tiber Scheer0:21:18
155Michael Kaspar0:21:37
156Tim Boettcher0:22:10
157Alexander Seiler0:22:15
158Tim Snyder0:22:43
159Josh Friberg0:22:51
160Andrew Flieger0:22:59
161Jack Harris0:23:11
162Otley Freymiller0:23:18
163Jeff Oakes0:24:12
164Thomas Vomastic0:24:15
165James Yerk0:24:17
166Eric Russell0:24:20
167Chris Chambers0:24:23
168Dennis Christensen0:24:32
169Steve Slocum0:24:33
170Stewart Seaholm0:24:41
171Jeff Dahlseng0:25:01
172Michael Knudson0:25:14
173Jason Schneider0:25:51
174Brad Brandt0:26:00
175Troy Gengler0:26:31
176James Holstein0:26:51
177Tony Harris0:27:08
178Tim Martin0:28:04
179Peter Cannon0:28:06
180Christopher Hmielewski0:29:09
181Troy Eisenrich0:29:10
182Peter Frank0:31:00
183Todd Cleaveland0:31:50
184Nathan Otto0:38:12
185Michael Borchardt0:39:04
186Derrill Peters0:45:52
187Dan Bles0:50:14
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Cat 3 Citizen women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Katy McDicken0:53:44
2Emma Osborne0:02:32
3Lorissa Thorpe0:03:07
4Leah Fletcher0:04:13
5Lauren Duhm0:05:57
6Erin Bennett0:06:24
7Antonia Gengler0:07:33
8Andrea Zimmermann0:07:40
9Allison Pieper0:08:29
10Natalie Pendergrass0:08:32
11Alison RoltgenRow 10 - Cell 2
12Kristi Agnew0:08:44
13Nicole Pedrick0:08:55
14Julie Schmitt0:08:59
15Marcy Wentworth0:10:26
16Heather Rainer0:11:21
17Asa Guerra0:12:57
18Heidi Hardrath0:13:03
19Patricia Aron0:15:14
20Sally Lester0:16:17
21Heather Bunyard0:16:47
22Colleen Malloy0:17:05
23Patricia Glines-Kotecki0:17:17
24Paige Boers0:18:12
25Sonya Hollenthoner0:18:22
26Brooklyn Waldner0:19:37
27Kimberly Scheer0:19:43
28Deborah Snyder0:20:52
29Mary Bossell0:20:55
30Tonia Roddick0:21:36
31Rebecca Petersen0:22:02
32Deborah Brzycki0:22:19
33Amy Dykema0:22:28
34Amber Bonogofsky0:23:29
35Lindsey Laskowski0:24:53
36April Knudson0:26:58
37Susan Borchardt0:34:55
38Amy Osborne0:40:18
39Christine Kysely0:46:41
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Max Bailey0:25:14
2Byrne Dobrient0:00:28
3William Frank0:00:58
4Ben Komoroske0:01:44
5Nolan Francis0:02:26
6Kaleb Moore0:03:43
7Jacob Mork0:03:48
8Jack Zakrajsek0:03:53
9Nathaniel Osborne0:04:14
10Anders Davidson0:04:26
11Lincoln Scheer0:04:59
12Colin Knowles0:05:02
13Hunter Gengler0:05:06
14Nieyah Mallory0:05:26
15Alex Kinnamon0:05:27
16Daniel Brown0:05:28
17Emory Hutchens0:05:34
18Carson Lisowe0:05:59
19Dylan ZakrajsekRow 18 - Cell 2
20Zackary Keating0:06:12
21Nick Koprowski0:06:13
22Cameron Bub0:06:18
23Drexler Pearson0:06:34
24John Schmidt0:06:38
25Lucca Svaldi0:06:41
26Justin Munzur0:06:50
27Elliot Harold0:06:53
28John Roth0:06:55
29Aidan Smith0:07:15
30Charlie Cassady0:07:47
31Reece Rimrodt0:07:56
32Brianna Urban0:08:00
33Magnus Davidson0:08:01
34Nathan Bailey0:08:04
35Will Knowles0:08:08
36Gerit Krenz0:08:16
37Joseph Halverson0:08:24
38Kendra Schmitt0:08:29
39Julia Whitedog0:08:31
40Nolan Purdy0:08:39
41Thomas Jostad0:08:43
42Stephen Liepert0:08:50
43Mason Huff0:09:00
44Megan Lester0:09:04
45Chris Karlovich0:09:07
46Zachary Richard0:09:10
47Thaddeus Sahs0:09:13
48Brian Hatton0:09:22
49Andrew Vant Hoff0:09:38
50Tyler Peterson0:09:57
51Brennen Huff0:10:06
52Erin Davis0:10:33
53Owen Roltgen0:10:43
54Mikhail Madaus0:10:48
55Hakon Heggland0:10:55
56Jake Faulkner0:11:07
57Oliver Maxson0:11:13
58Matthew Olesen0:11:18
59Max Dorr0:12:04
60Lucas Fletcher0:12:11
61Joah Robinson0:12:19
62Willow Kapitz0:12:31
63Samuel Dipiazza0:12:54
64James Wardle0:13:10
65Zachary Feldmann0:13:14
66Aryana Knudson0:13:45
67Kian Heise0:14:06
68Bailey Bunyard0:14:09
69Ryan Owens0:14:30
70Elana Agnew0:14:42
71Henrique Lowe0:14:52
72Ben Schmidt0:15:18
73Tanner Hutchens0:15:32
74Ash Kapitz0:15:37
75Connor Zink0:15:40
76Macy Lester0:15:57
77W Thomas Benton0:16:08
78Oscar Phillips0:16:26
79Kirsten Waldner0:16:35
80Aidan Ramsfield0:16:40
81John Banks-GeorgeRow 80 - Cell 2
82Anastasia Brown0:16:48
83Jack Jurgella0:16:57
84Caiden Roddick0:17:00
85Magnus Eckholm0:17:15
86Arielle Christensen0:17:27
87Charis Guerra0:17:53
88Amara Lisowe0:18:46
89Jake Statz0:19:04
90Thomas Cassady0:19:21
91Tommy Agnew0:20:00
92Thatcher Werner0:20:07
93Gavin Knudson0:21:34
94Tommy Hart0:22:13
95Matthew Garner0:22:32
96Sam Cherchian0:23:08
97James Pavelski0:23:11
98Anna Olesen0:23:23
99Daniel Blanke0:23:36
100Aleksandar Trajcev0:25:00
101Kevin Hatton0:25:10
102Olivia Yates0:25:26
103Skyler Werner0:26:36
104Carson Purdy0:27:30
105Sebastian Armstrong0:34:32
106Ryker Zarda0:36:31
107Sadie Scheer0:58:26

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