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Murcia-Contentpolis set sights on 2011 return

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The Contentpolis-Murcia team

The Contentpolis-Murcia team (Image credit: Team Contentpolis-Murcia)
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Members and staff for the elite and under-23 Murcia-Contentpolis team gather in Spain

Members and staff for the elite and under-23 Murcia-Contentpolis team gather in Spain (Image credit: Antonio J. Salmerón)

Despite a valiant fight to remain in the upper-levels of professional cycling in 2010, Murcia-Contentpolis squad have decided to cut their losses and aim for a return to the top in 2011.

Last month, co-sponsor AMPO departed the squad in favour of support for ProTour team Footon-Servetto, a decision that left no margin for Contentpolis to find a last-minute substitute.

However, with support pledged by the Government of the Murcia and the Municipality of Murcia, the team's managers have already begun plan for a return next year that includes what they hope will be a minimum three-year deal with a new major sponsor.

While its management, still led by Jose Antonio Ortuño, seek to secure the team's financial future, Murcia-Contentpolis' competitive elements will meanwhile focus on the development of athletes in the elite amateur, under-23 and junior categories.

Iñaki Urroz will retain his position as directeur sportif and will direct a squad that includes Oscar García-Casarubios, Rafael Serrano, Sergio Domínguez, Jesús Buendía, Javier Chacon, Ivan Martinez, Salvador Guardiola, Antonio Garcia, Jose A. Alcaraz and Peter J. Fructuoso.

The team will compete in a number of events in the Portuguese and Spanish domestic race calendars.

Despite a return to the drawing board for 2010, the team will have a clear vision of level to which they hope to return. The 2009 season, only their second as a professional team, had included six professional wins and a Grand Tour appearance at the Vuelta a España. Active throughout their home Tour, the team achieved a creditable 15th place overall through Manuel Vazquez.