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Utah takes a step closer toward a velodrome

The Manchester velodrome

The Manchester velodrome
(Image credit: Ben Atkins/

Utah took another step closer toward having a velodrome when the town of Draper voted on Tuesday for a resolution in favor of a velodrome according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Draper's city council passed a resolution in support of a velodrome at Lynn Ballard Ball Park. The vote was "non-binding" which means a velodrome is not certain. Instead, it opens the door for further discussion about funding and conceptual planning.

Councilman Jeff Stenquist told the Salt Lake Tribune that the velodrome would fit into the community and could provide economic development opportunities by virtue of potentially hosting competitions.

Draper is one of two cities, along with Ogden, considering the building of a velodrome. Draper is thinking about an outdoor facility while Ogden is in the conceptual design phase of an indoor track.

The velodrome efforts are being supported by the Salt Lake Velodrome Association, an organization started in 2007.

"At the turn of the [20th] century, Salt Lake City was a Mecca for track cycling," said the association's John Newell said. "We're just trying to bring a world-class facility here."

Nearly 100 years ago, Utah used to have an velodrome at Saltair, a facility on the shores of the Great Salt Lake near Salt Lake City, but there are currently no tracks in the state.

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