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English wins fifth consecutive 24-hour Australian solo title

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It's lonely in the feed zone at night.

It's lonely in the feed zone at night. (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Ronja Hill Wright

Ronja Hill Wright (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Kath Bicknell

Kath Bicknell (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Jason English races toward victory

Jason English races toward victory (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Liz Smith

Liz Smith (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Jason English pulls a wheelie

Jason English pulls a wheelie (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Jason English at the finish

Jason English at the finish (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Liz Smith in action

Liz Smith in action (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Liz Smith

Liz Smith (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Liz Smith at the finish

Liz Smith at the finish (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Women's elite podium

Women's elite podium (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Women's national championship podium

Women's national championship podium (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Men's national championship and elite podium

Men's national championship and elite podium (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Mark Tupalski

Mark Tupalski (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Mimi Guillot

Mimi Guillot (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Wendy Stevenson

Wendy Stevenson (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Saturday night in the feed zone

Saturday night in the feed zone (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Lights along the singletrack

Lights along the singletrack (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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The feed zone

The feed zone (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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The Easter bunny was at the race, too.

The Easter bunny was at the race, too. (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Merryl King

Merryl King (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Brett Bellchambers

Brett Bellchambers (Image credit: Russell Baker)
Image 23 of 29

Jason English

Jason English (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Bec Parkes

Bec Parkes (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Garry James

Garry James (Image credit: Russell Baker)
Image 26 of 29

Jacky Boisset

Jacky Boisset (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Felicity Wardlaw

Felicity Wardlaw (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Anne Symes

Anne Symes (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Men's national championship and elite podium

Men's national championship and elite podium (Image credit: Russell Baker)

Jason English and Liz Smith were crowned Australian 24-hour solo mountain bike national champions after an enthralling weekend of endurance mountain bike action at Majura in the ACT.

English, the three-time and reigning 24-hour world champion secured his fifth consecutive national title against a high quality field. With barely a pause in the 24 hours, English's inimitable combination of speed and consistency paid off again.

After riding with a lead pack from the start, he slowly gapped the competitive field in the tenth hour. English was ecstatic with his result, riding 418 kilometres in the 24 hours.

"I've already achieved more than I ever thought possible. That said, I've trained and given myself the best chance, and four in a row was already massive," said English.

"It was a tough race, based on my preparation for the world championships in Italy and looking at the high-quality field assembled I was prepared that I could quite likely lose coming in. I decided that I wouldn't be disappointed if that happened, but that said, it's an awesome feeling to win".

With his undefeated run in 24-hour solo mountain bike racing now extending to almost four years, English has every right to be confident heading overseas to defend his title in Italy.

"I really wanted to go over as the Australian Champion; wearing the green and gold jersey. I've got six weeks to get everything sorted, and the goal is to win again".

Ed McDonald placed second outright and in the process won his 23-29 age category. In third place was under 23 rider Mark Tupalski, who also took out the U23 category on the way to the overall podium.

Liz Smith was crowned the women's 24-hour solo national champion after a race-long battle with Bec Parkes. With the two riders separated by only five seconds with two hours to go, Smith was finally able to take a lead that would seal the win.

The win is Smith's first national championship. "It feels fantastic. This was the first time at an endurance mountain bike race where I've had to race to-and-fro right to the end. I'm aiming now to race the worlds in Canberra next year," said Smith.

Mimi Guillot of France won the women's race outright racing as an international. With the lead group of three women grouped together overnight, Guillot rode away from daybreak to a convincing outright win. Guillot is a member of the Thule Adventure Team, the 2011 Adventure Racing World Champions.

The Canberra Off-Road Cyclists Club hosted the event for the seventh time. The event was sanctioned by Mountain Bike Australia as the national championships for the last five years. Over 100 riders enjoyed the singletrack at Majura and riders qualified for the 2012 WEMBO World Solo 24-Hour Championships to be held in Finale Ligure, Italy in May.

The next Mountain Bike Australia national-level event is the MTBA Marathon Championships, an event that will be also hosted by the Canberra Off-Road Cyclists Club at Stromlo Forest Park on June 10.

Canberra will also host the WEMBO 24-hour World Solo Championships in 2013.

Full Results

Men open
#Rider Name (Country) TeamLaps
1Jason English (30-34)38laps
2Edward McDonald (23-29)37
3Mark Tupalski (U23 )37
4Andrew Hall (30-34)33
5Brett Bellchambers SS (35-39)32
6Deon Revet SS (40-44)31
7Thule-Trailmix (Jacky Boisset) (30-34)30
8Nathan Versey (30-34)29
9David Speering SS (35-39)29
10Garry James (50-54)28
11Project 63 (Phil Welch) (40-44)28
12Tony Rowley (45-49)28
13David Coyles SS (30-34)27
14Chris Millman (40-44)27
15Scott Walker (45-49)25
16Stuart Brown (35-39)25
17Chris Schofield (35-39)25
18Matthew Nash (40-44)25
19James Eldridge (50-54)25
20Chris Becvarik SS (40-44)24
21Andrew Kingston SS (30-34)24
22Andrew Clark (U23 )23
23Corey Werfel (40-44)23
24Justin Frith (23-29)22
25Phil White SS (35-39)22
26Project 63 (Ivan Chan) (40-44)21
27Rod Gisik (35-39)20
28Cameron Dalton (30-34)20
29Peter Selkrig (50-54)20
30Stephen Evans (50-54)20
31Robert Davis (30-34)19
32Geoff Moon (50-54)19
33Kieran Laughton (35-39)19
34Jason Shepheard SS (40-44)19
35Angus Mckay (30-34)18
36Ben Hallowell SS (30-34)18
37James Ross (U23 )18
38Steve Eggleton (45-49)18
39Jason Harrod (23-29)16
40Nathan Schubert (30-34)13
41Joel McFarlane-Roberts SS (23-29)10
42Timothy Stubenrauch (35-39)9
DNFAnytime Fitness/Trek (Richard Peil SS) (45-49)18
DNFSydney Eco-Cabs (Sam Warmington SS) (35-39)18
DNFNeil Dall (50-54)17
DNFClayton Locke (40-44)15
DNFSam Chancellor (23-29)14
DNFShane Taylor (30-34)14
DNFPhillip Banks SS (30-34)14
DNFMichael Norman (40-44)14
DNFAaron Thomson (35-39)14
DNFMark Astley (35-39)14
DNFScott Chancellor (23-29)13
DNFMatt Hand (30-34)12
DNFMichael Sutinen (35-39)11
DNFArran Pearson (40-44)10
DNFAlistair Gribble SS (23-29)10
DNFMatt Dening (45-49)9
DNFMartin Handley (35-39)6

Women open
#Rider Name (Country) TeamLaps
1Thule - Trailmix (Mimi Guillot) (30-34)29laps
2Liz Smith (30-34)29
3Felicity Wardlaw (35-39)29
4Bec Parkes SS (35-39)28
5Libby Adamson (40-44)26
6Prita Jobling-Baker (30-34)24
7Wendy Stevenson (45-49)22
8Gwynn Le Maitre (30-34)19
9Ronja Hill-Wright SS (U23)11
DNFBethany Thompson (23-29)8

Open men 6+6
#Rider Name (Country) TeamLaps
1Jon Odams19laps
2Jason McAvoy18
3Darren Groves18
4Alex Ramsey17
5Madison Giles17
6James Mason14
7Michael Dunbar14
8Andrew Chamberlain14
9Joshua Higson14
10Anytime Fitness/Trek (Harry Herne)13
11Tim Christie13
12Craig Iverach13
13Clinton Leong13
14Hagen Ganahl13
15Grantley Butterfield13
16Sean Baker12
17Marko Sibila12
18Fil Giles10
DNFAnytime Fitness/Trek (John Henderson)7
DNFMartin Wisata7
DNFAlexander Austin7
DNFGeoff Pollard4

Open women 6+6
#Rider Name (Country) TeamLaps
1Kath Bicknell16laps
2Anne Symes16
3Merryl King15
4Sophie Clement14
5Rachel Jacka13
6Belinda Chamberlain12
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