Best Bafang front hub motor kit deals

Best Bafang front hub motor kit deals
(Image credit: Bafang)

Although it's not a household name like Bosch or Shimano, Bafang is a big maker of e-bike drive systems, which are installed on a wide range of e-bikes from different brands.

Alongside its OEM offering, Bafang also sells some of the best electric bike conversion kits to allow you to convert a regular bike to an e-bike. A kit will typically (but not always) include the battery and controller as well as all the wiring and sensors necessary.

Bafang's kit options include mid-drive units as well as rear and front hub motors. While the first two of these require you to work on your drivetrain and need specialist tools to install, a front hub motor is simpler to fit onto your bike - although look out for the compatibility issues noted below.

That makes the Bafang front hub motor kit a good option for the home mechanic. It comes with full instructions and the option of a frame-mounted battery or one that fits under a rear rack. Bafang provides global support, including centres in the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and the US.

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to buy a low priced complete e-bike instead, check out our guide to the best electric bikes under £1,000 / $1,000.

Our web crawler searches the web for the best deals on millions of products worldwide, so if you've decided that the Bafang Front Hub motor kit is the conversion kit for you, and want to check you're getting the best deal, here are the best deals available right now. 

Bafang conversion kits are often sold online via Amazon, although you may find them at other retailers too and you may see similar-looking kits from other brands. Prices vary, but so do the contents of the kit, so check that you're getting all you need.

Also check compatibility with your bike, as there are a large number of variants for front wheels. That starts with wheel size: is the diameter correct and is the rim the right width to fit in your frame? Your existing wheel and tyre should have their sizes displayed on them.

You also need to check whether the kit is designed to work with disc or rim brakes - you can't mix and match and you may need to buy a rotor for a disc brake wheel, which needs to be the right diameter to fit your brake caliper.

You also need to check axle spacing and type, as different standards are used here. Older bikes may have a 100mm x 10mm quick-release axle, while most disc brake bikes come with thru-axles, although there are different lengths and diameters in use for these, so you'll need to confirm yours and get an appropriate one. 

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