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Van Dijk flees doping control

Stefan Van Dijk ( is risking a suspension from pro cycling. On June 8, 2005, the Dutch rider fled an out-of competition doping control at his home in Oud-Turnhout, Belgium. Reportedly recognising the yellow anti-doping bus in front of his house as he drove home, Van Dijk decided not no attend the control and fled in his Audi A3. The doctor in charge, Hans Cooman, nevertheless recognised the rider and reported the incident.

Although Van Dijk wrote a letter to the Belgian Federation saying that he wasn't home that day, the evidence produced at the sitting last week proved this not to be true. His lawyer, Philippe Carsau, is hoping for a suspended sentence. "It was a reaction of panic," Carsau said. "He said he'd apologise."

Under article 23 of the Flemish decree, refusing a doping control equals testing positive. The commission in charge of investigating the incident will make its decision in two weeks' time. Van Dijk, who participated in the ProTour race Paris-Tours on Sunday and finished 11th, scored several victories this year and is placed second in the European Continental Tour rankings.