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Parliamentary reception for Orica-GreenEdge

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The GreenEdge team with Gerry Ryan and Orica's Gavin Jackman

The GreenEdge team with Gerry Ryan and Orica's Gavin Jackman (Image credit: Daniel Simms)
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Simon Gerrans and Gerry Ryan

Simon Gerrans and Gerry Ryan (Image credit: Daniel Simms)
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Daryl Impey

Daryl Impey (Image credit: Daniel Simms)
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Gerry Ryan with members of the Orica-GreenEdge team

Gerry Ryan with members of the Orica-GreenEdge team (Image credit: Daniel Simms)
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A 2013 yellow jersey signed by Daryl Impey and Simmon Gerrans

A 2013 yellow jersey signed by Daryl Impey and Simmon Gerrans (Image credit: Cyclingnews/Zeb Woodpower)
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Gerry Ryan at the lecturn

Gerry Ryan at the lecturn (Image credit: Daniel Simms)
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Gracie Elvin and Simon Gerrans

Gracie Elvin and Simon Gerrans (Image credit: Daniel Simms)

Orica-GreenEdge and Orica-AIS have been honoured with a reception at Australian Parliament House in Canberra by Federal Sport and Health Minister Peter Dutton who congratulated both teams on their achievements during the 2013 racing season. Orica-AIS finished the season ranked number one in the world and were represented by Gracie Elvin and Amanda Spratt.

At the 2013 Tour de France Orica-GreenEdge held the yellow jersey over four consecutive days, won the Team Time Trial and also recorded a stage victory by Australia's Simon Gerrans who attended the function along with Daryl Impey, Cameron Meyer, Simon Clarke and several other teammates.

Team owner and Cycling Australia President Gerry Ryan was on hand to deliver a short speech, thanking the government for its support and recognition of the two teams' accomplishments in 2013. In his address, Gerry Ryan said "we're proud to be acknowledged in this context and the achievements of both our teams this year is a strong statement of the great progress and direction of professional cycling right now. We have a really integrated partnership with Orica with whom we share some of the values most important to the team."

"We've had some 100 victories in 18 different tours around the world racing on over six continents in 60 countries … we couldn't be here today without Orica's funding, we couldn't have the number of riders, we couldn't have the assistance with sport science, we wouldn't have the people that keeps the team on the bikes," added Ryan

"Three and a half years ago I wouldn't have thought I'd be standing here in Parliament but as you look around and see the number of politicians riding and providing support and future support," Gerry told Cyclingnews.

"It certainly exceeded our expectations [2013] with the girls being the number one team, two stages a the Tour de France, four days in yellow plus 30 wins from the men and 20 wins from the women is very special."

The event was organised by Orica who sponsor both the men's and women's teams and since their inception just two years ago the two teams have claimed more than 100 victories. Orica's Executive Global Head Corporate Affairs and Social Responsibility Gavin Jackman said the strategic partnership with the teams is closely aligned to Orica's global business operations.

"Orica-GreenEdge and Orica-AIS provide a platform to relate with customers around the world and with the communities that host Orica's operations. We also share common values, including a drive to succeed through collaboration wherever we compete," said Jackman in his address on the night.

Simon Gerrans who is one of only six Australians to have worn the coveted maillot jaune expressed his gratitude and delight for the growing support of cycling and interest in the sport as a whole. "I think it's great just how many people in Parliament are into their cycling. Everyone I've spoken to tonight has said how they ride and their families ride and how much interest this is here at the Australian government [in cycling]," Gerrans explained to Cyclingnews.

"It's great that Orica have been able to put this evening together and it's really shown how supportive they are of the team."


Zeb Woodpower is the Australian editor at Cyclingnews. Based in Sydney, Zeb provides an Australian perspective on the sport with articles ranging from the local to the global . He joined Cyclingnews in 2013.

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