Clementz and Moseley become first Enduro World Series champions

Any concern that the seventh and final round of the Enduro World Series would be anti-climactic was put to rest this weekend with a save-the-best-to-last race hosted by Superenduro at Finale Ligure, Italy.

The overall Series winners, Jerome Clementz (Cannondale Overmountain), Tracy Moseley (Trek Factory Racing) and junior Martin Maes (GT Factory Racing), already secure after Val d’Isere August 24-25, refused to cruise to the final podium of the year, instead engaging in dramatic stage-by-stage battles to each win the final race as well as their overall titles.

"The riders who could have taken it the easiest this weekend put on the best races ever. It turned out to be an amazing end to the season," said Enduro World Series Managing Director, Chris Ball,

An historic field of 600 racers from 26 nations took part in the 45km, five-stage race that made the most of the Ligurian Coast's incredible terrain, from fast flowing woodland trails to technical, rocky coastal paths.

The talent pool was deep with pro riders and world champions from all disciplines, ending their seasons on a celebratory note, with top downhillers like Steve Peat and Josh Bryceland electing to finish their competitive year racing their bikes to the beach, 2013 cross country world champion Nino Schurter sharing a starting gate with Red Bull Rampage rider Brendan Fairclough, and Olympic cross country bronze medallist Marco Aurelio Fontana making his enduro debut.

Former four cross world champion Jared Graves (Yeti Fox) pushed Clementz to the last, and 2013 TransProvence winner Nicolas Lau showed himself a force to be reckoned with, posting times that would have clinched him the win were it not for a one-minute time penalty.

The racing culminated in the presentation to Clementz and Moseley of hand-crafted trophies, designed by enduro athlete Anka Martin and her photographer husband Sven, and brought to life by Scottish artisan Simon Muir. Designed from exotic hardwoods to represent the Enduro World Series logo, the trophies have eight tiny compartments each containing a relic from one of the race destinations: soil from Punta Ala, Italy, alpine rock from Val d'Allos, France a bottle of Genepe from Les 2 Alpes, France, bark and aspen leaves from Winter Park, Colorado, old man's beard moss from Whistler, British Columbia, white organic linen from Val d'Isere, France to symbolize the white-out conditions, and fresh hazelnuts sand from the beach of Finale Ligure. A final compartment remains as an empty invitation for the two champions to add a personal memento from their year of racing.

"It has exceeded anything I could have dreamed of. It's been a roller-coaster of a year, and we have a huge amount of input from the riders and teams as we move forward. We've learned a lot. But this final race and the amazing vibe here this weekend has absolutely motivated us to push on," said Ball.

Check out this video from the EWS final round.

Full Results

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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jerome Clementz0:25:41
2Jared Graves0:00:03
3Martin Maes0:00:25
4Fabien Barel0:00:31
5Remy Absalon0:00:32
6Nicolas Lau0:00:43
7Rene Wildhaber0:00:52
8Damien Oton0:01:00
9Florian Nicolai0:01:02
10Jamie Nicoll0:01:10
11Justin Leov0:01:10
12Francois Bailly Maitre0:01:11
13Thomas LapeyrieRow 12 - Cell 2
14Theo Galy0:01:13
15Ludovic May0:01:16
16Lukas Anrig0:01:18
17Karim Amour0:01:37
18Cedric Ravanel0:01:39
19Alex Lupato0:01:40
20Marco Aurelio Fontana0:01:41
21Alex Cure0:01:43
22Aaron Bradford0:01:44
23Steve Peat0:01:46
24Gustav Wildhaber0:01:47
25Greg Callaghan0:01:50
26Yoann Barelli0:01:51
27Francesco Colombo0:01:51
28Cedric Gracia0:01:54
29Regnier Bryan0:01:58
30Joe Barnes0:02:00
31Florian Golay0:02:03
32Vittorio Gambirasio0:02:06
33Petrik Brckner0:02:09
34Olivier Giordanengo0:02:09
35Josh Bryceland0:02:20
36Davide Sottocornola0:02:21
37Mark Scott0:02:21
38Scott Laughland0:02:23
39Max Schumann0:02:23
40Nicola Casadei0:02:25
41Arnould Jeremy0:02:30
42Sam Flanagan0:02:33
43Antonin Gourgin0:02:34
44Philip Shucksmith0:02:39
45Bruno Zanchi0:02:39
46James Shirley0:02:39
47Johnny Magis0:02:42
48Manuel Ducci0:02:43
49Denny Lupato0:02:44
50Maurian Marnay0:02:47
51Peter Mlinar0:02:48
52Andrea Righettini0:02:52
53Vid Persak0:02:53
54Adrien Dailly0:02:54
55Adam Craig0:02:54
56Markus Reiser0:02:55
57Mattia Setti0:03:01
58Tobias Reiser0:03:03
59Tobias Pantling0:03:03
60Liam Moynihan0:03:05
61Nejc Rutar0:03:07
62Federico Carubini0:03:07
63Thibaut Legastelois0:03:10
64Kristijan Medvescek0:03:11
65Nicolas Prudencio0:03:26
66Andrea Gamenara0:03:35
67Camille Chaffre0:03:40
68Andrea Pirazzoli0:03:42
69Servant Camille0:03:42
70Aurelien Demailly0:03:47
71Jacopo Orbassano0:03:47
72Matteo Raimondi0:03:50
73Sebastien Claquin0:03:51
74Ludwig Dohl0:03:54
75Tracy Moseley0:03:58
76James Mcknight0:04:00
77Oliver Carter0:04:03
78Ari Kurvinen0:04:05
79Murigneux Xavier0:04:08
80Annen Chausson0:04:08
81Dorian Zuretti0:04:09
82Gary Forrest0:04:09
83Stuart Wilcox0:04:09
84Simone Fabbri0:04:10
85Leoluca Scurria0:04:12
86Christian Schleker0:04:15
87Senechal Yannick0:04:16
88Stuart Nicholson0:04:20
89Josh Lewis0:04:21
90Xavier Marovelli0:04:24
91Yann Gadoin0:04:24
92Tobias Woggon0:04:25
93Jeremy Voet0:04:33
94Robert Kordez0:04:34
95Primoz Strancar0:04:35
96Max Leitsberger0:04:37
97Emmanuel Allez0:04:39
98Urs Stadelmann0:04:40
99Andr Wagenknecht0:04:41
100Adam Quadroni0:04:50
101Marco Buehler0:04:54
102Stefano Rota0:05:07
103Ulysse Francoglio0:05:14
104Gael Wirz0:05:14
105Marco Pegoraro0:05:17
106Francesco Crespi0:05:19
107Stefano Toffoletti0:05:21
108Davide Gilardo0:05:21
109Lewis Kirkwood0:05:22
110Marco Fumagalli0:05:23
111Fabio Di RenzoRow 110 - Cell 2
112Stefano Poletto0:05:24
113Dimitri Modesti0:05:29
114Cedric Carrez0:05:29
115Edoardo Bonetto0:05:30
116Adam Taylor0:05:33
117Jaka Tancik0:05:36
118Sauli Hjerppe0:05:43
119Cecile Ravanel0:05:43
120Pietro Chinucci0:05:43
121Andrea Scappini0:05:58
122Mike Hoerner0:05:59
123Michele Destefanis0:06:00
124Simone Invernizzi0:06:01
125Cristopher Bertotto0:06:02
126Paolo Fenocchio0:06:04
127Inti Rossi0:06:07
128Nejc Cernilogar0:06:14
129Martino Ita Di Pierdomenico0:06:19
130Juuso Pihlaja0:06:19
131Thomas Kern0:06:23
132Andrea Toniati0:06:23
133Francesco Gargaglia0:06:23
134Brice Liebrechts0:06:26
135Marco Rodolico0:06:29
136Urs Pargmann0:06:30
137Simon Everitt0:06:38
138Curtis Keene0:06:43
139Paul Newnham0:06:46
140Paolo Castegnaro0:06:49
141Ines Thoma0:07:02
142Michele Pasquali0:07:02
143Alessio Vercelli0:07:04
144Giorgio Righi0:07:12
145Anneke Beerten0:07:13
146Guy Bar0:07:14
147Callum Dew0:07:20
148Alessandro Levra0:07:21
149Roberto Dordoni0:07:28
150Samuele Aicardi0:07:31
151Davide Bozza0:07:33
152Rosara Joseph0:07:35
153Mikhail Vasilenko0:07:35
154Isabeau Courdurier0:07:37
155Grega Zvan0:07:43
156Germano Cocchi0:07:44
157Gottardi Fabio0:07:44
158Pascal Widmer0:07:50
159Czuday Roland0:07:54
160Tiziano Roberti0:07:56
161Alessandro Bagnoli0:07:58
162Vincent Colange0:08:00
163Giovanni Barbolini0:08:02
164Alessandro Gennesi0:08:02
165Massimo Brunatti0:08:03
166Luciano Carcheri0:08:07
167Aled Griffiths0:08:09
168Carlo Sabbia0:08:10
169Bonifay Patrick0:08:11
170Andrea Sabbia0:08:13
172Dean Lucchi0:08:17
173Marco Cenni0:08:18
174Nino Schurter0:08:24
175Anka Martin0:08:27
176Anita Gehrig0:08:27
177Pauline Dieffenthaler0:08:33
178Fabio Magistri0:08:36
179Rodrigo Cabello0:08:36
180Primoz Gams0:08:37
181Michele Miami0:08:39
182Paolo Cianci0:08:45
183Marco Bologna0:08:49
184Andrea Barbieri0:08:52
185Johannes Riebl0:08:52
186Caro Gehrig0:08:53
187Franco Manera0:08:58
188Marc Bosca0:09:00
189Christophe Trognon0:09:03
190Davide De Bella0:09:05
191Louise Paulin0:09:11
192Christopher Jackson0:09:18
193Michele Tardini0:09:22
194Jean Baptiste Gali0:09:23
195Trevor Worsey0:09:25
196Andreas Heimerdinger0:09:27
197Lorraine Truong0:09:28
198Walter Iannone0:09:30
199Vincenzo Camplani0:09:36
200Kelli Emmett0:09:37
201Francesco Castioni0:09:38
202Gianluca Romano0:09:40
203Gasparini Thierry0:09:43
204Massimo Oliveri0:09:44
205Fulvio Muceli0:09:44
206Daniel Naftali0:09:48
207Philippe Widmer0:09:53
208Camillo Giagnacovo0:09:54
209Gabby Molloy0:09:56
210Marco Tani0:09:59
211Gerardo Bottinelli0:10:05
212Francesco Bucciantini0:10:18
213Simon Hartley0:10:23
214Sam Pantling0:10:28
215Damiano Scala0:10:39
216Davide Barro0:10:49
217Baptiste Remblier0:10:50
218Rocco Savani0:10:53
219Tanja Zakelj0:10:55
220Anthony Marro0:10:55
221Emanuele Pratico'0:10:55
222Mauro Barsi0:11:01
223Andrea Ziliani0:11:03
224Luca Zanette0:11:05
225Simone Tabarrani0:11:07
226Julia Hofmann0:11:19
227Laura Rossin0:11:20
228Simon Doyle0:11:22
229Luca Mellana0:11:37
230Marco Tiberi0:11:56
231Rudy Samuelli0:11:57
232Fabio Fina0:11:58
233Luca Notario0:12:03
234Massimo Parenzi0:12:03
235Cesare Albasi0:12:06
236Daniele Criscuolo0:12:09
237Marco Perletti0:12:23
238Matteo Bertos0:12:28
239Antonio Valentini0:12:29
240Valentina Macheda0:12:31
241Simon Truelove0:12:32
242Giorgio Batisti0:12:39
243Domenico Spiaggi0:12:40
244Simone Seri0:12:48
245Paolo Menti0:12:49
246Katy Winton0:12:51
247Johann Grognux0:13:00
248Morris Gooding0:13:03
249Claudio Viale0:13:05
250Christophe Rizzetto0:13:12
251Nigel Jarvis0:13:12
252Raul Fattori0:13:20
253Chiara Pastore0:13:21
254Vasseur Michel0:13:27
255Jonathan Stevens0:13:34
256Tiziano Davini0:14:20
257Maria Federica Zanotto0:14:37
258Andy White0:14:42
259Simon Price0:14:53
260Isaia Laudi0:14:55
261Andrea Pelazza0:15:11
262Caitlin Elliott0:15:20
263Antonio Rossi0:15:35
264Maurizio Mariani0:15:37
265Mauro Rivellini0:15:41
266Marcello Pizzi0:15:45
267Di Pierdomenico0:15:47
268Hannah Barnes0:16:06
269Marcello Scotti0:16:12
270Luca Amilicia0:16:23
271Sorroche Jean Pascal0:16:29
272Sergio Belotti0:16:34
273Fabio Gori0:16:36
274Amedeo Gioffre'0:16:42
275Roman Balaev0:16:43
276Luigi Svanosi0:16:51
277Gilardo Alberto0:16:52
278Marco Botticchio0:16:55
279Alessandro Misino0:17:04
280Offredi Yannick0:17:14
281Jean Louis Deseraud0:17:34
282Marco Durastanti0:17:40
283Francesco De Felici0:17:45
284Karaleen Gioia0:18:11
285Massimiliano D'ingillo0:18:24
286Daniele Giustini0:18:42
287Giacomo Dodino0:18:58
288Massimo Artudi0:19:03
289Matteo Planchon0:19:17
290Tom Wilson0:19:22
291Simone Cappellini0:20:13
292Baumgartner Peter0:21:02
293Andrea Pedini0:21:04
294Ravera Bruno0:21:05
295Pietro Lamiani0:21:39
296Petra Wiltshire0:22:17
297Davide Tempini0:22:29
298Roissard Julien0:23:05
299Paolo Antonio Fedeli0:23:07
300Andrea Mori0:23:20
301Sondra Williamson0:23:57
302Adrian Testa0:24:14
303Enrico Puliti0:24:24
304Marco Mogni0:24:32
305Sergio Agosto0:25:26
306Roberto Ciambrone0:25:27
307Andrea Poggetti0:26:19
308Paolo Guerrieri0:26:23
309Maicol Cecchi0:27:07
310Diana Rebecca Weidner0:28:03
311Maurizio Bisterzo0:28:25
Row 311 - Cell 0 Lucia ManciniRow 311 - Cell 2
Row 312 - Cell 0 Umberto ParoRow 312 - Cell 2
Row 313 - Cell 0 Lorenzo SormaniRow 313 - Cell 2
Row 314 - Cell 0 Ulrich KaschubRow 314 - Cell 2
Row 315 - Cell 0 Maurizio LazzariniRow 315 - Cell 2
Row 316 - Cell 0 Fabio MaracaRow 316 - Cell 2
Row 317 - Cell 0 Luca TerzaroliRow 317 - Cell 2
Row 318 - Cell 0 Loredana RuggeriRow 318 - Cell 2
Row 319 - Cell 0 Davide PapagniRow 319 - Cell 2
Row 320 - Cell 0 Casamatta DominiqueRow 320 - Cell 2
Row 321 - Cell 0 Yuri VersuraroRow 321 - Cell 2
Row 322 - Cell 0 Paolo GrassiniRow 322 - Cell 2
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tracy Moseley0:29:39
2Annen Caroline Chausson0:00:10
3Cecile Ravanel0:01:45
4Ines Thoma0:03:03
5Anneke Beerten0:03:15
6Rosara Joseph0:03:36
7Isabeau Courdurier0:03:39
8Anka Martin0:04:29
9Anita Gehrig0:04:29
10Pauline Dieffenthaler0:04:35
11Caro Gehrig0:04:55
12Louise Paulin0:05:13
13Lorraine Truong0:05:30
14Kelli Emmett0:05:39
15Gabby Molloy0:05:58
16Tanja Zakelj0:06:56
17Julia Hofmann0:07:21
18Laura Rossin0:07:22
19Valentina Macheda0:08:33
20Katy Winton0:08:53
21Chiara Pastore0:09:23
22Maria Federica Zanotto0:10:39
23Caitlin Elliott0:11:22
24Hannah Barnes0:12:07
25Karaleen Gioia0:14:13
26Petra Wiltshire0:18:19
27Sondra Williamson0:19:59
28Diana Rebecca Weidner0:24:05
29Lucia Mancini0:24:30
30Loredana Ruggeri0:29:19
DNSIrmiger HeatherRow 30 - Cell 2
DNSMarianna UttiniRow 31 - Cell 2
DNSPrisca CastlungerRow 32 - Cell 2
DNSValeria Vigano'Row 33 - Cell 2
DNFHanna OletržRow 34 - Cell 2
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Men final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResultHeader Cell - Column 3
1Jerome Clementz3640pts
2Jared Graves2898Row 1 - Cell 3
3Fabien Barel2181Row 2 - Cell 3
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Women final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResultHeader Cell - Column 3
1Tracy Moseley4000pts
2Cecile Ravanel2735Row 1 - Cell 3
3Anne Caroline Chausson2560Row 2 - Cell 3
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Junior men final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResultHeader Cell - Column 3
1Martin Maes4100pts
2Aurelien Demailly1780Row 1 - Cell 3
3Brice Liebrechts1730Row 2 - Cell 3
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Teams final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResultHeader Cell - Column 3
1Trek Factory Racing6637pts
2Cannondale Overmountain5630Row 1 - Cell 3
3Canyon5184Row 2 - Cell 3

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