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Basso bikes: range, details, pricing and specifications

Basso bikes
(Image credit: Basso)

While the majority of carbon frames on the market are manufactured in the far east these days, Basso continues to hand-build every frame in Dueville, Italy as it has always done; producing purebred carbon race bikes that are both high quality and brimming with Italian passion. For this season, the range consists of sought-after bikes that will challenge for a place in our guides to the best road bikes and best gravel bikes

The family-owned company was founded in 1977 by Alcide Basso who continues at the helm to this day. Alcide Basso grew up watching his brother Marino Basso race professionally while learning his trade from the Italian master frame builders of the time. Although Alcide saw success as a racer himself it was the mechanical side of racing that he found a passion for. 

Starting as a mechanic for his brother's teams he went on to travel Europe working for some of the biggest names on the circuit. In 1976 he began producing frames and in 1981 he opened the factory in which Basso’s frames are still produced. 

With frame building being undertaken in-house, Basso can continuously innovate with materials and design. Striving to create bikes that combine superb ride quality and elegant aesthetics with the durability to withstand hard riding year after year.

Basso Bikes: The range explained

Basso offers most of their bikes with a choice of groupsets by Campagnolo, Shimano or SRAM plus customisation of chainset and cassette ratios when bought directly. Basso uses its own brand Microtech for much of the finishing kit and options of different stem lengths, bar widths and crank lengths can be specced to suit a rider’s fit on their high-end bikes. Like the frames, Microtech manufactures its wheels in its own facility in Italy. 

Basso bikes

(Image credit: Basso)

Basso Diamante

An aggressive and agile road bike that emboldens the inner racer

Brakes: Disc, Rim | Frame: Carbon | Type: Road | Sizes (cm): 45-61 | Price: Unspecified

Responsive handling
Aggressive aesthetics
Sunken headset means oddly tall-looking head tube and high top tube

The Basso Diamante is Basso's best road bike for all-round racers. Just from looking at it, the aggressive ride quality is obvious. From the slammed head tube which allows the stem to sit lower than the top tube or the short chainstays and slammed rear wheel, this is a bike designed to reward riders who ride fast. 

Basso is proud of the stiffness it has been able to achieve, quoting just 0.2mm of bottom bracket flex and 0.4mm from the head tube. This may not promote a silky ride quality but on smooth tarmac descents, the Diamante will allow you to push hard into corners with pinpoint accuracy.

Tube shapes feature a semi-aero shape and an integrated seat clamp continues the clean aesthetic of the frame. Basso’s 3B clamp system secures the seatpost with an elastomer to absorb vibrations. Brake options are either direct-mount rim calipers or disc and both will fit 28mm tyres for enhanced grip and comfort. 

Basso bikes

(Image credit: Basso)

Basso Diamante SV

A fiercely aggressive Italian thoroughbred that makes no compromise in its search for speed

Brakes: Disc | Frame: Carbon | Type: Race | Sizes (cm): 48-63 | Price: Unspecified

Sharp, reactive handling
Straight-line speed
Not the lightest in the segment
Firm ride quality affects comfort

The Diamante SV is Basso's best aero road bike, designed for out-and-out speed. Basso set out with one goal for the Diamante SV, to create a true Italian race bike. SV stands for ‘Super Veloce’ (super speed) and there have been no compromises made. Despite looking to have an aggressive geometry, the stack and reach numbers tell a different story of a reasonably relaxed position, and Basso also offers a ‘comfort kit’ that increases the stack by 20mm. However, handling is kept sharp with short chain stays, meaning light touches and subtle shifts in body weight are translated to confident and precise cornering.

As accentuated aero designs take over the high-end race bike scene, the Diamante SV resists, choosing stiff tube shapes that are designed to help propel the bike forward rather than over-elongated Kammtail shapes. That's not to say aerodynamics haven’t been considered, subtle considerations have been implemented around the headtube, fork, dropped seatstay and the seat tube junction fairings.

Basso Diamante SV road bike review

Basso bikes

(Image credit: Basso)

Basso Astra

The Astra is a great option for those with slimmer wallets and stiffer backs who seek that Basso race DNA

Brakes: Disc | Frame: Carbon | Type: Road | Sizes (cm): 45-61 | Price: Unspecified

Trickle-down technology
Striking looks
Only available with disc brakes

Geometry costs nothing, so despite its lower price point, Basso has still injected the Astra with its tried-and-tested race bike DNA. There have been some tweaks made, with the Astra getting a slightly more relaxed ride position compared to the very aggressive Diamante models.

A lower-grade carbon has been used to keep costs down at the sacrifice of a few grams. Basso claims that this doesn’t affect the ride quality as the Astra benefits from all the knowledge and technology that has been gained from years of building premium bikes. In fact, there are many details from the higher Diamante ranges which garnish the Astra such as the straight-legged fork and rear triangle from the SV as well as their 3B clamp system.

Basso bikes

(Image credit: Basso)

Basso Venta

Basso Venta offers hand-made Italian quality at an astounding price

Brakes: Disc, Rim | Frame: Carbon | Type: Race | Sizes (cm): 45-61 | Price: Starting from €1,899.00

Italian hand-made carbon frame
Choice of disc or rim
Basic paint schemes
Cable routing

The Venta is Basso’s best budget road bike and although considerably cheaper than its other framesets, still manages to boast a hand-made carbon frame with no aluminium hardware. A description that, for most other brands, is usually only reserved for prestige superbikes. This is achieved by continuing the excellent attention to detail that is invested in all of Basso’s frame manufacturing.

As the Venta is aimed at a more intermediate rider, the riding position is not as extreme, with a higher stack and shorter reach than Basso’s other models. This fit shouldn’t be mistaken for relaxed, thanks to a steep head angle and short wheelbase the Venta still has that racy Basso feel.

The paint finishes are more subtle when compared to other Basso models with a choice of either blue or grey available. Component choices are limited to alloy wheels and the choice of either Shimano 105 or mechanical Ultegra groupsets, but you do get the option of rim or disc braking - a rarity these days.

Basso bikes

(Image credit: Basso)

Basso Palta

The Palta takes race bike speed off-road with its quintessential Basso ride

Brakes: Disc | Frame: Carbon | Type: Gravel | Sizes: XS-XL | Price: Unspecified

Super-fast gravel racer
Aggressive setup won’t be for everyone

The Palta is the best gravel bike in the Basso range, designed to cover miles quickly no matter what the terrain. Cut from the same unmistakable cloth as Basso’s other bikes, the Palta prioritises speed, performance and an aggressive riding position over comfort and compliance. Taking geometry cues from their road bikes, the Palta not only dispatches the rough stuff with urgency but will happily turn its hand to tarmac rides with the addition of some slick tyres. If a more upright riding position is preferred Basso offers an endurance pack that lifts the stem by 20mm.

The 100 per cent carbon frame features mounts for three bottle cages to give plenty of storage for longer gravel races, along with internal cable routing and a vibration damping seatpost. Designed as a 700C-specific bike, the Palta’s clearance for gravel tyres maxes out at 42mm, this may seem limiting by modern gravel standards but the aim of the Palta is fast-rolling speed, not comfort.

The build kit is available in 1x options only from Shimano and SRAM although the frame can take a front derailleur if needed. Basso also gives the option of speccing either Microtech’s alloy MCT Disc or carbon MR 38 gravel wheels. 

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Basso bikes

(Image credit: Basso)

Basso Tera

The rough-road-ready gravel bike available with flat bars

Brakes: Disc | Frame: Aluminium & carbon | Type: Gravel | Sizes: S-XL | Price: Starting from €3,290.00

Slight suspension
Flat bar option
Limited sizing

With a frame that comprises an alloy front triangle and a composite leaf-sprung rear, the Tera takes a futuristic approach to gravel riding, and by offering it in a choice of drop or flat bars, it's a versatile model ready for everything. 

The leaf spring at the back offers what Basso calls 'semi-suspension' and space for up to 45mm tyres further compounds this bike's position as a rugged gravel offering. 

Such is its versatility, it can be run 1X or 2X, can fit a dropper post, and there's enough space to store four bottles on the frame, or a range of bikepacking bags. 

It can be bought in two colours; a brushed alloy or a sage green, both of which get a black rear triangle and a black fork. 

Basso bikes

(Image credit: Basso)

Basso Volta

The electric road bike in the range

Brakes: Disc | Frame: Carbon | Type: Electric | Sizes: S-XL | Price: Unspecified

Up to 220km range
Limited sizing
Unusual axle spacing

The Volta is the best electric road bike in the Basso range, and it combines a carbon fibre frame with a Polini E-P3 eBike system for anyone looking for a little assistance. With torque values pushing 70Nm and a 500Wh battery, it's good for up to 500W (restricted to 250W in line with government legislation in certain countries), and a range of up to 220km. 

Available with SRAM's Apex with either drop or flat bars, and Campagnolo's 13-speed Ekar, it'll give the best electric gravel bikes a run for their money, too. 

Basso Konos

(Image credit: Basso)

Basso Konos

An aggressively low TT bike designed to slice through the air

Brakes: Rim | Frame: Carbon | Type: Triathlon | Sizes (cm): 51, 53 and 55 | Price: Starting from €7,039.00

Aggressive positioning
No storage options
Cable integration
No disc brakes
Limited frame sizes

Basso describes the Konos as a ‘speed weapon’, featuring new geometry and improved tube shapes. A semi-integrated front end improves aerodynamics and maintains torsional stiffness in corners. A similar front end to the Diamante has been used, giving the Konos a head tube of just 80mm (on a 53cm frame) and the option for an extremely low and aggressive riding position. Basso includes spacers to lift the stem and raise the bars if required. Width and length adjustments can be made to the aero bar and 10mm of fore-aft saddle adjustment to tune the fit.

An integrated seatpost and Fourier’s V-type brakes (hidden behind the fork and bottom bracket) further improve the slippery qualities of the bike. The wheels are lightweight carbon Microtech MTT tubulars, featuring a 50mm and 88mm depth to balance stability with aerodynamic efficiency.