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Le Col revamps Hors Categorie collection among creative summer launch

Le Col riding
(Image credit: Le Col )

As a result of COVID-19 lockdown, the traditional method of launching a new product with curated onsite photography of some exotic cycling location has not been possible.

Le Col has reacted to this challenge in a novel way – by faking it. Company founder, Yanto Barker, had relished adapting to the new normal. “It has been challenging to launch our Spring Summer kit in the way we have done in previous years. Instead of fighting it, or looking for loopholes, we decided to embrace it and show off our creative side.”

Le Col bib shorts

(Image credit: Le Col)

Hors Categorie mountains on UK shores

Using printed backdrops, Le Col’s marketing team managed to bring Europe's best cycling destinations to the United Kingdom. The two perspectives of Le Col’s new cycling gear we have used on this page, clearly show how a French Alpine climb was captured in all its glory, with a rider on rollers, at an English coastal venue.

As part of the new 2021 spring and summer product range, Le Col has introduced its Hors Categorie bib shorts. Designed to help riders remain comfortable and focussed, on the steepest of climbing gradients, these bib shorts have better moisture management and longer leg grippers.

Rider comfort is further enhanced by Le Col’s material selection for the Hors Categorie bib shorts, which are constructed from the finest Italian lightweight fabrics. The textile choice provides excellent breathability, which is crucial when climbing, where airflow is at a minimum due to low moving speeds.

Le Col’s Hors Categorie bib shorts are priced at £180 and available in three colourways: black/white, all black and finally navy/white.

Le Col bib shorts

(Image credit: le col)