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Fellows win stage and extends overall lead

On day 2, racers covered 80km through in almost perfect weather. The morning started with a sedate cruise up Ski Tube underground railway, for the ride through the mountain to Perisher ski resort and then it was serious business.

Climbing up from Perisher towards Guthega, riders got a taste of mountain weather on the Main Range, with rain squalls and 60km/h headwinds. Soon though the sun shone through and the wind came upon their backs as riders followed fire trails and dirt roads to the Snowy River and up over to the vast Snowy Plains. It was then a long climb up Nimmo Hill and on through to the shores of Lake Eucumbene at Buckenderra Resort.

The scenery obviously wasn't a distraction for Andrew Fellows who beat Garry James by 20 minutes and 10 seconds. Fellows completed the 80km course in 3:19:03, with James clocking in at 3:39:13. Hickson was a further eight minutes and 17 seconds behind, finishing third in 3:47:30.

With today's win, Fellows increased his overall lead increase to 30 minutes and 32 seconds with a total time of 5:11:39. James is second overall with a total time of 5:42:11, closely followed by Hickson with a total time of 5:52:44.

In the women's race, Bianca Mauch lost her first place overall to Meg Carrigan. Carrigan came home in 4:24:25, with Belinda Porter in second, 13 minutes and 44 seconds behind with a finishing time of 4:38:09. Mauch was third in 4:53:50.

Carrigan now leads the overall by 15 minutes and 54 seconds with an overall time of 6:50:51, with Porter second overall in 7:06:45. Mauch is in third place overall with 7:17:11.

After the today's long stage, riders will be up very early tomorrow for the Dawn Raid. Starting at 5:15 am, they will complete two laps of a course around Buckenderra in a 26km lakeside race into the sunrise and onto a well-earned breakfast.

Riders will then cruise into Cooma for an early stop before tackling another stage on Thursday - 130km down the escarpment to Bermagui.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew  Fellows3:19:03
2Bart  Hickson0:28:27
3Kevin  Mullins
4Sean  Bekkers0:32:45
5Scott  Pomroy0:42:06
6Cameron  Godwin0:52:19
7Matthew  Norton0:56:06
8Jayson  Connacher1:06:01
9Bud  Chapple1:12:54
10Ben  Howarth1:19:47
11Michael  Williams1:46:57
12Brady  Espeland1:50:33
13David  Lambert1:56:45
14Damien  Pearson1:56:48
15David  Reid2:00:35
16Richard  Harbury2:02:03
17Tony  Curtis2:05:46
18Td  Phan2:20:06
19Simon  Roberts2:21:59
20Ray  Overdijk2:26:03
21Michael  Di  Bari2:42:42
22Jamon  Pool3:25:27

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Meg  Carrigan4:24:25
2Belinda  Porter0:13:44
3Kathryn  Cox0:43:25
4Helen  Dorsett0:46:40
5Joanna  Battersby0:51:24
6Emily  Garland0:55:14
7Lauren  Rennick1:40:18
8Melissa  Backhouse2:23:37
9Amy  Bainbridge2:23:45
10Nicole  Barwick2:33:23

Master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Garry  James3:39:13
2David  Harris0:11:55
3Jeff  Rooney0:15:37
4Lloyd  Newell0:22:33
5Richard  Peil0:25:54
6Jason  Kaul0:27:43
7Russell  Ford0:39:48
8Anthony  Manning0:46:17
9Scott  Rasmussen0:59:06
10Robert  Lecons0:59:38
11Gregor  Riese1:11:43
12Peter  Waldron1:12:06
13Bill  Taylor1:13:12
14Bruce  Perry1:13:36
15Mark  Drury1:17:06
16Mike  Ford1:18:37
17Scott  Chadwick1:22:55
18Matthew  Perry1:31:06
19Xavier  Poirier1:36:22
20Chris  Wilson1:38:07
21Greg  Shepherd1:38:29
22Andrew  Bain1:40:49
23Gerard Rennick1:41:39
24Stephen  Champion1:45:01
25Graham  Bothma1:48:29
26Andrew  Smith2:03:01
27Joseph  Benjamin2:06:53
28Peter  Haley2:25:34
29Alex  Bramford3:05:18
30Justin  Flood3:30:25
31Jason  Hikawai
32Martin  Fuller3:30:26
DNFGlen  Garside
DNFJeff  Macdonald

Super master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1David  Brunner?Evans4:35:05
2Nikolai  Stahl
3Malcolm  Lynn0:00:53
4Colin  Boyd0:22:29
5Steve  Barrett0:32:54
6Paul  Smith0:32:55
7Geoffrey  Clarke0:38:06
8Philip  Mcfarland0:43:08
9Peter  Fox0:52:39
10Nic  Carter0:56:54
11Richard  Pullinger1:40:20
12John  Grimble1:56:56
13Trevor  Ricardo2:01:26
14David  Owen2:25:30
DNSJohn  Bonnett

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Reinhard  Mauch4:53:49
2Bianca  Mauch0:00:01
3John  Scambary0:10:01
4Rod  Tracey
5John  Boakes0:11:28
6Craig  Elgie
7George Atkinson0:31:48
8David  Sumich0:32:16
9Ken  Mann0:43:59
10Bruce  Pain0:44:00

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