Best folding bikes: Space-saving bikes for your urban riding needs

One of the best folding bikes, the titanium Brompton T-Line, leans against a wall, which has been painted with a large bird
(Image credit: Future/ Peter Stuart)

The best folding bikes can fold down into incredibly small and compact shapes. Allowing for more versatility for travel or just simply taking up less room in your house or at work. The best folding electric bikes make things even easier and give you a best-of-both-worlds combo, their popularity is certainly on the rise given the time and effort they can save. 

Folding bikes can just be downright fun to ride, there's a playfulness to them that makes riding one, especially commuting or zipping around busy streets rather enjoyable. Using one to travel with can just feel seamless, unfold the bike and travel under your own steam, reach your destination and fold it back down and bring it inside with you. 

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Mildred Locke

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