Gwin and Leov go one-two for Trek World Racing in Plattekill

Following on from their one-two result last week in the US Pro GRT round 2 at Mountain Creek, the Trek World Racing duo of Aaron Gwin and Justin Leov successfully repeated the result in Plattekill, New York, a venue that's a favorite for both riders. Phillip Kmetz (Voncooper) was third.

In the women's race, Lauren Daney (DRD/ Intense) also repeated her win of last weekend. Joanna Petterson (Nema/ Maxxis) was second, ahead of Rae Gandolf (TRD).

"I had a blast all weekend long," said Daney. "The course was awesome, and I was hitting all of the jumps. I knew I had an advantage over the competition, but still knew I had to come out charging on race day. I had momentum coming from last weekend, and am thrilled I took another win!"

Both Gwin and Leov used these two Pro GRT races as preparation for the next UCI World Cup in Italy, and found the dusty, rooty tracks ideal for what should be another dusty and dry race in Italy. Both riders were happy with their results and their preparation for the recommencement of the World Cup series which has been on a bizarre 11-week break.

In seeding, Gwin was 1.5 secs ahead of Leov on the 2:18 race run, but in the final, Leov narrowed that margin to just 0.6 seconds. Both riders had solid runs in their finals with no errors to speak of.

"This was probably the most chilled out race I've ever done," said Gwin. "There's such a great atmosphere here in Plattekill, perfect for training and racing as it's a low pressure event before the World Cups start again. I'm stoked for Justin. He rode really well all weekend and has definitely stepped up his game in the last two weeks."

"I had a fun time racing this weekend against Aaron," said Leov. "I got up to speed quickly and felt really comfortable. I'm really just looking forward to taking this momentum to Italy next weekend."

The downhillers are on their way to Val di Sole, Italy for the all-important second round of the UCI World Cup. Round 3 happens the next weekend in Fort William, Scotland.

Race note: Neko Mulally (Trek World Racing) opted to rest up before Italy to ensure his ankle injury had the full amount of time to recovery before the World Cup.

Full Results

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Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Aaron Gwin (Trek)0:02:11.00
2Justin Leov (Trek)0:00:00.68
3Phillip Kmetz (Voncooper)0:00:05.65
4Gavin Vaughan (Von Cooper)0:00:07.70
5Kevin Aiello (KHS)0:00:08.06
6Chris Higgerson (Santa Cruz)0:00:08.87
7Logan Binggeli (KHS)0:00:09.55
8Art Babcock (One Ghost)0:00:09.80
9Mathew Dodd0:00:11.10
10Adam Morse (Rocky Mountain)0:00:11.46
11Jesse Beare (Commencal)0:00:11.95
12Alejandro Ortiz (Morpheus)0:00:12.63
13Logan Mulally (ODI/ Trek)0:00:13.05
14Nikolas Dudukovich (One Ghost)0:00:13.39
15Leland O'Connor (Trek/ E13)0:00:14.53
16Leif Lorenzen (Turner Bikes)0:00:14.76
17Christopher Mari (Speed)0:00:15.22
18Alex Couture (Kona)0:00:15.49
19Ricardo Preciado (Nicolai)0:00:15.51
20George Ryan (Jamis)0:00:15.56
21Timothy White (Von Cooper)0:00:18.26
22Spencer Mehr (One Ghost)0:00:18.98
23Dylan Conte (Team Vonco)0:00:19.09
24Alex McAndrew (Chucks Bikes)0:00:19.21
25Geoffrey Ulmer0:00:20.06
26Jordan Newth (True Wheel)0:00:20.48
27Quinton Spaulding (KHS Bicycles)0:00:20.99
28Brian Yannuzzi (Generation)0:00:21.22
29Max Morgan (Team BGB)0:00:22.63
30Jason Scheiding (FLR)0:00:22.94
31Brian Piper (Pivot)0:00:23.72
32David Flynn (FLR)0:00:24.43
33Oliver Levick (Drummer)0:00:24.71
34Anthony Coneski (Beacon)0:00:24.86
35Alex Moschitti (Speed)0:00:25.33
36BJ Treglia (Gung Ho)0:00:28.92
37Tom Davidson0:00:30.48
38Sam Chipkin (Drummer)0:00:37.84
DNFKevin GreenRow 38 - Cell 2
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Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lauren Daney (DRD/ Intense)0:02:49.53
2Joanna Petterson (Nema/ Maxxis)0:00:01.99
3Rae Gandolf (TRD)0:00:28.43
4Stephanie Sowles (Gravity)0:00:39.07
5Amber Price (Royal)0:00:42.42
6Katelyn Parhiala (Wachusett)0:00:59.56
DNSMary ElgesRow 6 - Cell 2
DNSAnne Galyean (Trek)Row 7 - Cell 2
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Cat. 1 Junior men 18 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Luca Shaw (Specialized/ TLD)0:02:21.34
2Jordan Hodder (SPS/ Freeride)0:00:05.16
3Walker Shaw (Specialized/ TLD)0:00:08.17
4Shane Leslie (High Gear Racing)0:00:10.95
5Ryan Burney (Cyclesmith)0:00:14.39
6Alexander Willie (Intense Cycles)0:00:19.96
7Jack Duffy (Goon Monster Racing)0:00:34.88
8Michael Rousseau0:00:36.65
9Connor Gorman (Generation Gap Racing)0:00:53.43
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Cat. 1 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jacob Hinlicky (Mom & Dad)0:02:30.04
2Michael Barron (Bunny Hop Bikes)0:00:00.81
3Justin Brigandi (Fast Line Racing/ Zerode)0:00:02.72
4Matt Henderson (my wallet)0:00:08.81
5Stephen Larson (Endless Trail Bikeworx)0:00:08.87
6Brendon Schweitzer (Real Tree Racing)0:00:09.56
7David Seaquist (Gravity Pirates)0:00:09.71
8Dan Albert (Big T)0:00:11.23
9Halston Mendes (Cutting Edge Gravity Racing)0:00:11.28
10Willem Cooper (Von Cooper)0:00:11.48
11Nik Patalano (Spooky Bikes)0:00:11.84
12Andrew Slowey (Oliver Racing/ Banshee Bikes)0:00:12.99
13Eric Rutherford0:00:13.07
14Michael Carpentier (Piper Racing)0:00:16.33
15Daniel Siegfried (Eternal Roots/ I9/ 661)0:00:17.22
16Dick Patty (Oliver Racing)0:00:18.15
17Max Hautaniemi (Gravity Project/ RIT)0:00:21.42
18Peter John Mihalick (Speed Legion/ Pivot Spray)0:00:21.66
19Cameron Nyguist (Generation Gap Racing)0:00:23.43
20Juan Pablo Vazquez (
21Adam Delonais (United Freeride/ Wheel Works)0:00:25.32
22Justin McHenry (FLR/ Zerode)0:00:27.97
23Scott Bureau (Oliver Racing/ Banshee Bikes)0:00:28.72
24Jonathan Westland (One Ghost Industries/ GoPro)0:00:29.11
25Brandon Sbordone (Oliver Racing-Bansheer Bikes)0:00:30.18
26David Penn0:00:40.68
27Samuel Centolella (Gravity Project/ POC)0:00:41.37
28Mike Klausen (Northeast Alliance Racing)0:00:55.44
29Eddie Mazurski (High Gear Racing)0:02:48.56
DNFSam Raynor (Cutting Edge/ Transition)Row 29 - Cell 2
DNFJohn OliverRow 30 - Cell 2
DNFHunter Budd (United Freeride)Row 31 - Cell 2
DNFJonathan Lamb (Oliver Racing)Row 32 - Cell 2
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Cat. 1 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jack Williams (Drummer Racing)0:02:39.53
2Robert Westover (Drummer Racing)0:00:02.82
3Judson Umberger (Generation Gap/Lupine)0:00:03.85
4Jeremy Fahey (Brooklyn Machine Works)0:00:05.46
5Fred Heinly (Kings Cyclery)0:00:06.43
6Eric Allocco (Azonic/Oreal)0:00:23.68
7Eric Clark (Drummer Racing)0:00:24.49
8Ruben Leon (Mobile Bici)0:00:47.69
9Christopher Hoey (D2C INC)0:00:53.57
10Chad Roberts (Gravity Project)0:01:05.06
DNFAndrew Farrell (Flat Line Racing)Row 10 - Cell 2
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Cat. 1 Men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1John Nicholson (Team Marty)0:02:46.33
2Heath Boedeker (Sierra)0:00:00.08
3Jacob Dellegro (Kings Cycl)0:00:00.38
4John Leslie (High Gear)0:00:04.51
5Ian Forgays (Team PBR)0:00:08.23
6Doug Wilson (Drummer)0:00:18.63
7Ernie Reale0:00:22.72
8Tony Pajakinas (Reading)0:00:23.46
9Daniel Mutz (Likin Bikin)0:00:28.23
10George Bodycoat (Cutting Ed)0:00:30.70
11George Ulmer (ESC)0:00:41.24
12Jerry Mailloux (Commencal)0:03:52.41
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Cat. 2 Junior men 18 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Isaac Allaire (Chuck's Bikes)0:03:40.01
2Jacob DeBrusk0:00:04.09
3Dylan Vecchione (United Freeride/ Wheelworks)0:00:06.14
4Cody Robinson0:00:10.41
5Sawyer Alix (Cutting Edge/ Transition)0:00:12.11
6Brandon Potter (True Wheels)0:00:15.42
7Ben Bodycoat (Cutting Edge Racing)0:00:19.88
8Bill Thresh (Advanced Cyclery)0:00:20.09
9Justice Khan0:00:22.19
10Henry Wilkins (Gravity Project)0:00:23.67
11Anthony Reardon (Skin Industries)0:00:27.55
12Ryan Neary0:00:33.98
13Joshua Ribeiro (TRD/ Intense/ Kenda/ Oakley)0:00:46.06
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Cat. 2 Men 29-19
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jon Hanson (Mtn. Creek Bike Park)0:03:32.31
2Marc Schneider (Big T Racing/ Mobile Bici)0:00:14.71
3Ian Bower (Renthal)0:00:15.12
4Victor Valverde (
5Barry O'Neill0:00:19.94
6Zack Taylor (Northeast Racing Alliance)0:00:21.90
7Ben Hibbitts (Northeast Alliance Racing)0:00:23.24
8Joshua Miller0:00:24.56
9Sam Slivinski (Big TRacing/ Mobilebici)0:00:25.53
10James Parascandola (RIT Cycling)0:00:27.18
11Marc Rousseau0:00:28.80
12Jordan Miller0:00:35.17
13Charles Mc Closkey (Cove USA/ Marzocchi USA)0:00:36.62
14David Polivy0:00:37.89
15Joseph Lomonico (Lifted Racing)0:00:39.80
DNFBrendan LoobyRow 15 - Cell 2
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Cat. 2 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Johnny Riggins (Old Goat Gear Exchange)0:03:37.92
2Joe Eaton (Flatline Racing)0:00:10.72
3Chris Winberry0:00:15.57
4Pawel Jasnikowski (ArtMat)0:00:19.19
5Dave Albert (Northeast Alliance Racing)0:00:20.50
6Tomasz Skiba0:00:21.93
7William Potter (Lifted Racing)0:00:31.66
8David Page0:00:40.76
9Nicholas Barry (JRA Cycles)0:00:42.31
10Sam Simon (Lifted Racing)0:00:43.10
11William Downes ( sweet bikes)0:00:52.01
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Cat. 2 Men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Hank Glowiak (Chucks Bikes)0:03:51.65
2Steve Kahn (Dannys)0:00:01.41
3Jamie Jones (Eternal Ro)0:00:10.90
4Thomas Smith (Wheel and)0:00:27.01
5Paul Makowski0:00:27.88
6Ian Smith (Roddis)0:00:35.60
7Chris Wilkins0:00:40.57
8Todd Boucher (Trek)0:00:40.67
9Sean Smith0:00:51.82
10Bill Kemp (Eternal)0:54:15.35
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Cat. 3 Junior men 14 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jake Kahn (Donny's Cycles)0:03:53.69
2Andrew Wegiel0:00:31.27
3David Kahn (Danny's Cycles)0:00:31.37
4Tyler Pursello0:01:39.73
5Anthony Isidoro0:06:39.42
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Cat. 3 Junior men 15-18
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jeff Aguirre (Mobile Bici)0:04:03.16
2Ben Graham0:00:04.96
3Owen Kahn (Advanced Cycles)0:00:41.17
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Cat. 3 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joe Groff (Down Cycles)0:03:53.64
2Kyle Maxson (Old Goat Gear Exchange)0:00:04.95
3Mario Centuori (Wheel and Heel)0:00:06.95
4William Thrane0:00:19.02
5Cody Nicols (Flatline Racing)0:00:24.63
6Kenneth Sears0:00:24.96
7Steven Pieniazek0:00:25.73
8Bartosz Wolbach (ArtMat)0:00:41.56
9Ryan Donohu (Advanced Cycles)0:00:48.92
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Cat. 3 Men 30+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joseph Pharoah (Pharoah)0:04:05.60
2Lukasz Matysik (Art Mat)0:00:14.03
3Damien Wimbush0:00:15.28
4Bertin Isidoro0:00:54.89
5Thomas Thrane0:01:10.27
6Gregory Chin (Bici Bikes)0:01:16.81
DNSDillon KircherRow 6 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Cat. 1 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Christie Allebach (Generation)0:03:39.04
2Meredith Mansfield (Drummer)0:00:12.91
3Roxanne Canent (Wrench)0:00:18.89
4Felicia Kearsley (Windham)0:00:19.37
5Elixandria Porru (Mobilbici)0:00:20.12
6Heather Cowell (Big Bang)0:00:59.77
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Cat. 2/3 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Elizabeth Jones (Eternal Roots)0:05:12.31
2Jennel Santos (Team Marty's Racing)0:00:03.19


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