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Schusler, Wilderman descend to downhill Division 1 wins

The weekend of collegiate national championship racing closed out with the downhill contests, and due to the looming threat of rain, the morning seeding run was treated as the final. It was a dreary morning with just enough drizzle to keep the dust down as riders in both divisions descended the 1.33-mile course with 973 feet of vertical drop.

Clocking a 4:01.9 down the mountain, Joey Schusler (University of Colorado) claimed the Stars-and-Stripes jersey among Division I men. He beat silver medalist Nathaniel Lewis (California Polytechnic) by three seconds. Erik Nelson (Northern Arizona University) got the bronze while Michael Larsen (University of Colorado) and Taylor Borucki (Fort Lewis College) rounded out the podium in fourth and fifth.

In the Division I women's contest, Sage Wilderman (Fort Lewis College) continued to impress. As the only woman in her division to break the five-minute barrier, she conquered the mountain with a time of 4:50.52 compared to the 5:05.27 posted by silver medalist Hanna Trimble (Lees-McRae). Deidre York (University of Colorado) descended to the bronze medal, Caroline Westray (Appalachian State) had the fourth fastest time, and Brooke Crum (Lindsey Wilson College) grabbed fifth-place.

Like in Division I, only one Division II woman broke the five-minute mark. That was Christen Boyer (Colorado School of Mines), who clocked a 4:59.99 to ride her way into the Stars-and-Stripes jersey. She bested silver medalist Kate Weisenfluh (Brevard College) by nearly 24 seconds. Bridgette LeBer (Montana State), Nicole Kendle (Warren Wilson College), and Elisa Otter (Warren Wilson College) were third, fourth, and fifth.

The Division II men's competition was a little closer with Justin Graves (Humboldt State) beating out Alex McAndrew (Clarkson University) for the national title by only a second. Blake Carney (California Lutheran University) posted the bronze medal time while Owen Tulip (Western State College of Colorado)and Jared Becker (US Air Force Academy)were the fourth and fifth fastest down the mountain.

Men Division I
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joey Schusler (University of Colorado-Boulder)0:04:01.90
2Nathaniel Lewis (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)0:00:02.50
3Erik Nelson (Northern Arizona University)0:00:05.70
4Michael Larsen (University of Colorado-Boulder)0:00:06.10
5Taylor Borucki (Fort Lewis College)0:00:06.20
6Kyle Wideman (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)0:00:06.70
7Josef Duller (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)0:00:07.80
8Colby Solari (University of Nevada-Reno)0:00:09.20
9Cody Chapman (University of California-Davis)0:00:10.50
10Nick Caron (University of Colorado-Boulder)0:00:10.60
11Owen Raybould (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)0:00:11.10
12Samuel Stevens (Fort Lewis College)0:00:12.30
13Ryan Quinn (University of California-Santa Barbara)0:00:13.20
14Jarrod Adcock (Lindsey Wilson College)0:00:14.60
15Anthony Santos (University of Vermont)0:00:14.70
16kirby faulkner (California State University-Chico)
17Daryl Deprey (University of Vermont)0:00:14.90
18Dustin Foudray (Colorado State University)0:00:15.50
19Nik Patalano (Northeastern University)0:00:15.60
20Scott Phillips (Appalachian State University)0:00:16.70
21Jack Kelly (University of Colorado-Boulder)0:00:17.60
22Craig Folsom (Appalachian State University)0:00:17.80
23Benjamin Hulse (Lees-McRae College)0:00:18.70
24Tom Davidson (University of Vermont)0:00:19.00
25Eric Bercume (Lees-McRae College)0:00:19.50
26Ryan Conroy (Northeastern University)0:00:20.30
27John Oliver (University of Vermont)0:00:20.70
28Weston Pope (Lindsey Wilson College)0:00:20.80
29Steven Trottier (Appalachian State University)0:00:21.40
30Ben Jones (University of Nevada-Reno)0:00:21.70
31Nate Byrom (Fort Lewis College)0:00:22.10
32Matson Hunter (University of New Mexico)0:00:22.60
33David Gambardella (University of Connecticut)0:00:23.20
34Casey Coffman (University of Nevada-Reno)0:00:23.60
35Kyle Hanley (Colorado State University)0:00:23.80
36David ODay (Colorado State University)0:00:23.90
37Kerry Werner (Lees-McRae College)0:00:24.50
38Nicolas Enjalbert (Colorado State University)0:00:24.90
39Nathaniel Oliver (Stanford University)0:00:25.30
40nick romolino (Northern Arizona University)0:00:26.30
41Cody Wilkins (University of Vermont)0:00:26.60
42Jacob Sorensen (University of Nevada-Reno)
43Shaun LaPlante (University of Massachusetts-Amherst)0:00:27.60
44Trevor Thomassen (University of Nevada-Reno)0:00:28.10
45Eddie McDonald (University of Nevada-Reno)0:00:28.60
46Wesley Jones (San Diego State University)0:00:28.80
47andrew mueller (Appalachian State University)0:00:29.70
48David Herrick (University of California-Santa Barbara)0:00:29.80
49Alex Winkler (Northern Arizona University)0:00:31.00
50Robert Katz (California State University-Chico)
51Daniel Caluag (Lindsey Wilson College)0:00:32.10
52Jake Rehfeld (University of New Mexico)0:00:32.20
53Menso de Jong (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)0:00:32.40
54Connor Sullivan (University of Connecticut)0:00:33.00
55Philip Noto (Lees-McRae College)0:00:34.30
56Fred (Ph) Giffels (University of Nevada-Reno)0:00:35.30
57Maxwell Hinckley (California State University-Chico)0:00:36.20
58Brandon Hopkins (Lindsey Wilson College)0:00:37.70
59James Wittwer (Appalachian State University)0:00:38.40
60Logan Collins (Lindsey Wilson College)0:00:38.90
61Brian Kerstetter (San Diego State University)0:00:39.30
62Anthony Miele (University of Connecticut)0:00:40.10
63Brent Davidson (University of Missouri-Columbia)0:00:41.20
64Nitish Nag (University of California-Berkeley)0:00:43.30
65ronen sarig (University of California-Berkeley)0:00:44.00
66Anthony Weiss (University of Missouri-Columbia)0:00:46.80
67Taylor Ladd (Lindsey Wilson College)0:00:47.70
68Scott Saxer (University of California-Santa Barbara)0:00:50.60
69Jordan Kestler (University of California-Berkeley)0:00:51.90
70Scott Preston (University of New Mexico)0:00:53.10
71Chase Haegele (University of California-Berkeley)0:00:54.40
72Lucas LeMaire (Fort Lewis College)0:00:57.90
73Samuel Franco (University of Connecticut)0:00:58.20
74Adam Gagne (University of Massachusetts-Amherst)0:01:01.50
75Sean Canterbury (University of Arizona)0:01:04.20
76Duncan Oliver (West Virginia University)0:01:08.20
77Ryan Siewak (University of Missouri-Columbia)0:01:16.00
78Matts Hanssens (Northern Arizona University)0:01:32.40
79Dan Troyan (California State University-Chico)0:03:41.30
DNFJohn Waddell (San Diego State University)

Men Division II
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Justin Graves (Humboldt State University)0:04:15.10
2Alex McAndrew (Clarkson University)0:00:01.70
3Blake Carney (California Lutheran University)0:00:02.80
4Owen Tulip (Western State College of Colorado)0:00:06.50
5Jared Becker (US Air Force Academy)0:00:08.60
6Thomas Bagnal (Brevard College)0:00:09.60
7Ansel Schimpff (Western State College of Colorado)0:00:10.00
8Bennett Winn (Union College-KY)0:00:10.70
9Jordan Newth (Western State College of Colorado)0:00:10.80
10Tristan Cowie (Brevard College)0:00:11.20
11Brad Nelson (Union College-KY)0:00:13.00
12Cullen Haskins (Clarkson University)0:00:14.30
13Eric Smith (Ripon College)0:00:14.70
14caleb woodworth (Western State College of Colorado)0:00:14.90
15zach winn (Union College-KY)0:00:15.10
16Kevin Pabinquit (Humboldt State University)0:00:15.60
17Ian Bloomfield (Colorado School of Mines)0:00:17.00
18Neil Grigsby (US Air Force Academy)0:00:17.70
19Colin Lyle (Clarkson University)0:00:18.40
20Joe Schneider (Colorado School of Mines)0:00:19.30
21Thomas Wilkinson (East Tennessee State University)0:00:20.30
22Wesley Lamberson (Union College-KY)0:00:21.00
23Alexander Honkonen (East Tennessee State University)0:00:22.80
24joseph leahy (East Tennessee State University)0:00:26.10
25Alejandro Padilla (Cumberland University)0:00:28.00
26James Chaput (Brevard College)0:00:28.20
27Eric Booton (Western State College of Colorado)0:00:29.90
28Chris Rupinski (Mesa State College)0:00:31.20
29Dirk Kostoff (Union College-KY)0:00:33.20
30Moses Cooper (Warren Wilson College)0:00:36.90
31Keaton Miller (East Tennessee State University)0:00:37.30
32Joshua Hubing-Cooper (Warren Wilson College)0:00:37.70
33Taylor Pfohl (Colorado School of Mines)0:00:38.80
34Matt St Marie (Brevard College)0:00:39.30
35Geoffrey Fryer (East Tennessee State University)0:00:42.50
36Chris Hale (Mesa State College)0:00:56.20
37Park Baker (Brevard College)0:00:58.80
38Dylan Johnston (Warren Wilson College)0:01:00.20
39Linden Blaisus (Warren Wilson College)0:01:21.50
40Logan Luker (Cumberland University)0:01:31.10

Women Division 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sage Wilderman (Fort Lewis College)0:04:50.52
2Hannah Trimble (Lees-McRae College)0:00:14.75
3Deidre York (University of Colorado-Boulder)0:00:18.95
4Caroline Westray (Appalachian State University)0:00:21.47
5Brooke Crum (Lindsey Wilson College)0:00:29.08
6Jill Behlen (University of Wyoming)0:00:33.57
7Andrea Napoli (University of Nevada-Reno)0:00:34.82
8Danielle Griffo (University of Nevada-Reno)0:00:35.03
9Catherine Cantway (University of Wyoming)0:00:36.51
10Madison Pitts (Lindsey Wilson College)0:00:40.16
11Chantel Coleman (Fort Lewis College)0:00:48.27
12Catherine Cresalia (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)0:00:55.49
13Erica Zaveta (Lees-McRae College)0:01:03.00
14Kathleen Kramer (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)0:01:08.58
15Brittany Bates (Lindsey Wilson College)0:01:16.43
16Brittany Engleking (University of Colorado-Boulder)0:01:17.18
17Jessica Cartwright (Lindsey Wilson College)0:01:24.98
18Sara Hanson (San Diego State University)0:01:27.94
19Sally Hermansen (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)0:01:29.09
20Kaila Hart (Fort Lewis College)0:01:30.99
21Erica McKenzie (University of California-Davis)0:01:35.45
22Stephanie Barragan (Lindsey Wilson College)0:01:40.72
23Ashley Nichols (University of Vermont)0:02:13.67
24Allie Dragoo (Marian University)0:02:33.78
DNFKarla Kingsley (University of California-Berkeley)

Women Division II
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Christen Boyer (Colorado School of Mines)0:04:59.99
2Kate Weisenfluh (Brevard College)0:00:23.49
3Bridgette LeBer (Montana State University-Bozeman)0:00:26.61
4Nicole Kendle (Warren Wilson College)0:00:49.61
5Elisa Otter (Warren Wilson College)0:00:58.33
6Catherine Harnden (Union College-KY)0:00:58.51
7Anne Minor (Clarkson University)0:01:08.29
8Rachel Millsop (Union College-KY)0:01:22.21
9Eva Wilson (Warren Wilson College)0:01:58.65
10Caroline Decosimo (Brevard College)0:03:14.14
11Melanie Kemp (Warren Wilson College)0:03:39.89
12Morgan Sykes (Brevard College)0:07:14.91
13Brittany Perkins (Western State College of Colorado)

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