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Stages power meters are now much cheaper

Stages power meters cheaper
Stages power meters will now be affordable to more riders, who wish to measure their ride data accurately (image credit: Stages) (Image credit: Stages)

Stages has announced changes to their product pricing, which is great news for those riders wishing to become a lot more scientific about their training.

The American company has helped to revolutionise data harvesting for cyclists by producing crank-based power meters which can measure a rider's power output with incredible accuracy and endurance, no matter how long your weekend training ride might become.

Stages brought pro-level training technology to the broader market with its simple and comparatively-affordable power meters, yet the price still represents a significant investment, often more than the cost of an actual crankset.

As digitisation has surged in the cycling world, the value of a power meter as the primary source of output data, has become nearly indispensable. But for many, the appropriate Stages power meter for their chosen groupset has been just too dear to reconcile with the yearly cycling budget.

The new Stages price adjustments could go some way in even further democratising professional level sports science for dashing amateur riders.

Some of the notable new price points for more popular Stages power meters include the Stages Shimano 105 R7000 left-crank-arm-only for £299, which was £429 before the new pricing structure.

At the more premium end, pricing has changed to £939 for the Stages Shimano DuraAce R9100 Power LR left and right combination power meter. This power meter set-up was previously priced at £1199.

There have been no mechatronic changes to the power meters, with the improved pricing a result of greater production efficiencies as Stages scales its business to increased global demand.