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Silca begins 3D printed titanium project with Mensola computer mount

Silca 3D printed out front mount
(Image credit: Silca)

Silca has today unveiled the latest in its line of highly desirable products with the launch of an all-new computer mount, the Mensola. 

However, what makes it doubly interesting is that it marks the beginning of a bigger project in relation to 3D printing titanium for the US-based Italian brand. 

There are a host of different variations of this new out-front mount available, each compatible with a different stem faceplate, including those from Specialized, Enve, Zipp, Bontrager, Black Inc and more. It is also available with various mounting brackets, meaning it is compatible with all of the best cycling computers.

The price of the stem is certainly representative of the Silca brand's reputation, retailing at £175. However, if the brand's other reputation precedes it, it should be very well made, making it extremely durable and long-lasting. 

According to the brand, each Mensola mount is printed using 6Al/4V titanium. Silca claims that thanks to its construction, it will be 10 - 15 per cent lighter and between six and 12 times stronger than a CNC-machined aluminium equivalent. Depending on the model chosen, the mount will be between 27 and 36 grams in weight, and they are all made in the USA. 

It is also said to be "designed by the wind", which is later clarified to mean that the product is said to improve aerodynamics compared to a standard mount. 

Little extra information is given surrounding those wider plans to expand into 3D printing titanium, except that the brand is "being approached by multiple World Tour teams in relation to this project". 

With brands going so far as to 3D printing frames and others printing lugs, components and more, the potential for innovation from the well-respected component brand is high. We are excited to see what comes next. 

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Josh Croxton

Josh has been with us as Senior Tech Writer since the summer of 2019 and throughout that time he's covered everything from buyer's guides and deals to the latest tech news and reviews. On the bike, Josh has been riding and racing for over 15 years. He started out racing cross country in his teens back when 26-inch wheels and triple chainsets were still mainstream, but he found favour in road racing in his early 20s, racing at a local and national level for Team Tor 2000. He's always keen to get his hands on the newest tech, and while he enjoys a good long road race, he's much more at home in a local criterium.