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Matter wins his fourth Chequamegon 40

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Brian Matter (Gear Grinder) wins the Chequamegon 40

Brian Matter (Gear Grinder) wins the Chequamegon 40 (Image credit: Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival)
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Christian Vande Velde (Garmin/Cervelo) takes a turn at the front

Christian Vande Velde (Garmin/Cervelo) takes a turn at the front (Image credit: Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival)
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Christian Vande Velde (Garmin Cervelo) leads Jason McCartney (RadioShack) and the rest of the bunch

Christian Vande Velde (Garmin Cervelo) leads Jason McCartney (RadioShack) and the rest of the bunch (Image credit: Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival)
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Brian Matter (Gear Grinder) races to the win

Brian Matter (Gear Grinder) races to the win (Image credit: Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival)
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The men's race starts to split up

The men's race starts to split up (Image credit: Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival)
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Brian and Kim Eppen (Mercy/Specialized) dominated the tandem race

Brian and Kim Eppen (Mercy/Specialized) dominated the tandem race (Image credit: Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival)
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A racer in the Chequamegon 40

A racer in the Chequamegon 40 (Image credit: Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival)
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Lea Davison (Specialized) on her way to a win

Lea Davison (Specialized) on her way to a win (Image credit: Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival)
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Mike Phillips leads out the men at the start.

Mike Phillips leads out the men at the start. (Image credit: Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival)

Brian Matter (Gear Grinder) won his fourth Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival, becoming the first man to do so in the 29-year history of the race. His time of 2:00:59.9 was nearly two minutes faster than the previous record in 2010. Lea Davison (Specialized) won the women's race.

Matter, of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, won despite strong rides from Radioshack and Garmin/Cervelo road professionals Jason McCartney and Christian Vande Velde. "They set the tempo and blew everybody off the back," said second place Michael Olhesier (Juwi Solar).

McCartney kept the pressure on all race, driving the pace and whittling down the field in the first half of the race. By mid-point in the 40-mile race, coming out of Martel's Pothole, it was a five-man race among Matter, McCartney, Vande Velde, Travis Woodruff (Trek) and Alabaman Olheiser.

By the Seeley Firetower climb, the group had lost Woodruff, and with seven miles to go McCartney launched a serious attack. "I drilled it up a hill and they came back," he said, "and then (Vande Velde) went." The Garmin/Cervelo rider forged a nice gap over the remaining three riders. "I felt like I was getting one twoed," said Matter about the McCartney and Vande Velde attacks.

But it wasn't to be Vande Velde's day. According to Matter, the chasing riders rounded a corner a mile or so later, and there was Vande Velde with a flat rear tire.

Of the three left, Matter easily won the sprint over Olheiser and a cramping Jason McCartney, who crossed the line 20 seconds behind Matter. Matter first won his first race in 2004 and followed with wins the last three consecutive years.

The women's race was decided by a mud puddle. Jenna Rinehart (Specialized) got off to a quick start and established an early lead, looking as though she would follow Matter and also grab her fourth title. But 2008 champion Lea Davison (Specialized) worked her way up to Rinehart as the two approached Lake Helane.

"There's only one mud puddle on the entire course, and I went through the middle of it," Davison said.

According to the Vermont rider, the mud was over her hubs but somehow she made it through upright. Rinehart didn't fare as well, however. She bobbled, stopped and had to put her foot down in the muck. She never saw Davison again, who put nearly four minutes into Rinehart, finishing in 2:17:31. Rebecca Sauber (Trek 29er) nipped Diana McFadden (Trek Co-op) for third.

Jordan Cullen of Hudson, Wisconsin destroyed the men's Short & Fat field, finishing in 48:41.6. He topped Ian Haupt of Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin by almost four minutes. Nathan Labecki of Milwaukee was third.

The women's Short & Fat race was a close one as Anna Ganju bested Terra James by six seconds. Ganju finished in 58:07.1. Jeanne Fleck was third.

Brian and Kim Eppen (Mercy/Specialized) continued to dominate the Chequamegon 40 tandem race. The Iowa City, Iowa couple finished in 2:08:05.1, good for 13th overall.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lea Davison2:17:31
2Jenna Rinehart0:03:51
3Rebecca Sauber0:13:56
4Diana McFadden0:13:59
5Catherine Walberg0:16:19
6Sarah Agena Wright0:16:50
7Katie Lindquist0:19:20
8Maria Statz (Osowski)0:20:09
9Lisa Krayer0:21:57
10Linda Cooper0:22:47
11Jennifer Nowlin0:23:06
12Renee Bach0:24:52
13Shanynn Bunce0:25:59
14Molly Wolf0:26:08
15Anne Grabowski0:27:39
16Michelle Flanagan-Haag0:27:49
17Rachel Horstman0:28:35
18Ridge Benedum0:29:38
19Francine Haas0:32:16
20Martha Flynn Kauth0:32:33
21Patti Schmidt Iverson0:32:51
22Tracy Paradise0:35:00
23Sandy Kessler0:36:31
24Lisa Markley0:36:40
25Lindsey Kriete0:36:59
26Patricia Kaufmann0:37:05
27Joanne Schmitz0:37:37
28Margaret Rankin Riley0:38:04
29Niki Soderberg0:38:14
30Kristy Henderson0:38:28
31Cassey Lynn0:40:00
32Kristin Smith0:40:18
33Kari Gates0:41:24
34Lisa Bodine0:41:39
35Beth Peterson0:42:42
36Chandra Shoberg0:45:05
37Danielle Coffield Ness0:45:33
38Gretchen Sadaka0:45:58
39Lynne Cecil0:46:05
40Susan Parman0:46:52
41Maria Chase0:47:42
42Joann Schmidt0:48:13
43Amy Carlson0:49:13
44Cathy Bergin0:49:32
45Maria Benson0:49:38
46Amber Schult0:49:44
47Jennifer Whitedog0:50:22
48Sonja Savre0:50:45
49Diana Munger0:50:47
50Julie Kirkpatrick0:51:57
51Sara Bisso0:53:06
52Helmy Tennis0:54:30
53Denise Coppock0:55:33
54Becca Hackensack0:57:13
55Tina Olson0:57:30
56Jennifer Barrett0:57:51
57Brandi Moore0:58:27
58Marcia Engebretson0:58:55
59Julie Gujer0:59:16
60Lynne Sienkiewicz0:59:17
61Lynne Senkerik0:59:28
62Debra Monroe0:59:55
63Ann Sudoh1:00:16
64Jessica Constant1:00:35
65Megan Gerst Rocker1:00:43
66Debra Wood1:00:50
67Melissa Putzer1:00:56
68Amy Plato1:01:00
69Sarah Dahlke1:01:26
70Geri Droessler1:02:31
71Ann Holsen1:02:41
72Karen Christy1:03:01
73Holly Kastner1:03:58
74Jennifer Yohn1:04:31
75Jeanne Starling1:04:48
76Kathryn Gregorski1:05:10
77Barb Soderberg1:05:56
78Gina Ondresky1:06:15
79Katie Bergman1:07:42
80Renee Combs1:08:09
81Donna Parente1:08:24
82Teri Behrs1:08:41
83Dee Bartlam1:08:47
84Julie Rudolph1:08:52
85Jacqueline Budweg1:08:57
86Sarah Lukas1:09:49
87Nicole Bock1:10:04
88Shawnee Stephenson1:10:06
89Katie Brekke1:10:38
90Heidi Gempler1:11:33
91Terri Crist1:11:46
92Lisa Distel1:12:05
93Kari Lysfjord1:12:05
94Jackie Barstad1:12:14
95Victoria Pink1:12:19
96Tessa Pernsteiner1:12:48
97Cindy Swift1:13:19
98Christine Czarnecki1:13:32
99Maggie Eckert1:13:47
100Maria Aho1:14:20
101Kathryn Schaus1:14:45
102Krista Johnson1:16:20
103Amy Thiem1:16:25
104Amy Davison1:17:20
105Eve Marie Walter1:17:33
106Marcia Dibbs1:18:58
107Bev Carlson1:19:23
108Marta McCormack1:20:03
109Jenifer Fischer1:20:07
110Shelia Christofalos1:22:01
111Kerry Putzke1:23:38
112Elise Manders1:24:17
113Elizabeth Shedd1:24:20
114Abra Hovgaard1:25:20
115Karla Bock1:26:07
116Lori Kazaks1:26:20
117Lynette Bacon1:26:57
118Katie Krasean1:27:21
119Joan Sachs1:29:13
120Shannon Mortimer1:29:21
121Hilary Flanders1:29:49
122Monica Treptow1:30:29
123Farley Christiansen,1:31:08
124Audrey Baumgartner1:32:05
125Tiffani Walter1:32:54
126Johanna Rockenstein1:33:03
127Michelle Reddington1:34:16
128Amanda Schulze1:35:44
129Jayne Nemeth1:35:46
130Kim Hall1:35:59
131Susie McGinnity1:36:14
132Karen Piontek1:37:01
133Samantha Bushendorf1:38:10
134Jennifer MacKenzie1:39:31
135Jodie Karjala1:41:03
136Karmen Woelber1:41:50
137Robbi Strandemo1:42:28
138Janis Heifner1:44:23
139Jane Propsom1:44:29
140Karyn Rasmussen1:44:50
141Kristy Herlitzka1:45:25
142Correen Schuebel1:45:38
143Christine Kane1:45:49
144Heather Hartwig Stokes1:46:16
145Laurie Woodbury1:47:07
146Gena Sandor1:47:08
147Karen Fee1:48:09
148Melinda Propson1:48:27
149Natalie Fritz1:50:51
150Amanda Lawstuen1:51:32
151Sabrina Dunlap1:52:03
152Annette Reed1:52:21
153Susan Vierck1:56:57
154Sarah Krasean1:57:01
155Martha Krasean1:57:01
156Juliet Alden1:57:42
157Kristen Panther1:57:48
158Christina Parsons1:58:23
159Sue Blankenheim2:00:10
160Sharna Wahlgren2:02:41
161Trisha Szykulski2:03:43
162Taylor Duffy2:05:17
163Mitzy Johnson2:06:11
164Julie Anderson2:08:12
165Beth Lewis2:10:08
166Nell Rueckl2:11:09
167Amy Rowley2:11:26
168Julie Hastings2:11:39
169Marianne Schroeder2:17:43
170Debbie Anderson2:18:35
171Ashley Ondresky2:19:05
172Cathy Torgerson2:21:35
173Megan Ryan2:22:30
174Jennifer Smith2:24:03
175Kristin Richardson2:26:00
176Renee Roux2:34:40
177Jeanine Connell2:41:49
178Peggy Finkowski2:54:22
179Kelly Lofgren3:10:26
180Moe Smith4:03:37

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brian Matter2:01:00
2Michael Olheiser0:00:02
3Jason McCartney0:00:22
4Travis Woodruff0:02:18
5Mike Phillips0:03:05
6Matt Shriver0:04:08
7Steve Tilford0:06:15
8Jack Hinkens0:06:27
9Cam Kirkpatrick0:06:29
10Cole House0:06:58
11Patrick Lemieux0:07:02
12Alex Vanias0:07:03
13Corey Stelljes0:07:46
14Jeff Hall0:07:48
15Brian Jensen0:09:26
16Nathan Guerra0:10:11
17Ted Hanes0:10:20
18Jorden Wakeley0:11:24
19Mike Anderson0:12:33
20Matias Perret0:12:37
21Ray Nelson0:12:38
22Ryan Krayer0:13:14
23Dallas Fowler0:13:28
24Jeff Wittbrodt0:13:30
25Michael Naughton0:13:37
26Maury Malanaphy0:13:51
27James Parker0:14:03
28Scott Kylander-Johnson0:14:18
29Scott Cole0:14:45
30Ben Senkerik0:15:22
31Chris Wherry0:15:26
32Adam Swank0:15:31
33Brendan Bellew0:15:31
34Justin Piontek0:15:31
35Ben Jenkins0:15:33
36Nathan Lillie0:15:36
37Dan Schuetz0:15:40
38Joseph Maloney0:15:41
39Luke Holtan
40Jeff Weyrens0:15:41
41Chad Sova0:15:42
42Tim Racette0:15:47
43Nikolai Anikin0:15:52
44Jeff Barnes0:15:54
45Matthew Omeara0:15:55
46Adam Froemming0:15:57
47Stathy Touloumis0:16:02
48Mark Brone0:16:12
49Aaron Elwell0:16:29
50Jacob Boyce0:16:29
51Patryk Limanowicz0:17:54
52Joe Curtes0:17:54
53Ezra Taylor0:19:05
54Jeff Curtes0:19:09
55Matt Zak
56Damien Fraser0:19:14
57Jake Richards
58Joe Stephens0:19:15
59Bryan Fosler0:19:31
60Jason Schisler0:19:44
61Dirk Rettig0:19:55
62Ken Statz0:20:24
64Maxwell Anderson0:20:28
65Ben Wizner
66Kurt Schwiesow0:20:30
67Eric Derksen0:20:37
68Joel Hynes0:20:43
69James Winebrenner0:21:05
70Matt Muyres0:21:08
71Tim Swift0:21:09
72Shawn Brick0:21:14
73Matthew Ryan0:21:16
74Jeff Sympson0:21:17
75Christian Brekke0:21:20
76Bill Stolte0:21:20
77Aaron Sturgis0:21:22
78John Gatto0:21:23
79Jason Kozicki0:21:23
80Mike Curtes0:21:24
81Kevin Pomasl0:21:25
82Brian Kozicki0:21:27
83Ronald Raymond0:21:32
84David Olheiser0:21:41
85Thomas Thornquest0:21:47
86Sam Beveridge0:22:09
87Jed Gammell0:22:20
88Ron Sanborn0:22:41
89Bryan Frazier0:22:43
90John Sandberg0:22:51
91Theodore Loosen0:22:55
92Jason Scherman0:22:56
93Bob Weintz0:23:03
94Scott Vatland0:23:23
95Todd McFadden0:23:30
96Jeff Bradley0:23:39
97Mike Suntken0:23:46
98Keith Connolly0:23:49
99Doug Bailey0:24:30
100Ed Alpasa0:25:05
101Michael Tocko0:25:13
102Matthew Dale0:25:13
103Kelly McKnight0:25:15
104Chad Millner0:25:16
105Adam Rogge0:26:03
106Kent Eriksen0:26:14
107Wade Bergner0:26:15
108Dave Eckel0:26:19
109Andrew Ohlsson0:26:23
110Dave Hoglund0:26:31
111Dan Swanson0:26:40
112Brandon Manske0:26:47
113Randall Wegener0:26:56
114Tim Ek0:27:04
115Sanjay Ganju0:27:05
116William Street0:27:08
117Jim Chapman0:27:12
118Scott Hoyer0:27:12
119Andrew Hoenisch0:27:13
120Dylan Harris0:27:14
121Michael Haag0:27:19
122Roger Parenteau
123Brad Menna0:27:20
124Rick Cleary0:27:28
125Josh Schwantes0:27:31
126Aaron Swanson0:27:34
127Jan Rybar0:27:36
128Timothy Andrew0:27:46
129Peter Schow0:27:53
130Bob Phelps0:27:55
131Charlie Schad0:27:56
132Clayton Chase0:28:04
133Stuart Benson0:28:04
134Fred Hubley0:28:16
135David Ziemer0:28:36
136Jeffery Greenwood0:28:45
137Larry Sauber0:28:50
138Jason Wenk0:28:50
139Jamison Beisswenger0:28:52
140Mark Hartney0:28:55
141Kevin Reker0:28:58
142LeRoy Walters0:29:01
143Dennis Kemmesat0:29:02
144Donald Jahr
145Brandt Elson0:29:03
146Erik Pueschner0:29:04
147Fred Scheer0:29:07
148Keith Bianchi0:29:47
149Jess Kruchoski0:29:52
150John Struchynski0:29:53
151Ryan Kennedy0:30:05
152Brian Beattie0:30:11
153Thomas Felton0:30:14
154Neil Statz0:30:16
155Matthew Guettler0:30:17
156Jereme Noffke0:30:18
157Jason Svaldi0:30:19
158Greg Blake0:30:20
159Mason Bacso
160Glen Stroik0:30:22
161Jack Kline0:30:23
162Dennis Schueler0:30:24
163Brooks Monahan0:30:25
164Ryan Fitzgerald0:30:26
165John Munger0:30:27
166Brett Ebben0:30:52
167Clint Swenson0:31:13
168Jeremy Ames0:31:16
169Joseph Mundenar0:31:18
170Matt Leizinger0:31:20
171Brian Haas0:31:22
172Tim Stone0:31:26
173David Mainguy0:31:29
174Thomas Markley0:31:33
175Nick Christofalos0:31:35
176James Kauth0:31:42
177Morison Hall0:31:45
178John Fleckenstein0:31:45
179Mike Berkopec0:31:46
180Drew Holbrook0:31:46
181Tim Wilkie0:31:50
182Brian Krueger0:31:55
183Nathan Klump0:31:55
184David Rosenberger0:32:02
185Peter Hartwig0:32:03
186Jon Sigerud0:32:03
187Derek VanDeVelde0:32:12
188Jeremy Vogels0:32:14
189Daniel Galles0:32:14
190Robert McCready0:32:20
191Brian Kelley0:32:21
192Todd Kinart0:32:33
193Jon Cook0:32:36
194Tim Louis0:32:37
195Tim Gut0:32:43
196Todd Juhlin0:32:44
197Craig Swinehart0:32:44
198Tostin DeYoe0:33:02
199Nathan Perkins0:33:03
200Mick Hansman0:33:07
201Chap Cuthbert0:33:08
202B Newcomer0:33:12
203Gregg Pattison0:33:13
204Piotr Bednarski0:33:15
205Mark Rathbun0:33:18
206Terry Tansey0:33:18
207Adam Tripp0:33:30
208Eric Stanke0:33:32
209Lonie Sauber0:33:34
210Paul Marietta0:33:35
211Jason Vinar0:33:36
212David Bender0:33:37
213Clayton McLagan0:33:39
214Grant Larvick0:33:40
215Jason Exley0:33:41
216Dan Lockery0:33:42
217Peter Borgen0:33:42
218Scott Brown0:33:43
219Sam StPierre0:33:46
220Fred Kueffer0:33:49
221Elrie Iverson0:33:52
222Jon Jurek0:33:56
223Wade Loberger
224Ken Zylstra0:33:57
225Greg Gleason0:33:59
226Wesley Frame0:34:04
227Steve Pribek0:34:07
228Daniel Deetz0:34:08
229Joseph Surla0:34:23
230Chris Burg0:34:26
231Mark VanderWoude0:34:29
232Chris Fischer0:34:32
233Nathan Hackensack0:34:33
234Andy Onken0:34:36
235Andy Schweizer0:34:38
236Tom Anderson0:34:39
237Matt Kamphuis0:34:42
238Noah Michaelsen0:34:47
239Scott Mullins0:34:48
240Anthony Ferrara0:34:54
241Paul Santa Cruz0:35:01
242Tony Froelich0:35:03
243Tyson Meyer0:35:04
244Harlan Smith0:35:08
245Jonathan Sandberg0:35:10
246Tyler Grenzow0:35:14
247Martin Rudnick0:35:15
248Jeff Bisso0:35:17
249Kent McDaniel0:35:18
250Brad Patty0:35:21
251Charles Snyder0:35:23
252Thomas Eaton0:35:27
253Eric Stull0:35:34
254Chip Tabor0:35:36
255Jay Kent0:35:38
256Lawrence Smith0:35:39
257Troy Meives0:35:43
258Tom Norvilas0:35:50
259Bob Marhefke0:35:55
260Phil Godkin0:35:56
261Bart Sigler0:35:56
262Shane Farrell0:36:02
263Ben Swenka0:36:06
264Thomas Karlson0:36:08
265Jesse Shoemaker0:36:11
266Justin Lund0:36:13
267John Reinan0:36:20
268Chad Griffin0:36:21
269Tucker Hibbert0:36:24
270Derek Broten0:36:27
271John Riley0:36:29
272Robert Belz0:36:31
273Tedd Jacobson0:36:37
274Jon Derksen0:36:39
275Thomas MacDonald0:36:40
276Troy Johnson0:36:43
277Ryan Sportel0:36:46
278Steve Jones0:36:53
279Jake Boening0:36:58
280Warren Lyman0:37:02
281Don Edberg0:37:02
282Casey Masterson0:37:04
283Michael Gregor0:37:11
284Jason Ruesch0:37:15
285John Dixon0:37:16
286Scott Lund0:37:16
287Scott Sherman0:37:16
288Ted Miller0:37:17
289Bob Clark0:37:21
290Patrick Shanahan0:37:22
291Joe Verstegen0:37:25
292Dan Ellerkamp0:37:26
293Sean Strosahl0:37:28
294Brett Whyte0:37:30
295Aaron Douglas0:37:31
296Jack Zabrowski0:37:33
297Steve Smith0:37:45
298Greg Rhodes0:37:52
299Mark Lewis0:37:57
300Ron Williams0:38:07
301Chad Weisgram0:38:18
302Matthew Kohner0:38:27
303Tim Trudeau0:38:27
304Jarred Cassady0:38:29
305Craig Kalscheur0:38:30
306Thomas Miller0:38:30
307Thomas Kunau0:38:33
308Dave Fetters0:38:43
309James Joynes0:38:45
310Robert Doerre0:38:51
311Mark Liebig0:39:12
312Chris Sur
313Jeff Rosga0:39:13
314David Gempler0:39:13
315Daniel Logan0:39:15
316Curt Villadsen0:39:19
317Dennis Loy0:39:20
318Brendon Obrien0:39:22
319Brian Thurow0:39:31
320Adam Staufenberg0:39:42
321Dustin Schiltz0:39:43
322Ralph Heath0:39:47
323Nathan Jasperson0:39:55
324Jon Kern0:39:56
325Geoffrey Wasmuth0:39:58
326Timothy Ingram0:39:59
327Douglas Hoffman0:40:00
328Dave Christensen0:40:14
329Douglas Nixon0:40:21
330David Pramann0:40:23
331John Balmer0:40:27
332Rick Kompelien0:40:38
333Steven Wenzel0:40:41
334Jeff Hokeness0:40:57
335Todd Thurmes0:40:57
336Jeffrey Penman0:40:58
337Damian Budzinski0:40:58
338Michael Solberg0:41:01
339Donald Carr0:41:03
340Craig Rudd0:41:04
341Jason Strong0:41:06
342Scott Hoff0:41:12
343Mark Wilhelmson0:41:13
344Mike Brotman0:41:15
345Erin Sikora0:41:29
346John Barten0:41:31
347Richard Pertl0:41:35
348Kent Smith0:41:46
349Scott Rake
350Robert Henry0:41:49
351James Felling0:41:49
352Bob Boone0:41:49
353Jason Mau0:41:51
354Jesse Darley0:41:55
355Jay Obenauer0:42:06
356David Cizmas0:42:08
357Jim Watts0:42:10
358Bradley Tennis0:42:23
359Gary Friedell0:42:31
360Jason Evans0:42:32
361Brad Nelson0:42:34
362James Parman0:42:49
363Conrad Smith0:42:50
364Blair Sievert0:42:51
365Timothy Sieh0:42:52
366Mark Tollerud0:42:53
367Bill Franken0:42:53
368Daniel Schroeder0:42:59
369David Gabrys0:43:04
370Benjamin Johnson0:43:14
371Trevor Russell0:43:20
372Michael Fee0:43:23
373Eric Antonson0:43:25
374Jeff Maddox
375Jim Feuerstein0:43:28
376Kevin Plato0:43:29
377Mark Nestande0:43:31
378Steven Hartle0:43:38
379Curtis Gerber0:43:46
380Thomas Tio0:43:48
381Todd Kalkoske0:43:50
382Shawn Houser0:43:51
383Matthew Gilhousen0:43:52
384Scott Kuehn0:43:55
385Gregory Pautsch0:43:57
386Tom Held0:44:00
387Kent Kallsen0:44:01
388Chris Strahm0:44:02
389Bryan Rypkowski0:44:03
390Kurt Westemeyer0:44:03
391David Slovick0:44:04
392Ty Gonzalez0:44:06
393Mark McNeill0:44:10
394Jesse Sharp0:44:10
395John Koch0:44:11
396Carey Falkenberry0:44:11
397Kit Grayson0:44:15
398Drew Bentley0:44:16
399Jospeh Luniak0:44:16
400Alan Gorski0:44:21
401Joel Ingvalson0:44:27
402Jason Sparbel0:44:52
403Christian Budzinski0:44:52
404Chad Rury0:44:56
405Brian Palecek0:45:01
406Ted Carter0:45:03
407Gary Underdahl0:45:07
408Patrick Gerst0:45:09
409Scott Tawse0:45:11
410Ron Ritzler0:45:11
411Scott Halverson0:45:12
412Nicolas Sandoval0:45:16
413Trent Johnson0:45:17
414Randall Gunderson0:45:31
415Mike Binkowski0:45:33
416Dag Selander0:45:37
417John Holler0:45:38
418Sam Huntington0:45:39
419Randy Tornquist0:45:41
420Chad Klaus0:46:01
421Ryan Church0:46:02
422Michael Carney0:46:03
423Nick Evanoff0:46:04
424Matthew Nelson0:46:09
425Todd Sample0:46:24
426Michael Constant0:46:24
427Daniel Kueffer0:46:28
428Jeff Gruhlke0:46:29
429Ron Scherer0:46:31
430Jeff Hammond0:46:42
431Patrick Warpinski0:46:47
432Taggert Brooks0:46:48
433Jon Schumacher0:46:49
434Curtis Patak0:46:50
435Jamie Mannion0:46:51
436Chad Witt0:46:52
437Matt Kennedy0:46:52
438David Reyes0:46:55
439Todd Lindow0:46:57
440Ben Broten0:46:58
441Tory Nygren0:47:01
442Jim Santa0:47:02
443David Parrish0:47:06
444Eric Lealos0:47:07
445Mark Rosen0:47:08
446Ryan Reuter0:47:15
447Keith Peterson0:47:21
448Pat Sipe
449Nicholas Guettler0:47:21
450Darrell Duchon0:47:26
451Don Iwen0:47:26
452Fritz Brown0:47:34
453John Oman0:47:37
454Bronson Crites0:47:38
455Steven Sarver0:47:38
456Jay Thompson0:47:40
457John Clemmings0:47:42
458Aaron Pidde0:47:44
459Sebastian Corby0:47:45
460Thad Schulz0:47:49
461John Mayek0:47:49
462Jeffrey Zwiefel0:47:56
463Justin Ham0:47:57
464Rick Boelter0:47:58
465Gary Werning0:48:08
466John Gregorski0:48:10
467Brendan George0:48:11
468Joel Johnson0:48:16
469Ben Fischer0:48:16
470Paul Carroll0:48:17
471Greg Earle0:48:18
472Mike Clark0:48:19
473Carl Barkow0:48:21
474Erik Sorensen0:48:22
475John Schneider0:48:22
476Ross Lemery0:48:28
477Marcus Steele0:48:30
478Kevin Grafft0:48:31
479Jacob Johnsrud0:48:33
480John Siepmann0:48:35
481Mike Bobusch0:48:35
482Mike Criego0:48:38
483Guy McDermott0:48:39
484Phil Guillery0:48:45
485Kelly Ness0:48:47
486Thomas Hanegraaf0:48:50
487Chas Nelson0:48:50
488Matthew Busch0:48:52
489Michael Busch0:48:52
490Mark Griffin0:48:54
491Robert Ferrara0:48:58
492Jason Gosse0:49:13
493Ben Leach0:49:18
494Andrew Grant0:49:21
495Rusty Daines0:49:24
496Mike Weispfenning0:49:27
497Eric Johnson
498Andrew Douglass0:49:27
499Brad Jenks0:49:28
500Geoffrey Gray0:49:35
501Brooks Lockwood0:49:37
502Mark Halstrom0:49:37
503Vincent Hanoski0:49:38
504Jay Schneider0:49:39
505David Bell0:49:41
507Arin Davis0:49:44
508Tyree Williams0:49:50
509Bryan Janowiec0:49:51
510Zachary Blankenheim0:49:51
511Steve Streitz0:49:54
512Bill Benson0:49:55
513Tony Shoberg0:49:55
514Mark Kitral0:49:56
515Steve Bulik0:50:07
516John Fitzgerald0:50:08
517Jerry Wright0:50:20
518Corey Brinkema0:50:28
519Joseph Duffy0:50:28
520John Travis0:50:30
521Don Koser0:50:32
522Robert Polic0:50:44
523Mark Walter0:50:45
524Peter Aas0:50:48
525Steve Kapaun0:50:58
526Duane Lee0:51:00
527David Zowin0:51:02
528Willie Bell0:51:13
529Jay Wnuk0:51:14
530Charlie Evenson0:51:20
531Mark Anderson0:51:29
532Jeff Schneider0:51:31
533Mark Sponholz0:51:37
534Marty Halprin0:51:39
535Mark Balkenende0:51:55
536Kevin Monahan0:51:57
537David Reed0:51:59
538Rolfe Hanson0:52:03
539Dustin VandeZande0:52:09
540L John Mangin0:52:12
541James Patterson0:52:13
542Mike Rubens0:52:15
543Paul Lorinser0:52:16
544Peter Noffke0:52:17
545Jason Adams0:52:19
546John Morrison0:52:20
547Alex Siagian0:52:21
548Matthew Nelson0:52:24
549Jonathan Pass0:52:25
550John Nieds0:52:26
551Jason Bolz0:52:28
552Cole Stiegler0:52:29
553Greg Crites0:52:34
554Jeff Pierce0:52:41
555Dale Pierson0:52:41
556Kevin Flowers0:52:47
557Scott Walter0:52:47
558Frank Gangi0:52:49
559Fred Johnson0:52:50
560Eric Hathaway0:52:53
561Nathan Wells0:52:59
562Ryan Williams0:52:59
563Brent Kvittem0:53:02
564Steven Skarvan0:53:05
565Aaron Nelson0:53:05
566David Gilmer0:53:06
567Patrick Rasmus0:53:15
568Randall Koplin0:53:17
569Brent Gale0:53:18
570Craig Diener0:53:21
571Jon Friedell0:53:23
572Brad Wicks0:53:27
573Mark ONeill0:53:31
574Jason Samonds0:53:34
575Steven Musser0:53:35
576Don Weber0:53:36
577Jahn Martin0:53:37
578Brad Sween0:53:40
579Dan Beix0:53:41
580Greg Fields0:53:42
581Keith Walberg0:53:44
582Jay Dodig0:53:45
583Michael Grivas0:53:45
584Daniel Gjertson0:53:48
585Jeremiah Logemann0:53:49
586Tom Schmidt0:53:50
587Wayne Bishop0:53:52
588Andy Frye0:53:52
589Chris Jackson0:54:02
590Harry Anderson0:54:06
591Kyle Vogt
592Mark Bittner0:54:07
593Gregg Hietpas0:54:08
594Jeff Waffensmith0:54:12
595Scott Foate0:54:14
596Javier Quito0:54:17
597Stefan Kirkpatrick0:54:28
598Dave Lipchen0:54:30
599David Krueger0:54:44
600Brian King0:54:46
601Rich Allred0:54:47
602David Martin0:54:50
603Jay Henderson0:54:59
604Paul Towne0:55:00
605Scott Jackson0:55:03
606Dale Crowell0:55:13
607Michael Brask0:55:14
608Marc Folkedahl0:55:15
609Martin Morud0:55:16
610Brian Buelow0:55:17
611Scott Nickoli0:55:17
612Joe Schneeweis0:55:19
613Ryan Spencer0:55:24
614Erik Paulsen0:55:35
615Mark Cole0:55:36
616David Holtermann0:55:38
617William Kuster0:55:42
618Patrick Duey0:55:45
619Dale Freund0:55:50
620Maxwell Kellogg0:55:55
621Mark Hanson0:55:59
622Lukas Campbell0:56:03
623James Gajewski0:56:03
624Mitch Bruns0:56:05
625Bob Heinzen0:56:07
626Mike Mandli0:56:09
627Bryan Bos0:56:18
628Greg Balian0:56:18
629Paul Keller0:56:31
630Aaron Harden0:56:34
631Matthew Wolk
632Patrick Palm0:56:37
633David Aho0:56:39
634Colin Turner0:56:42
635Tony Lemke0:56:44
636Thomas Rheineck0:56:46
637Gary Frost0:56:53
638Troy Herlick0:56:55
639Steven Humphrey0:56:59
640John Tucker0:57:14
641Joe Vadeboncoeur0:57:16
642Steven Pippin0:57:17
643Craig Kilbane0:57:20
644Aaron Kadera
645Corey Russell0:57:22
646Dennis Kruse0:57:23
647Brian Endres0:57:25
648Jason White0:57:27
649Paul Aasen0:57:27
650Chris Schalow0:57:28
651Steve Wiseman0:57:34
652Rick Urban0:57:37
653Dan Stefiuk0:57:39
654Jason Fortin0:57:41
655Dan McKeon0:57:42
656Richard Speckien0:57:43
657Dan Wistrcill0:57:44
658James Grant0:57:45
659Joe Schmidt0:57:46
660Joel Klatran0:57:55
661Jorge Odio0:57:56
662James Washatka0:57:58
663Jacob Sciammas0:57:58
664Matthew Engen0:58:06
665Paul Cassleman0:58:12
666Matthew VanderKooi0:58:18
667Ronald VandenHouten0:58:21
668David Dahlen0:58:21
669James Shoberg0:58:29
670Tim McGrath0:58:30
671Jeffrey Johnson0:58:33
672Shane Schultz0:58:35
673John Licht0:58:38
674James Dundon0:58:39
675Phillip Montville0:58:45
676Brian Benson0:58:45
677Peter Howland0:58:48
678Matt Barnard0:58:50
679David Peterson0:58:53
680Bruce Harick0:58:54
681Ernie Luedke0:59:04
682Joe Riesberg0:59:04
683Mark Strasser0:59:10
684Joel Arpin0:59:12
685Greg Sipe0:59:12
686Dan Schneider0:59:13
687Ryan Lee0:59:18
688Chad Brown0:59:22
689Steven Sletner0:59:22
690Jon Buchberger0:59:32
691Rob White0:59:34
692Patrick Foley0:59:36
693Brendan Connelly0:59:44
694George Behrens0:59:49
695Matt Anthony0:59:50
696David Riley0:59:52
697Marvin Post0:59:56
698Jason Mork0:59:57
699Jeffrey Olson1:00:04
700Joseph Olson1:00:08
701Justin Rumley1:00:10
702Keith Plaster1:00:12
703Craig Manthe1:00:18
704Troy Ward1:00:21
705Edward Piontek1:00:22
706William Styer1:00:26
707David Fish1:00:26
708Michael Connelly1:00:33
709Ben Marks1:00:38
710Peter Swenson1:00:39
711John Schmidt1:00:42
712Tom Noel1:00:46
713Andrew Kircher1:00:47
714James Coors1:00:51
715Kevin Quinn1:00:59
716Rob Brugman1:01:01
717Todd Williams1:01:03
718Jeremy Gillis1:01:05
719Warren Fowler1:01:07
720Brian Draghicchio1:01:12
721Russ Raschke1:01:14
722Ned Patz1:01:16
723Timothy Bergeson1:01:19
724Joe Villalobos1:01:21
725Sam Badger1:01:22
726Dean Ellis1:01:22
727Chad Olson1:01:24
728Eric Flom1:01:26
729Jack Davis1:01:27
730Kirt Soukup1:01:31
731Paul Arndt1:01:33
732Joe Creedon1:01:33
733Paul Johnson1:01:38
734Graham Moran1:01:43
735Eric Schoenberg1:01:45
736Jon Lauscher1:01:47
737James Ritchart1:01:48
738Joseph Nadolski1:01:49
739John Bistolfo
740Derek Leonard1:01:49
741Seth Eckert1:01:51
742Stephen Davis1:01:56
743Chris Molnar1:01:59
744William Stuber1:02:07
745Jon Alberg1:02:12
746Chris Roberts1:02:13
747Andrew Freeman1:02:18
748Dylan Randolph1:02:19
749Michael Lee1:02:21
750Scott Wilson1:02:22
751Nick Klein1:02:24
752Randy Pierce1:02:25
753Tom McKay1:02:40
754Dan Soderberg1:02:43
755James Metry1:02:50
756Andrew Tollefson1:02:50
757Joe McGaver1:02:52
758Peter Blodgett1:02:54
759Nicholas Koltz1:02:57
760Greg Buell1:03:01
761Josh Danielson1:03:09
762Torry Moore
763John Grosz1:03:13
764Peter Taylor1:03:15
765Thomas Fritz1:03:25
766Paul Gabriel1:03:26
767Brandon Charboneau1:03:27
768Troy Gustafson1:03:28
769Jon Stephenson1:03:28
770Sean Bujold1:03:35
771Michael Duggan1:03:41
772Michael Lee1:03:44
773Juan Carlos Nava1:03:52
774Jason Donlan1:03:56
775Peter Kazaks1:04:01
776Carl Bennett1:04:05
777Joe Fallen1:04:09
778Dave Musser1:04:12
779Charles Futcher1:04:13
780Larry Reimer1:04:14
781Jim Gorzek1:04:16
782Steve Knauss1:04:18
783Robert Dahl1:04:29
784David Schutz1:04:29
785Jon Wake1:04:30
786Derek Sokoloski1:04:32
787Lyle Distel1:04:33
788Alexander Zidarevich1:04:33
789Mike Grahek1:04:39
790Greg Jarvela1:04:49
791Barry Monroe1:04:52
792Gary Anoszko1:04:56
793Tom Anoszko1:04:58
794Joe VanDerven1:05:01
795Russell Forbes1:05:04
796Andrew Krawczyk1:05:14
797Jeffrey Fox1:05:18
798Chris Carlson1:05:22
799Michael Jajewski1:05:24
800Jerry Szykulski1:05:24
801Mike Mennenoh1:05:27
802William Wenmark1:05:30
803David Reardon1:05:30
804Kurt Oettel1:05:45
805Bill Schmitt1:05:47
806Scott Smith1:05:50
807Peter Betz1:05:55
808Mark Milford1:06:02
809David Koehler1:06:05
810Joe McGrath1:06:06
811Michael Casper1:06:13
812Jeff Shupe
813Daniel Randolph1:06:22
814Aaron Walczak1:06:22
815Scott Laszewski1:06:23
816Robert Mueller1:06:26
817Kirk Moore1:06:29
818Arthur Coleman1:06:33
819Marty Wiitala1:06:35
820David Hornung1:06:39
821Thomas Snook1:06:40
822Steve Peplinski1:06:42
823Michael Golden1:06:46
824Brian Ciske1:06:52
825Joe Krawczyk1:06:55
826Stephen Zanoni1:06:58
827Thomas Williams1:06:59
828James Strouf1:07:00
829Eric Swenson1:07:02
830Tony Dipietrantonio1:07:11
831Jeremy Duffeld1:07:12
832Jeff Bauerly1:07:13
833James Penkert1:07:14
834Joseph Kelsey1:07:21
835Dennis Rue1:07:23
836Benjamin Lasecki1:07:36
837Edward Jackson1:07:37
838Todd Johnson1:07:40
839Brandon Reynolds1:07:41
840Tom Oneill1:07:42
841Gregory Stanis1:07:45
842Nathan Klett1:07:46
843Kevin Kirkwood1:07:47
844Eric Storhoff1:07:49
845Rich Mennenoh1:07:51
846David Brandsness1:07:55
847Paul Rainey1:07:55
848Bruce Pagel1:07:57
849Jayme Folkedahl1:07:57
850Paul Kekstas1:08:01
851James Muehr1:08:03
852Robert Moccia1:08:05
853Keith Westendorf1:08:08
854Michael Reynolds1:08:09
855John Nelson1:08:10
856Kevin Olson1:08:12
857Eric Nelson1:08:14
858Carl Carlson1:08:16
859Mark Blohowiak
860James Schreiber1:08:18
861Michael Prucha1:08:20
862Sam Elder1:08:20
863Keith Velaski1:08:21
864John Colby1:08:22
865Kristian Dolan1:08:23
866Matthew Bloedel1:08:26
867Phillip Lageschulte1:08:26
868Adam Elmer1:08:28
869Mark Seaburg1:08:35
870Mitch Heiman1:08:37
871Mike Hartogh1:08:38
872Kevin Greiber1:08:41
873Ryan Fahrmann1:08:51
874Jon Henry1:08:54
875David Jacobson1:08:55
876John Wrycza1:08:59
877Kevin Cleereman1:09:00
878Jeffrey Bajek1:09:02
879Tim Zwicke1:09:07
880Gregory Rowley1:09:11
881Jerry Washatka1:09:17
882Sam Niemi1:09:20
883Jeff Hyma1:09:24
884Matthew Hinton1:09:27
885Jonathan Krouse1:09:28
886Michael Stibor1:09:28
887Matthew Howe1:09:30
888Jeremy Ondresky1:09:39
889Russ VanderWiel1:09:40
890Gregory Worsnop1:09:42
891Kevin Lyons1:09:48
892Daniel Stedman1:09:53
893Dale Torzala1:09:55
894Chad Wilkinson1:09:58
895William Schloemer1:09:58
896James Schuchardt1:10:00
897Jeremy Baker1:10:07
898Craig Ricco1:10:13
899Keith Wolf1:10:20
900Richard Wickham
901Josh Wolke1:10:34
902Charles King1:10:35
903James Brick1:10:36
904David Mennenoh1:10:43
905Connor Omeara1:10:46
906James Smith1:10:47
907Robert Grott1:10:47
908Christopher Thorson1:10:51
909Barry Jacobs1:10:53
910Scott Secketa1:10:56
911Charles Carpenter1:10:58
912John Daming1:11:00
913Kevin Catalano1:11:02
914Todd Palecek1:11:03
915Shawn Hoppe1:11:04
916Nicholas Boulton1:11:04
917Ron Kapaun1:11:06
918Toby Schifsky1:11:10
919Randy Meyer1:11:11
920James Massey1:11:20
921Tim Trissler1:11:23
922Andrew Delcore1:11:25
923Rick Schnell1:11:27
924Alex Price1:11:31
925Houstoun Clinch1:11:33
926Ryan Goei1:11:35
927Mark Muraski1:11:36
928John Delfrate1:11:39
929Tim Hogan1:11:59
930Edward Mathie1:12:09
931Aaron McGinnis1:12:11
932Joel Benton1:12:20
933Rick LaCaille1:12:35
934Michael Miljan1:12:46
935Benjamin Duininck1:12:47
936Rodney Garayt1:12:55
937Jim Kuzzy1:12:56
938Jeff Cummisford1:12:58
939Denny Barry1:13:00
940Jason Lewis1:13:06
941Keith Rypkowski1:13:09
942Dennis Porter1:13:14
943Matthew Johnson1:13:15
944Christopher Shaw1:13:15
945Tom McBeain1:13:17
946Wayne Smestad1:13:18
947Dave Ethier1:13:18
948Ron Kadera1:13:19
949Isaac Larson1:13:20
950Steve Schoo1:13:23
951Craig Gustafson1:13:24
952Robert Stoltz1:13:25
953Ray Baniewicz1:13:26
954David Nutt1:13:29
955John Wagener1:13:36
956Richard Taugner1:13:37
957John Hedrick1:13:38
958Robert Diedrich1:13:42
959John Mathie1:13:44
960Bradley Hughes1:13:44
961Rick Wren1:13:46
962Joel Harrison1:13:49
963Charles Krall1:13:53
964Gary Sjoquist1:13:59
965Jeffery Mecikalski1:14:00
966Jeffrey Gantz1:14:04
967William Johnston1:14:08
968Scott Donner1:14:08
969David Bates1:14:09
970Dwight Hertz1:14:11
971Nathan Woolever1:14:16
972Chuck Sorenson1:14:19
973Mark Barrett1:14:22
974Gail Strom1:14:22
975Jeffrey Arndt1:14:28
976Brian Johnston1:14:42
977Timothy Borgen1:14:43
978Daniel Charhut1:14:49
979Richard Schroeder1:15:00
980Matthew Bieda1:15:14
981Michael Rhoades1:15:19
982Scott Guhl1:15:21
983Ron Kay1:15:22
984Jason Parkman1:15:23
985Brian Szymanski1:15:23
986John Ryan1:15:24
987Austin Montgomery1:15:24
988John Senkerik1:15:25
989John Wilmes1:15:26
990Todd Hinrichs1:15:26
991Eric Peterson
992Scott Reich1:15:27
993Steven Krapp1:15:42
994Mark Loula1:15:44
995Chris Cerer1:15:45
996Brent Porter1:15:46
997William Dossett1:15:48
998Doug White1:15:49
999Nicholas Zehren1:15:51
1000William Corcoran1:16:00
1001Michael Lack1:16:09
1002Jay Dellis1:16:17
1003Paul Lieske
1004Tim Reel1:16:20
1005Brian Benson1:16:23
1006Timm Jacobson1:16:30
1007Andrew Kautman1:16:37
1008Tom Manella1:16:39
1009Patrick Connelly1:16:45
1010Travis Stone1:16:45
1011Christopher Koeppl1:16:46
1012Mark Andelt
1013William Vitali1:16:47
1014Paul Jacobson1:16:50
1015Aaron Percy1:16:52
1016John Pelletier1:16:58
1017Jon Bergherr1:17:08
1018Nathan Mielke1:17:12
1019Benjamin Schemensky1:17:26
1020Robert Shepherd1:17:32
1021Stephen Swenson1:17:40
1022Paul Wegner1:17:42
1023Daniel Knudsen1:17:43
1024Brent Bottomley1:17:48
1025Joseph Ignelzi1:17:54
1026Jay Dahlke1:17:57
1027Todd Hafermann1:17:59
1028Todd Sandman1:17:59
1029Eric Anderson1:18:00
1030Sean Larson1:18:10
1031Michael Huffer1:18:17
1032Gregory Mundahl1:18:29
1033Aaron Roehl1:18:32
1034Jeremy Frew1:18:35
1035Gregg Lewis1:18:42
1036Duane Rouse1:18:47
1037Seth Nelson1:18:48
1038John Banicki1:18:58
1039Michael Seiler1:19:02
1040John Buran1:19:10
1041Wade Flisram1:19:12
1042Daniel Holsen1:19:12
1043Ross Reed1:19:13
1044Gregory Molnar1:19:16
1045Kevin Lemke1:19:19
1046Donald Howell1:19:23
1047Michael Chadderdon1:19:30
1048Brian Groh1:19:32
1049Christopher Horsmann1:19:33
1050Brian Fisher1:19:33
1051Brent Lien1:19:35
1052Kevin Smith1:19:43
1053Allan MacIntyre1:19:44
1054Stuart Schurtz1:19:44
1055Brad Yeager1:19:47
1056Philip Jenni1:19:57
1057Michael Bartkowski1:20:01
1058Thomas McDonald1:20:07
1059Robin Raplinger1:20:08
1060Tom Chapman1:20:13
1061Robert Hon1:20:17
1062Fritz Cleveland1:20:19
1063Scott Logue1:20:21
1064Daniel Obrien1:20:25
1065Michael Soderburg1:20:26
1066Mark Fritsche1:20:27
1067Dan Norton1:20:29
1068Mark Vinall1:20:29
1069Jeffrey Zipfel1:20:44
1070Neil Milkowski1:20:45
1071Jay LaBonne1:20:52
1072Justin Gullekson1:20:57
1073David Grim1:21:03
1074Bradley Heineck1:21:03
1075James DeBoer1:21:06
1076Andrew Lane1:21:07
1077Charles Leuthner1:21:13
1078Kenneth Walz1:21:28
1079Dave Moe1:21:44
1080Andy Seikel1:21:51
1081Chris Obrien1:21:54
1082Gordon Wright1:21:54
1083Kenneth Schik1:21:59
1084Jeff Dykstra1:22:03
1085Nick Caliva1:22:08
1086Joe Bruentrup1:22:10
1087Ed Janssen1:22:15
1088Dirk Racine1:22:16
1089Brian Hellweg1:22:19
1090Greg Rask1:22:22
1091H Hartmann1:22:29
1092John Feller1:22:33
1093William Davis1:22:34
1094Tom Quist1:22:37
1095Harper Taggart1:22:40
1096William Stuart1:22:41
1097Ron Fohran1:22:41
1098Bryan Turner1:22:52
1099David Carlson1:23:01
1100Robert Maloney1:23:03
1101Sean Copeland1:23:05
1102Chris Wilhoit1:23:07
1103Jeff Evans1:23:08
1104Tyler Prahl1:23:08
1105David Seifert1:23:14
1106Thomas Gujer1:23:16
1107Todd Poquette1:23:17
1108Jacob Tonsager1:23:20
1109Joe Bottensek1:23:32
1110Michael Hon1:23:36
1111Brandon Buth1:23:37
1112Stephen Percy1:23:41
1113Neil Schalk1:23:42
1114Michael Lewis1:23:46
1115Michael Gorka1:23:55
1116Paul Moore1:23:59
1117Mike Lindow1:23:59
1118Mickey Koser1:24:04
1119Jeffrey Sterling1:24:06
1120Dale Tease1:24:10
1121James Lloyd1:24:11
1122Mitchell Swaden1:24:16
1123Andy Trewyn1:24:18
1124Chad Wilson1:24:19
1125Kim Mills1:24:21
1126Matthew Kures1:24:23
1127Kent Wenger1:24:28
1128Chris Grapentine1:24:30
1129Samuel Torgerson1:24:32
1130Tom Thies1:24:33
1131Michael Waterston1:24:34
1132William Sonnega1:24:36
1133David Wasmuth1:24:39
1134Jeff Shoemate1:24:45
1135Timothy Walsh1:24:56
1136Martin Fazioli1:25:07
1137Todd Lustbader1:25:07
1138Ryan Stanton1:25:08
1139Eric Swofford1:25:10
1140Peter Otterson
1141William Buenz1:25:15
1142Marc Young1:25:20
1143Loren Darling1:25:22
1144John Young1:25:23
1145Mark Staloch1:25:23
1146Peter Tromp1:25:27
1147Eric Cleveland1:25:27
1148Ward Budweg1:25:28
1149Mike Metzmaker1:25:29
1150Aaron Hushagen
1151Michael Siitari1:25:30
1152Corey Peissig1:25:37
1153Paul Dybing1:25:39
1154Nick Gervino1:25:49
1155Ronald Stephan1:25:52
1156John Erler1:25:53
1157Brian Porter1:25:53
1158Rob Rongstad1:25:59
1159Randy Brand1:26:04
1160Chris Kemble1:26:17
1161John Brennan1:26:23
1162Robert Webb1:26:27
1163Aaron Messenger1:26:28
1164Bob Gehred1:26:31
1165Frank Rowe1:26:33
1166Mark Joslyn1:26:38
1167Carl Sledgister1:26:48
1168Kevin Putzke1:26:53
1169Stephen Grahame1:26:57
1170Henry Heupel1:26:58
1171Tom Ohm1:27:00
1172Bruce Herbes1:27:02
1173Rob Wolfe1:27:05
1174Douglas Bunton1:27:07
1175Christian Andersen1:27:10
1176Nicholas Buller1:27:13
1177Randy Williams1:27:14
1178Rex Clevenger1:27:17
1179Jason Berg1:27:18
1180Joseph Bunton1:27:20
1181Brad Rencher1:27:20
1182Tom Macone1:27:23
1183Tom Hillstrom1:27:27
1184Dennis Rasmussen1:27:33
1185Craig Propsom1:27:40
1186Frank Lobello1:27:49
1187Gerry Voelliger1:27:52
1188Russell Dace1:27:56
1189Josh Moe1:27:59
1190Kelly Maszk1:28:05
1191Nicholas Jacobson1:28:05
1192Tim Brinkmann1:28:08
1193James Casey1:28:19
1194Tom Segar1:28:21
1195Eric Gorder1:28:22
1196Nicholas Milton1:28:23
1197Daniel Zellmer1:28:25
1198Michael Waisbrot1:28:30
1199David Cecchi1:28:32
1200Tim Dagoberg1:28:34
1201David Delforge1:28:38
1202Mitchell Theisen1:28:57
1203Michael Golat1:28:58
1204James Klaus1:29:05
1205Aaron Collins1:29:10
1206David Lombardo1:29:21
1207Daniel Wycklendt1:29:23
1208Chris Dagnault1:29:24
1209Christopher Uchytil1:29:29
1210Scott Finstad1:29:30
1211Adam Wyszynski1:29:31
1212John Vogt1:29:38
1213Douglas Bauer1:29:56
1214David Barr1:29:57
1215Benjamin Wagener1:30:01
1216Ron Suciu1:30:01
1217Mike Fridley1:30:02
1218Richard Martens1:30:04
1219John Miller1:30:10
1220Art Eichmann1:30:11
1221Caleb Frostman1:30:13
1222Steve Mott1:30:18
1223Andrew Boron1:30:20
1224Michael Rudella1:30:24
1225Kevin Graff1:30:25
1226Wayne Palecek1:30:26
1227Scott Haskins1:30:31
1228Ralph Snyder1:30:32
1229Mark Stehlik1:30:40
1230Jim VanIwaarden1:30:42
1231Christopher Kleingartner1:30:45
1232Andrew Wegner1:30:47
1233Ken Kranz1:30:55
1234Scott Puncochar1:30:56
1235Charles Ganzhorn1:31:02
1236Ron Hein1:31:03
1237Shawn Billing1:31:05
1238Mike Richardson1:31:11
1239Charles Carlson1:31:13
1240Peter Eigenfeld1:31:19
1241Edward Matthiesen1:31:21
1242Justin Dittmer1:31:22
1243Christopher Wellsandt1:31:29
1244Brian Bohne1:31:31
1245David Janssen1:31:33
1246David Cook1:31:34
1247Andy Dwilow1:31:36
1248Jeffrey Carlson1:32:07
1249Jeff Winston1:32:10
1250David Hastert1:32:11
1251Brian Zeller1:32:19
1252Mark Chapman1:32:21
1253James Peterson1:32:41
1254Stephen Barry1:32:45
1255Jon Skoyen1:32:57
1256Quin Ribordy1:32:58
1257Edward Dittberner1:33:08
1258Steve Olson1:33:13
1259Jason Leske1:33:15
1260Brian Watkins1:33:23
1261James Remington1:33:25
1262Paul Reget1:33:25
1263Patrick Remington1:33:26
1264Jeff Arzt1:33:36
1265Charles Gundersen1:33:38
1266Paul Bruzek1:33:42
1267Mick Carlson1:33:45
1268Daniel Mueller1:33:54
1269Michael Stiegler1:33:55
1270Jamie Valentine1:33:57
1271Bob Bennett1:33:58
1272John Dabbeekeh1:33:59
1273David Schultz1:34:12
1274Jim Remington1:34:14
1275Brian Coppock1:34:26
1276John Hayes1:34:28
1277John Cornelius1:34:34
1278Mark Haessly1:34:40
1279Daniel Ostgaard1:34:44
1280John Ihde1:34:45
1281Michael Welsch1:34:49
1282Raymond Jasicki1:34:49
1283Doug Faber1:34:50
1284Ray Jalbert1:35:07
1285Todd Heal1:35:14
1286Jim Finkowski1:35:16
1287Timothy Rogers1:35:25
1288Thomas Dunn1:35:30
1289Sam Linhoff1:35:43
1290Michael Gerlach1:35:46
1291Tim Kennedy1:35:47
1292Casey Sambs1:35:53
1293Joseph Cook1:35:53
1294Bruce Goldberg1:36:00
1295Mark Reed1:36:01
1296Scott Valleen1:36:03
1297Andrew Miller1:36:03
1298Bob Chadderdon1:36:04
1299Michael LaBudde
1300Jeff Larson1:36:08
1301Chad Kemp1:36:13
1302Tim Watson1:36:16
1303Jay Gunderson1:36:19
1304Duan Trinh1:36:39
1305Rob Kim1:36:39
1306Philip Heinrich1:36:45
1307John Rother1:36:47
1308Jim Hinze1:36:50
1309Adam Draeger1:36:53
1310Gene Tehansky1:36:53
1311Todd Zinkgraf1:36:54
1312Michael Korf1:37:03
1313Compton Kurtz1:37:07
1314John Meccia1:37:25
1315Jerome Gundersen1:37:27
1316Michael Schlecht1:37:29
1317Scott Norman1:37:39
1318Paul Schulz1:37:40
1319Frans Carlstrom1:37:50
1320Ben Riley1:37:59
1321Shane Frostman1:38:01
1322Keith Wilkinson1:38:31
1323Mike McCarthy1:38:33
1324Chris Leaf1:38:33
1325Jason Banfield1:38:49
1326Brad Kettunen1:38:59
1327Patrick Amaral1:38:59
1328Joe Tennant1:39:15
1329Cameron Skold1:39:17
1330Steven Adamski1:39:31
1331Randy Jennings1:39:36
1332Jeffrey Gillberg1:39:50
1333Robert Houle1:39:54
1334Kevin Fischer1:40:09
1335Jeffrey Charlesworth1:40:11
1336Brent Bruessel1:40:13
1337Luke Wippler1:40:21
1338Peter Fetters1:40:29
1339Scott Thielsen1:40:31
1340Mark Ollinger1:40:38
1341Jason Manders1:40:48
1342Chris Marr1:40:48
1343Ian Kees1:40:52
1344Darren Tutt1:40:54
1345Daniel Riley1:40:56
1346Todd Larson1:40:57
1347Lonnie Castelli1:41:01
1348Joseph Dalum1:41:02
1349Tom Maierle1:41:04
1350Peter Huot1:41:42
1351Michael Diko1:41:43
1352Allan Coursol1:41:46
1353Jon Loye1:41:51
1354Anthony Harris1:41:55
1355Kyle Donovan1:41:56
1356Michael Sandor1:42:07
1357Joseph Ziskovsky1:42:07
1358Dean Eide1:42:15
1359Todd Herbst1:42:15
1360Jason Stauber1:42:19
1361Paul Schmidt1:42:22
1362Jonas Bock1:42:38
1363Boyd Hansen1:42:39
1364Dave Lubbs1:42:45
1365Andy Galvin1:42:47
1366Dan Denardo1:43:01
1367Justin Dzelzkalns1:43:07
1368Gary Smith1:43:11
1369Dan Kardatzke1:43:14
1370Russell Drenth1:43:15
1371Michael Leppones1:43:18
1372Mark Schlanser1:43:22
1373Randy Paulson1:43:22
1374Alain Deleon1:43:24
1375Steven Bacon1:43:28
1376David Finigan1:43:28
1377Paul Lanhart1:43:30
1378Dale Carson1:43:31
1379Tim Panasuk1:43:34
1380Everett Doolittle1:43:39
1381David Reitan1:43:42
1382Ray Dzelzkalns1:43:46
1383Will Herbon1:43:49
1384Dave Anderson1:43:51
1385Ryan Brown1:43:52
1386Eric Sward1:43:56
1387Thomas Andrews1:44:16
1388Jonathan Meulbroek1:44:17
1389Kevin Wagner1:44:22
1390Larry Karageanes1:44:23
1391Todd Heinz1:44:29
1392Randy Eide1:44:29
1393Marty Tabor1:44:35
1394Todd Fischer1:44:42
1395David Zaun1:44:46
1396Peter Malen1:44:49
1397Josh Cichy
1398Tom Bruseth1:44:50
1399Peter Sampair1:44:53
1400Paul Merwin1:44:56
1401Brian Bruckner1:45:04
1402Jim Dixon1:45:09
1403Matthew Machaiek1:45:13
1404Brian Ericson1:45:34
1405Coleman Carter1:45:40
1406Ryan Paetznizk1:45:49
1407Gerald Mimick1:46:00
1408Ben Halsten1:46:05
1409Kris Halderson1:46:07
1410Jeffrey Miller1:46:08
1411Jamie Tomchek1:46:08
1412Bill Smith1:46:18
1413Jeffrey Bunkelman1:46:23
1414Dan Treptow1:46:33
1415Patrick Fitzsimmons1:46:50
1416Brad Lis1:46:55
1417Matthew Heaton1:46:58
1418Dan Massoth1:47:10
1419David Stricker1:47:15
1420Nicholas Degidio1:47:21
1421Nick Miller1:47:24
1422Timothy Christiansen1:47:38
1423James Lefor1:48:05
1424Charles Plueddeman1:48:14
1425Shaun Meehan1:48:18
1426Jason Rasmussen1:48:23
1427Matthew Fogarty1:48:27
1428David DeBoer1:48:37
1429Kevin Forward1:48:40
1430Justin Obenauer1:48:49
1431Rich McNamara1:48:50
1432David Dahlman1:49:23
1433Paul Sanders1:49:23
1434Brandon McCullough1:49:28
1435Andy Rohrbach1:49:35
1436Nathan Marsten1:49:42
1437Derek Bauer1:49:48
1438Michael Devanie1:49:51
1439Mark Malone1:50:17
1440David Dwyer1:50:20
1441Jon Erickson1:50:21
1442Peter Weitz1:50:37
1443John Miller1:50:40
1444Isreal Lawstuen1:50:59
1445Robert Varani1:51:01
1446Jon Bowe1:51:03
1447Dan Price1:51:06
1448Chuck Wolske1:51:10
1449Brent Gavin1:51:11
1450Dwight Beavers1:51:15
1451John Seiler1:51:30
1452Harry Schleeter1:51:47
1453Timothy Bachman1:51:54
1454Will Janecek1:52:04
1455Jere Mohr1:52:05
1456Gregory Wold1:52:11
1457Roger Schmitz1:52:12
1458Jacob Lonsdale1:52:33
1459Bill Schneider1:52:45
1460Mark Lowder1:52:48
1461Michael Carter1:52:49
1462Chad Carter1:52:49
1463Jeffrey Lindsay1:52:51
1464Brian Donahue1:53:12
1465Jefferson Brand1:53:17
1466Barry Trump1:53:26
1467Dan Kosch1:53:48
1468Dan Meier1:53:52
1469Tim Clafton1:54:12
1470Tom Borchardt1:54:13
1471Thomas Tessendorf1:54:32
1472Kristopher Vietmeier1:54:49
1473Dan Radaj1:55:03
1474Tom Detzner1:55:12
1475Richard Ahern1:55:20
1476Nicolas Adams1:55:21
1477Robert Russo1:55:22
1478Timothy Roberts1:55:48
1479John Beard1:55:53
1480Travis Dundore1:55:54
1481Gregory Thiry1:55:58
1482Robert Hanson1:56:07
1483Mike Maierle1:56:08
1484Stanley Walczak1:56:27
1485Christopher Davis1:56:29
1486Bill Wagener1:56:34
1487Krist Stenseth1:56:37
1488William McVey1:56:47
1489Paul Smyczek1:56:48
1490Frank Rabinovitch1:56:51
1491Marc Pouilly1:56:56
1492Christopher McArthur1:56:59
1493Lew Mangin1:57:21
1494Craig Hoffman1:57:26
1495Steve Foldvari
1496Bob Kincaid1:57:26
1497Jeff Gude1:57:27
1498Ladd Conrad1:57:31
1499Sean Nuyda1:57:39
1500William Szkwarek1:57:44
1501Vladimir Hlas1:57:55
1502John Melin1:57:57
1503Steve Kobliska1:57:59
1504Chris Carlson1:57:59
1505Thomas Gamsky1:58:00
1506Bill Hensien1:58:06
1507Brett Somers1:58:11
1508Pete Bergen1:58:12
1509Chad Meunier1:58:15
1510Mark Wirfs1:58:25
1511Paul Krafthefer1:58:30
1512David Sheahan1:59:06
1513Ted Bergstrom1:59:15
1514Jim Torgerson1:59:15
1515Matthew Stockert1:59:16
1516Steven Latham1:59:19
1517Thomas Rowley1:59:20
1518Wayne Paider1:59:20
1519Thomas McVey1:59:29
1520Eric Kozar1:59:41
1521Randy Vohen1:59:59
1522Kenny Dretzka2:00:05
1523Brad Hanson2:00:18
1524Marvin Schmeiser2:00:31
1525Douglas Hein2:00:43
1526Daniel Deetz2:01:03
1527Jim Rainey2:01:15
1528Steven Maierle2:01:20
1529Doug Bryson2:01:24
1530David Sopinski2:01:37
1531Jonathan Erdmann2:01:54
1532Ryan Pederson2:02:03
1533Lee Bengel2:02:05
1534Nathaniel Gorski2:02:09
1535Mark Ledin2:02:16
1536Dan Niblo2:02:25
1537DJ Burns2:02:34
1538Kenny Patenaude2:02:41
1539James Owens2:02:41
1540Paul Maahs2:02:51
1541Gary Seifert2:02:53
1542Bill Hicks2:03:21
1543Robert Langlois2:03:28
1544Patrick Smyczek2:03:35
1545Erik Arthur2:03:53
1546Todd Urbanski2:04:23
1547Jay DeBoer2:04:23
1548Joe Anderson2:04:43
1549Dana Butzow2:04:46
1550Jeff Linders2:04:51
1551Timothy Larson2:04:54
1552Joshua Purtell2:05:04
1553Kirk Johnson2:05:22
1554Harrison Lin2:05:24
1555Eddie Gilmartin2:05:43
1556Carey Manson2:06:55
1557Fred Richter2:07:21
1558David Danberg2:07:27
1559Kristopher Volkman2:07:33
1560Peter VonTresckow2:07:40
1561David Kalin2:08:06
1562Joseph Zwicke2:08:11
1563Jesse Burns2:08:22
1564Drake Ryman2:09:01
1565William Strub2:09:06
1566Peter Walton2:09:13
1567Gustavo VazDaCosta2:09:24
1568John Laundrie2:09:28
1569Steve Fitzgerald2:09:35
1570Timothy Somers2:09:57
1571Kevin Smith2:10:04
1572DeWayne Combs2:10:18
1573Jim Sutcliffe2:10:40
1574John Leighton2:10:42
1575Jeff Provisor2:11:25
1576Dan Schuldt2:11:55
1577Donn Danelski2:12:07
1578Douglas Ries2:12:08
1579Chris Goetz2:12:21
1580Matt Rowley2:12:31
1581Christian Lindgren2:12:42
1582John Burns2:12:45
1583Robert Maldonado2:12:45
1584Fredrik Borstad2:12:48
1585Jeff Simon2:12:54
1586Craig Vierck2:13:28
1587Leeds Cutter2:13:49
1588Steven Velie2:14:00
1589Garrett Nolan2:14:07
1590Gaylord Plummer2:14:25
1591Richard Johnson2:14:31
1592Mark Swim2:14:37
1593John Krutke2:14:37
1594Kristofor Parson2:14:53
1595Tim Hageman2:15:08
1596Jason Teggatz2:16:43
1597Richard Uren2:17:04
1598Paul Paider2:17:23
1599John Hinde2:17:43
1600Scott Gislason2:17:46
1601Daryl Bramel2:17:48
1602Richard Gjertson2:17:50
1603David Bertler2:18:23
1604Marc Martinez2:18:30
1605Troy Jones2:19:37
1606Gregory Merz2:19:40
1607Chip Plummer2:19:44
1608Andrew Johnson2:19:49
1609John McKnight2:19:58
1610Todd Powell2:20:01
1611Richard Winget2:20:02
1612Steven Collova2:20:04
1613William Osmundson2:20:45
1614Rad Bakken2:21:03
1615Timothy Gongoll2:21:25
1616Todd Roethel2:21:28
1617Don Gray2:21:33
1618John Ouellette2:21:44
1619John Feste2:21:57
1620Thomas Johnson2:22:42
1621Erik Julsrud2:23:02
1622Mike Erickson2:23:04
1623Andy Entinger2:23:18
1624Roy Pitner2:23:54
1625Patrick Dupont2:24:36
1626Steven Draghicchio2:25:00
1627Gary Esko2:25:14
1628Brad DeCramer2:25:17
1629Jason Mousel2:25:46
1630Nathan Weissgerber2:25:51
1631Joe Smyczek2:26:00
1632Kevin Hill2:26:07
1633Paul Hallin2:26:23
1634Robert Dahl2:26:24
1635Chip Bullock2:26:29
1636Jorge Martinez2:27:12
1637Andrew Fox2:27:18
1638Jeff Grim2:27:46
1639Eric Hannot2:28:09
1640Doug Hastings2:28:10
1641Joseph Schick2:28:30
1642Richard Wolf2:29:31
1643Robert Sarsfield2:29:38
1644Erich Mische2:29:42
1645Lorenzo Draghicchio2:29:44
1646Randy Bowman2:29:45
1647William Miller2:29:58
1648Michael Gellerman2:30:49
1649Ryan Roesler2:33:03
1650Eivind Stenersen2:34:44
1651Boyd Paulu2:34:52
1652Shawn Murphy2:35:03
1653Joe Cruz2:35:30
1654Charles Dokken2:35:47
1655Antonin Hlas2:36:02
1656Ray Iesalnieks2:36:07
1657Robert Buck2:36:17
1658Pete Larobardiere2:36:37
1659Jerry Blankenship2:37:48
1660Mark Gavin2:38:48
1661Paul Karr2:40:02
1662Daryl Wangert2:40:50
1663Stephen Skinner2:41:08
1664David Richardson2:42:31
1665Sean Mahoney2:44:18
1666Jason Gust2:44:24
1667Scott Moore2:45:12
1668James Simpson2:47:10
1669Richard Schmidt2:47:53
1670Peter Read2:47:53
1671Mike Cherwin2:49:14
1672Jeffrey Austin2:50:05
1673Butch Grainger2:51:30
1674Chris Young2:51:31
1675David Guerrero2:51:41
1676Philip Sweetser2:51:56
1677Josh Collier2:53:01
1678David Bell2:53:48
1679James Lee2:54:10
1680Gregory Grossbier2:56:20
1681Craig Swanson2:56:25
1682Ken Karr2:57:05
1683Mark Sproul2:59:24
1684Nicholas Ammerman2:59:59
1685Neal Kolb3:00:07
1686Scott Singer3:00:47
1687Mark Rasmusson3:03:51
1688Paul Harris3:04:51
1689NEED NAME,3:06:35
1690Robert Warner3:08:03
1691Wayne Nelson3:08:10
1692Steven Krasean3:14:02
1693Thomas Moran3:15:30
1694Michael Smyczek3:25:35
1695Jeffrey Fredrickson3:41:13
1696Jonathan Nagel3:42:04
1697Ryan Gray3:42:10
1698Alan Thomas4:07:25
1699Jerry Kasch4:19:17

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