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Euro Four Cross Series to wrap up in Czech Republic

Four cross racers in action

Four cross racers in action (Image credit:

The final round of the Euro Four Cross Series will happen on Saturday, September 24 at the Czech ski resort of Pec Pod Snezkou. Most of the world's top riders will be there racing at the fifth and concluding round of the series.

They will compete on a track that is about one-minute long and offers plenty of time for passes. With natural rock sections, man-made rock sections, rhythm sections, 50-foot double jumps and a road gap that would look scary on a downhill bike, the winner in Pec will earn every point towards his overall series total.

Currently, Joost "The Boost" Wichman leads the series with 396 points, 2010 World Champion Tomas Slavik is second with 300 points and "Boom Boom" Scott Beaumont is in third with 268 points. The fight for the overall title will be between these three riders as they are the only men who can mathematically take the title. With a total of 141 points up for grabs to the fastest qualifier and winner of the race, anything can happen at Pec.

Czech favourites Kamil Tatarkovic, Lucas Mechura, Michael Mechura, Michal Marossi, Jacub Riha, and Petr Muhlhans will all be looking to dominate in front of their home crowd. However the man they will all be hoping to see is the newly crowned four cross world champion Michal Prokop, who will likely be making his debut in the rainbow jersey.

Johannes Fischbach, Guido Tschugg, Adam Stasek, Scott Roberts and Premek Tejchman will add to the depth of the field.

150 of Europe's top four cross riders have taken part in the Euro Four Cross series thus far. It will all end with a party on Saturday night.

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