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Cup cakes

Cup cakes (Image credit: Helen Wyman)
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In Limoux

In Limoux (Image credit: Helen Wyman)
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Penny on a Bosu

Penny on a Bosu (Image credit: Helen Wyman)
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The perfect training location

The perfect training location (Image credit: Helen Wyman)
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Helen at training camp

Helen at training camp (Image credit: Helen Wyman)

So it’s April and the never ending 'cross season did eventually end. As I’m into fascinating facts I’ll lay one out for you. There are only 4 people in the world who rode the first and last UCI cyclo-cross races of the season; Nittany Lions and the GVA Oostmalle. These 4 hardy souls being Tom Van Den Bosch, Ian Field, Joyce Van der Beker, Gabby Day and me.

It turns out doing this long a season does actually puff a person out just a little. Although further experimentation next season will be needed in order to quantify exact 'puffed outness' on a grading scale that 'crossers could use in the future to gauge the best start time for a season. I may even turn it into an iPhone app, make millions and buy the biggest pimped up motor home to park in front of Sven Nys at every race.

As it’s the thing to do on twitter I'm also going to try to start a hash tagging trend across all social media including blogs. So as to the cleaning statement #eatyourheartoutagifromcleanhouse.

Stef did manage to convince the oldest one that the toy shop was magic and got bigger the longer they stayed in bed; this helped for at least 2 days. We even managed to get Ian playing football which made it a very competitive affair eventually leading to a hand injury and the subbing of the goal keeper (me) following a rather violent goal attempt.

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Follow British 'cross champion Helen Wyman during the 2012-2013 season as the Kona factory team rider competes in both the United States and Europe through to the 2013 world championships in Louisville, Kentucky.

Based in Belgium for seven years, Wyman has won the British 'cross championship seven years running, notched victories in the US and Europe and has stood on the podium at 'cross World Cups.