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Nys gets first season win in Neerpelt

Nys on the podium in Neerpelt

Nys on the podium in Neerpelt (Image credit: AFP Photo)

Sven Nys took his first victory of the 2007-08 cyclo-cross season in Neerpelt, Belguim on Sunday. The 'cannibal from Balen' who won no less than 28 races last year stated earlier this month that his goals for the season are to win as many races as possible. With this win in the first 'real cross' of the season, he is off to a good start.

Nys attacked the field halfway through the hour long event, and only current world champion Erwin Vervecken attempted to stay with the Rabobank team rider, but he was not able to hold the pace that Nys was setting and dropped back to finally finish fifth. Nys won by 16 seconds ahead of Niels Albert, the winner of last weeks Steenbergcross followed by Bart Wellens at 18 seconds.

Despite his victory, Nys complained about the heat after the race, "If you have to ride with a constant heart rate of 190 beats, then you get a nasty feeling. As you start to accumulate lactic acid, you automatically begin to ride slower," he told the Gazet van Antwerpen afterwards.

"When I attacked half way, I was able to develop a good tempo. Every lap I rode a few seconds further away. Now that the World Cup in the US has been cancelled, I have a free weekend. I will go to Mallorca to lay the last of my foundations."

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