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Brosnan defends world championship title

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Troy Brosnan (Australia) en route to a repeat victory in the junior men's downhill world championship.

Troy Brosnan (Australia) en route to a repeat victory in the junior men's downhill world championship. (Image credit: Tour of Japan)
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The legendary Ned Overend came out to watch

The legendary Ned Overend came out to watch (Image credit: Tour of Japan)
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Luke Stevens (Canada)

Luke Stevens (Canada) (Image credit: Tour of Japan)
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Lewis Buchanan (Great Britain)

Lewis Buchanan (Great Britain) (Image credit: Tour of Japan)
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David Trummer (Austria)

David Trummer (Austria) (Image credit: Tour of Japan)
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Guillaume Cauvin (France)

Guillaume Cauvin (France) (Image credit: Tour of Japan)
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Junior men's podium (l-r): David Trummer (Austalia), Troy Brosnan (Australia), Guillaume Cauvin (France)

Junior men's podium (l-r): David Trummer (Austalia), Troy Brosnan (Australia), Guillaume Cauvin (France) (Image credit: Tour of Japan)

Australia's Troy Brosnan successfully defended his junior downhill world championship title on Sunday afternoon in Champery, Switzerland. David Trummer (Austria) won silver while Guillaume Cauvin (France) earned bronze."It was raining all morning but I wanted to attack it like it was dry," said Brosnan. "I didn't have any mistakes, and I won. I'm so happy. I can't believe it."

Cauvin was the first of the medallists to race. He was timed at 4:15.945.

Trummer set the bar high with a relatively early run down the slippery, wet mountain. He stopped the clock at 4:03.691 as the 20th rider to compete. He run came just after the racing action was paused for about one hour while an injured rider was taken off the mountain by a helicopter.

It wasn't until Brosnan went, as the third to last rider, that Trummer had to step down from the hot seat. The Aussie, who is also the junior downhill World Cup champion, finished in 3:51.503, just over 12 seconds faster than Trummer. He was the only junior to break four minutes.

Brosnan had a clean run overall. "I had a good run today and tried to stay smooth. The other juniors crashed, but I kept it on my two wheels and came across the line in front," he said.

"This season has been good. I got my first World Cup podium [including the elites - ed.] in Val di Sole and was eighth overall. Getting the junior world championship capped off a good season."

"I couldn't ask for more. Going into next season with the big boys is going to be fun," said Brosnan, who will move up in 2012.

Neko Mulally (United States) won silver last year, but finished 47th today. "I took it like a run I thought I could. It was really slick and I don't think anyone expected that. I got caught up in the nets toward the top, and I couldn't come back from that - I lost so much time getting out. It was a difficult race, but I tried my best."

Full Results

Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Troy Brosnan (Australia)0:03:51.503
2David Trummer (Austria)0:00:12.188
3Guillaume Cauvin (France)0:00:19.294
4Lewis Buchanan (Great Britain)0:00:20.796
5Loic Bruni (France)0:00:22.235
6Rafael Gutiérrez (Colombia)0:00:22.635
7Luke Stevens (Canada)0:00:23.781
8Reuben Olorenshaw (New Zealand)0:00:27.233
9Arthur Parret (France)0:00:30.282
10Slawomir Lukasik (Poland)0:00:31.062
11Faustin Figaret (France)0:00:33.613
12Jan Uruba (Czech Republic)0:00:35.806
13Ludovic Oget (France)0:00:36.079
14Connor Fearon (Australia)0:00:36.287
15Mark Scott (Great Britain)0:00:37.177
16Phillip Piazza (Australia)0:00:38.499
17Juan Manuel Orrego Castano (Colombia)0:00:39.385
18David Mcmillan (Australia)0:00:40.558
19Daniel Franks (New Zealand)0:00:43.536
20Carlo Caire (Italy)0:00:45.799
21Brandon Yrttiaho (Australia)0:00:49.582
22Riley Suhan (Canada)0:00:49.844
23Ben Power (Australia)0:00:50.634
24Dan Sheridan (Ireland)0:00:51.119
25Tiaan Odendaal (South Africa)0:00:54.532
26Maxime Chapuis (Switzerland)0:00:55.530
27Gavin Carroll (Ireland)0:00:57.112
28Rudy Cabirou (France)0:00:58.172
29Ville Ormo (Finland)0:00:58.390
30Reece Potter (New Zealand)0:00:59.740
31Freddy Hunziker (Switzerland)0:01:03.952
32Carlos Castro (Portugal)0:01:04.462
33Nick Bygate (New Zealand)0:01:05.073
34Joe Vejvoda (Australia)0:01:08.164
35Antoine Bagnoud (Switzerland)0:01:10.807
36Jonas Bernet (Switzerland)0:01:14.285
37Kyle Sangers (Canada)0:01:19.339
38Christian Wright (United States Of America)0:01:20.625
39Adi Van Der Merwe (South Africa)0:01:20.810
40Jan Cepelak (Czech Republic)0:01:21.193
41Peter Mlinar (Slovenia)0:01:21.421
42Tim Hedman (Sweden)0:01:31.401
43Philipp Bünnemann (Germany)0:01:33.948
44Martin Knapec (Slovakia)0:01:39.176
45Jordan Hodder (Canada)0:01:50.691
46Joonas Savolainen (Finland)0:01:52.533
47Neko Mulally (United States Of America)0:01:54.841
48Alasdair Fey (South Africa)0:01:59.556
49Ondrej Stepanek (Czech Republic)0:02:17.609
50Christopher Mcglinchey (Ireland)0:02:24.267
51Ilya Bogachev (Russian Federation)0:03:10.563
52Isak Leivsson (Norway)0:03:40.219
DNFStanislav Sehnal (Czech Republic)
DNFJay Barrett (New Zealand)
DNFKiran Mackinnon (United States Of America)
DNFRomain Contreres (France)
DNSAustin Hackett Klaube (United States Of America)
DNSAram Raoof (Poland)

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
5Great Britain95
8Czech Republic70
10South Africa59
15United States Of America29
21Russian Federation6


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