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UCI requests investigations into Landis claims

Lance Armstrong responds to media questions about Floyd Landis

Lance Armstrong responds to media questions about Floyd Landis (Image credit: Steve Medcroft)

Following the statement by Johan Bruyneel that he would cooperate with an investigation opened by the Royal Belgian Cycling League, the UCI announced Wednesday the full list of requests made to national organizations in the wake Floyd Landis' allegations of widespread doping practices.

In addition to the request made to the Royal Belgian Cycling League to investigate Bruyneel, the UCI announced that it has also asked for investigations from Cycling Australia (Matthew White), Canadian Cycling Association (Michael Barry) and the French Cycling Federation (John Lelangue).

It has also asked the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) to address claims relating to Lance Armstrong, George Hincapie, Levi Leipheimer, Jim Ochowicz and David Zabriskie.

All of the above men were named by Landis in several e-mail messages sent to USA Cycling and leaked to the media last week. Landis alleged that he and other riders used performances enhancing drugs and methods during his time at the US Postal Service and Phonak teams, and were assisted by Bruyneel and Ochowitz in the practice.

A UCI statement stated that the requests are "aimed at establishing, in an objective manner, whether or not events potentially constituting a breach of the Anti-Doping Rules occurred. This does not in any way imply that the UCI considers the allegations made by Mr Landis to have any basis."