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Giro d'Italia - Down but not out!

Cameron Meyer (Garmin-Transitions) looking focused before the race.

Cameron Meyer (Garmin-Transitions) looking focused before the race. (Image credit: Daniel Simms)

What an interesting last 24 hours I’ve had. Yesterday was the opening stage of this years Giro. An 8.4km prologue around the streets of Amsterdam.

Riders had the chance of riding on the course for 2 hours in the morning when it was closed to all traffic. A fairly technical course with wet roads. This made the corners a little sketchy and a rider who is willing to sacrifice everything on the slippery roads with the chance of crashing was going to win the race. I felt pretty good in my morning ride and although the course did not really suit my style I was going to give it a fair go to test the legs out.

After returning to the hotel in the middle of the day for lunch my sickness hit me again and I was 'man down'. It was not a good start for the first day of the Giro.

I went to the race feeling like a bomb had just exploded inside me and was told to take it really easy in the race, get through it safe and try to get some antibiotics in me after with a good nights sleep to help remove this from my body. Still, being in the green and gold in front of millions of people watching world wide I was not going to go like a snail. I finished mid-field and showed just maybe there are still some good legs inside me and if I can clear these sick feelings I can ride myself back into this Tour.

Congratulations to Bradley Wiggins who handled I'm sure much pressure to come out on top of day one. We had David Millar post a respectable 7th with Sven, Tyler and Christian also putting in good rides.

After 11 hours sleep I have awoken this morning to a better feeling. I have a little more energy and the sickness has calmed down a little bit. Hopefully a good sign that it is leaving my system. I am determined to finish stage 21 and help my team as much as possible.

Fingers crossed for a good day on the bike and Go Tyler.

Until Tomorrow