Best cycling caps - A cap for every season

Best Cycling caps

Endura Skull cap

(Image credit: Future / Tom Wieckowski )

1. Summer caps
2. Waterproof caps
3. Winter caps
4. Alternative options
5. How to choose

The cycling cap or 'casquette' has deep roots within cycling, and like cycling bells or cycling gloves, their design and style have remained largely unchanged for decades. 

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Tom Wieckowski
Tech writer

Tom joined the Cyclingnews team in late 2022 as tech writer. Tom has over 10 years experience as a qualified mechanic with 5 or so of those being spent running an independent workshop. Tom has ridden and raced bikes from an early age up to a national level on the road and track and has ridden and competed in most disciplines, even the odd bit of bike polo. Tom is as happy tinkering away in the garage as he is out on the road bike exploring the Worcestershire lanes.