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Perkins, Meares glide through to sprint and keirin finals

Men's sprint qualifying
1Shane Perkins (Australia)0:00:10.081
2Kévin Sireau (France) Cofidis, Le Credit en Ligne0:00:10.095
3Matthew Crampton (Great Britain)0:00:10.126
4Ross Edgar (Great Britain)0:00:10.200
5Carsten Bergemann (Germany)0:00:10.202
6Jason Niblett (Australia)0:00:10.271
7Daniel Ellis (Australia)0:00:10.272
8Peter Lewis (Australia)0:00:10.325
9Edward Dawkins (New Zealand)0:00:10.361
10Travis Smith (Canada)0:00:10.365
11Tobias Wachter (Germany)0:00:10.375
12David Daniell (Great Britain)0:00:10.406
13Sergey Borisov (Russian Federation)0:00:10.424
14Josiah Ng (Malaysia)0:00:10.445
15Azizulhasni Awang (BTA)0:00:10.484
16Qi Tang (People's Republic of China)0:00:10.487
17Tomohiro Fukaya (Japan)0:00:10.514
18Giddeon Massie (United States Of America)0:00:10.530
19Sam Webster (GIS)0:00:10.538
20Chongyang Wang (People's Republic of China)0:00:10.549
21Roy Van Den Berg (Netherlands)0:00:10.550
22Thomas Bonafos (France)0:00:10.562
23Dong Jin Kang (Korea)0:00:10.590
24Sergey Kucherov (Russian Federation)0:00:10.614
25Quentin Lafargue (France) Cofidis, Le Credit en Ligne0:00:10.618
26Muhammad Edrus Md Yunos (Malaysia)0:00:10.623
27Lae Seon Choi (Korea)0:00:10.652
28Adam Stewart (New Zealand)0:00:10.654
29Takashi Sakamoto (Japan)0:00:10.703
30Clemens Selzer (Austria)0:00:10.803
31Yondi Schmidt (Netherlands)0:00:10.906
32Francesco Ceci (Italy)0:00:11.019
33Andrew Williams (GIS)0:00:11.075
34Tomas Golan (Czech Republic)0:00:12.000

Men's sprint 1/8 final
1Shane Perkins (Australia)0:00:10.848
2Qi Tang (People's Republic of China)
1Kévin Sireau (France) Cofidis0:00:10.617
2Azizulhasni Awang BTA
1Matthew Crampton (Great Britain)0:00:10.949
2Josiah Ng (Malaysia)
1Ross Edgar (Great Britain)0:00:10.606
2Sergey Borisov (Russian Federation)
1Carsten Bergemann (Germany)0:00:10.784
2David Daniell (Great Britain)
1Tobias Wachter (Germany)0:00:10.927
2Jason Niblett (Australia)
1Daniel Ellis (Australia)0:00:10.973
2Travis Smith (Canada)
1Peter Lewis (Australia)0:00:10.665
2Edward Dawkins (New Zealand)

Men's sprint semi-final
1Shane Perkins (Australia)0:00:10.413
2Peter Lewis (Australia)
1Kévin Sireau (France) Cofidis0:00:10.797
2Daniel Ellis (Australia)
1Matthew Crampton (Great Britain)0:00:10.885
2Tobias Wachter (Germany)
1Ross Edgar (Great Britain)0:00:10.450
2Carsten Bergemann (Germany)

Men's sprint final 5th-8th
5Carsten Bergemann (Germany)0:00:10.774
6Daniel Ellis (Australia)
7Tobias Wachter (Germany)
8Peter Lewis (Australia)

Men's sprint B quarter finals
1Edward Dawkins (New Zealand)0:00:10.907
2Qi Tang (People's Republic of China)
1Azizulhasni Awang (BTA)0:00:11.384
2Travis Smith (Canada)
1Jason Niblett (Australia)0:00:11.088
2Josiah Ng (Malaysia)
1David Daniell (Great Britain)0:00:10.760
2Sergey Borisov (Russian Federation)

Men's sprint B semi-finals
1Edward Dawkins (New Zealand)0:00:10.918
2David Daniell (Great Britain)
1Jason Niblett (Australia)0:00:10.958
2Azizulhasni Awang (BTA)

Men's sprint B final
9Jason Niblett (Australia)0:00:11.029
10Edward Dawkins (New Zealand)
11Azizulhasni Awang (BTA)0:00:11.222
12David Daniell (Great Britain)

Women's team pursuit qualifying
1New Zealand0:03:26.890
2Great Britain0:03:27.310
9United States0:03:43.126

Women's keirin heat 1
1Shuang Guo (People's Republic of China)
2Eunmi Park (Korea)
3Willy Kanis (Netherlands)
4Lyubov Shulika (Ukraine)
5Olga Streltsova (Russian Federation)

Women's keirin heat 2
1Anna Meares (Australia)
2Wai Sze Lee (Hong Kong, China)
3Sandie Clair (France)
4Eleni Klapanara (Greece)
5Zhao Juan Meng (Hong Kong, China)
6Apryl Jessica Eppinger (Philippines)

Women's keirin heat 3
1Kaarle Mcculloch (Australia)
2Jessica Varnish (Great Britain)
3Fatehah Mustapa (Malaysia)
4Agnes Ronner (Netherlands)
5Emily Rosemond (Australia)

Women's keirin heat 4
1Clara Sanchez (France)
2Christin Muche (Germany)
3Angeliki Koutsonikoli (Greece)
4Won Gyeong Kim (Korea)
5Huang Ting Ying (Chinese Taipei)
6Lin Junhong (People's Republic of China)

Women's keirin repecharge 1
1Willy Kanis (Netherlands)
2Agnes Ronner (Netherlands)
3Eleni Klapanara (Greece)
4Lin Junhong (People's Republic of China)
5Angeliki Koutsonikoli (Greece)
6Olga Streltsova (Russian Federation)
7Huang Ting Ying (Chinese Taipei)

Women's keirin repecharge 2
1Emily Rosemond (Australia)
2Sandie Clair (France)
3Zhao Juan Meng (Hong Kong, China)
4Fatehah Mustapa (Malaysia)
5Apryl Jessica Eppinger (Philippines)
6Lyubov Shulika (Ukraine)
7Won Gyeong Kim (Korea)

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