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Cousine wins Wellington round of NZ MTB Cup downhill

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Sarah Atkin on her way to a win

Sarah Atkin on her way to a win (Image credit: Mountain Bike New Zealand (MTBNZ))
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Brook MacDonald en route to a second place

Brook MacDonald en route to a second place (Image credit: Mountain Bike New Zealand (MTBNZ))
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Markus Pekoll speeds downhill

Markus Pekoll speeds downhill (Image credit: Mountain Bike New Zealand (MTBNZ))

The Long Gulley race course in Brooklyn has a long pedigree of racing at a national level and always provides challenging and variable conditions to add to the challenge of one of the fastest and shortest courses on the national circuit. Weather did play its part, but stayed largely settled for both days of practice and competition to give a dry, dusty and fast platform for what turned out to be incredibly close racing across all categories.

The elite women's race delivered another win for Lower Hutt's Sarah Atkin. Fresh off winning the national championships, Atkin was never threatened on her home course and she posted a race time that had daylight back to the rest of the field.

The elite men's race turned up some real surprises. Several visiting international athletes joined the NZ MTB Cup series in Wellington to sharpen up their race fitness before the 2012 World Cup series begins in the middle of March.

The elite men's field contained riders from nine different countries, giving New Zealand's athletes a serious challenge on their home turf. Fabian Cousinie (France) provided the real excitement with a seeding result at number three. Even then, the local crowd wasn't prepared to accept the possibility that a visiting international would win at Long Gulley, but that is exactly the scenario that played out in the afternoon race run.

Cousinie raced a flawless run to win from NZ MTB Cup leader Brook MacDonald (Napier) by less than half a second. MacDonald's 2012 World Cup teammate also nearly got the better of him, but the slimmest of margins (1/100th of a second) had Markus Pekoll (Austria) back in third spot. The rest of the elite men's podium were two seconds further back, Richard Leacock and Bryn Dickerson (both Wellington) not able to turn a home track advantage to their benefit, but doing more than enough to head the rest of the field.

Across the age group categories the form NZ MTB Cup riders all shone. Louis Hamilton (Rotorua) in the U19 juniors, Josh McCombie (Dunedin) in the U17 juniors, Carl Edmondson (Whakatane) in senior, Jamie Nicoll (Nelson) and Darryn Henderson (Christchurch) in the masters all took wins this week in Wellington.

The Downhill NZ MTB Cup will wrap up this weekend February 24-26 in Napier, New Zealand.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Fabian Cousine0:02:08.14
2Brook MacDonald0:00:00.35
3Markus Pekoll0:00:00.36
4Richard Leacock0:00:02.20
5Bryn Dickerson0:00:02.40
6Wyn Masters0:00:03.25
7Matt Walker0:00:03.69
8Sam Perry0:00:04.66
9Reon Boe0:00:05.05
10Rupert Chapman0:00:05.48
11Luke Stevens0:00:05.63
12Daniel Meilink0:00:05.71
13Daniel Heads0:00:06.77
14Remi Gauvin0:00:08.13
15Jarrah Davies0:00:08.15
16Junya Nagata0:00:08.32
17Thomas Jeandin0:00:08.72
18Kazuki Shimizu0:00:10.24
19Martin Kuhn0:00:17.83
20Sam Stevens0:00:17.93
DNFGeorge Brannigan

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sarah Atkin0:02:32.61
2Adrienne Hooper0:00:18.39
3Veronique Sandler0:00:22.84
4Sophiemarie Bethell0:02:34.84

U19 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Louis Hamilton0:02:15.08
2Reece Potter0:00:01.28
3Kurt Summerfield0:00:02.34
4Guillaune Cauvin0:00:02.46
5Lawrence Cawte0:00:04.97
6Jack Futter0:00:05.63
7Jamahl Stringer0:00:07.22
8Jack Arnopp0:00:07.63
9Jackson Hine0:00:08.21
10Michael Melles0:00:08.53
11Jake Robinson0:00:10.19
12Lloyd Jenks0:00:10.66
13Robert Havill0:00:11.72
14Dan McCombie0:00:12.82
15Andy Wilson0:00:14.05
16Callum Sprosen0:00:14.88
17Cole Smith0:00:16.90
18Will Keay0:00:16.98
19JD Devlin0:00:17.15
20Jeremy Clegg0:00:19.23
21Leo Sandler0:00:19.87
22Alex Kennett0:00:20.05
23James Shipp0:00:22.26
24Kyle Lockwood0:00:22.87
25Jack Dodd0:00:23.66
26Harrison Redshaw0:00:26.20
DNSSakramyn Jenner
DNSJordan Burns

U17 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Josh McCombie0:02:21.49
2Carl Goodwin0:00:00.35
3Izac Anderson0:00:02.42
4Scott Dockary0:00:07.23
5Ezra Adams0:00:07.38
6Jack Humphries0:00:09.93
7Logan Henry0:00:10.62
8Toa Palanihi0:00:12.53
9Hayden Melles0:00:12.61
10Kale Edwards0:00:15.51
11Matt Lawton0:00:15.84
12Daniel Horgan0:00:17.50
13Nick Goodson0:00:23.97
14Luke Small0:00:33.66
DNFCaleb Scott
DNSJonathon Kennett

Senior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carl Edmondson0:02:17.46
2Nick McConachie0:00:00.42
3Phillip Marfell0:00:03.54
4Asher Ellery0:00:04.11
5Tom Humphries0:00:04.24
6Tyler Perrin0:00:04.65
7Tristan Ratcliffe0:00:06.63
8Tyler Brooker0:00:06.98
9Mitchell Townsend0:00:07.46
10Jourdan Leithbridge0:00:07.61
11Ryan Hunt0:00:07.65
12Joel Tunbridge0:00:08.31
13Adam Ahmed0:00:09.30
14Devlin Montana0:00:09.50
15Jason Lang0:00:09.59
16Florian de Vires0:00:10.20
17Leith Christensen0:00:11.31
18Cole Titchmarsh0:00:12.53
19Thilo Rucknagel0:00:13.18
20Steven Pattle0:00:14.16
21Andy Sherratt0:00:15.07
22Mark Davidge0:00:15.54
23Eugene Black0:00:16.03
24Ollie Knight0:00:18.87
25Benjamin Kamp0:00:19.43
26Aaron Chan0:00:26.23
27Keita Mochizuki0:00:27.88
28Jayden Harris0:00:31.34
29Zac Chandler0:00:58.91
30Jason Gurr0:01:04.39
31Sam Fisher0:01:44.88
32Scott McGregor0:02:12.49
DNFKurt McDonald
DNSDayne Scott
DNSRobert Chappell

Master 1 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jamie Nicoll0:02:20.66
2Craig McGinnity0:00:05.05
3Jeremy Jones0:00:05.31
4Kevin Warner0:00:11.61
5Liam O'Keeffe0:00:13.02
6Mathew McGovern0:00:16.57
7Ewan Baron0:00:21.67
8Andrew Kourochkin0:00:23.42
DNSTim Warner

Master 2 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Darryn Henderson0:02:25.58
2Rod Bardsley0:00:04.67
3Michael Williamson0:00:05.29
4Luke Simmons0:00:09.33
5John Baddiley0:00:12.76

Hardtail men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dom Stulen0:02:32.41

Open women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kaytee Campbell0:02:52.41
2Julie Berry0:00:01.73

U15 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ihakara Pene0:02:55.68
2Bryn Clarke0:00:09.62


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