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Spitz back in racing action

Sabine Spitz in the Frankfurter Radcross

Sabine Spitz in the Frankfurter Radcross (Image credit: Ralf Schäuble)

Sabine Spitz (Central Haibike) is back in competition after breaking her arm in a crash while training prior to the final German Bundesliga final round in Bad Sazdetfurth in September.

The 2008 Olympic champion had fractured her radius near the elbow joint. This past weekend, she resumed racing at the Frankfurter Rad-Cross race in Germany. Her team reported that she was feeling good and the injury had healed well.

"I'm very happy and it was fun. I no difficulty or pain in my arm during the race," said Spitz, who finished eighth.

The race was her first real test after injury and after completing some base training in Cyprus.

"From the second lap onward, I felt good, but I didn't want to risk too much given the slippery conditions, and therefore I rode defensively. I can continue to build for next season based on the preparation I've done thus far." Marianne Vos, the current cyclo-cross world champion, won the event.

Spitz's Central Haibike teammate Tereza Hurikova is also back in action after breaking her collarbone during a training session at the world championships in Champery, Switzerland. She is feeling fit again and is highly motivated for the coming Olympic year.

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