Irmiger & Horgan-Kobelski crowned new US marathon national champions

On a gorgeous day in scenic Breckenridge, Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (Gary Fisher/Subaru) bested his closest rivals by over 10 minutes to win his first US Marathon Championship. Defending champion Jeremiah Bishop (MonaVie) fought hard, particularly in the last half lap of the race to take the silver medal. Former champion Jay Henry (Tokyo Joe's) finished a strong third, followed by road racer Peter Stetina. Young Colin Cares (Kenda/Tomac/Hayes) took the last spot on the podium in one of his best races since turning pro.

The marathon championships were contested within the framework of the 9th annual Firecracker 50 Race. The event coincided with the July 4th celebration which is one of the biggest national holidays in the United States. Thousands of local residents and tourists crowded Main Street to see the start of the race and the July 4th parade which featured the Budweiser Clydesdales. The atmosphere was pure Americana with balloons, cotton candy and judging of the many parade floats. Spectators came to the event hours in advance to assure a prime viewing spot for the day's activities.

Racers competed on two laps of a 25-mile course with 5,400 feet of climbing per lap. The course started with a four mile road climb, followed by a mixture of fire roads, sweet flume singletrack and hair-raising switchback descents. The trail surface was often littered with sharp rocks that spoiled the chances of many racers due to flat tires. These included race favorites Dave Wiens (Topeak/Ergon), Mary McConneloug (Kenda-Seven-No Tubes) and Amanda Carey (Kenda-Tomac-Hayes) who all were riding to podium finishes.

On the four mile road climb up Boreas Pass, Horgan-Kobelski broke away from the pack with the help of Stetina and Andy Schultz (Kenda/Tomac/Hayes). However, once they hit the singletrack, it was all Horgan-Kobelski, who went on to set a new course record.

"I had no idea how much of a lead I had. I was racing the whole time like there was someone right behind me," said Horgan-Kobelski. "That was not the plan today...the plan was to take the first lap kind of easy and then race a little harder on the second lap.

"I felt really comfortable on the first lap and found myself with a gap - so I figured I would just make the most of it."

Bishop found himself leading a chase group up the pavement, and then began to chase down Horgan-Kobelski in earnest once he hit the singletrack. However, after a half lap he had lost a minute to Horgan-Kobelski, and from that point on, the gap increased. Wiens, Stetina and Carres all raced within seconds of each other behind Bishop.

Near the end of the first lap, Wiens could be seen riding right on Bishop's wheel. Unfortunately for Wiens, he suffered a flat tire right at the bottom of the descent into French Gulch on a very rocky section of trail.

With a half lap left in the race, Hogan-Kobelski had increased his lead to nearly 10 minutes. Stetina had passed a suffering Bishop to assume second place. Henry was riding a solid third, and Cares was not far behind.

"When the rain came my lungs started to do better...and I started to get some strength back," said Bishop. "I had problems today...I am actually pretty proud of how I raced. I thought about pulling out because I was dying."

On the final half lap, Bishop matched Stetina on the climb back up the ridge and then closed the gap on the descent to regain second place. Henry also made a late race surge and passed Stetina to claim third place.

The women's race

Heather Irmiger (Gary Fisher/Subaru) was the class of the field today as she rode off to a 14-minute victory, miles ahead of her closest rival. Pua Sawicki (Ellsworth), who had targeted to win this race, was hampered by a bad sinus infection, but still had enough to take the silver medal. Previous winner Gretchen Reeves (Tokyo Joe's) rode a consistent race to finish third. Krista Park surprised even herself when she finished fourth in her first marathon. Heather Holmes (Kenda/Tomac/Hayes) finished fifth.

On the road climb out of town, Sawicki and Irmiger quickly broke away from the other racers. "I wanted to feel it out the first lap," said Irmiger. "Pua set a pretty good pace up that first climb. I just wanted to see what happened if I pushed it on that top singletrack. I got a gap there and never looked back."

Behind Sawicki the race for the other podium positions was hotly contested with some positions changing during the race. Mary McConneloug, who was racing in third place, suffered a flat tire that required several additional dismounts to add air after the repair was made.

Amanda Carey was having what appeared to be having one of her best races ever. She was riding the singletrack well and descending better than most of the other racers. She also suffered a flat tire which took her out of contention.

Last year's winner Sari Anderson (Honey Stinger) was never a factor in the race. Her emphasis this year has been on adventure racing and X-Terra.

Sawicki was clearly disappointed with her race. "I came down with a sinus problem this week. I thought I would be okay, but when you are out there racing with these girls you need to be on top of it.

"Everything just was sucky. It was just bad luck."

In what was a very big moment in their racing respective careers, husband and wife and teammates Irmiger and Horgan-Kobelski mounted the podium together in their new stars and stripes jersey. Horgan-Kobelski later said," The only thing that could be better than this is if we do it again."

Many of the endurance racers, including Bishop, will be racing the six-day Breck Epic stage race starting on Sunday. The prologue includes a nine-mile climb above the tree line to nearly 13,000 feet.

The cross country specialists, including defending national champion Mary McConneloug, will compete in this year's championship races at Granby, Colorado in two weeks. McConneloug was using the Firecracker 50 as a tune-up to help acclimate to the altitude after a long stretch at sea level.

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Elite Men
1Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski3:28:17
2Jeremiah Bishop (MonaVie-Cannondale)0:12:26
3Jay Henry0:12:49
4Peter Stetina0:13:28
5Colin Cares0:15:53
6Damian Calvert (Sport Systems Mounta)0:23:50
7Michael Broderick0:24:29
8Burke Swindlehurst0:26:50
9Michael Mccalla0:29:16
10Barkley Robinson0:30:04
11Dave Wiens0:33:53
12Evan Plews0:35:41
13Brad Bingham0:36:03
14Jake Wells0:38:58
15Matthew Beaton0:39:42
16Ross Delaplane (Green Mountain Sport)0:42:59
17John Mylne0:47:30
18Michael Friedberg0:51:39
19Jason Amrich0:52:16
20Shannon Boffeli0:53:05
21Len Zanni0:54:07
22Jeffrey Kerkove0:54:44
23Jared Berg1:02:02
24Johnson Doug1:02:11
25Tim Bolton1:08:46
26Mitchell Peterson1:19:18
27Sean Madsen1:20:40
28Rich Weis1:40:33
29Dax Kastrin1:47:49
30Bryan Vanvleet1:54:13
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Elite Women
1Heather Irmiger4:06:11
2Pua Sawicki0:16:10
3Gretchen Reeves0:21:35
4Krista Park0:21:36
5Heather Holmes0:26:35
6Rebecca Rusch0:29:55
7Amanda Carey0:35:38
8Kelly Boniface0:36:40
9Mary Mcconneloug0:42:46
10Amy Dombroski0:44:52
11Eszter Horanyi0:48:22
12Sonya Looney0:53:09
13Caitlyn Tuel1:00:18
14Jennifer Tilley (Velo Bella/Kona)1:04:53
15Jill Damman1:31:17
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Singlespeed Men
1Travis Colbert4:24:27
2Isaac Burleigh0:05:14
3William Davis0:05:59
4Jake Kirkpatrick0:17:12
5William Schiano0:19:02
6John Heimbaugh0:21:30
7Jon Freckleton (aspire performance)0:24:33
8Andrew Genco0:25:54
9Greg Martin0:26:10
10Dejay Birtch0:26:43
11Carlos Vulgamott0:31:02
12Charlie Dunn0:31:58
13Greg Bachman0:32:20
14Rob Russel (Honey Stinger/TREK)0:33:24
15Eric Olson0:36:48
16Jeff Hemperley0:37:10
17Bryan Kramer0:39:34
18Dan Stoffel0:49:44
19Tim Wise0:54:08
20Robb Barnitt1:01:47
21Chris Echelmeier1:02:31
22Hans Kaufenberg1:07:40
23Alex Coleman (Dales Pale Ale/ Spot)1:12:01
24Judd Rohwer1:24:37
25Greg Bigler1:30:30
26Troy Cowin1:34:49
27Brian Lehman1:36:29
28Karl Frisch1:43:33
29Brian Johnson1:47:03
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Singlespeed women
1Jessica Moon Bernstein5:40:26
2Kara Durland0:24:07
3Jaime Krakowiak0:38:36
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Junior women 13-18
1Mccauley Smith (Boulder Jr Cycling)1:58:40
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Junior men 13-15
1Ryan Westerman1:33:50
2Hunter Reehoorn0:07:15
3Levi Ascher0:11:23
4Jacob Swinty1:47:27
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Beginner Women
1Christine Irelan1:24:20
2Phaedra Fegley0:15:42
3Anna Rice0:22:36
4Stefanie Savage0:26:53
5Janet Saxon0:31:38
6Carlie Mock0:33:11
7Maria Bagby0:35:42
8Jennifer Rowe1:04:35
9Cindy Reese2:57:31
10Kimberly Richards2:58:47
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Beginner Men 19-34
1Caleb Magee1:24:15
2Chris Moran0:03:58
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Beginner Men 35+
1Tim Moran1:28:17
2Christopher Cox0:07:12
3Jeff Graves0:18:56
4Douglas Bittinger0:19:49
5John Eliason0:42:30
6Michael Mott2:39:19
7Gary Richards2:42:43
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Open Men 19-29
1Scott Tietzel3:55:57
2Ryan Dorsey0:13:25
3Skyler Trujillo0:19:37
4Vincent Lombardi0:19:58
5Jon Vivolo0:21:04
6Joseph Saperstein (Rio Grande)0:28:28
7Jeremiah Gantzer0:29:27
8Lucas Perez (Rotor Bike Component)0:32:09
9Peter Kalmes0:32:36
10Jonathan Schottler0:33:51
11Brandon Cross (Mona Vie Cannondale)0:37:46
12Amar Mannina0:39:53
13Ben Domingue0:46:50
14Adam Pulford0:47:34
15Steven Harp0:50:28
16Ryan Amirault (GT Dirt Coalition)0:55:29
17Ross Holbrook1:03:40
18Levy Campbell1:09:06
19Andrew Carney1:11:03
20Evan Halladay1:19:01
21Paul Trotman1:29:12
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Open Men 30-34
1Cameron Brenneman3:55:07
2Chris Smithwick0:21:30
3Brian Taylor0:30:08
4Nate Bird0:32:04
5Brooks Beal0:40:53
6Kervin Quinones0:52:26
7Andy Stravers0:57:12
8Richard Digeronimo (Feedback Sports)0:59:15
9Matt Maienza1:02:30
10Joshua Vogt (Cyclists for the Pla)1:08:27
11Kyle Rodemacher (Austinbikes)1:43:04
12Ryan Feagan1:45:29
13Jimmy Tart1:56:38
14Jim Fahling2:31:11
15David Krenz2:56:39
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Open Men 35-39
1Adam Plummer4:13:02
2Ezekiel Hersh0:03:04
3Aaron Small0:04:50
4Dave Muscianisi0:09:44
5Ward Baker0:11:07
6Derik George0:13:42
7Patrick Coady0:23:01
8Jeff Ward0:24:48
9David Wert0:26:16
10Dominic Garcia0:26:27
11Timothy Bauer0:32:17
12Robert Batey0:34:20
13Rob Lockey0:40:59
14Greg Scanlan0:42:20
15Donnie Cole0:42:20
16Andrew Jaffe0:45:30
17Blake Mourer0:45:35
18Jason Hein0:45:53
19Jamie Kilcoyne0:46:31
20Marty Moriarty0:47:33
21Dylan Netter0:54:00
22Jonathan Coln (rockymounts)1:06:54
23Sampson Bruesewitz1:08:44
24Marc Mayo1:09:41
25Richard Fiske1:18:50
26Jess Arie1:49:22
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Open Men 40-49
1Michael Hogan (Chipotle-Titus)4:02:11
2Kimo Seymour0:04:18
3Joe Prinzivalli0:10:46
4Smith Cary0:11:54
5Joe Cooper0:14:07
6David Schulhofer0:16:06
7Cam Kirkpatrick0:20:53
8Thomas Meiser0:27:12
9Steve Stalgren0:27:12
10Ed Tokarski0:29:13
11Kelly Niquette (Rockymounts IZZE)0:31:07
12Curt Wilhelm0:35:40
13Jeff Wardell0:36:34
14Ted Macblane0:37:49
15Mark Gouge0:38:39
16Michael Scanlon0:39:15
17Brad Grohusky0:40:29
18Ron Bollenberghe0:40:51
19Patrick West0:41:28
20Donald Powell0:42:34
21Mike Sutter0:43:10
22Drew Geer0:43:56
23Warren Oldham0:44:10
24Jeffrey W Rank0:44:37
25Henry Swinty0:45:04
26Jeff Winkler0:45:10
27Tony Farrar0:45:51
28Ron Gruber0:50:30
29David Neben0:55:20
30Daniel Grunig0:56:11
31Jeff Rhodes0:56:30
32Peter Tempest1:03:24
33Bobby Noyes1:08:57
34Tim Poppe1:11:31
35Larry Price1:18:42
36Ned Rule1:38:42
37Richard Miller (McKinney Velo Club)2:05:41
38Vernon Harris2:15:32
39James Snyder2:40:01
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Open Men 50-59
1Thomas Hayles4:30:41
2Keith Sanders0:02:34
3Matthew Allen0:11:06
4Sean Mccourt0:17:22
5Robert Stanley0:18:00
6Russell Asleson0:20:46
7Mark Hershberger0:24:12
8Wayne Gorry0:27:30
9Anthony Mannina0:31:50
10Todd Fox0:37:34
11Dwight Hibdon0:42:04
12Bill Herwig0:47:45
13Donald Bartow0:53:12
14Mark Hogan0:54:10
15Dan Meyer1:01:55
16Robert Longenecker1:14:44
17Bruce Rabun1:29:48
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Open men 60+
1Steve Becker4:55:53
2Hunter Smith0:40:40
3Myers Gary0:41:48
4Robert Ogren (Kenwood Racing)0:44:59
5Stan Ford0:45:27
6Dennis Kaiser0:45:53
7Gary Peterson0:48:20
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Open Women 19-29
1Tiffanie Beal5:22:35
2Jessica Niles0:40:46
3Rita Borelli1:29:14
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Open Women 30-39
1Jari Kirkland5:11:33
2Rebecca Tomaszewski0:13:04
3Julia Kintsch0:16:08
4Lisa Krayer (Wildside Velo Club)0:41:15
5Lynn Bush (Tough Girl / SCOTT)0:49:26
6Karen Oritz0:51:19
7Bibi Miller1:13:29
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Open Women 40-49
1Karen Hogan4:52:19
2Anne Gonzales0:04:46
3Roxzanne Abbott0:23:33
4Carey Lowery0:25:09
5Melissa Trainer0:26:16
6Jacqueline Wood0:48:06
7Toni Geer0:53:13
8Bobbi Bennsman1:39:09
9Michele Bliss (Chipotle-Titus)1:58:01
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Open Women 50+
1Ellen Guthrie5:43:05
2Cheryl Rondeau1:22:30
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Maverick Men
1Jens Nielsen4:13:24
2Paul Gorbold0:00:17
3Travis Ekenberg0:07:11
4Damien Fraser0:08:45
5Pete Swenson0:10:50
6Kentaro Eshita0:11:04
7Chris Baddick (CU Cycling-Boulder)0:11:11
8Kurt Kropp0:12:27
9Anuthee Huffstetter0:12:55
10Larry Johnson0:14:20
11Chad Edwards0:18:37
12Michael Trimble0:19:46
13Robert Conner0:20:48
14Kelly Leinen0:25:26
15John Klish0:26:33
16Dan Weinberger0:26:53
17Jerry Oliver0:27:05
18Aaron Adams0:27:05
19Brian Chimileski0:28:55
20Marcus Debergh0:29:57
21Troy Hiatt0:29:58
22David Walker0:31:32
23Paul Rapinz (Studio 1 Dental)0:33:49
24Lance Loedhdeng0:34:32
25Jay Rush0:35:35
26Christopher Bellona0:36:23
27Robert Dickinson0:37:14
28Ciro Zarate0:37:23
29Michael Goldberg0:37:38
30Jarral Ryter0:37:39
31Michael Rice0:37:42
32George Green0:38:30
33Scott Patterson0:41:59
34Dean Hill0:43:29
35Milo Metcalf0:46:38
36Keagan Rowley0:47:26
37Sean Brennan0:47:27
38Craig Nockels0:49:57
39Will Lewis0:50:33
40Michael Rutter0:50:35
41Michael Melley0:52:22
42Jason Kingsbury0:53:37
43Chris Skinner (RMRC p/b Turin)0:54:05
44James Lewis0:54:06
45Cam Winn0:56:01
46Ronan Murray (Streetswell / Pedal PO)0:56:39
47Eric Davis0:56:50
48Todd Haavind0:57:47
49Jason Henkhaus1:01:26
50Randell Meier1:01:51
51Todd Krell1:02:23
52Paul Lugar1:03:40
53Keith Deluca1:05:19
54James Sullivan1:09:50
55Steve Zemanick1:11:11
56Seth Smekal1:11:17
57Scott Rost1:14:00
58Luke Mcconnell1:14:30
59Craig Cohn1:20:32
60Devin Mccune1:21:03
61Raymond Macias1:23:45
62Jay Castleberry1:24:11
63Joshua Elston (Autoliv Cycling Club)1:24:44
64Jim Hebert1:25:51
65Earl Walker Jr1:25:53
66Tim Naylor1:29:13
67Greg Koeka1:31:21
68Arnie Fernandez1:34:46
69Ryan Kohler1:35:28
70Sam Wang1:38:21
71Bret Spieman1:44:00
72Matthew Bullock1:46:01
73Jon Boord1:46:25
74Brian Porzel1:51:24
75Kenny Gotcher2:06:47
76Ethan Millstein2:08:57
77Kevan Millstein2:08:59
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Maverick Women
1Julie Bruckman5:34:39
2Natalie Ryan (YetiBeti)0:07:00
3Kathy Eckert0:07:08
4Elizabeth Vollmer0:10:01
5Sydney Fuller0:10:06
6Ann Krieg0:14:25
7Jill Goudie0:17:04
8Crystal Miller0:20:40
9Michelle Zimmerman0:26:35
10Amy Wood0:51:15
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Clydesdale men
1Tim Kruse5:32:38
2Lucas Dettinger0:00:31
3Steven Thompson0:10:02
4Chris Kunstadt0:13:06
5Nate Kvamme0:18:49
6Mike Wise0:20:47
7Aaron Kennard0:24:42
8Nick Watson0:24:46
9Bradley Garrett0:43:36
10Bernard Siegel0:51:45
11Andrew Brown0:53:08
12Tom Keller (Keller and Held)1:10:22
13Russ Peterson1:16:33
14Matt Powelka1:23:44
15Doug Reid1:25:52
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Sport Men 19-29
1Stephen Carney4:45:18
2Nathan Delorey0:00:42
3Lucas Chandler0:14:30
4Logan Davis0:15:38
5Michael Ray0:17:39
6Robb Parsons0:20:06
7Jim Savage0:27:00
8Mathew Arnold0:33:02
9Scot Stucky0:36:14
10Nicholas Patzer0:48:20
11Ryan Mcgovern0:48:21
12Todd Beauford0:48:50
13Brian Mazanti0:52:56
14Adam Van Abel0:53:29
15Craig Nelson0:58:13
16Phillip Ball (ALL MTN Racing)1:28:37
17Andrew Jauquet1:34:03
18Mark Westfall1:46:56
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Sport Men 30-34
1Charles Nowacki4:54:57
2Michael Scott (Team Evergreen Racin)0:00:45
3Brian Corff0:08:10
4Matthew Berdine0:10:47
5Brian Baker0:16:55
6Amir Alrubaiy0:32:04
7Jo Van Cutsem0:39:07
8Scott Kelley0:39:36
9Ben Schwab0:40:11
10Brian Cusick0:40:54
11Lee Mebel0:58:54
12Keisuke Nishimoto0:59:39
13Yves Lafortune1:07:46
14Cody Emery1:08:38
15Nicholas Sourlos1:08:38
16Lou Laurina1:12:33
17Lionel Bony1:21:51
18Lance Williams1:30:26
19Tim Baker1:49:11
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Sport Men 35-39
1Michael Schoenly4:47:05
2Peter Piccolo0:06:11
3Jonathan Davis0:06:58
4Daniel Mellish0:11:22
5Jeff Smith (Team Colorado Single)0:20:48
6Kelly Crownhart0:23:09
7Josh Teplitzky0:27:01
8Dean Klingner0:27:36
9Todd Croke0:28:04
10Ryan Sawyer0:36:51
11Josh Maximon0:38:44
12Ken Lanham0:39:23
13Emilio Dipretoro0:41:24
14Angelo Forero0:41:45
15Ben Peery0:43:58
16Jim Fu0:45:31
17David Stokes0:45:34
18Dave Wright0:46:03
19Michael Riter0:47:04
20Gregory Moyer0:47:45
21Cody Downard0:50:38
22Cameron Zimmermann0:50:48
23Walter Knapp (Boulder Cycle Sport)0:52:03
24Dave Lindenberg0:53:37
25Jason Reynolds0:53:48
26Jason Haubelt0:59:53
27Pete Pierpont1:00:39
28Don Dawson1:05:28
29Adam Miller1:05:34
30Jason Schuster (Midwest Cycling Comm)1:11:32
31Timothy Ackerman1:16:18
32David Astling1:19:20
33Derek Hamby1:20:18
34Doug Bernard1:20:37
35Geoff Eyer (IE Bikes)1:21:59
36Thomas Manimal Corson1:26:13
37Ryan Cantrell1:26:40
38Jim Dorschel1:26:59
39Roger Greene1:29:03
40Tom Shook1:29:55
41Steve Parrish1:32:31
42Neil Benton1:34:03
43Lester Bowen1:35:04
44Ryan Feild1:35:58
45Mark Bitner1:37:23
46Jon Marsh1:44:02
47John Arguello1:46:06
48Kevin Bracy Knight (Blue Sky Velo)1:59:24
49Sean Mccabe2:00:19
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Sport Men 40-49
1Peter Riley5:05:00
2Chuck Ensign0:01:17
3Glen Meader0:03:59
4Jeff Klem0:06:45
5Darren Berns0:09:16
6Christopher Jones0:14:20
7Gary Zellner0:16:46
8Bradd Provorse0:18:09
9Colin Trueman0:18:37
10David Trudell0:19:02
11Dan Miller0:19:37
12Michael Steinberg0:22:29
13Rob Hering0:22:50
14Doug Kling0:23:37
15Douglas Robison0:25:00
16Todd Neugent0:26:41
17Timothy Wilder0:27:36
18Mike Moreland (Single Track Factory)0:27:54
19Scott Hirst0:28:01
20Jeff Hoobler0:28:48
21Brad Eich0:30:21
22Jim Smith0:30:42
23Andy Pemberton0:31:13
24Tom Roan0:31:15
25Wade Schoech0:37:06
26Steven Malmberg0:39:06
27Mike Marsh0:39:34
28Lance Palumbo0:39:36
29Tom Kammerer0:39:41
30Chris Pace0:43:01
31David Baker0:45:25
32David Goldberg0:47:06
33Jeff Dorwart0:48:55
34John Choboian0:53:34
35Andrew Bowersox0:53:54
36Kendall Clukey0:53:54
37Morris Wheeler0:54:03
38Jeff Lee0:56:58
39Patrick Clark0:57:59
40Michael Lowe0:58:50
41Zachary Hoh1:03:16
42Thomas Seybold1:06:15
43David Gollob1:07:35
44Willie Stewart1:07:57
45Jamie Harris1:08:21
46Chad Townsend1:10:01
47Dean Gregory1:10:07
48Michael Mcceney1:11:51
49Brian Stevens1:12:09
50Robert Hagan1:12:30
51Greg Buzanis1:13:13
52Matt Polich1:14:32
53Dan Mesh1:15:32
54Sinjin Eberle1:16:09
55James Henderson1:17:36
56Daugherty David1:18:22
57George Sowards1:20:06
58Michael Mequi1:23:21
59Michael Malecki1:25:09
60Krupp Karl1:26:53
61Gus Thompson1:35:13
62Scott Smith1:38:28
63Colin Booth1:41:10
64Jamie Shea1:49:57
65Chad Yetka2:02:18
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Sport Men 50+
1Thomas Harris4:37:21
2Jeffrey Good0:32:29
3Jim Heidelberg0:40:44
4Bruce Dickinson0:48:19
5Michael Olichney0:54:14
6Bruce Hagen1:03:36
7Andy Mitas1:14:19
8Tom Politzer1:16:38
9Jeff Brown1:22:20
10Gordon Herwig1:26:14
11Dave Aceto1:30:31
12Jay Layman1:41:05
13Ron White2:01:35
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Sport Women 30-39
1Tina Lewis5:45:44
2Colleen Cameron0:03:05
3Eliza Walthers0:08:21
4Elizabeth Doxey1:01:38
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Sport Women 40+
1Kim Pardoe5:43:37
2Kim Kreb0:11:31
3Beverly Smith0:29:16
4Kendra Jeronimus0:33:37
5Mindi Hoffmaster0:45:38
6Kathy Derrick0:48:33
7Kristin Riley-Lazo0:58:42
8Kathleen Jenkins1:10:41

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