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AbsoluteBlack launches new Hollowgram oval 2x chainring

AbsoluteBlack has a Cannondale friendly double-oval
AbsoluteBlack has created a two piece oval for Hollowgram cranks (image credit: AbsoluteBLACK) (Image credit: AbsoluteBLACK )

AbsoluteBlack has produced a new oval chainring for riders using Cannondale’s 2X Hollowgram cranks.

If you have always desired a Hollowgram compatible 2X chainring, British oval specialist AbsoluteBlack now has a product solution that isn’t direct-mount.

Oval chainrings generate a more linear load on the knee throughout your pedal stroke, and as such, many riders have transitioned from round to oval chainrings for the benefit of joint health.

Those road riders loyal to Cannondale’s 2X Hollowgram drivetrain system have been left without a spidering oval option, but now there is a beautifully machined double-chainring from AbsoluteBlack to cater for exactly that demand.

Although direct-mount chainrings are popular for their lower mass and absence of bolts, some riders prefer the ability to split and replace a smaller ring on 2X drivetrains. For that eventuality, you need a traditional spidering 2X chainring, which can be unbolted into individual pieces.

AbsoluteBlack Cannondale 2x chainring

(Image credit: AbsoluteBlack)

This latest AbsoluteBlack chainring is compatible with Cannondale Hollowgram Si, SiSL and SiSL2 cranks. It features a 50/34T configuration (52/36T coming soon) and the two chainrings are mechanically bonded into a single unit, with five titanium bolts.

If you wear through the 34T, it can easily be replaced. Mechanical friction on the climbing chainring is, therefore, a more affordable maintenance issue over time, with AbsoluteBlack's spidering 2X oval, where the smaller ‘ring can be swapped for a new one.

The new Cannondale Hollowgram compatible 50/34T oval weighs only 178g, which is a mere 3g heavier than AbsoluteBlack’s direct-mount version.

The price positioning is £214.99 and if you seek a more potent 52/36T gearing option, AbsoluteBlack will soon add that to the Hollowgram spidering portfolio.

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