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Roy wins Motatapu

Marcus Roy won the Motatapu race in New Zealand on Saturday ahead of junior rider Anton Cooper and master rider Tony Hogg. Kelly Kath was the first women's finsher, in 36th overall.

"It wasn't easy," laughed Roy after winning the 50km race across sub-alpine terrain in a valley floor between Glendhu Bay to Arrowtown on Saturday.

Cooper got away from Roy on the last climb before the Soho descent began, but Roy caught Cooper during the descent. "We hit the river crossings side by side, but I had longer legs and managed to create a gap there," Roy said.

Full Results (categories in parentheses)

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Marcus Roy (Elite Open Male)1:57:55
2Anton Cooper (Elite Junior Male)0:00:33
3Tony Hogg (Elite Master Male)0:03:22
4Pieter Bulling (Elite Junior Male)0:04:42
5Gavin Mason (Elite Open Male)0:05:21
6Tim Hoban (Elite Veteran Male)0:05:29
7Mark Williams (Elite Open Male)0:05:54
8Bruce Cole-baker (Elite Open Male)0:06:13
9Jamie Mcconachie (Elite Veteran Male)0:07:08
10Dayle Mclauchlan (Elite Open Male)0:07:11
11Ian Mcdonald (Elite Veteran Male)0:09:47
12Kent Allison (Elite Master Male)0:11:00
13James Gilmour (Elite Junior Male)0:11:50
14Alec Mitchell (Sport Open Male)0:12:00
15James Olvanhill (Elite Open Male)0:12:01
16Brent Miller (Elite Open Male)0:13:35
17Al Killick (Elite Veteran Male)0:14:41
18Jeff Notman (Elite Junior Male)0:14:55
19Chris Taylor (Elite Master Male)0:15:12
20Marty Macdonald (Elite Veteran Male)0:15:21
21Andrew Ballantyne (Elite Master Male)0:15:28
22Bruce Jenkins (Elite Veteran Male)
23James Johnston (Elite Master Male)0:16:16
24Peter Green (Elite Veteran Male)0:16:22
25Grant Lyon (Elite Master Male)0:17:11
26Andrew Hughson (Elite Open Male)0:17:36
27Callum Kennedy (Elite Master Male)0:17:42
28Scott Cain (Sport Open Male)0:18:17
29Jeremy Moon (Sport Master Male)0:19:03
30Mark Dunlop (Elite Open Male)0:20:20
31Pip Ryan (Elite Veteran Male)0:20:29
32Stephen Keast (Elite Master Male)0:20:51
33Blair Christmas (Elite Open Male)0:20:55
34Peter Bartle (Elite Veteran Male)0:21:27
35Jacob Grieve (Elite Master Male)0:21:50
36Kath Kelly (Elite Master Female)0:22:10
37Mark Crowther (Elite Veteran Male)0:22:35
38Ryan Douglas (Sport Junior Male)0:22:52
39Greg King (Elite Veteran Male)0:23:07
40Craig Hodsell (Elite Veteran Male)0:23:19
41Jason Blair (Sport Open Male)0:23:40
42Jett Bishop (Elite Veteran Male)0:23:41
43Simon Hammond (Elite Master Male)0:23:56
44Ben Oliver (Sport Junior Male)0:23:57
45Paul Herlihy (Elite Veteran Male)0:24:22
46Daniel Hellyer (Elite Open Male)0:24:23
47Mike Mackey (Elite Veteran Male)0:24:30
48Mal Patterson (Elite Veteran Male)0:24:45
49Jeremy Trevathan (Elite Open Male)0:24:59
50Matthew Freeman (Elite Open Male)0:25:02
51Glenn Randle (Elite Veteran Male)0:25:16
52Richard Mackley (Elite Master Male)0:25:17
53David Cordery (Sport Open Male)0:25:43
54Alex Dodds (Elite Junior Male)0:25:44
55Brett Shea (Elite Veteran Male)0:25:58
56Alex Fierro (Recreational)0:26:14
57Steve Alloway (Sport Master Male)0:26:16
58Matt Dodds (Sport Open Male)0:26:55
59Mark Johnston (Elite Master Male)0:27:04
60Ben Shayler (Sport Open Male)0:28:18
61Rob Owens (Sport Open Male)0:28:30
62Ben Phillips (Elite Master Male)0:28:34
63Fraser Collie (Elite Master Male)0:28:43
64Steve Farquharson (Elite Master Male)0:28:50
65Jayton Manuel (Sport Open Male)0:28:59
66Floortje Draisma (Elite Master Female)0:29:14
67Brent Parrant (Sport Open Male)0:29:49
68Ian Penny (Elite Veteran Male)0:29:53
69David Fenton (Elite Veteran Male)0:29:56
70Adam Cowie (Elite Veteran Male)0:29:58
71Glen Carabine (Elite Master Male)0:30:15
72Darren Wright (Sport Open Male)0:30:17
73Rod Armstrong (Sport Open Male)0:30:47
74Mark Ladbrook (Elite Master Male)0:31:09
75Mark Strong (Elite Master Male)0:31:16
76Stephen Hoare (Elite Veteran Male)0:31:27
77Jacob Junghanns (Sport Junior Male)0:31:29
78Shaun O'brien (Elite Veteran Male)0:31:31
79Mike Clark (Elite Veteran Male)0:31:35
80Daniel Franks (Elite Junior Male)0:31:48
81Stuart Brown (Elite Junior Male)0:32:04
82Hamish Beer (Elite Master Male)0:32:16
83Julian Mcpike (Elite Veteran Male)0:32:25
84Wayne Miller (Sport Master Male)0:32:28
85Geoff Miller (Elite Veteran Male)0:32:32
86Brian Read (Elite Veteran Male)0:32:49
87Robin Janata (Sport Open Male)0:33:11
88Mark Cockroft (Elite Veteran Male)0:33:24
89Dallas Mclister (Elite Master Male)0:33:39
90Alister Sladen (Elite Veteran Male)0:33:52
91Brent Neilson (Sport Master Male)0:33:53
92Steve Hardy (Elite Master Male)0:33:54
93Paul Birtwistle (Elite Veteran Male)0:33:58
94Gregory Cook (Elite Veteran Male)0:33:59
95Sven Zaalberg (Sport Open Male)0:34:01
96Dean Marshall (Elite Veteran Male)0:34:10
97Jonathan Synnock (Sport Open Male)0:34:14
98Christopher Webb (Sport Open Male)0:34:20
99Murray Chamberlain (Sport Open Male)0:34:23
100Geoff Marks (Sport Open Male)
101James Canny (Elite Open Male)0:34:25
102Luke Baird (Elite Junior Male)0:34:59
103Grant Chittock (Elite Veteran Male)0:35:31
104Steve Nichols (Elite Master Male)0:35:38
105Ben Acland (Elite Master Male)0:35:44
106Richard Scott (Elite Veteran Male)0:35:46
107Terry Beentjes (Sport Master Male)0:35:49
108Diego Canapa (Sport Open Male)0:36:08
109Chris Yeats (Sport Veteran Male)0:36:11
110Steve King (Sport Master Male)0:36:14
111Grant Gardyne (Sport Open Male)0:36:16
112Nicholas Shearer (Elite Veteran Male)0:36:23
113Andrew Butler (Sport Master Male)0:36:57
114Fraser Dawson (Elite Open Male)0:37:04
115Gary Erving (Sport Open Male)0:37:05
116Tim Miller (Elite Veteran Male)0:37:17
117Jeremy Macdonald (Elite Open Male)0:37:18
118Andrew Ware (Sport Open Male)0:37:22
119Neil Gough (Sport Open Male)0:37:23
120Kashi Leuchs (Elite Open Male)0:37:35
121Graham Collis (Elite Veteran Male)0:37:48
122Sam Hodsell (Sport Junior Male)0:38:12
123Michael Berney (Sport Open Male)0:38:15
124Carl Schurgers (Sport Open Male)0:38:34
125Stephen jarred Gawn (Elite Master Male)0:39:01
126Hannah Yeats (Sport Junior Female)
127Dan Walsh (Elite Veteran Male)0:39:03
128Brendhan Callaghan (Sport Open Male)0:39:04
129Dave Fleming (Elite Veteran Male)0:39:05
130Neil Mckeegan (Elite Veteran Male)
131Vaughan Gardyne (Sport Open Male)0:39:07
132Craig Domigan (Elite Master Male)0:39:08
133John Andrews (Elite Veteran Male)0:39:11
134Jonathan Crossman (Elite Master Male)0:39:36
135Tamsin Chittock (Elite Master Female)0:39:38
136Annie Crombie (Elite Veteran Female)0:39:42
137Andrew Holmes (Elite Veteran Male)0:39:45
138Anthony Beverley (Elite Veteran Male)0:39:50
139Sharon Prutton (Elite Veteran Female)0:39:56
140Matt Bailey (Elite Master Male)0:39:57
141Steven Klausen (Elite Veteran Male)0:40:03
142Richard Pasco (Elite Veteran Male)0:40:04
143Ron Keeble (Elite Veteran Male)0:40:05
144Craig Nieper (Elite Master Male)0:40:08
145Patrick Mcateer (Sport Master Male)0:40:09
146Jeremy Shearer (Elite Veteran Male)0:40:18
147Kevin Tims (Elite Veteran Male)0:40:20
148Hamish Howard (Sport Open Male)0:40:26
149Denise Thorne (Elite Veteran Female)0:40:33
150Lawrence Boul (Sport Master Male)0:40:44
151Sean Gledhill (Sport Open Male)0:40:53
152Kate Sidey (Recreational)0:40:57
153Dean Mcguigan (Sport Open Male)0:41:02
154Chris Sutherland (Elite Veteran Male)0:41:35
155Peter Gilling (Elite Veteran Male)0:41:36
156Scott Johnson (Elite Veteran Male)0:41:39
157Lucy Bellerby (Elite Veteran Female)0:41:45
158Evan Taylor (Elite Veteran Male)0:41:46
159Brian Gillman (Elite Veteran Male)0:41:51
160Brendan Ryan (Elite Veteran Male)
161Stefan Kissling (Elite Veteran Male)0:41:53
162Guy Trainor (Elite Veteran Male)0:41:58
163Chris Weeks (Sport Master Male)0:42:00
164Daryl Poulsen (Sport Open Male)0:42:10
165Ross Mcculloch (Elite Open Male)0:42:13
166David Monteath (Elite Veteran Male)0:42:19
167Martin James (Elite Master Male)0:42:28
168Cameron Cleland (Elite Junior Male)0:42:29
169Todd Fowler (Sport Open Male)
170Aaron Lindsay (Elite Open Male)0:42:35
171Mark Mclaren (Elite Veteran Male)0:42:40
172Franck Bocamy (Elite Master Male)0:42:50
173Simon Earl (Sport Open Male)0:42:58
174Peter Ball (Sport Veteran Male)0:42:59
175Greg Jolly (Elite Veteran Male)0:43:10
176Tony Culshaw (Elite Veteran Male)0:43:14
177James Mccallum (Sport Open Male)0:43:18
178Geoff Barker (Sport Master Male)0:43:21
179Sean Fox (Elite Junior Male)0:43:43
180Gavin Beattie (Sport Open Male)0:43:51
181Andrew Webb (Sport Open Male)0:44:17
182Herbie Brown (Elite Veteran Male)0:44:21
183Ben Johnson (Sport Open Male)0:44:24
184Matt Brazeau (Recreational)0:44:34
185Rob Wilson (Sport Open Male)0:44:36
186James Butcher (Sport Open Male)0:44:41
187Trenor Wilkins (Recreational Junior)0:44:43
188Kent Mahon (Sport Open Male)0:44:44
189Jeremy Maguire (Elite Master Male)0:44:49
190Roland Meyer (Sport Master Male)
191Blair Wilkinson (Sport Open Male)0:45:18
192Garry Mclister (Elite Veteran Male)0:45:29
193Jeremy Holmes (Sport Open Male)0:45:51
194Mike Tou (Elite Veteran Male)0:45:56
195Tom Baker (Elite Open Male)0:45:59
196Brent Williams (Sport Open Male)0:46:03
197Tim Tucker (Sport Master Male)0:46:07
198Dave Cowie (Elite Master Male)0:46:13
199Howie Timms (Elite Veteran Male)0:46:15
200Mark Allan (Sport Open Male)0:46:19
201Daniel Mcclennan (Sport Open Male)0:46:24
202Nick Barnes (Sport Junior Male)0:46:46
203Barry King (Elite Veteran Male)0:47:01
204Ian Densie (Sport Open Male)0:47:09
205Brendan Morrison (Elite Master Male)0:47:14
206Allan Thompson (Elite Veteran Male)0:47:22
207Matt Mahoney (Sport Open Male)0:47:31
208Clayton Lightfoot (Sport Open Male)0:47:51
209Brett Strachan (Sport Veteran Male)0:47:54
210Simon Glaister (Sport Open Male)0:47:56
211Sarah kate Mcdonald (Elite Junior Female)0:48:00
212Hamish Pask (Sport Junior Male)
213Chris Ferguson (Elite Master Male)0:48:04
214Jack Haughton (Sport Master Male)0:48:12
215Wolfgang Becken (Sport Open Male)0:48:17
216Andrew Henderson (Elite Master Male)0:48:23
217Ian Graham (Elite Master Male)0:48:39
218Adam Clarke (Sport Open Male)0:48:42
219Duane Francis (Sport Open Male)0:48:53
220Miles Watson (Elite Veteran Male)0:49:10
221Matt Cookson (Sport Veteran Male)0:49:13
222Michael Greaves (Elite Master Male)
223Rob Stewart-mcdonald (Elite Master Male)0:49:14
224Fred Reinds (Sport Master Male)0:49:16
225Brent Kingsland (Elite Master Male)0:49:20
226Jon Davison (Sport Veteran Male)0:49:21
227David Mercer (Elite Veteran Male)0:49:22
228Hamish Southcott (Sport Open Male)0:49:25
229Karina Dollman (Elite Master Female)0:49:26
230Colin Macdonald (Elite Veteran Male)0:49:40
231Michael O'connell (Elite Veteran Male)0:49:48
232Jeff Staniland (Elite Veteran Male)0:49:55
233Antony Alford (Sport Veteran Male)0:49:56
234Tim Buckingham (Sport Junior Male)0:50:02
235Brent Bachop (Sport Master Male)0:50:17
236Grant Fraser (Elite Veteran Male)0:50:21
237Murray Anderson (Elite Master Male)0:50:22
238Ross Machejefski (Sport Open Male)0:50:24
239Graham Batchelor (Sport Veteran Male)0:50:25
240Trevor Nixon (Elite Veteran Male)0:50:32
241Tom Kaminszky (Sport Open Male)0:50:41
242Brett Watson (Sport Open Male)0:50:42
243Clare Brockett (Sport Open Female)0:50:44
244Steve Gurney (Sport Master Male)0:50:45
245Colin Campbell (Sport Master Male)0:50:46
246Allan Whitfield (Elite Veteran Male)0:50:54
247Phil Christmas (Sport Veteran Male)0:51:00
248Jeff Rodger (Elite Veteran Male)0:51:05
249David Gould (Sport Master Male)0:51:06
250Brian Auld (Sport Master Male)0:51:07
251Kevin Johnston (Elite Veteran Male)0:51:10
252Garry Steedman (Recreational)0:51:14
253Harrison Steedman (Recreational Junior)
254Murray Dewhurst (Sport Master Male)0:51:31
255Nigel Finnerty (Elite Veteran Male)0:51:32
256Scott Noakes (Sport Open Male)0:51:35
257Steven Whitaker (Sport Open Male)0:51:36
258Robert Garden (Elite Master Male)0:51:40
259Murray Shanks (Recreational)0:51:48
260Dave Mckerchar (Elite Open Male)0:51:50
261Simon Wilkinson (Sport Master Male)0:51:51
262Jimmie Lawrence (Sport Master Male)0:51:56
263Matt Eggleston (Elite Veteran Male)0:52:00
264James Smith (Elite Master Male)0:52:03
265Paul O'donnell (Sport Master Male)0:52:10
266Graham Neilson (Elite Veteran Male)0:52:15
267Jim Van tilborg (Elite Veteran Male)0:52:17
268Hamish Willcox (Elite Veteran Male)0:52:18
269Callum Calder (Sport Junior Male)0:52:19
270Paul Rewiri (Elite Veteran Male)0:52:21
271Alan Dowdle (Sport Veteran Male)0:52:29
272Charlie Phillips (Elite Veteran Male)0:52:30
273Alan Crosswell (Elite Veteran Male)0:52:31
274Alan Strong (Sport Master Male)0:52:36
275Dirk Bennett (Recreational)0:52:37
276John Gregan (Sport Master Male)0:52:39
277Martin Seers (Elite Veteran Male)0:52:44
278Mark Smith (Sport Master Male)0:52:45
279Mike Moore (Sport Master Male)0:52:50
280Beau Rapley (Elite Veteran Male)0:52:56
281Marek Skrzyniarz (Sport Open Male)0:53:07
282John Edmond (Elite Veteran Male)0:53:10
283Wendy Riach (Elite Veteran Female)0:53:11
284Philip Gallagher (Sport Veteran Male)0:53:12
285John Feron (Elite Veteran Male)0:53:17
286Murray Haig (Elite Veteran Male)0:53:20
287Andrew Holden (Elite Veteran Male)0:53:26
288Willy Rathbone (Elite Veteran Male)0:53:30
289Nathan Primmer (Sport Open Male)0:53:33
290Daryl Young (Sport Master Male)0:53:44
291Ross Richardson (Elite Master Male)0:53:52
292Mike Smith (Sport Master Male)0:53:58
293Stuart Gold (Sport Master Male)0:54:03
294Richard Currie (Sport Open Male)0:54:12
295Richard Penno (Elite Master Male)0:54:14
296Peter Von hagen (Sport Master Male)0:54:20
297Alex Boyes (Elite Master Male)0:54:22
298Darrin Jones (Sport Master Male)
299Darren Gardyne (Sport Open Male)0:54:25
300Danny Blair (Elite Master Male)0:54:30
301Troy Stewart (Recreational)0:54:37
302Adriaan Ryk (Elite Veteran Male)0:54:38
303Andrew Finch (Sport Open Male)0:54:39
304Brett Jenkins (Elite Veteran Male)0:54:40
305Greg Tulett (Sport Master Male)0:54:49
306Mark Aston (Elite Veteran Male)0:54:53
307Tom Frost (Elite Master Male)0:54:54
308Michael Worley (Recreational)
309Richard Coleman (Sport Master Male)0:54:55
310Martyn Greet (Recreational)
311Ian Maclennan (Sport Master Male)0:54:58
312Ian Stockdale (Recreational)
313Mark Mcatamney (Sport Master Male)0:54:59
314Jimmy Yung (Sport Open Male)0:55:00
315Richard Garlick (Sport Master Male)0:55:06
316Jeremy Warnock (Sport Master Male)0:55:09
317George Nathan (Sport Open Male)0:55:11
318Barbara Buchanan (Elite Veteran Female)0:55:12
319Grant Johnstone (Elite Veteran Male)0:55:19
320Mark Townsley (Sport Open Male)0:55:28
321Ken Blatch (Elite Veteran Male)0:55:29
322Glen Buckland (Sport Open Male)0:55:32
323Bryan Lane (Elite Veteran Male)0:55:34
324Lindsay Plunkett (Elite Veteran Male)0:55:37
325Johannes Bay (Recreational Junior)0:55:38
326Mike Taylor (Sport Open Male)0:55:44
327John Mcconchie (Elite Veteran Male)0:55:48
328Scott Kennedy (Sport Open Male)0:55:51
329Christopher Sexton (Sport Junior Male)0:55:54
330Peter James (Sport Veteran Male)0:55:55
331Justin Vaudrey (Elite Master Male)0:55:56
332Ross Millson (Sport Open Male)0:55:58
333Wayne Cooper (Sport Master Male)0:56:00
334Fraser Harding (Sport Veteran Male)
335Karl Larsen (Elite Veteran Male)0:56:03
336Brendon Sparrow (Sport Open Male)
337Jamie Shaw (Elite Master Male)0:56:07
338Richard Sidey (Sport Open Male)
339John Thompson (Elite Veteran Male)0:56:08
340Ross Turner (Elite Veteran Male)0:56:15
341Glyn Howell (Sport Master Male)0:56:22
342John Tucker (Sport Master Male)0:56:32
343Kate Fluker (Sport Open Female)0:56:34
344Henry Buckingham (Sport Junior Male)0:56:35
345Glen Duffield (Sport Open Male)
346Andrew Liddell (Elite Veteran Male)0:56:36
347John Holmes (Sport Master Male)0:56:37
348Steve Havard (Sport Open Male)0:56:38
349Tony Wong (Elite Veteran Male)0:56:42
350Dave Mathieson (Recreational)0:56:48
351Nick Martin (Sport Open Male)0:56:50
352Steve Te whata (Sport Master Male)0:56:57
353Brad Smith (Sport Open Male)0:57:08
354Kathryn Oliver (Sport Master Female)0:57:15
355Andrew Jones (Sport Junior Male)0:57:17
356Andrew Sherriff (Sport Master Male)0:57:21
357Greg Adams (Sport Open Male)0:57:22
358Andy Goodall (Sport Open Male)0:57:23
359Ross Minson (Sport Open Male)0:57:25
360Matt Fowler (Sport Open Male)0:57:31
361Hamish Gillespie (Sport Master Male)0:57:33
362Mark Banham (Sport Open Male)0:57:41
363Simon Siddells (Sport Master Male)
364Pieter Van ammers (Elite Veteran Male)0:57:42
365Mark Synnott (Sport Master Male)0:57:43
366John Dakin (Sport Master Male)0:57:44
367Richard Macdonald (Sport Master Male)0:57:45
368Logan Scott (Sport Open Male)0:57:46
369John Whitaker (Elite Veteran Male)0:57:52
370Shane Hurrell (Sport Master Male)0:57:55
371Jeremy Craw (Sport Open Male)0:58:00
372Daniel Young (Sport Open Male)0:58:07
373Brett Mcintyre (Sport Open Male)0:58:19
374Geoff Anderson (Sport Open Male)0:58:21
375Eric Standfield (Elite Open Male)
376Aaron Drake (Elite Master Male)0:58:23
377Steve Gawn (Sport Open Male)
378Mark Jaine (Elite Veteran Male)0:58:24
379David Maynard (Elite Master Male)0:58:29
380Marcus White (Sport Open Male)0:58:33
381Tim Dixon (Sport Open Male)0:58:37
382Pamela Thompson (Elite Veteran Female)
383Mike Greenslade (Sport Open Male)0:58:40
384Dave Mclennan (Sport Master Male)0:58:41
385Karl Peters (Sport Open Male)
386Mark Cohen (Sport Master Male)0:58:42
387Aaron Whale (Sport Open Male)
388Paul Woodward (Sport Veteran Male)
389Craig Hall (Elite Master Male)0:58:45
390Jason Miller (Sport Master Male)0:58:48
391John Roper-lindsay (Sport Veteran Male)0:58:56
392Luke Mcsoriley (Sport Open Male)0:59:01
393Alistair Madill (Elite Veteran Male)0:59:11
394Daryl Carr (Sport Open Male)0:59:13
395Richard Carolan (Elite Master Male)0:59:17
396Tim O'leary (Elite Veteran Male)0:59:18
397Nick Judd (Sport Open Male)0:59:29
398Matthew Wheelans (Sport Master Male)0:59:30
399Colin Grant (Recreational)0:59:35
400Ryan Young (Sport Open Male)0:59:38
401Lee Farrell (Sport Open Male)0:59:41
402Barry Smith (Elite Master Male)0:59:44
403Jane Lambert (Sport Master Female)0:59:45
404Corey Rix (Sport Open Male)0:59:49
405Mark Ross (Sport Open Male)0:59:52
406Philip Mcconchie (Elite Open Male)0:59:55
407Dougal Shand (Sport Master Male)
408Steve Webster (Sport Open Male)0:59:56
409Anton White (Elite Master Male)0:59:57
410Quin Henderson (Sport Master Male)0:59:58
411Raylene Bates (Elite Veteran Female)1:00:04
412Jay Dignan (Sport Open Male)1:00:13
413Cameron Crawford (Sport Master Male)1:00:18
414David Pike (Elite Veteran Male)1:00:19
415Mike Lowe (Sport Open Male)1:00:20
416Hamish Wheelans (Sport Open Male)
417Gerard Campbell (Elite Veteran Male)1:00:21
418Ken Rogers (Sport Master Male)1:00:22
419Marc Mendonca (Sport Master Male)1:00:35
420Mathew Strange (Sport Open Male)1:00:42
421John Mclaren (Elite Veteran Male)1:00:43
422Ross Standring (Elite Veteran Male)
423Brayden Holden (Elite Junior Male)1:00:44
424Joshua Giles (Elite Junior Male)1:00:51
425Cameron Grindlay (Sport Open Male)
426Richard Fleck (Sport Open Male)1:00:55
427Darroch Davidson (Sport Open Male)1:00:59
428Martin Johnson (Sport Open Male)1:01:01
429Mike Bennett (Sport Open Male)1:01:05
430Jordan Copeland (Sport Junior Male)1:01:07
431Ben Ellison (Recreational)1:01:10
432Tony Barrett (Sport Open Male)1:01:15
433Marc Freeman (Sport Open Male)1:01:18
434Dean James (Sport Master Male)1:01:21
435Philip Jones (Sport Veteran Male)1:01:32
436Logan Reilly (Recreational)
437Richard Cunliffe (Sport Veteran Male)1:01:43
438Oliver Harnett (Sport Junior Male)1:01:44
439Ross Christensen (Sport Veteran Male)1:01:50
440Mark Hunter (Sport Master Male)1:01:59
441Mike Phillips (Elite Master Male)1:02:04
442John Brennan (Sport Open Male)1:02:11
443Chris Dickey (Elite Veteran Male)
444Hamish Kilpatrick (Sport Junior Male)1:02:12
445Simon Smith (Sport Open Male)1:02:13
446Norman Taylor (Elite Veteran Male)
447Dave Early (Elite Veteran Male)1:02:18
448Ian Todd (Elite Veteran Male)1:02:22
449Scott Harvey (Sport Master Male)1:02:26
450Stuart Craig (Sport Veteran Male)1:02:37
451Jane Alloway (Elite Veteran Female)1:02:42
452Brent Richards (Recreational)
453Craig Mcilroy (Sport Master Male)1:02:46
454Phil Roundtree (Sport Veteran Male)1:02:47
455Andrew Fausch (Recreational)1:02:51
456Kate Pollock (Sport Master Female)1:02:59
457Steve Read (Sport Master Male)1:03:05
458Paula Drew (Sport Open Female)1:03:06
459Martin Axtens (Sport Open Male)1:03:14
460Kim Dunn (Sport Master Male)1:03:21
461Colin Prescott (Sport Master Male)
462Wally Kopae (Sport Master Male)1:03:28
463Andy Mcrae (Sport Open Male)1:03:39
464Jeremy Adamson (Recreational)1:03:43
465Tony Caldwell (Sport Veteran Male)1:03:46
466Michael Fraser (Sport Open Male)1:03:49
467Jonny Sim (Sport Master Male)1:03:50
468Murray Wilkinson (Sport Open Male)
469Richard Mccall (Elite Veteran Male)1:03:51
470Shane Tell (Sport Master Male)
471Murray Nash (Sport Open Male)1:04:00
472Steve Harris (Recreational)1:04:03
473Colin Maclaren (Sport Veteran Male)
474Martin Todd (Sport Open Male)1:04:07
475Paul Dixon (Sport Veteran Male)1:04:11
476Michael Chappel (Sport Veteran Male)1:04:20
477Tom Hargreaves (Elite Master Male)1:04:25
478Dale Alloway (Sport Master Male)1:04:26
479Mark Day (Elite Veteran Male)1:04:27
480Lawrence Hill (Elite Veteran Male)1:04:28
481Tania Reid (Sport Master Female)
482Calum Iddles (Sport Master Male)1:04:30
483Mike Stopford (Sport Master Male)1:04:31
484Clare Challis (Sport Open Female)1:04:32
485Nina Chambers (Elite Junior Female)1:04:36
486Andrew Simmonds (Sport Master Male)1:04:39
487Chris Thomson (Sport Veteran Male)1:04:43
488Olivia Spencer-bower (Sport Open Female)1:04:45
489Ben Allan (Sport Master Male)1:04:54
490Andrew Marriott (Sport Master Male)
491Peter Hogan (Sport Master Male)1:05:07
492David Burnett (Sport Veteran Male)1:05:12
493Nigel Douglas (Sport Open Male)1:05:13
494Garey Burgess (Sport Master Male)1:05:14
495Darryl Sutton (Sport Open Male)1:05:17
496Garry Wright (Sport Master Male)1:05:21
497Ben Leong (Sport Open Male)1:05:22
498Greg Harris (Recreational)1:05:25
499Grant Seagar (Sport Veteran Male)1:05:30
500David Sullivan (Sport Master Male)1:05:32
501Graeme Jackson (Sport Master Male)1:05:38
502Gary Axe (Elite Master Male)1:05:44
503Graeme Crosson (Sport Master Male)1:05:47
504Roger Cowie (Elite Veteran Male)1:06:03
505Michael Blomfield (Sport Master Male)1:06:05
506Paul Challis (Elite Veteran Male)1:06:11
507Peter Richardson (Sport Veteran Male)1:06:20
508Mike Baddeley (Sport Master Male)1:06:22
509Callum Nicol (Sport Open Male)1:06:23
510Sue Wood (Sport Veteran Female)1:06:25
511Dave Bradley (Sport Master Male)1:06:26
512Wayne Murray (Elite Veteran Male)1:06:28
513Peter Elliott (Elite Veteran Male)1:06:39
514Glenn Bolton (Sport Master Male)1:06:43
515Lindsay Cameron (Sport Veteran Male)1:06:48
516Brent Cunningham (Sport Master Male)1:06:50
517Andrew Lloyd (Sport Open Male)1:06:57
518Nolan Hill (Sport Open Male)1:06:58
519Robert Cumming (Sport Open Male)1:06:59
520Wayne Paul (Sport Master Male)1:07:06
521Ian Ballam (Sport Veteran Male)1:07:09
522Peter Platts (Elite Veteran Male)
523Euan Inglis (Elite Veteran Male)1:07:10
524David Embleton (Sport Master Male)1:07:12
525Peter Barrow (Recreational)1:07:17
526Colin Wollstein (Elite Veteran Male)1:07:21
527Andrew Muir (Recreational)1:07:25
528Moira Finlin (Elite Veteran Female)1:07:36
529Luke Nicol (Sport Open Male)
530Carne Clissold (Sport Master Male)1:07:37
531Jodi Rook (Sport Open Female)1:07:39
532Jacob Murray (Sport Junior Male)1:07:47
533Michael Sidey (Sport Veteran Male)
534Lincoln Bruce (Recreational)1:07:49
535Jonathan Cartwright (Sport Open Male)1:07:50
536Nathan Botting (Sport Open Male)1:07:55
537Hamish Mcgregor (Elite Master Male)
538Regan Hill (Sport Open Male)1:08:03
539Trevor Read (Elite Veteran Male)1:08:05
540Brendon Patchett (Sport Open Male)1:08:07
541Ross Marett (Sport Master Male)1:08:10
542Ian Adamson (Sport Master Male)1:08:11
543Hayden Cleminson (Sport Junior Male)
544Simon Haley (Elite Veteran Male)1:08:16
545Sam Hogg (Sport Junior Male)1:08:17
546Chris Leith (Sport Open Male)1:08:19
547James Anderson (Sport Master Male)1:08:21
548Aidan Bird (Recreational)
549Bevan Fleming (Sport Open Male)
550Tony Palmer (Elite Veteran Male)1:08:24
551Rob Deans (Sport Open Male)1:08:36
552Peter Shapcott (Sport Veteran Male)1:08:40
553Richard Innes (Recreational)1:08:41
554Ally Mackay (Sport Open Male)1:08:45
555John Warren (Recreational)
556Sharyn Miller (Sport Master Female)1:08:54
557Euan Cowie (Sport Open Male)1:08:56
558Ross Mawdsley (Sport Master Male)1:08:57
559Paul Marshall (Sport Veteran Male)1:09:25
560Phil Marra (Sport Veteran Male)1:09:27
561Tom Faulkner (Recreational)1:09:31
562George Sloan (Sport Open Male)
563Shane Corcoran (Sport Open Male)1:09:32
564Andrew Pellowe (Recreational)1:09:33
565Nick Smith (Recreational)1:09:41
566Darren Burden (Sport Open Male)1:09:47
567John Wallace (Sport Master Male)1:09:48
568Paul Abraas (Sport Open Male)1:09:56
569Dean Wooltorton (Sport Master Male)1:10:05
570Bradley Lynch (Elite Veteran Male)1:10:17
571Dean Wilson (Sport Open Male)1:10:22
572Gus Crichton (Elite Veteran Male)1:10:25
573David Crooks (Sport Master Male)1:10:27
574David Grey (Elite Veteran Male)
575Trevor Booth (Sport Master Male)1:10:30
576Neil Maclennan (Sport Master Male)1:10:36
577Joshua Mclean (Sport Open Male)1:10:37
578Jamie Cross (Sport Open Male)1:10:38
579Doug Robinson (Elite Master Male)1:10:56
580David Gibbon (Sport Master Male)1:10:58
581Jack Hoare (Sport Junior Male)1:11:00
582Aaron Shipman (Sport Master Male)1:11:02
583Gordon Lamont (Sport Open Male)1:11:03
584Sean Sweeney (Sport Open Male)1:11:12
585Robert Walker (Sport Veteran Male)
586Gavin Borthwick (Sport Open Male)1:11:13
587Clayton Gibson (Sport Master Male)1:11:16
588Christopher Colvill (Sport Open Male)1:11:17
589Michael Obrien (Sport Veteran Male)1:11:26
590Paul Morrison (Sport Veteran Male)1:11:29
591Craig Fookes (Recreational)1:11:34
592Wayne Stephens (Sport Master Male)1:11:44
593Allan Trotter (Sport Open Male)1:11:50
594Anthony Hogan (Sport Master Male)1:11:53
595Will Clarke (Sport Open Male)1:11:59
596Philipp Schacht (Recreational)1:12:01
597Michael Heath (Sport Master Male)1:12:05
598Grant Hammond (Sport Open Male)1:12:07
599Jan Davison (Sport Veteran Female)1:12:09
600James Cowie (Sport Veteran Male)1:12:11
601Gregg Brown (Recreational)1:12:17
602Christian Scott (Sport Open Male)1:12:18
603Susanne Becken (Sport Open Female)1:12:20
604Peter Bosworth (Sport Master Male)1:12:22
605Lloyd Fergsuon (Sport Veteran Male)1:12:30
606Chris Hodgson (Sport Veteran Male)
607Jordan Saville (Sport Junior Male)1:12:31
608Calvin Leen (Sport Master Male)1:12:32
609Glenn Sims (Elite Veteran Male)1:12:37
610Mark thomas Leonard (Elite Veteran Male)1:12:39
611Ross Tarawhiti (Sport Veteran Male)1:12:43
612Matt Boivin (Elite Veteran Male)1:12:45
613Brent Miles (Sport Veteran Male)1:12:46
614Simon Wohlers (Sport Open Male)1:12:50
615Vergne Wilson (Elite Master Male)1:12:52
616Duncan Burn (Sport Master Male)1:12:57
617Bruce Ansley (Sport Master Male)1:13:00
618Peter Robinson (Elite Veteran Male)
619Christopher Dickson (Sport Open Male)1:13:01
620Sam Leathem (Sport Open Male)
621Craig Good (Sport Open Male)1:13:04
622Simon Courtney (Sport Open Male)1:13:19
623Tony Sunderland (Sport Master Male)1:13:27
624Craig Churchill (Elite Veteran Male)1:13:29
625Don Van vuuren (Sport Master Male)1:13:30
626Dean Capstick (Sport Master Male)1:13:34
627Allan Caulfield (Elite Veteran Male)1:13:38
628Karina Anderson (Sport Master Female)1:13:51
629Vicki Andrews (Sport Master Female)
630Brigit Murray (Elite Open Female)1:13:56
631Lachie Campbell (Recreational)1:14:02
632Michael Manson (Recreational)1:14:05
633Ross Steele (Sport Veteran Male)1:14:07
634Craig Walker (Sport Master Male)1:14:10
635Alan Dalziel (Sport Veteran Male)1:14:11
636Bruce Copeland (Sport Master Male)1:14:15
637Hamish Presbury (Elite Open Male)1:14:17
638Samuel Dunbar (Sport Junior Male)1:14:28
639Dave Jackways (Sport Master Male)1:14:29
640Ryan Harvey (Elite Open Male)1:14:32
641Simon Mcgowan (Sport Open Male)1:14:42
642Jason Robinson (Recreational)
643Sarah Hely (Sport Open Female)1:14:45
644Michael Quinn (Sport Open Male)
645Al Murray (Sport Master Male)1:14:49
646Mark Perkins (Sport Veteran Male)1:14:50
647Graeme Keyse (Sport Master Male)1:14:58
648James Jackson (Recreational)1:15:00
649Joe Penning (Sport Open Male)1:15:05
650Ingrid Herdson (Sport Master Female)1:15:06
651Richard Linscott (Sport Master Male)1:15:08
652Melissa Wilson (Sport Junior Female)
653John Glaister (Elite Veteran Male)1:15:09
654Rod Garrett (Sport Master Male)1:15:12
655Howard Withell (Sport Open Male)1:15:15
656Barbara Richardson (Sport Master Female)1:15:19
657Quentin Donnelly (Sport Open Male)1:15:23
658Lindsay Wright (Sport Veteran Male)1:15:34
659Alastair Howie (Recreational)1:15:36
660Rick Martin (Recreational)1:15:40
661Rob Grieve (Sport Open Male)1:15:47
662Sia Svendsen (Elite Open Female)1:15:52
663Darrin Mckillop (Sport Open Male)1:15:54
664Benjamin Walker (Sport Open Male)
665Vaughn Fraser (Sport Master Male)1:15:57
666Simon Gilroy (Sport Master Male)1:16:00
667David Clark (Recreational)1:16:02
668John Marris (Sport Master Male)1:16:07
669Ben Thurlow (Sport Open Male)
670Kerry Archer (Sport Open Male)1:16:08
671Tristan Marris (Recreational)1:16:09
672Steve Chamberlain (Sport Master Male)1:16:20
673Ben Langdon (Sport Open Male)
674Neil Foster (Sport Master Male)1:16:21
675Mark Lankow (Sport Open Male)1:16:23
676Micah Gordon (Sport Open Male)1:16:27
677Thomas Blakie (Sport Open Male)1:16:28
678Russell Mckenzie (Sport Master Male)1:16:32
679John Kissell (Elite Master Male)1:16:33
680Guy Carter (Recreational)1:16:43
681Catherine Pell (Sport Master Female)
682Sam Morrrrison (Recreational)1:16:47
683Mark Bolton (Sport Master Male)1:16:53
684Richard Trevena (Elite Master Male)1:16:57
685Anthony Mclennan (Sport Junior Male)1:17:02
686Jason Nicol (Sport Open Male)1:17:04
687Dominic Bowles (Sport Open Male)1:17:08
688Diane Stead (Sport Veteran Female)
689Ron Johns (Recreational)1:17:09
690Richard Smith (Sport Master Male)1:17:10
691Reuben Hopcroft (Sport Open Male)1:17:14
692Scott Bremner (Elite Veteran Male)1:17:15
693Ezra Arnold (Recreational)1:17:16
694Christopher Peak (Recreational)1:17:20
695Nic Bishop (Elite Veteran Female)1:17:24
696Rob Maxwell (Elite Veteran Male)
697David Brent (Sport Veteran Male)1:17:30
698Mark Paddon (Sport Master Male)1:17:31
699Phillip Wells (Recreational)1:17:32
700Chris Heslop (Elite Veteran Male)1:17:34
701Wayne Findlay (Recreational)1:17:36
702Ryan Connor (Recreational)1:17:52
703Paul Dean (Recreational)
704Scott Soroka (Sport Master Male)
705Graham Caradus (Sport Veteran Male)1:17:54
706Boyd Wilson (Sport Master Male)1:18:03
707Liam Gahan (Sport Open Male)1:18:05
708Gary Arnott (Recreational)1:18:06
709Robert Newlands (Sport Open Male)1:18:09
710Christopher Maynard (Recreational)1:18:12
711Mike Skilton (Recreational)1:18:16
712Cliff Tipler (Sport Veteran Male)
713Barry Mcfall (Sport Open Male)1:18:22
714Andrew Lill (Recreational)1:18:26
715Dale Walden (Sport Veteran Male)1:18:30
716Ray Baxter (Sport Master Male)1:18:32
717Lauren Tarawhiti (Elite Open Female)1:18:33
718Grant Jones (Sport Master Male)1:18:34
719Michael Ross (Elite Veteran Male)1:18:41
720Jos Spijkerbosch (Sport Veteran Male)
721Michael Cox (Sport Open Male)1:18:48
722John Weatherburn (Sport Master Male)1:18:50
723Richard Swan (Sport Master Male)1:19:04
724David Friend (Sport Master Male)1:19:07
725Wasa Galletly (Elite Veteran Male)1:19:08
726Barb Lambeth (Elite Veteran Female)1:19:09
727Richard Erskine (Sport Master Male)1:19:11
728Brent Henderson (Sport Master Male)
729Garry Van leeuwen (Recreational)1:19:12
730Thomas Speight (Sport Junior Male)1:19:13
731Tamara Rowse (Sport Open Female)1:19:14
732Mark Shaw (Recreational)1:19:20
733Brian Scott (Sport Veteran Male)1:19:23
734Todd Blackwood (Sport Veteran Male)1:19:28
735Shane Wright (Elite Veteran Male)
736Adrienne Chin (Sport Master Female)1:19:29
737Graeme Smith (Sport Veteran Male)
738Brad Wilson (Recreational)1:19:31
739Jonathan Dennison (Sport Junior Male)1:19:39
740Andrew Pryce (Sport Open Male)1:19:50
741Peter Judd (Sport Master Male)1:19:52
742Tim Robinson (Sport Master Male)1:19:53
743John Western (Sport Master Male)1:19:55
744Sander De wildt (Sport Open Male)1:19:57
745Robbie Noble (Recreational)1:20:01
746Michael Scannell (Elite Veteran Male)1:20:09
747Andrew Haig (Sport Open Male)1:20:15
748Trevor Eyles (Elite Veteran Male)1:20:33
749Monique Anderson (Sport Open Female)1:20:34
750Leonie Craig (Sport Master Female)1:20:38
751Michael Jeffs (Sport Open Male)
752John D`arcy (Sport Master Male)1:20:54
753Benjamin Mccoy (Elite Junior Male)1:20:58
754Ian Mcpherson (Elite Veteran Male)1:21:03
755Kirsty Johnston (Sport Open Female)1:21:08
756Gray Sycamore (Recreational)1:21:28
757Brooke Harding (Sport Open Male)1:21:32
758Rob Briscoe (Sport Master Male)1:21:33
759Greg Davey (Elite Veteran Male)1:21:40
760Trevor Blake (Sport Veteran Male)1:21:44
761Shelley Girvan (Elite Master Female)
762Birgitte Neal (Sport Master Female)
763Martin Shepherd (Elite Veteran Male)1:21:46
764Aaron Nicolson (Sport Open Male)1:21:56
765Dave Evans (Elite Veteran Male)1:21:57
766Shane Evans (Sport Open Male)1:22:03
767Richard Driver (Recreational)1:22:08
768John Duncan (Sport Veteran Male)1:22:19
769Harriet Miller (Sport Junior Female)
770Richard Falconer (Sport Open Male)1:22:22
771John Sparrow (Sport Veteran Male)1:22:24
772Frazer Offwood (Sport Open Male)1:22:28
773Mike Prattley (Sport Master Male)1:22:30
774Bevan Scott (Sport Master Male)1:22:32
775Rodger Kerr (Recreational)1:22:37
776Josephine King (Elite Veteran Female)1:22:45
777Tony Anderson (Sport Master Male)1:22:46
778Mary-louise Schroder (Sport Veteran Female)1:22:48
779Angela Mote (Recreational)1:22:55
780Simon Nicholl (Sport Open Male)
781Jeffery Booth (Recreational)1:22:56
782Steve Mcclintock (Sport Veteran Male)1:22:58
783Peter Commons (Sport Master Male)1:22:59
784John Mcfadden (Sport Veteran Male)1:23:01
785Russell Watson (Sport Master Male)1:23:04
786John Nicholl (Recreational)1:23:09
787Len Smyth (Sport Master Male)1:23:11
788Rodney Buckingham (Recreational)1:23:12
789Neville Buckingham (Recreational)1:23:13
790John Read (Sport Veteran Male)
791Bernie Bell (Sport Veteran Male)1:23:16
792Martin King (Recreational)
793Miles Henderson (Sport Master Male)1:23:18
794Eva Brown (Sport Junior Female)1:23:19
795Peter Forde (Elite Veteran Male)
796Craig Mccallum (Recreational)
797Gareth Huston (Sport Master Male)1:23:25
798Craig Fleming (Sport Open Male)1:23:28
799Andrew Horsbrugh (Recreational)1:23:31
800Anne Prattley (Sport Master Female)1:23:43
801Ralph Simpson (Elite Veteran Male)1:23:46
802Alwyn Eade (Sport Veteran Male)1:23:48
803Barry Tomlins (Sport Open Male)1:23:56
804Andrew Horton (Elite Veteran Male)1:23:57
805Dion Douglas (Sport Master Male)1:23:58
806Paul O'brien (Recreational)1:24:00
807Bradley Hibbs (Sport Open Male)1:24:03
808Dave Mitchell (Sport Veteran Male)
809Peter Mchenry (Sport Veteran Male)1:24:05
810Greg Lysaght (Sport Master Male)1:24:19
811Andy Borland (Sport Master Male)1:24:23
812Diane Cornell (Recreational)
813Steve Mcewan (Sport Master Male)1:24:36
814Hamish Mackay (Sport Open Male)1:24:38
815Stuart Nattrass (Recreational)1:24:40
816John Wheelans (Recreational)1:24:41
817Jason Murdoch (Recreational)1:24:45
818Michael Dane (Sport Veteran Male)1:25:02
819Josh Camp (Sport Master Male)1:25:08
820Michael Pollok (Sport Veteran Male)1:25:11
821Tom Studholme (Sport Master Male)1:25:12
822Matt Bonis (Elite Master Male)1:25:13
823John Perry (Elite Veteran Male)1:25:14
824Nick Mason (Sport Open Male)1:25:22
825Peter Clark (Elite Veteran Male)1:25:26
826Kirstie Mackey (Sport Open Female)1:25:27
827Chris Lawson (Elite Veteran Male)1:25:32
828Peter Ravn (Recreational)
829Bridie Zarifeh (Sport Junior Female)1:25:35
830Chrissie O'donnell (Sport Master Female)1:25:36
831Jason Mcfadden (Sport Open Male)1:25:39
832David Gwynne-jones (Sport Master Male)1:25:40
833Andy Dingley (Sport Master Male)1:25:52
834Kelsey Timpany (Sport Junior Female)
835Dennis Paulin (Sport Veteran Male)1:25:59
836Janette Hall (Recreational)1:26:12
837Peter Herdson (Sport Master Male)
838Glenn Lovell (Sport Open Male)1:26:13
839Sheree Campbell (Sport Open Female)1:26:16
840David Clarke (Sport Veteran Male)1:26:20
841Paul Thompson (Sport Master Male)
842Paul Angus (Sport Master Male)1:26:21
843Phil Gilchrist (Sport Master Male)1:26:22
844Malcolm Thomas (Sport Master Male)1:26:26
845Phillip Mcarthur (Sport Master Male)1:26:41
846Ewen Rendel (Sport Veteran Male)1:26:47
847Chris Conners (Recreational)1:26:48
848Rob Forrester (Recreational)1:26:54
849Grant Shortus (Recreational)1:26:56
850Matthew Robinson (Sport Open Male)1:26:57
851Grant Mcfaul (Sport Master Male)1:26:59
852Logan Evans (Sport Junior Male)1:27:10
853Allan Pope (Sport Veteran Male)1:27:13
854Dave Pringle (Recreational)
855Amy Kirk (Sport Open Female)1:27:24
856Mark Townsend (Sport Open Male)1:27:27
857Thomas Callum (Recreational)1:27:41
858Bevan Ingram (Sport Master Male)
859Mark Hobson (Sport Master Male)1:27:52
860Rhys Lamont (Sport Junior Male)1:27:53
861Stuart Anderson (Recreational)1:27:54
862Brent Childs (Sport Veteran Male)1:27:56
863Mark Quickfall (Sport Veteran Male)
864Delia O'malley (Recreational)1:28:01
865Julian Rinckes (Recreational)1:28:02
866Ben Walden (Recreational)1:28:03
867Mike Hartley (Sport Open Male)1:28:05
868Brett Crackett (Elite Veteran Male)1:28:06
869Sam Speight (Sport Junior Male)1:28:18
870David Meszaros (Sport Junior Male)1:28:44
871Paul Williams (Sport Veteran Male)1:28:46
872Andrew Rodwell (Sport Master Male)1:28:51
873Grant Anderson (Elite Master Male)1:28:54
874Paula Owen (Sport Master Female)1:28:55
875Andrew Breward (Sport Master Male)1:28:57
876Simon Jopling (Recreational)1:28:59
877Chris Riley (Sport Veteran Female)1:29:02
878Mike Barton (Recreational)1:29:13
879Julie Doornenbal (Sport Veteran Female)1:29:16
880Jennifer Dray (Sport Master Female)1:29:20
881Sophia Pegg (Elite Veteran Female)1:29:24
882David Cartwright (Elite Veteran Male)1:29:26
883Ross Wallace (Sport Veteran Male)1:29:31
884Richard Newson (Sport Open Male)1:29:35
885Sharon English (Sport Master Female)1:29:38
886Pete Chudleigh (Recreational)1:29:39
887Raoul Thomas (Recreational)1:29:45
888Carl Schmack (Sport Open Male)1:29:49
889Tony Gomez (Sport Master Male)1:29:59
890Bria Noble (Sport Junior Female)1:30:01
891Michael Stewart (Sport Master Male)
892Oliver Stewart (Sport Junior Male)1:30:02
893Deborah Morris (Sport Veteran Female)1:30:03
894James Bennie (Sport Open Male)1:30:04
895Adam Lyness (Recreational)1:30:10
896Freddie Linterman (Recreational)1:30:30
897Cliff Kingston (Recreational)1:30:31
898Dion Boland (Sport Open Male)1:30:35
899Elliot Cleland (Recreational Junior)1:30:42
900Tony Cleland (Recreational)
901Karl Nicol (Sport Open Male)1:30:43
902Simon Harbour (Recreational)1:30:48
903Matt Woolston (Recreational)1:30:54
904Tony Carr (Recreational)1:30:55
905Julia Crossman (Sport Open Female)1:30:56
906Mark Obrien (Elite Veteran Male)1:30:59
907Andrew Mcnaughton (Recreational)1:31:04
908Duncan Good (Sport Open Male)1:31:10
909Edward Christian (Sport Master Male)1:31:12
910Anthony King (Sport Open Male)1:31:19
911Tony Evans (Sport Master Male)1:31:20
912Tony Van der weerden (Sport Master Male)
913Mark Evans (Sport Master Male)1:31:22
914Paul Mcnoe (Recreational)1:31:25
915Kathryn Smith (Elite Veteran Female)
916John Clark (Sport Master Male)1:31:27
917Donna Keyse (Recreational)1:31:30
918Kevin Mclaughlan (Elite Veteran Male)1:31:36
919Clayton Howard (Sport Veteran Male)1:32:00
920Hamish Leckie (Sport Veteran Male)1:32:01
921Ian Mcpherson (Sport Master Male)1:32:08
922Grant Mitchell (Recreational)1:32:11
923Phil Sinclair (Sport Master Male)
924Ross Burns (Elite Veteran Male)1:32:17
925Jeremy Gundry (Sport Junior Male)1:32:21
926Gary Weinberg (Recreational)1:32:30
927Mike Daniel (Sport Master Male)1:32:31
928Antony Watson (Sport Junior Male)1:32:34
929Kees Doornenbal (Sport Veteran Male)1:32:38
930Ian Fraser (Sport Master Male)
931Jeff Hegan (Recreational)
932Jane Clissold (Sport Master Female)1:32:42
933Andrew Johnstone (Sport Master Male)
934David Binney (Recreational)1:32:43
935Nikki Mccall (Sport Open Female)
936Ross Grieve (Elite Veteran Male)1:32:50
937Mike Prouting (Sport Master Male)1:32:55
938Ross Mccullough (Recreational)1:32:56
939Mathew Matheson (Recreational)1:32:58
940Hannah Lane (Elite Junior Female)1:33:04
941Noel Jenkins (Recreational)1:33:07
942Steve Anderson (Recreational)1:33:08
943Greg Collins (Sport Master Male)1:33:14
944Matthew Engel (Sport Open Male)1:33:18
945Ian Shore (Sport Veteran Male)1:33:22
946Chester Caulfield (Recreational)1:33:27
947Andy Knowles (Sport Open Male)1:33:31
948Andrew King (Sport Master Male)1:33:38
949Jon Newall (Sport Open Male)1:33:43
950Sue Christmas (Sport Veteran Female)1:33:48
951Douglas White (Sport Veteran Male)1:33:49
952Graeme Rodwell (Sport Veteran Male)1:33:51
953John Mcculloch (Sport Veteran Male)1:34:05
954Allan Taylor (Recreational)1:34:07
955Mike Walsh (Recreational)1:34:13
956James Talbot (Recreational)1:34:14
957Paul Sullivan (Sport Master Male)1:34:16
958Duane Smith (Sport Open Male)1:34:17
959Ross Davidson (Sport Veteran Male)1:34:18
960Ryan Devery (Recreational)1:34:19
961Carl Pryde (Sport Open Male)1:34:22
962Darrell Auld (Sport Open Male)1:34:23
963Alister Rance (Sport Master Male)1:34:24
964Phillipa Watkins (Sport Veteran Female)1:34:26
965Wayne Smith (Recreational)1:34:30
966Michael Hall (Recreational Junior)1:34:33
967Stuart Pescini (Sport Veteran Male)1:34:36
968Francine Griffin (Sport Open Female)1:34:42
969Heather Rendel (Sport Master Female)
970Christina Clarke (Recreational)1:34:47
971Brian Shea (Sport Open Male)
972Bill Cook (Elite Veteran Male)1:34:51
973George Kemmett (Sport Veteran Male)1:34:52
974Jeremy Savage (Recreational)1:34:55
975Hank Roelink (Recreational)1:34:56
976Angus Armstrong (Sport Master Male)1:34:59
977David Chee (Sport Master Male)
978Peter Neeve (Recreational)
979Tristan Williams (Sport Master Male)1:35:01
980Damian Camp (Sport Open Male)1:35:03
981Dwane Copeland (Sport Master Male)1:35:06
982Dave Pierson (Sport Open Male)1:35:08
983Philippa Roberts (Sport Open Female)
984Ben Thegerman (Sport Open Male)1:35:09
985Kerry Cox (Sport Open Female)1:35:13
986Oliver Dunn (Recreational Junior)1:35:18
987Mel Fowler (Recreational)1:35:19
988Gene Clements (Recreational)1:35:20
989Gary Wilson (Sport Veteran Male)1:35:25
990Harry Dillon (Recreational)1:35:32
991Glenn Alexander (Recreational)1:35:33
992Peter Graham (Sport Veteran Male)1:35:34
993Warren Browne (Sport Veteran Male)1:35:35
994Mark Kelly (Sport Master Male)1:35:49
995Russell Mcgarry (Sport Veteran Male)
996Andrew Rowden (Recreational)1:35:56
997Zoltan Endre (Sport Veteran Male)1:35:59
998Joshua Leckie (Sport Open Male)
999Stephen Weir (Sport Veteran Male)1:36:03
1000Stephanie Mahan (Sport Open Female)1:36:11
1001Brad Reynolds (Sport Open Male)1:36:15
1002Mick Moffatt (Sport Open Male)1:36:26
1003Keith Gerritsen (Recreational)1:36:28
1004Connor Clements (Sport Junior Male)1:36:32
1005Mike Ford (Sport Veteran Male)1:36:37
1006Robbie Venrooy (Sport Master Male)1:36:39
1007Andrew Benington (Recreational Junior)1:36:45
1008Declan Murray (Recreational)1:36:57
1009Craig Biggs (Sport Master Male)1:36:58
1010Paul Crichton (Sport Master Male)1:37:13
1011James Boughey (Sport Master Male)1:37:16
1012Alex Fallow (Sport Veteran Male)1:37:17
1013Andy Yule (Sport Master Male)1:37:20
1014Alister Blatch (Sport Master Male)1:37:21
1015Chris Kotkamp (Recreational)1:37:33
1016Brett Granger (Sport Veteran Male)1:37:36
1017Derek Morrison (Sport Open Male)1:37:42
1018Cate Shields (Elite Veteran Female)1:37:48
1019Stephen Bateman (Sport Veteran Male)1:37:49
1020Sally Holmes (Sport Master Female)
1021Brian Mccrory (Sport Veteran Male)1:37:51
1022Hugh Rosemergy (Sport Master Male)1:37:55
1023Tony Morley (Sport Master Male)1:37:59
1024Brett Gawn (Sport Veteran Male)1:38:13
1025Gerard Hyland (Recreational)1:38:18
1026Paula Hasler (Sport Open Female)1:38:22
1027Paul Cooper (Elite Veteran Male)1:38:33
1028Nicola Neal (Sport Open Female)
1029Bruce Parkes (Recreational)1:38:35
1030Michael Hellier (Recreational)1:38:36
1031Peter Jordan (Sport Open Male)1:38:40
1032Paul Bibby (Sport Master Male)1:38:41
1033Grant Cartwright (Sport Master Male)
1034Lochie Bellerby (Sport Junior Male)1:38:43
1035Paul Pollard (Sport Master Male)1:38:48
1036Lynne Weston (Sport Open Female)
1037Kevin Davidson (Sport Veteran Male)1:38:53
1038Dave Grant (Recreational)1:38:59
1039John Williamson (Recreational)1:39:01
1040Damon Findlater (Sport Open Male)1:39:12
1041James Milne (Sport Veteran Male)1:39:19
1042Craig Reddington (Sport Master Male)
1043Kirsten Alloway (Sport Open Female)1:39:26
1044Richard Ott (Recreational)1:39:29
1045Sue Howell (Sport Master Female)1:39:30
1046Warren Dunbar (Sport Master Male)1:39:33
1047Paul Walker (Sport Open Male)
1048Rosemary Clark (Sport Open Female)1:39:35
1049Brent Gardyne (Elite Veteran Male)1:39:37
1050Rod Keillor (Sport Veteran Male)1:39:42
1051Graeme Johnson (Sport Veteran Male)1:39:50
1052Alastair Smaill (Elite Veteran Male)1:39:51
1053Ken Richardson (Sport Veteran Male)1:39:57
1054Caroline Holland (Sport Open Female)1:40:00
1055Koren Linn (Sport Open Female)1:40:02
1056Jonathan Boyd (Recreational)1:40:05
1057Tony Wood (Recreational)
1058Mark Hook (Sport Master Male)1:40:13
1059Warwick Ball (Sport Veteran Male)1:40:16
1060Ryan Sutton (Sport Open Male)1:40:18
1061Julie Jones (Sport Master Female)1:40:26
1062Sarah Plum (Sport Master Female)
1063Garth Lawrence (Recreational)1:40:28
1064Steve Kennedy (Sport Master Male)1:40:34
1065Garry Dick (Recreational)1:40:40
1066Alan Foote (Sport Veteran Male)1:40:47
1067Doc O'connor (Sport Veteran Male)
1068Greg Needham (Sport Veteran Male)1:40:48
1069Caren Butler (Recreational)1:40:56
1070Paula Barker (Sport Master Female)1:41:00
1071Cameron Clark (Sport Open Male)
1072Tom Wilson (Sport Junior Male)1:41:02
1073Ivan Grooby (Recreational)1:41:12
1074Doug Mcmillan (Recreational)1:41:15
1075Kate Lindsay (Sport Junior Female)1:41:18
1076Tessa Jackson (Sport Master Female)1:41:26
1077Michelle Bradley (Sport Master Female)1:41:27
1078Tim Duggan (Sport Open Male)1:41:28
1079Steven Turner (Recreational)1:41:29
1080Phillip Lindsay (Sport Veteran Male)1:41:30
1081Rod Nicholson (Sport Master Male)1:41:41
1082Shelley-mae Brown (Recreational)1:41:51
1083Bill Babe (Sport Master Male)1:41:56
1084Jason Te aho (Sport Master Male)1:42:00
1085Craig Copeland (Sport Master Male)1:42:09
1086Steve Goddard (Recreational)
1087Phil Wiles (Sport Open Male)1:42:11
1088Martin Anderson (Sport Master Male)1:42:14
1089Rachael Mckenzie (Sport Open Female)1:42:16
1090Tony Arnerich (Sport Master Male)1:42:18
1091Paul Ayson (Sport Open Male)1:42:28
1092Timothy Hope (Sport Open Male)1:42:32
1093Stuart Heaton (Sport Open Male)1:42:35
1094Brendan Foster (Recreational)1:42:37
1095Darryn Wilkie (Sport Open Male)
1096Rob Wotherspoon (Sport Open Male)
1097Peter Joyce (Sport Master Male)1:42:39
1098Stewart Mcdonald (Sport Open Male)1:42:40
1099Diederik Van heyningen (Sport Master Male)1:42:51
1100Petersen Myles (Sport Master Male)1:42:58
1101David Campbell (Sport Master Male)1:43:03
1102Dave Colenso (Recreational)1:43:05
1103Geoff Feron (Elite Veteran Male)1:43:07
1104Terry Hayward (Recreational)
1105Ross Chinnery-brown (Sport Veteran Male)1:43:08
1106Leigh Harding (Sport Open Female)1:43:12
1107Ian Sutherland (Recreational)
1108Michael Tills (Recreational)1:43:16
1109Drew Harmer (Sport Open Male)1:43:25
1110Lucy Millton (Sport Open Female)1:43:26
1111Keith Alexander (Recreational)1:43:36
1112Matthew Durkin (Sport Master Male)1:43:37
1113Lydia Heard (Sport Master Female)1:43:43
1114Jennie Bell (Sport Master Female)1:43:46
1115Brett Stuart (Sport Master Male)1:43:51
1116Rob Lancaster (Sport Open Male)1:43:53
1117Robin Patterson (Sport Veteran Male)
1118Mark Breen (Sport Master Male)1:44:09
1119Bex Tidball (Sport Open Female)1:44:11
1120Graham Robinson (Recreational)1:44:14
1121Chris Wright (Recreational)1:44:20
1122Kurt Asplin (Recreational)1:44:29
1123Bevan Stewart (Sport Open Male)1:44:30
1124Heather Mcmaster (Sport Veteran Female)1:44:35
1125Chris Simmons (Sport Master Male)1:44:39
1126Andrew Brydon (Sport Master Male)1:44:50
1127Holly Smith (Sport Open Female)
1128Sally Synnott (Sport Master Female)
1129Murray Hyndman (Sport Veteran Male)1:45:00
1130Shane West (Sport Master Male)
1131Kirsten Nicholl (Sport Master Female)1:45:04
1132Logan Hammond (Sport Open Male)1:45:05
1133Tony Shaw (Sport Master Male)
1134Analise Wilson (Sport Open Female)1:45:14
1135Steve Wilson (Sport Open Male)
1136Barbara Brown (Sport Veteran Female)1:45:19
1137Justine Grieve (Sport Open Female)1:45:20
1138Andrew Oorschot (Recreational)1:45:22
1139Peter Lawrence (Sport Master Male)1:45:23
1140Julie Collins (Sport Master Female)1:45:24
1141Geoff Hay (Recreational)1:45:27
1142Nicola Smart (Sport Master Female)1:45:33
1143Otinel Meszaros (Sport Open Male)1:45:34
1144Nathan Benfell (Sport Open Male)1:45:39
1145Laurence Rowland (Recreational)1:45:43
1146Murray Depree (Recreational)1:45:45
1147Graeme Kilpatrick (Sport Veteran Male)
1148Michael Lewis (Sport Master Male)1:45:52
1149Alison Couldrey (Elite Veteran Female)1:45:53
1150Michael Inns (Sport Veteran Male)1:45:55
1151Gordon Higgins (Sport Master Male)1:46:05
1152Ron Sasse (Elite Veteran Male)1:46:07
1153Brady Cosgrove (Sport Master Male)1:46:13
1154Lisa Mair (Sport Open Female)
1155Trevor Creighton (Sport Open Male)1:46:18
1156Ian Kennedy (Sport Veteran Male)
1157Andrew Simms (Sport Master Male)1:46:26
1158Dougal Cockram (Recreational)1:46:30
1159David Lloyd (Sport Open Male)1:46:31
1160Matt Nancekivell (Sport Open Male)1:46:36
1161Simon Briscoe (Sport Master Male)1:46:38
1162Ross Maguire (Sport Veteran Male)1:46:44
1163Shane Muir (Sport Master Male)1:46:48
1164David Collinson (Sport Veteran Male)1:46:53
1165Gus Johnston (Sport Veteran Male)1:46:54
1166Rob Mccrostie (Sport Veteran Male)
1167Graeme Watson (Sport Veteran Male)
1168Scott Mcnaughton (Recreational)1:46:56
1169Mark Bridgwater (Sport Open Male)1:47:01
1170Brooke Patrick (Sport Open Female)
1171John Anderson (Sport Master Male)1:47:04
1172Arron Stewart (Sport Open Male)1:47:13
1173Kris Barrs (Recreational)1:47:21
1174Chris Traynor (Recreational)1:47:25
1175Michael Robinson (Sport Open Male)1:47:28
1176Warren Sharp (Sport Open Male)1:47:30
1177Jesse Kenton-smith (Sport Master Male)1:47:36
1178Avril Guihen (Sport Open Female)1:47:41
1179Andrew Payne (Sport Open Male)1:47:57
1180Simon Noble (Sport Master Male)1:47:58
1181Peter Bay (Recreational)1:47:59
1182Stuart Clark (Sport Open Male)1:48:01
1183Mark Verbiest (Recreational)1:48:12
1184James Mullenger (Sport Open Male)1:48:16
1185Kevin Sutherland (Recreational)1:48:17
1186Colin Drew (Sport Veteran Male)1:48:25
1187Paull Chaney (Sport Veteran Male)1:48:27
1188Keith Richardson (Elite Veteran Male)1:48:31
1189Rod Oram (Recreational)1:48:34
1190Alex Brodie (Recreational)1:48:36
1191David Leckie (Recreational)1:48:39
1192David Patterson (Sport Master Male)1:48:42
1193David Cruickshank (Sport Master Male)1:48:43
1194Stephen Hamilton (Sport Master Male)
1195Nicola Stead (Sport Open Female)
1196Paul Maher (Sport Veteran Male)1:48:54
1197Hamish Matheson (Sport Open Male)
1198Ben Witheford (Recreational)
1199Glen Fowler (Sport Master Male)1:49:21
1200Patrick Cunliffe (Sport Master Male)1:49:22
1201Ross Mcrobie (Sport Veteran Male)1:49:29
1202Graeme Ramshaw (Recreational)1:49:32
1203Lisa Denny (Sport Open Female)1:49:43
1204Nathan Sayers (Recreational)1:49:45
1205Chris Hughes (Recreational)1:49:52
1206Stuart Mccowan (Recreational)1:49:58
1207Andrew Sparrow (Recreational)1:50:08
1208Alan Sutton (Sport Veteran Male)1:50:11
1209Steve Gilligan (Recreational)1:50:14
1210Steve Mitchell (Sport Veteran Male)1:50:16
1211Graham Fleck (Sport Veteran Male)1:50:17
1212Susan Mcconchie (Sport Master Female)1:50:20
1213Nikki Ayson (Sport Open Female)1:50:22
1214Jeremy Rossaak (Recreational)1:50:25
1215Trevor Cassidy-clark (Sport Veteran Male)1:50:26
1216Derek Bulman (Sport Veteran Male)1:50:28
1217Dean Laurie (Elite Master Male)1:50:36
1218Sheena Smith (Sport Open Female)1:50:40
1219Robert Mcbride (Recreational)1:50:41
1220Monica Urquhart (Recreational)1:50:44
1221Francis Pauwels (Recreational)1:50:45
1222Grace Smith (Sport Junior Female)
1223David Iremonger (Recreational)1:50:46
1224Ross Herrett (Sport Veteran Male)1:50:54
1225Godfrey Cray (Sport Veteran Male)1:50:55
1226Gwen Hendry (Recreational)1:50:59
1227Geoff Leckie (Recreational)1:51:07
1228Warren Topp (Sport Open Male)1:51:21
1229Stephen Muir (Sport Master Male)1:51:30
1230Jane Gunn-lewis (Recreational)1:51:31
1231Louise Caulfield (Elite Veteran Female)1:51:37
1232Claudio Heye (Recreational)1:51:40
1233Richard Findlay (Sport Master Male)1:51:47
1234Paul Roe (Sport Master Male)1:51:49
1235Steve Mason (Sport Veteran Male)1:51:57
1236Luke Proctor (Sport Open Male)1:52:00
1237Ashley Gardner (Sport Open Male)1:52:18
1238Peter Davey (Sport Master Male)1:52:23
1239Susan Peters (Sport Master Female)1:52:27
1240Craig Mason (Recreational)1:52:31
1241Graham Beggs (Sport Veteran Male)1:52:32
1242Carolyn Macdonald (Sport Open Female)1:52:35
1243Amos Youngson (Sport Open Male)1:52:38
1244Hamish Elliott (Recreational Junior)1:52:42
1245Bryan Mccormack (Elite Veteran Male)1:52:43
1246Donald Heslip (Sport Master Male)1:52:47
1247Chris Clark (Sport Open Male)1:52:49
1248Barry Hanson (Recreational)1:52:51
1249Ross Hanson (Recreational)
1250Richard Oliver (Sport Veteran Male)1:52:54
1251Bronwyn Mcclean (Recreational)1:53:12
1252Jon Anderson (Sport Veteran Male)1:53:17
1253Anne Allen (Sport Master Female)1:53:28
1254Chris Wells (Sport Veteran Male)1:53:29
1255Brett Miller (Sport Open Male)1:53:31
1256Jack Wormald (Sport Open Male)
1257Andrew Baines (Sport Open Male)1:53:41
1258Andrew Borthwick (Recreational)1:53:45
1259Angus Bradshaw (Recreational)
1260Andrew Burden (Recreational)1:53:47
1261Penny Russell (Sport Master Female)1:53:59
1262Carmen Bungard (Recreational)1:54:00
1263Colin Russell (Sport Master Male)
1264Amanda Senior (Recreational)
1265Trevor Bungard (Recreational)1:54:08
1266Aaron Scott (Recreational)1:54:09
1267Todd Utteridge (Recreational)1:54:11
1268Kathryn Keown (Sport Master Female)1:54:16
1269Timothy Stalker (Sport Master Male)
1270Peter Chaimberlain (Elite Veteran Male)1:54:21
1271Steve Moratti (Elite Master Male)
1272Sally Patchett (Sport Master Female)1:54:26
1273Carol-lyn Phillips (Sport Open Female)1:54:27
1274Matt Currie (Recreational)1:54:30
1275Barry Hellyer (Sport Master Male)1:54:37
1276Layne Sefton (Sport Master Male)1:54:43
1277Nic Hill (Recreational)1:54:52
1278Graeme Wilkie (Recreational)1:54:55
1279David Chisholm (Recreational)1:55:00
1280Ronald Riley (Sport Veteran Male)1:55:10
1281Bob Smith (Elite Veteran Male)
1282Henry Boyle (Sport Junior Male)1:55:30
1283Regan Hall (Sport Open Male)1:55:32
1284Matt Bailey (Recreational)1:55:33
1285Rex Duncan (Recreational)1:55:34
1286Lawrence Mccann (Recreational)1:55:35
1287Olivia Miller (Recreational Junior)1:55:45
1288Steve Twaddell (Sport Open Male)1:55:52
1289Hayden Morris (Sport Master Male)1:55:55
1290Monique Smith (Sport Master Female)1:56:04
1291Alan Wilson (Sport Open Male)1:56:06
1292Jacq Brown (Recreational)1:56:11
1293Matthew Smith (Recreational)1:56:15
1294Callum Mccaw (Recreational)1:56:32
1295David-jon Wheeler (Recreational)1:56:41
1296Glenn Stevens (Recreational)1:56:47
1297Allister Green (Sport Open Male)1:56:52
1298Hugh Scott (Recreational)1:56:53
1299David Anderson (Recreational)1:56:54
1300Stu Mcmaster (Sport Veteran Male)1:56:55
1301Ronald Huston (Sport Veteran Male)1:57:07
1302Will Grant (Recreational)1:57:24
1303Jason Taylor (Recreational)
1304Karla Thurlow (Sport Open Female)
1305Branislav Adamec (Sport Veteran Male)1:57:32
1306Raewyn Calhaem (Sport Open Female)1:57:34
1307Norman Elder (Sport Veteran Male)1:57:40
1308Tom Caulfield (Recreational)1:57:42
1309Miles Valentine (Recreational)1:57:44
1310Joelene Frost (Recreational)1:57:51
1311Katrina Darry (Recreational)1:57:55
1312Karin Lockhart (Sport Open Female)1:57:58
1313Stephen Freeborn (Recreational)1:58:02
1314Ryan Gillespie (Recreational)1:58:03
1315Phillip Bunn (Recreational)1:58:19
1316Geoff Dangerfield (Recreational)1:58:27
1317Meghan Dick (Recreational)1:58:28
1318Arlo Guthrie (Sport Veteran Male)1:58:29
1319Martin Roberts (Sport Open Male)
1320Shane Devery (Recreational)1:58:31
1321Michael Patterson (Recreational)1:58:35
1322Jane Jones (Sport Veteran Female)1:58:39
1323Craig Bullivant (Recreational)1:58:47
1324David Finlin (Recreational)1:58:54
1325Rod Cameron (Recreational)1:58:58
1326Tim Cleminson (Sport Master Male)1:59:17
1327Del Cameron (Recreational)1:59:20
1328David Little (Recreational)1:59:22
1329Scott Anderson (Sport Master Male)1:59:23
1330Hugh Mclellan (Sport Veteran Male)
1331Rebecca Ryan (Sport Open Female)
1332Geoffrey Gould (Sport Veteran Male)1:59:25
1333Shane Holland (Sport Master Male)1:59:33
1334Murray Hunt (Recreational)1:59:34
1335Justin Lesueur (Sport Master Male)1:59:45
1336Finn Lesueur (Sport Junior Male)1:59:46
1337Michael Schimanski (Sport Open Male)2:00:01
1338David Marsh (Sport Veteran Male)2:00:03
1339Kylie Lewthwaite (Recreational)2:00:09
1340Leon Junghanns (Recreational Junior)2:00:14
1341Murray Fastier (Elite Veteran Male)2:00:15
1342Ralph Junghanns (Sport Master Male)2:00:16
1343Malcolm Papworth (Recreational)2:00:21
1344Ross Fraser (Sport Veteran Male)2:00:26
1345Colin Andersen (Sport Master Male)2:00:36
1346Brendon Luxon (Recreational)2:00:37
1347Robert Begg (Recreational)2:00:57
1348Brian cooke Cooke (Recreational)
1349Chris Fry (Sport Veteran Male)2:01:04
1350Grant Chamberlain (Recreational)2:01:06
1351Kirsty Jones (Recreational Junior)2:01:07
1352Valerie Meyer (Sport Master Female)2:01:15
1353Carol Moffatt (Sport Master Female)2:01:25
1354Richelle Adams (Sport Master Female)2:01:26
1355Dwayne Underwood (Sport Junior Male)2:01:28
1356Tony Mcquilkin (Recreational)2:01:30
1357Sam Mcquilkin (Recreational)2:01:31
1358Gordon Ross (Elite Master Male)2:01:34
1359Mitchell Beggs (Recreational Junior)2:01:36
1360Mark Sullivan (Sport Veteran Male)2:01:37
1361Logan Beggs (Recreational Junior)2:01:38
1362David Blue (Sport Master Male)2:01:41
1363Paul Johnson (Sport Master Male)2:01:49
1364Andrew Sudfeldt (Recreational)
1365Steven Bunn (Recreational)2:01:50
1366Brent Webster (Recreational)2:01:54
1367Simon Donlevy (Sport Open Male)2:02:12
1368Nadia Mclean (Sport Open Female)2:02:29
1369Anthony Green (Recreational Junior)2:02:37
1370Tracy Cunliffe (Sport Master Female)2:02:51
1371Sue Mcbain (Sport Master Female)2:02:53
1372John Coull (Sport Master Male)2:02:54
1373Mark Street (Recreational)2:03:05
1374Geoff Laney (Recreational)2:03:07
1375Hunter Dickson (Sport Master Male)2:03:09
1376Peter Cashmere (Recreational)2:03:10
1377Nicky Coventry (Recreational)2:03:13
1378Hugh Meldrum (Recreational)2:03:22
1379Felicity Morris (Sport Open Female)2:03:33
1380Mark Tutty (Sport Master Male)
1381Scott Smith (Sport Master Male)2:03:34
1382Stefan Wilke (Recreational)2:03:41
1383Graeme Ferguson (Recreational)2:03:45
1384Nathan Soper (Sport Open Male)2:03:46
1385Gerdi Schumann (Sport Master Female)2:03:50
1386Lois Mitchell (Sport Veteran Female)2:03:55
1387James Flanagan (Sport Open Male)2:04:07
1388John Engel (Sport Veteran Male)2:04:10
1389Jillian Mcbride (Sport Veteran Female)2:04:14
1390John Ryder (Sport Veteran Male)2:04:45
1391Michael Heinzel (Elite Veteran Male)2:04:55
1392Pete Anderson (Recreational)2:05:24
1393Joseph Rasmussen (Recreational Junior)2:05:25
1394John Forsyth (Sport Open Male)2:05:26
1395Alan Bunn (Sport Veteran Male)2:05:27
1396Alfie Speight (Recreational)2:05:29
1397Leon Browning (Recreational)2:05:42
1398Peter Leith (Recreational)2:05:49
1399Brent Wright (Sport Open Male)
1400Jim Mc bryde (Recreational)2:06:20
1401Ross Carrie (Recreational)2:06:21
1402Emma Carle (Recreational)2:06:25
1403Andrea Donaldson (Recreational)2:06:37
1404Fiona Sasse (Sport Junior Female)2:06:41
1405Chris Shaw (Sport Veteran Male)2:07:01
1406John Clemence (Sport Veteran Male)2:07:02
1407Jason Plunkett (Recreational)2:07:16
1408Craig Shaw (Recreational)2:07:25
1409Jonathan Falloon (Recreational)2:07:28
1410Geroen andre Bomer (Recreational)2:07:36
1411Bryan Morton (Recreational)2:07:41
1412Ian Watson (Recreational)
1413Alice Hay (Recreational Junior)2:07:46
1414Brett Van zyl (Recreational)2:07:54
1415Jeff Hatton (Sport Master Male)2:07:58
1416Jules Ballam (Sport Veteran Female)2:07:59
1417Michael Mccarthy (Sport Veteran Male)2:08:06
1418Kevin Richards (Recreational)2:08:09
1419Merilyn Hibma (Sport Master Female)2:08:30
1420Chris Steven (Sport Veteran Male)2:08:31
1421Rodger Clarkson (Recreational)2:08:33
1422David Black (Sport Veteran Male)2:08:46
1423Blair Middlemass (Sport Master Male)2:08:48
1424Alan Wright (Recreational)2:09:01
1425Doug Hill (Sport Open Male)2:09:06
1426Ben Pritchard (Recreational)2:09:13
1427Trevor Hollings (Recreational)2:09:15
1428Craig Burrowes (Recreational)2:09:30
1429Daniel Andrew (Recreational)2:09:33
1430Lynn Candy (Sport Master Female)2:09:46
1431Warren Parker (Sport Veteran Male)2:10:15
1432Rod Patterson (Recreational)
1433Mark Bowen (Sport Open Male)2:10:45
1434Michelle Sutherland (Recreational)2:10:47
1435Terry Youngman (Recreational)2:10:52
1436Anne Cooper (Recreational)2:10:53
1437Fleur Green (Recreational)
1438Paul Allen (Recreational)2:10:57
1439Anne-marie Elliott (Recreational)2:11:00
1440Brett Donovan (Recreational)2:11:05
1441Stu Hunt (Recreational)2:11:07
1442Russell Baker (Sport Veteran Male)2:11:08
1443Greg Doar (Recreational)2:11:14
1444Helen Doar (Recreational)
1445Neil Gibb (Sport Veteran Male)2:11:42
1446Nicola Newson (Sport Open Female)2:11:51
1447Peter Atkinson (Sport Veteran Male)2:11:52
1448Mark Low (Recreational)2:12:06
1449Jill Egerton (Sport Veteran Female)2:12:26
1450Lydia Lysaght (Sport Junior Female)2:12:30
1451Craig Wiffen (Recreational)2:12:45
1452Ian Williams (Recreational)
1453Jackie Quickfall (Recreational)2:12:48
1454Grant Mitchell (Recreational)2:12:58
1455Shirley Laney (Recreational)2:13:02
1456Anton Quill (Recreational)2:13:08
1457David Hughan (Recreational)2:13:20
1458Clive Poles smith (Recreational)2:13:21
1459Gauthier Deboosere (Recreational Junior)2:14:02
1460Jill Ryan (Recreational)2:14:23
1461Rebecca Wilkinson (Recreational)2:14:36
1462Alan Mitchell (Sport Master Male)2:15:01
1463Julie Ferguson (Sport Veteran Female)2:15:04
1464Gill Rutherford (Recreational)2:15:09
1465Daniel Sullivan (Sport Open Male)2:15:11
1466Lisa Williams (Sport Master Female)2:15:19
1467Don Hazlett (Sport Master Male)2:15:24
1468Richard Press (Sport Veteran Male)2:15:27
1469Robert Lee (Sport Veteran Male)2:15:41
1470Myschel Albrecht (Sport Master Female)2:15:45
1471Michelle Metherell (Sport Master Female)2:15:49
1472Alastair Mcilwrick (Sport Veteran Male)2:15:56
1473Rob Batt (Recreational)2:16:02
1474Julie Burnett (Recreational Junior)2:16:07
1475Cam Stuart (Recreational)2:16:20
1476Brent Knight (Recreational)2:16:26
1477Nicholas Whittaker (Recreational)2:16:31
1478Hunter Darry (Recreational)2:16:37
1479Scott Kirkman (Sport Open Male)2:16:49
1480Marinus Batelaan (Sport Veteran Male)2:16:51
1481Kerry Godinet (Recreational)2:16:52
1482James Henderson (Elite Master Male)2:16:54
1483Nathan Hamilton (Recreational)2:16:56
1484John Hardwick-smith (Recreational)2:16:59
1485Bryan Webb (Sport Veteran Male)2:17:03
1486Hannah Liggins (Recreational Junior)2:17:11
1487Stephen Farquhar (Recreational)2:17:13
1488Nathan Smith (Sport Open Male)2:17:15
1489Michael Gowing (Recreational)2:17:26
1490Marcus Jones (Recreational Junior)2:17:33
1491John Ivanov (Recreational)2:17:37
1492Bill English (Recreational)2:17:42
1493Robin Williams (Recreational)2:17:44
1494Claire Marshall (Recreational)2:18:04
1495Graeme Bagrie (Recreational)2:18:15
1496Kate Pirovano (Recreational)2:18:16
1497Adam Kennedy (Sport Open Male)2:18:22
1498Kendall Jones (Recreational)2:18:38
1499Nigel Manson (Recreational)
1500Bernie Prendergast (Recreational)2:18:40
1501Juliet Maclean (Sport Master Female)2:18:44
1502Natalie Barlow (Recreational)2:18:51
1503Jason Barlow (Recreational)2:18:52
1504Jeremy Kirksmith (Elite Veteran Male)2:19:24
1505Jo Hunt (Recreational)2:19:33
1506Liz Looser (Recreational)
1507Chris Hunt (Recreational)2:19:34
1508Nathan Pennicott (Sport Open Male)
1509Tim Scott (Sport Veteran Male)2:19:36
1510Mark Broadley (Elite Veteran Male)2:19:39
1511Frazer Hamilton (Recreational)
1512Mary Alford (Recreational)2:19:43
1513Adrian Gamble (Sport Open Male)2:19:44
1514Graham Dick (Recreational)2:19:46
1515Marcus Pettitt (Sport Open Male)2:19:50
1516Tony Johns (Recreational)2:19:59
1517Eldon Chisholm (Sport Master Male)2:20:08
1518Rod Studd (Recreational)2:20:23
1519Edward Calder (Recreational)2:20:25
1520Peter Connors (Recreational)2:20:36
1521Jim Moore (Recreational)2:20:37
1522Peter Thomson (Recreational)2:20:38
1523Rick Gerrard (Recreational)2:20:40
1524Katherine Richards (Recreational)2:20:47
1525Jo Eason (Recreational)2:20:58
1526Travis Leeden (Sport Open Male)2:21:03
1527Nikki Colenso (Recreational)2:21:09
1528Rei Ishikawa (Recreational)
1529Callum Kingan (Recreational)2:21:14
1530Twyla Kingan (Recreational)2:21:19
1531Michael Wall (Sport Open Male)2:21:23
1532Anne Storey (Recreational)2:21:28
1533Mack Storey (Recreational)2:21:30
1534Stephen Lewis (Recreational)2:21:31
1535Brennan Mair (Sport Open Male)2:21:33
1536Ruth Gerring (Recreational)2:21:43
1537George Royal (Recreational)2:21:45
1538Roger Sharp (Recreational)2:21:58
1539Jill Corrin (Recreational)2:22:03
1540David Lucas (Recreational)
1541Sean Walsh (Sport Open Male)
1542Cameron Young (Recreational)
1543Tania Martin (Recreational)2:22:13
1544Janice Gregory (Recreational)2:22:14
1545Sarah Hamilton (Recreational)2:22:17
1546Emma Waide (Recreational)2:22:19
1547Nicholas Bastiaansen (Recreational Junior)2:22:24
1548Rosie Linterman (Recreational)2:22:29
1549Simon Abbot (Recreational)2:22:38
1550Alan Britland (Recreational)2:22:43
1551Pete Hodgson (Recreational)2:22:55
1552Narelle Garrick (Recreational)2:23:03
1553Kate Webster (Recreational)
1554Gillian Donnelly (Sport Open Female)2:23:05
1555Mike Stewart (Recreational)2:23:09
1556Paul Glassey (Recreational)2:23:15
1557Amanda Power (Recreational)2:23:21
1558Emma Robertson (Sport Open Female)2:23:27
1559Emma Jenkins (Sport Open Female)2:23:39
1560Aynsley Moore (Recreational)2:24:00
1561Ryan Brinch (Recreational)2:24:05
1562Cindy Davis (Recreational)2:24:37
1563Trudy Ballantine (Sport Master Female)2:24:47
1564Lisa Shearer (Sport Junior Female)2:25:06
1565Paul Stephenson (Sport Veteran Male)2:25:10
1566Helen lee Nortje (Sport Open Female)2:25:11
1567Rose Grooby (Recreational)2:25:16
1568Angela Tagg (Sport Open Female)2:25:23
1569Barbara Bridger (Sport Master Female)2:25:26
1570Ken Lister (Sport Master Male)2:25:27
1571Mike Sly (Recreational)2:25:40
1572Cicely Driver (Recreational)2:25:43
1573Nicky Dinham (Recreational)2:25:56
1574Lynne Foley (Sport Master Female)2:26:06
1575Ray Edwards (Sport Veteran Male)2:26:11
1576Michelle Johnston (Sport Master Female)
1577Maxene Thomas (Sport Master Female)
1578Steve Pearson (Recreational)2:26:15
1579John Trowsdale (Sport Master Male)2:26:16
1580Donna Franks (Recreational)2:26:17
1581Lynley Anderson (Sport Master Female)2:26:29
1582Rowan Daniell (Recreational)2:26:30
1583Ron Mackersy (Sport Veteran Male)
1584Dawn Atkins (Recreational)2:26:31
1585John Elliott (Recreational)2:26:33
1586Mark Jordan (Recreational)2:26:42
1587Bronwyn Collins-mckenzie (Sport Master Female)2:27:01
1588Nick Mckenzie (Sport Master Male)
1589Charlotte Harder (Recreational)2:27:07
1590Paige Clarke (Sport Junior Female)2:27:10
1591Mark Blazey (Recreational)2:27:14
1592Bruce Matheson (Sport Veteran Male)2:27:16
1593Tim Sandrey (Recreational)2:27:40
1594Maria Flanagan (Sport Open Female)2:27:46
1595Mark Jones (Recreational)2:27:55
1596Jodie Rainsford (Sport Open Female)
1597Greg Munro (Recreational)2:27:57
1598Sally Verbiest (Recreational)2:28:11
1599Cara Crawford (Sport Junior Female)2:28:33
1600Kim Crawford (Sport Master Female)
1601Christopher Munden (Sport Veteran Male)2:28:36
1602Lisa White (Sport Master Female)2:28:37
1603Maiki Andersen (Sport Open Female)2:28:49
1604Phil Henderson (Recreational)2:28:55
1605Graeme Atkinson (Recreational)2:29:00
1606Karen Mcleod (Recreational)2:29:09
1607Mark Duyvesteyn (Elite Open Male)2:29:10
1608Patricia Foote (Recreational)2:29:13
1609Grant Burns (Recreational)2:29:18
1610Nathalie Lefebvre (Recreational)2:29:29
1611Sam Landreth (Recreational)2:29:33
1612Steve Burns (Recreational)2:29:59
1613Tom Elliott (Recreational)2:30:05
1614Paul Tudguay (Elite Master Male)2:30:17
1615Gillian Matheson (Recreational)2:30:22
1616Tania Godfrey (Recreational)2:30:23
1617Martin Godfrey (Recreational)2:30:24
1618Antje Schmidt (Recreational)2:30:29
1619Simon Carter (Recreational)2:30:49
1620Daryl Hill (Recreational)2:30:51
1621Noreen Thomas (Elite Veteran Female)2:30:55
1622Bev Marra (Sport Veteran Female)2:31:16
1623Sue Seagar (Sport Veteran Female)
1624Lois Cowan (Sport Veteran Female)2:31:17
1625Jeanette James (Recreational)2:31:21
1626Justin Hurst (Recreational)2:31:30
1627Megan Hurst (Recreational)
1628Geoff Clarke (Recreational)2:32:02
1629Sally Mcchesney (Recreational)2:32:04
1630Helen O'leary (Recreational)2:32:25
1631Kate Gallagher (Recreational)2:32:29
1632Rose Gould (Recreational)
1633Tim Oakley (Recreational)2:32:41
1634Carl Mcilroy (Recreational)2:33:05
1635Helen Gray (Sport Open Female)2:33:14
1636Brenda Crawford (Sport Veteran Female)2:33:18
1637Jo Dudley (Recreational)2:33:20
1638Meridee Beange (Recreational)2:33:22
1639Heather Mcclintock (Recreational)
1640Annette Matheson (Sport Master Female)2:33:37
1641Sally Teasdale (Sport Open Female)2:33:38
1642Anthony Woolhouse (Sport Veteran Male)2:33:42
1643Stuart Grant (Recreational)2:33:48
1644Rod Templeton (Recreational)
1645Amy Smith (Sport Open Female)2:34:03
1646Neal Brown (Sport Veteran Male)2:34:07
1647Darryl Daniel (Recreational)
1648Anna Pine (Sport Open Female)2:34:11
1649Bronwyn Cameron (Sport Master Female)2:34:17
1650Debra Hatton (Sport Master Female)
1651Sarah Andrews (Recreational)2:34:18
1652Lyn Keene (Recreational)2:34:22
1653Susan Turner (Sport Master Female)
1654Allister Cowan (Sport Veteran Male)2:34:24
1655Colin Gravett (Recreational)2:34:31
1656Sarah Aslin (Sport Open Female)2:34:40
1657Kate Edmond (Sport Master Female)
1658Pete Savory (Recreational)2:34:42
1659Sandy Lysaght (Sport Master Female)2:34:51
1660Rhonda Bignell (Sport Master Female)2:34:58
1661Linda Mcdonald (Sport Veteran Female)2:34:59
1662Rosa Antunovic (Sport Junior Female)2:35:05
1663Riki Shuttleworth (Recreational)2:35:27
1664Gregory Hedges (Sport Master Male)2:35:28
1665Sally Williamson (Sport Master Female)2:35:31
1666Lorna Mcquilkin (Sport Open Female)2:35:33
1667Katrina Mcdonald (Sport Open Female)2:35:45
1668Julian Apse (Sport Open Male)2:35:48
1669Marg Grieve (Recreational)2:35:53
1670Les Dawson (Recreational)2:36:03
1671Duncan Fisher (Sport Veteran Male)2:36:10
1672Sam Shaw (Sport Junior Male)2:36:20
1673Nigel Winter (Sport Master Male)2:36:32
1674David Haley (Recreational)2:36:35
1675Diane Champion (Sport Veteran Female)2:36:42
1676Lynley Kirksmith (Sport Master Female)2:36:44
1677Alan Jenkins (Sport Veteran Male)2:36:49
1678Greg Vile (Recreational)2:36:52
1679Janet Nicol (Recreational)2:37:10
1680Michael Tierney (Sport Veteran Male)2:37:15
1681Cameron Willis (Recreational Junior)2:37:22
1682Murray Willis (Recreational)2:37:25
1683David Teesdale (Sport Veteran Male)2:37:33
1684Joy Rooke (Recreational)2:37:56
1685Logan Rooke (Recreational)
1686Bob Hopkins (Recreational)2:37:59
1687Christopher Asquith (Recreational)2:38:01
1688Keryn Asquith (Recreational)2:38:06
1689David Bylett (Sport Master Male)2:38:25
1690Hayley Stevenson (Recreational)2:38:35
1691Jane Chalmers (Recreational)2:38:39
1692Joseph Farrell (Recreational)2:38:42
1693Ziahn Hewer-marley (Recreational Junior)2:38:57
1694Tracy Ruddenklau (Sport Open Female)2:39:10
1695Lara Dixon (Recreational Junior)2:39:15
1696Peter Champion (Sport Master Male)2:39:29
1697Theresa Dunn (Sport Master Female)2:39:52
1698Craig Tuck (Sport Open Male)2:39:58
1699Janine Sabiston (Sport Open Female)2:40:01
1700Bridget Dickson (Sport Open Female)2:40:03
1701Leaane Cunliffe (Recreational)2:40:09
1702Charlie Bennett (Recreational)2:40:32
1703Craig Capstick (Recreational)
1704Helen Lloyd (Sport Open Female)2:40:37
1705Hollie Turner (Recreational)2:40:38
1706Peter Blois (Recreational)2:40:44
1707Kylie Ivanov (Recreational)2:40:53
1708Andrew Jackson (Recreational)2:41:14
1709Jenny Moore (Recreational)2:41:21
1710Shaun Horton (Sport Master Male)2:41:25
1711Mark Tracy (Recreational)2:41:26
1712Michael Lucas (Sport Veteran Male)2:41:27
1713Christine Pettit (Sport Open Female)2:41:29
1714Lloyd Taylor (Sport Master Male)2:41:34
1715Timothy patrick Dravitzki (Recreational)2:41:37
1716Dave Slee (Sport Open Male)
1717Andrea Calder (Recreational)2:41:47
1718Sarah Watson (Sport Master Female)2:42:31
1719Marc Wojtas (Recreational)2:42:43
1720Neville Shaw (Sport Veteran Male)2:43:02
1721Kelly Hay (Recreational Junior)2:43:10
1722Abby Dixon (Recreational Junior)2:43:24
1723Jim Dowds (Recreational)2:43:31
1724David Simpson (Sport Open Male)2:43:34
1725Grant Barclay (Elite Veteran Male)2:43:43
1726Mark Corner (Sport Master Male)2:43:44
1727Brent Falvey (Sport Master Male)2:43:46
1728Michelle Bradley (Sport Open Female)2:43:56
1729Andrew Wilson (Recreational)2:44:00
1730Peter Gowing (Recreational)2:44:21
1731Linda Gowing (Recreational)2:44:22
1732Nicholas Tyler (Recreational)2:44:50
1733Jackie Phillips (Sport Open Female)2:44:55
1734Desiree Reynolds (Recreational)2:45:02
1735Paul Reynolds (Recreational)2:45:05
1736Lindsey Coup (Sport Junior Female)2:45:07
1737Roger Hamilton (Sport Veteran Male)2:45:15
1738Wayne Rose (Sport Open Male)2:45:17
1739Trudy Watson (Recreational)2:45:21
1740Elizabeth Price (Sport Master Female)2:45:37
1741Dave Waterhouse (Recreational)2:45:45
1742John Shaw (Sport Master Male)2:46:12
1743Hopene Mason (Recreational)2:46:29
1744Elliot Roe (Sport Junior Male)2:47:04
1745Hugo Miller (Recreational Junior)2:47:06
1746Cathy Van tilborg (Recreational)2:47:25
1747Emma Van tilborg (Recreational Junior)
1748Lenore Van plat (Sport Master Female)2:47:33
1749Tony Van plateringen (Sport Veteran Male)
1750Courtney Jones (Recreational)2:48:01
1751Jennifer Gilchrist (Sport Veteran Female)2:48:09
1752Martyn Hoy (Sport Veteran Male)2:49:02
1753Katie Sparrow (Recreational Junior)2:49:05
1754Leslie Cordery (Sport Veteran Male)2:49:13
1755Kareen Anderson (Sport Veteran Female)2:49:32
1756Robyn Pescini (Sport Veteran Female)
1757Jo-anne Russell (Sport Veteran Female)
1758Pamela Haworth (Recreational)2:49:34
1759Jack Downer (Sport Veteran Male)2:49:36
1760Alan Ross (Sport Veteran Male)2:49:51
1761Alistair Burnett (Sport Open Male)2:49:59
1762Bryant Stokes (Sport Open Male)2:50:00
1763Louise Knapp (Recreational)2:50:07
1764Chris Verbeet (Sport Open Male)2:50:12
1765Lesley Gilmour (Sport Veteran Female)2:50:37
1766Gaye Manson (Sport Veteran Female)2:50:41
1767Robert Stewart (Sport Open Male)2:50:47
1768Dwayne Mclellan (Sport Open Male)2:50:48
1769Jane Kent (Recreational)2:50:54
1770Thomas Patterson (Recreational)2:50:55
1771Donna Kenton-smith (Sport Open Female)2:50:58
1772Liana Tutty (Sport Master Female)2:51:00
1773Nicki Connors (Recreational)2:51:02
1774Shane Hollebon (Recreational)2:51:11
1775David Zarifeh (Sport Veteran Male)2:52:01
1776Jason Rickard (Recreational)2:52:12
1777Alex Meads (Sport Junior Male)2:52:50
1778Annabel Turley (Sport Open Female)2:52:56
1779Justine Ensor (Sport Open Female)2:52:57
1780Danny john Miller (Sport Veteran Male)2:53:18
1781David Allard (Recreational)2:53:25
1782Barry Shields (Recreational)2:53:40
1783Shaun Tilyard (Recreational)2:54:09
1784Grace Shaw (Sport Junior Female)2:55:05
1785Kate Shaw (Sport Master Female)2:55:06
1786Stuart Anderson (Sport Veteran Male)2:55:28
1787Peter Russell (Sport Veteran Male)2:55:30
1788Richard Mcgorm (Recreational)2:55:48
1789Sascha Herbert (Recreational)2:56:00
1790Peter Marshall (Sport Veteran Male)2:56:04
1791Allan Rowsell (Recreational)2:57:39
1792Lynne Warden (Recreational)2:58:36
1793Jane Foster (Recreational)2:58:37
1794Michael Arnold (Recreational)2:58:48
1795Alan Jones (Recreational)2:59:14
1796Tim Morrison (Recreational)2:59:54
1797Andrew Mcguckin (Recreational)3:00:06
1798Mike Jones (Recreational)3:00:09
1799Karmen Hupton (Recreational)3:00:35
1800Amanda Wesley (Sport Open Female)3:00:45
1801Rose Curin-brown (Sport Junior Female)3:00:50
1802Ralph Paterson (Recreational)3:01:08
1803Debbie Board (Recreational)3:01:17
1804Duncan Ridd (Recreational)3:01:24
1805Justin Ridd (Recreational)3:01:26
1806Anita Hallberg (Recreational)3:01:48
1807Shane Johnston (Sport Open Male)3:02:12
1808Mark Andrews (Recreational)3:02:45
1809Courtney Gravett (Recreational)
1810Deborah Andrews (Recreational)3:02:46
1811Thomas Rogers (Recreational Junior)3:02:53
1812Neil Morrison (Recreational)3:02:56
1813Kate Mcdermid (Recreational Junior)3:02:57
1814Michael Taylor (Sport Veteran Male)3:03:22
1815Wayne Giles (Sport Master Male)3:03:33
1816Marceline Borren (Recreational)3:03:56
1817Arthur Parkin (Recreational)3:03:57
1818Karl Moore (Recreational)3:04:23
1819Neville Moore (Recreational)3:04:24
1820Nathan Moore (Recreational)3:04:25
1821Bruce Mcfadzien (Recreational)3:04:40
1822Michelle Moir (Recreational)3:04:48
1823Mike Gibbens (Recreational)3:05:06
1824Catherine Dunn (Recreational)3:05:07
1825Lorna Gibbens (Recreational)
1826Scott Mcfarlane (Sport Open Male)
1827Julie Spicer (Recreational)3:05:08
1828Jamie Vou (Recreational)3:05:09
1829Charlie Glover (Recreational Junior)3:05:10
1830John Glover (Recreational)3:05:31
1831Karin Bos (Recreational)3:05:41
1832Tineke Vanderheide (Recreational)3:05:42
1833Karen O'brien (Recreational)3:06:49
1834Richard Raynes (Recreational)3:06:53
1835Chris Burton (Recreational)3:06:54
1836Chris Raynes (Recreational)3:07:05
1837Jo Shand (Recreational)3:07:14
1838Murray Anderson (Sport Veteran Male)3:07:49
1839Ellena Whelan (Sport Veteran Female)3:07:55
1840Amanda Stephens (Recreational)3:08:15
1841Glen Darragh (Recreational)3:08:33
1842Andy Oxley (Recreational)3:08:41
1843Francis Bastiaansen (Recreational)3:09:10
1844Fergus More (Recreational)3:09:17
1845Mark Webster (Recreational)3:09:39
1846Paul Webster (Recreational)
1847Isabel Anderson (Recreational)3:09:52
1848Jacinta Grey (Sport Open Female)3:10:10
1849Andrew Muscroft-taylor (Sport Open Male)3:10:19
1850Catherine Lyness (Recreational)3:10:20
1851Rachel Wardell (Recreational)3:10:53
1852Kath Thompson (Sport Veteran Female)3:10:57
1853Kerryn Douglas (Recreational)3:11:05
1854Layne Douglas (Recreational)3:11:07
1855Claire Douglas (Recreational)3:11:10
1856Janet Smith (Elite Veteran Female)3:11:14
1857Dawn Cousins (Recreational)3:11:20
1858Martha Hogan (Recreational)3:12:10
1859Mark Hogan (Recreational)3:12:11
1860Wendy Irwin (Sport Master Female)3:12:23
1861David Irwin (Sport Master Male)3:12:25
1862John Simpson (Recreational)3:13:04
1863Dave Cormack (Recreational)3:13:05
1864Siobain Wickham (Recreational)3:13:46
1865Mark Wickham (Recreational)3:13:49
1866Debbie Hogan (Recreational)3:14:10
1867Jayden Glaister (Recreational Junior)3:14:28
1868Alan Vickers (Recreational)
1869Bryony Vickers (Recreational Junior)3:14:29
1870Fiona Mackenzie (Sport Veteran Female)3:14:50
1871Lee Eadie (Recreational)3:15:00
1872John Roberts (Recreational)3:15:36
1873Nigel Nicholl (Recreational)3:15:45
1874Anna Clemo (Recreational)3:16:04
1875Guang-zhen Hay (Recreational)
1876Thomas Mccowan (Recreational)
1877Kate Hall (Recreational Junior)3:16:10
1878Marj Wright (Recreational)3:16:21
1879Pam Webb (Recreational)3:16:25
1880Raewyn Brown (Recreational)3:16:26
1881Philip Brown (Recreational)3:16:27
1882Kerrie Chisholm (Recreational)3:16:28
1883David Syme (Recreational)3:16:29
1884Anna Sanford (Recreational Junior)3:16:33
1885Hamish Mccrostie (Recreational)3:16:39
1886Rhonda Greenwood (Sport Veteran Female)3:16:44
1887Rob Mcmurdo (Sport Master Male)3:16:47
1888Graeme Mollison (Recreational)3:16:55
1889Christine Matsinger (Sport Master Female)3:17:05
1890Bruce Wardell (Recreational)3:17:09
1891Charlotte Penniket (Recreational Junior)3:17:18
1892Merlyn Hay (Recreational)3:17:22
1893Leigh-ann Groombridge (Recreational)3:17:25
1894Pat Shanks (Recreational)3:17:29
1895Kylie Hope (Recreational)3:17:33
1896Susan Penniket (Recreational)3:17:45
1897Michelle Lindsay (Recreational)3:18:01
1898Judy Morrison (Recreational)3:18:10
1899Victoria Hall (Recreational)3:18:12
1900Peter Doran (Elite Veteran Male)3:18:13
1901Paul Mcelhone (Recreational)3:18:26
1902Nick Duff (Recreational)3:18:41
1903Rosslyn Nelson (Recreational)3:18:44
1904Charlotte Belcher (Recreational)3:19:43
1905Beverley Henderson (Recreational)3:19:48
1906John Macdonald (Recreational)3:19:50
1907Jolanda Simon (Recreational)3:19:52
1908Mark Chamberlain (Recreational)3:20:10
1909Gerard Auckram (Recreational)3:20:35
1910Sarah Ellery (Recreational)3:20:41
1911Matt Ellery (Recreational)3:20:44
1912Rob Gerring (Recreational)
1913Nicola Kearns (Recreational)3:20:52
1914Hilary Kearns (Recreational)3:20:53
1915Fran Tate (Recreational)3:21:01
1916Dion Hurdle (Sport Master Male)3:21:27
1917Felicity Scott (Recreational)3:21:58
1918Ruth Newsome-white (Recreational)3:22:40
1919Shona Maxwell (Recreational)3:22:42
1920Leila Rogers (Recreational)3:23:02
1921Nichola Brydon (Sport Master Female)3:23:05
1922Phillip Day (Recreational)3:24:06
1923Mary Fairhall (Recreational)3:24:18
1924Tina Benfell (Recreational)3:24:45
1925Greg Goessi (Recreational)3:24:47
1926Catherine Mckenzie (Sport Open Female)
1927Kim Blackwood (Sport Open Female)3:25:51
1928Steph Goff (Recreational)3:26:27
1929Ashleigh Jackson (Recreational)3:26:28
1930Lachlan Mclean (Recreational)3:27:12
1931Noel Beggs (Recreational)3:27:25
1932Michelle Ward (Recreational)3:27:26
1933Simon Jensen (Recreational)3:27:27
1934Christine Southey (Recreational)
1935David Baird (Recreational)3:27:45
1936Roger Staples (Elite Veteran Male)3:27:50
1937Rhiannon Woolhouse-williams (Recreational Junior)
1938Carole Shuttleworth (Sport Open Female)3:27:52
1939Martin Hurych (Recreational)3:28:10
1940Tim Leefe (Recreational)3:28:51
1941Jennie Croxford (Recreational)3:28:58
1942Jo Green (Sport Veteran Female)3:29:47
1943Gaye Ellis (Recreational)3:30:10
1944Mel Lauti (Recreational)
1945Karen Elliott (Recreational)3:30:44
1946Nicole Meldrum (Recreational)3:30:58
1947Delwyn Thompson (Recreational)
1948Tony Thompson (Recreational)3:30:59
1949Lynette Winsloe (Recreational)
1950Martin Hannagan (Recreational)3:31:13
1951Stuart Rose (Recreational)3:31:49
1952Pascal Jallier (Recreational)3:32:04
1953Dominic Andrews (Recreational Junior)3:32:47
1954Tania Smith (Sport Master Female)
1955Alison Leversha (Sport Master Female)3:33:27
1956Clare Rutter (Recreational)3:33:34
1957Jane Skinner (Recreational)3:33:36
1958Elona Spijkerbosch (Sport Open Female)3:33:45
1959Lesley Cochrane (Recreational)3:33:46
1960Lee-anne Cooper (Recreational)3:33:53
1961Lynne Calder (Recreational)3:33:57
1962Adrian Currie (Recreational)3:34:11
1963Rhian Nicholl (Recreational)3:34:44
1964Jude Wilson (Recreational)
1965Terry Shuttleworth (Sport Master Male)3:36:04
1966Rebecca Hawkey (Recreational Junior)3:36:49
1967Jeff Sutton (Recreational Junior)3:36:59
1968Richard Holden (Recreational)3:37:15
1969Tony Burge (Sport Veteran Male)3:37:36
1970Christine anne Gibb (Sport Veteran Female)3:37:52
1971Warren Sproat (Recreational)3:38:32
1972Evette Kiely (Recreational)3:38:49
1973Brent Kiely (Recreational)3:38:51
1974Devon Hotop (Recreational)3:39:00
1975Richard Cocker (Sport Master Male)3:39:14
1976Brenda Bartlett (Recreational)3:39:40
1977Ulrika Silfverberg (Recreational)3:40:00
1978Jonathan Wells (Sport Master Male)
1979John Miller (Recreational)3:40:35
1980Maree Herring (Recreational)3:40:44
1981Susan Elliott (Recreational)3:42:01
1982Gayle Elliot (Recreational)3:42:02
1983Annie Hopper (Recreational)3:42:28
1984Jeffrey Hopper (Recreational)3:42:29
1985Linda Mitchell (Recreational)3:42:53
1986Steve Mitchell (Recreational)
1987Helen Morris (Recreational)3:43:11
1988Phil Morris (Recreational)3:43:12
1989Jo Bentley (Recreational)3:43:55
1990Phil Bentley (Recreational)
1991Andrew Clark (Sport Master Male)3:44:10
1992Leanne Barton (Recreational)3:44:35
1993Sue Cowles (Recreational)3:44:38
1994Janne Ross (Recreational)3:45:56
1995Gwenda Ross (Recreational)3:45:57
1996Jenny Penman (Recreational)3:45:59
1997Ellie Morris (Recreational)3:46:13
1998Chris Morris (Recreational)3:46:15
1999Kate Arnold (Recreational)3:46:36
2000Polly Miller (Recreational)
2001Marilyn Allard (Recreational)3:46:50
2002Leanna Hutchison (Recreational)
2003Sharron Dibben (Recreational)3:46:57
2004Chris Cunningham (Sport Veteran Female)3:49:00
2005Gilly Murrell (Sport Veteran Female)3:49:02
2006Raewyn Mcleish - smith (Recreational)3:49:18
2007Craig Smith (Recreational)3:49:20
2008Ross Smith (Recreational)3:49:21
2009Chris Soutar (Recreational)3:49:48
2010Brian Soutar (Recreational)3:49:51
2011Margaret Soutar (Recreational)
2012Maureen O'callaghan (Recreational)3:50:54
2013Steve Kennedy (Recreational)3:50:56
2014Amy Brydon (Recreational Junior)3:51:40
2015Georgia Millar (Recreational Junior)
2016Nigel Hill (Recreational)3:53:11
2017Kay Booth (Recreational)3:55:02
2018Natasha Burgess (Recreational Junior)3:55:26
2019Anna Campbell (Recreational Junior)3:55:55
2020Fiona North (Recreational)3:56:03
2021Ralph Stewart (Recreational)3:56:04
2022Sally Pairman (Recreational)3:56:25
2023Richard Pye (Sport Master Male)3:57:19
2024Vicki Shaw (Recreational)3:57:30
2025Bridget Stirling (Recreational)3:57:32
2026Karen ann Salt (Recreational)3:58:06
2027Alistair Salt (Sport Veteran Male)3:58:08
2028Patrick Manning (Recreational)3:58:28
2029Janet Larsen (Recreational)3:58:42
2030Pat Wyatt (Recreational)3:59:37
2031Ferl Allen (Recreational)4:00:07
2032Joanne elizabeth Hunger (Recreational)
2033Harold Heath (Recreational)4:00:32
2034Sue Heath (Recreational)4:00:37
2035Elizabeth Faithful (Recreational)4:00:48
2036Peter Gordon (Recreational)4:02:06
2037Merle Johnson (Recreational)4:02:07
2038Lisa Snell (Recreational)4:02:17
2039Miles Nathan (Recreational)4:03:16
2040Christiane Funnell (Recreational)4:05:15
2041Ulla Reymann (Recreational)4:05:16
2042Jim Large (Recreational)4:06:11
2043Judith Batchelor (Recreational)4:07:51
2044Marie Cooke (Recreational)4:08:06
2045Annette Brixton (Recreational)4:08:13
2046Heather Porter (Recreational)4:08:15
2047Kathy Kernot (Recreational)4:08:32
2048Nicola Sorley (Recreational)4:09:03
2049Jonathan Sorley (Recreational Junior)4:09:04
2050Lise Preisler (Sport Open Female)4:11:12
2051Grant Dyson (Recreational)4:11:38
2052Sandra Kingston (Recreational)4:11:39
2053Reta Mcleod (Recreational)
2054Helen Collins (Sport Master Female)4:12:39
2055Mike Burrows (Recreational)4:13:04
2056Hannah Hilliam (Recreational Junior)4:13:31
2057Graeme Mackay (Recreational)4:14:22
2058Daune Schollitt (Recreational)4:14:35
2059Chris Thomas (Recreational)4:15:27
2060Liz Morse (Recreational)4:15:28
2061Helen Mellsop (Recreational)4:16:12
2062Linda Wilson (Recreational)4:16:14
2063Liz Maluschnig (Recreational)4:16:17
2064Laura Nicol (Recreational)4:16:27
2065Rose Copland (Sport Veteran Female)4:17:09
2066Judy Stewart (Sport Veteran Female)
2067Judy Taylor (Sport Master Female)4:21:16
2068Joy Delahunt (Sport Master Female)4:21:17
2069Melanie Hamilton (Sport Master Female)4:26:58
2070Lillian Dowd (Sport Open Female)4:30:56
2071Deb Manning (Recreational)4:33:13
2072Salome Maurangi (Recreational Junior)4:35:35
2073Kim Johnstone (Sport Master Female)4:44:02
2074Neil Lawrence (Sport Open Male)5:19:41

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