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eBay finds: Merckx Hour Record replica

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The Merckx Pista track bike

The Merckx Pista track bike (Image credit: eBay)
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A look at the front end

A look at the front end (Image credit: eBay)
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The Campagnolo Record hub

The Campagnolo Record hub (Image credit: eBay)
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The toe strap pedals

The toe strap pedals (Image credit: eBay)
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The Merckx-emblazoned Campagnolo chainset

The Merckx-emblazoned Campagnolo chainset (Image credit: eBay)

We've been scouring the web for retro bike deals and have dug up this Merckx Pista track bike for sale on eBay.

The bike, a replica of the machine that Merckx rode to take the Hour Record in Mexico City in 1972, is priced at £2,750 ($3,384) with free shipping for much of the world. It comes in the famous orange colour of the Hour Record bike, plus a good deal of the same components.

The bike itself dates to 1985, so it's a vintage frame itself, despite being a replica. The farme is an Eddy Merckx Pista track frame, with Merckx's name adorning the downtube. It's classed as a 'show bike' by the seller, "ready to use or hang on the wall" according to the description.

While the bike is Merckx-made, there's plenty of Italian components bolted on, too. The toe strap pedals are Campagnolo Record, as is the seat post. The wheels also feature Campagnolo Pista hubs with Delta rims and a 14t sprocket at the back.

Meanwhile, the chainset features Campagnolo Record 175mm cranks with a 52t chainring. A custom-made titanium stem, Cinelli 64 handlebars, Regina Record chain and Cinelli unicantor saddle finish off the build.

Merckx set a long-standing hour record in October 1972, with his effort atop a traditional, non-aero bike was not bested until 2000. Then, Chris Boardman went a mere 10 metres further using a carbon bike with drop handlebars and wire-spoked wheels. There were, of course, other Hour Records set in the interim, though the likes of Francesco Moser and Tony Rominger used high-tech aero equipment to do so.

Merckx's record was 49.431 kilometres, set on the Agustín Melgar Olympic Velodrome in Mexico City. Afterwards, Merckx, who in his neo-pro year outlined ambitions to win the Tour de France and set a new Hour Record, called the effort the "hardest ride I have ever done."

The original Merckx Hour Record bike is currently on display in a glass case at the Eddy Merckx metro station in south-west Brussels.