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Snowy Belgium

The veiw from my room over looking the snowy streets.

The veiw from my room over looking the snowy streets. (Image credit: Joseph Schmalz)

As my first Euro 'Cross Camp experience begins I meet up with Steve Fisher in Chicago to get on our flight to Brussels. Steve is returning to camp for a third year. I was very lucky to have Steve to show me the ropes since this is my first time to Belgium.

Our flight was pretty much uneventful and our luggage made it with no problems. On our drive to the house in Izegem it started to snow and by the time we made it to the house there was about 3 or 4 inches on the ground. All the locals where in shock since it’s not that common here for snow. It wasn’t a big shock to me since I’m from Kansas where snow is the norm this time of year.

Steve showed me around the house and we settled into our rooms. We decided to put our bikes together and go for a coffee shop ride in the snow. I was pumped that my first ride in Belgium was going to be in the snow. Steve took me on a ride to Kortrijk and back. The route was mainly on city streets which was good because I had no idea where I was. Once we got to Kortrijk we stopped at this little bar/coffee shop where old Belgium guy’s were hanging out, playing cards, and smoking a lot.

Later that night, in a fight to stay awake until 8 p.m., a few of us took a walk to the wall for some entertainment. For those who don’t know what the wall is, it is a giant vending machine that has everything one could want.

So far Belgium has been quite the experience and I’m sure this just the beginning.